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The original crossdressing community for crossdressers, guys wearing panties, guys wearing pantyhose, guys wearing lingerie, and all those who admire those that crossdress. Proudly bringing those who crossdress together for over 10 years. Men wearing panties is a community, a place you can trust in and a place that treats you like friends.

Crossdressing Survey

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What Do You Sleep In Most?
If Married, Would You Like To Have Your Wife Watch You Having Sex With A Man?
Have You Ever Worn Lipstick? Do You Wear Panties To Bed?
Have You Ever Had Sex With A Man In A Public Place? If Married, Does Your Wife Know That You're Bisexual?
When Sucking Cock Do You Deep Throat? How Old Were You When You Sucked Your First Cock?
How Old Were You When You Received Or Gave Anal Sex For The First Time? What Age Men Do You Like To See In Lingerie?
Would You Ever Suck Cock For Money? Have You Ever 69 With A Man?
Have You Ever Given Or Received A Rim Job? Have You Ever Been Fisted?
Have You Ever Had Your Ass Licked By A Man And Then Kissed Him? Do You Like The Way A Mans Tongue Feels When He Is Licking Your Ass?
Have You Ever Sucked A Cock While Riding In A Car On A Busy Highway? Do You Ever Go Outside In Your Yard In Just Your Panties Or Lingerie?
How Many Times A Day Do You Masturbate? If You Have Sex With Men What Type Of Men Do You Prefer To Have Sex With?
Do You Feel Like A Girl When You Wear Lingerie? Do You Enjoy Sucking Balls?
Have You Ever Rubbed Cock Heads While Wearing Panties Or Hose? Have You Ever Rubbed Your Butt Against Another Man In Panties Or Hose?
Have You Ever Cum In A Mans Ass? Have You Ever Let Another Man Cum In Your Ass?
When You Were Growing Up Did You Ever Have A Friend That You Masturbated With? When You Were Growing Up Did You Ever Suck One Of Your Friends Cocks?
When Sucking Cock, Do You Swallow The Cum? Have You Ever Fallen In Love With Another Man?
Do You Love To Wear Slips? What Is The Biggest Size Cock You've Sucked?
Have You Ever Been With A Group Of Guys Dressed Up? Do You Have Sex With A Man More Than Once A Week?
Have You Ever Gotten Together With Another Male That You Have Met Online? Have You Ever Exchanged Panties With A Woman?
Have You Ever Exchanged Panties With Another Male? Do You Love The Feeling Of Cum Shooting In Your Mouth And Down Your Throat?
Have You Ever Cum In A Mans Mouth And Then Kissed Him? Do You Ever Want To Go Out In Public Wearing A Dress?
Have You Ever Wished You Were A Real Woman? When Dressed Do You Ever Have A Fantasy That You Are A Lesbian?
Have You Ever Dressed Up As A Little Girl? Do Guys Wearing Short Skirts Excite You?
Have You Ever Worn A Girls Bikini Bottom At The Beach? Do You Wear Miniskirts?
Have You Ever Worn A Soiled Pad? What Part Of A Panty Do You Jack Off Into?
Do You Like To Wear Petticoats? Have You Ever Cum While Taking A Survey On This Site?

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