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Panty Sex Or Panties Sex

Many couples enjoy having sex which involves panties. Either the woman is wearing them while having sex or both the woman is wearing panties and the man is wearing panties. Many guys have been in the situation where its a quickie and you pull the girls panties to the side and have sex. For those of us who enjoy panties, panty sex is something thats just not because of a quickie its because we enjoy seeing the woman still wearing her panties while we have sex. Either pulling the front of her panties to the side as she is laying on her back or pulling the back of her panties to the side as she is on her knees doggy style. Many couples enjoy wearing panties together and having sex, the sexual stimulation of both being in panties and the fabrics rubbing together increases the level of excitement. There are many other ways of panty sex also. Panty blowjobs where a girl wraps her panties around your cock and either slides them down so the head of your cock is exposed and she puts the head of your cock in her mouth or some woman will wrap your entire cock in her panties and take your cock and the panties into her mouth. Panty handjobs where the woman wraps her panties around your cock and strokes you with them. There is also when a woman is still wearing the panties and a man rubs his cock on her panty covered pussy or panty covered ass. Most men enjoy a silk, nylon or satin panty to rub there cock against as a woman is wearing panties. Many men enjoy cumming all over the front of a womans panties while she is wearing them or cumming on her panty covered ass. Many couples do enjoy all types of panty sex as part of either foreplay or sex. Woman enjoy being playful in the bedroom and sometimes all it takes is to take the initiative to ask her to leave her panties on, or ask her to pleasure you with her panties, some will and some will have no clue that panties will feel good against your cock and some might already take the initiative to pleasure you with there panties and others you might have to hint to that you would enjoy being pleasured with there panties.

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Panty Sex Is My Favroite
That is my favorite way of having sex!! it feels so naughty!! and I love feeling naughty, it is such a turn on!!! My husband lifts up my skirt and bends me over and pulls my panties to the side and slides in. I feel so naughty when he does this.

Doggy Style With Panties On
I love having doggie style sex with my panties still on! it feels so good, because it feels so naughty!! Its also the best way to have a quickee!!

Panties To The Side
Nothing beats holding the panties over to the side while sliding a tongue into the love box.

Both Wearing Panties
I would have never known that I like to wear women?s panties. But one day, I was home alone and I saw a pair of my wife?s panties in the laundry basket. I decided to try them on because I know how it feels when I grab my wife?s bottom. When I tried them on, I got such a rush that I had to relieve myself. I started to wear them more and more. One day, I decided to show my wife what I looked like in her panties. She got so excited that we had sex with her panties on.

Silky Panties Wrapped Around Cock
My favorite way is to have my lady friend wrap a pair of her silkies around my cock and work me until I shoot my load into her panties. Or I like to put on a pair of panties and rub against hers until I get off. Either way, as long as she is involved it's the best.

Sex With Panties On
I personally like having sex with panties on lots of times... there is something about the sense of urgency in it that turns me on... like I cant wait to get these off of you, I want inside you right now When that happens we push them to the side or if I am bent over we'll pull em down just enough where they are still on but attached to my thighs. I also have some crotchless ones with garters that I love to wear. I like having sex with nothing on down there too... but I love sexy panties, comfy boyshort panties, thongs, little cotton panties... etc.. variety is the spice of life and I think panties can make things fun. My boyfriend loves when I keep my panties on during sex.

Pushing Panties To Side
I remember way back when my girlfriend (now wife) and I were doing things we shouldn't have been doing, in places we shouldn't have been. I remember just pushing things to the side and going for it. I would love to do that again, it was always so exciting.

Wearing Panties While Having Sex
I like the urgency of when he really wants me and we just pull them to the side. The excitement of him "not being able to wait" excites me....good times!

Stroking Me With Panties
I love with my wife jerks me off in my panties, without ever touching the flesh of my cock. She uses the silky, soft fabric, sliding it up and down like a lubricant. Sometimes, she'll coax me along, telling me she's going to make me cum in my panties. The other day, she ground her wet crotch on my panty covered cock right after she came while sitting on my face. She was dripping wet, and quickly soaked the fabric of my panties with all that sexy juice. Once I was really, really hard, she pulled my panties off my cock just far enough to slip it in her sopping pussy. I shot my load in an instant. When we were done, and she'd slipped off me, she neatly tucked my now flacid cock back into my panties, wet from the outside, and wet from the inside. Mmmmm. Nice!

Licking Pussy With Panties To The Side
I love eating a girl out while she still has her panties on, licking through the material seeing it getting more transparent and then sliding the panties to the side and driving into that wet pussy.

