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The original crossdressing community for crossdressers, guys wearing panties, guys wearing pantyhose, guys wearing lingerie, and all those who admire those that crossdress. Proudly bringing those who crossdress together for over 10 years. Men wearing panties is a community, a place you can trust in and a place that treats you like friends.

Crossdressing Survey

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Have You Ever Been With A Couple While In Women Clothing?
Have You Ever Had Anal Sex With A Man?
Have You Ever Had Anal Sex With A Women? Have You Ever Given Or Received A Blowjob From A Man?
Where Do You Live? What Is Your Ethnicity?
Do Your Brother Or Sister In Law Know You Wear Panties? Does Your Mother In Law Know You Wear Panties?
Does Your Father In Law Know You Wear Panties? What Is Your Favorite Style Bra?
What Is Your Favorite Bra Cup Style? What Is Your Favorite Bra Fabric?
Are You Wearing A Bra Right Now? Are You Wearing Lingerie Right Now?
Are You Wearing Pantyhose Right Now? Are You Afraid Of People Seeing Your Panty Waist-Band Above You Jeans?
Has A Woman Ever Performed Anal Sex On You In Which You Were The Receiver? Have You Ever Performed Anal Sex Upon Yourself?
While Wearing Panties Do You Want Your Bottom Panty Line To Show? Do You Wear Panty Liners?
Do You Shave Your Armpits? Do You Paint Your Fingernails Or Toenails?
While Having Sex In Womens Clothing With Other Men, Did The Men Also Wear Womens Clothing? Do You Have Fantasies About Being Caught In Public While Wearing Womens Underwear?
By Whom Would You Like To Be Caught By While Wearing Panties Or Lingerie In Public? When Having Sex With Men Do You Practice Safe Sex?
When Having Sex With Women Do You Practice Safe Sex? Have You Ever Let Another Man Cum In Your Mouth?
Have You Ever Cum In Another Mans Mouth? Have You Ever Tasted Your Own Cum?
Have You Ever Had Sex With A Prostitute? Which Brand Of Hosiery Do You Wear Most Often?
Do You Wear Your Panties On Top Of Or Underneath Your Pantyhose? Do You Wear Panties With Lace?
Do You Enjoy Sucking Cock? How Many Different Men Have You Had Oral Sex With?
How Many Different Men Have You Had Anal Sex With? If You Have'nt Had Sex With Another Man, Do You Plan To?
Have You Ever Been The Recipient Of A Gang Bang? If Married, Does Your Wife Know You Have Sex With Men?
Have You Ever Kissed Another Man? Do You Love The Feel Of A Cock Up Your Ass?
Have You Ever Had Sex With A Man And A Woman At The Same Time? Do You Like The Taste Of Cum?
Have You Ever Been With Two Or More Men At Once? Do You Like To Give Blowjobs?
Have You Ever Licked Another Mans Ass? Have You Ever Worn Tampons?
Do You Prefer Pantyhose Or Thigh High Nylons? Have You Ever Put Smelly Power Or Spray In Your Panties For Freshness?

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