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  1. When sending pictures or movies please attach the pictures or movies to an email.
  2. You may send as many pictures and movies as you want to.
  3. You must state in your email that you wish for the pictures or movies to be posted on this site.
  4. You must state in your email that you are of legal age (Over 18).
  5. We will not post your email address or any other info unless you want us to.
  6. Please only send jpg images. Also please try to make sure that your pictures are at least 640 x 480 in size. If using a digital camera, web cam or phone there are settings to adjust the size of the picture before you take the picture.
  7. When sending movies we prefer that they be in avi, quicktime or mpeg format in order for us to be sure that we can use them.
  8. You may also send us pictures of your wife or girlfriend in panties, pantyhose or lingerie as we have a section for women pictures also.
  9. If you have a large amount of pictures or your pictures are large in file size please send them in a few emails. Many email providers have a maximum size on the file size that can be sent and if you try and send pictures or movies that are greater than the maximum size we will not receive them. Many email providers maximum is around 10mb, so if all the files you are sending are greater than or close to this maximum size please send them in a few emails.
  10. If you are emailing a lot of pictures or large movies you can compress the pictures or movies with a program like win zip. Win zip is only effective on multiple files and not one file at a time. Win zip is free and can be found here just download the free evaluation program, there is no need to purchase win zip, the evaluation period does not expire. If you experience problems downloading win zip you can either try another location to download win zip from or you can email us a few pictures at a time. You can download win zip from many other places like

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