Quickie Panty Sex
The best is when a woman is wearing a dress and you sneak into a private room, lift up the skirt, slide the panties to the side, and slide that big, thick cock into that dripping wet pussy. Love that!

Leaving Clothes On While Fooling Around
This reminds me of some of the first times with my girlfriend in high school. She had a nosy little sister that didn't like to leave us alone, so we did what we could with our clothes on. Sometimes, it went a little far. It was definitely hot, and I loved the sensation! I would love to have sex with my wife while she is still wearing panties, would certainly take me back to my early days of dating. I think its healthy to want to relive those early days after you have been together for so long. At the time we thought of it as an inconvience that we had to leave our clothes on but thinking back it was such an exciting thing.

Wearing Her Panties During Sex
A couple of past girlfriends thought it was hot for me to wear their panties during foreplay, or even during a date, before we had sex. I really enjoyed wearing my lover's sexy satin panties too.

Guy Wearing My Panties
I think it's really sexy to put my panties on a man and rub him thorough them. I'd love to have him wear them secretly all day under his normal clothes, then when he gets home give him lots of pleasure in those panties until he creams my panties.

Boyfriend Wearing My Panties
I let my boyfriend wear my panties when we go out. i love to see the wet spot in them when we get home from all the pre cum. Then even more while we have lots of forplay.

Pulling His Panties To The Side
I love to put panties on my boyfriend and then do him with our strap on. I just slide the panties to the side and slide the strap on in.

Panty Sex
I love panties so its a real turn on to just pull them to one side and plunge in!!!

Pulling Skirt Up
It's nice to just pull the panty aside and stick it in. When my wife and I started dating, she would wear skirts so we could have sex just about anywhere at any time with out having to get undressed. Just pull up the skirt and pull the panties to the side.

Having Sex With Panties Still On
This one chick I used to do, just really liked to have a 'quicky' she would just hike up her skirt and pull over her panties. She also said she liked walking around the rest of afternoon with my cum in her panties!!

Slide Panties To Side
My girlfriend and I love to do it with panties on. Either I have panties or she has them on. We just slide them to the side and enter.

Panty Pulled To The Side
There is an excitement doing it with the panties just pulled aside.

Love Wearing Panties During Sex
My boyfriend and I love to do it with me still having my panties on. Just slip them aside and have fun.

In Her Panties
My girlfriend watches while I play with myself in her panties then she pushes me down and slides them aside and sits on it.

Crotchless Panties
My girlfriend wears crotchless thongs and panties whenever we go out. She'll sit on my lap and I'll pull out my cock it push it in through the opening. We have done it in parks, baseball games, movies, and even in the doctors waiting room.

Leaves Her Panties On
We both love it when she leaves her panties on. A thong is great for a quickie in the car or on a park bench. She also loves to leave them on and hump my hard cock and get wet inside and out. She will then slide them aside and sit on me.

Crotchless Panty
I'm only "allowed to wear crotchless panties or none at all. It's hot being at work or somewhere talking to someone and knowing I'm exposed down there. My boyfriend loves to fuck me while I'm wearing them. Sometimes if we're going out he'll fuck me and cum inside me and I'll end up being out somewhere with his cum dripping out of me. He loves watching me squirm and takes me home and fucks the shit out of me!

Doggy Style Satin Panties
I love when my wife kneels on the bed in her satin panties and points her sexy ass up in the air. I like to come up behind her and rub my hard cock on her satin covered ass until I expode all over her panties.

Rubbing Him Through Panties
My wife likes when I wear panties and she loves rubbing my cock through silky panties until I expode filling my panties with cum. She will often pull the waistband open and lick my cum off the panties.

Panty Sucking
I love when my wife puts her panties over the head of my cock, she places the crotch part right over the head of my cock and then she begins sucking my cock and she can also taste her jucies. She lower her mouth down over my panty coverd head and as she is doing this she will massage my balls which are covered with her silky panties.

Panty Stuffing
My wife loves it when I finger her while she is wearing panties, she likes me to push her panties into her pussy as far as I can while she is wearing them, as you can imagine it gets them really wet. A few times she has taken them off and had me shove them inside her pussy until they almost disappear. She will then have me pull them out as she rubs her clit. After I have pulled them out she likes to place them over my head so I can smell her juices as we have sex. She has even worn them over her head while we have had sex.
Panties While Having Sex
My boyfriend likes to wear girl's panties while we're having sex. One time I persuaded him to try on every pair of my panties. He wore 75 different pairs in all, he was absolutely fucking ecstatic. A couple of years ago a girlfriend and I got drunk one night and our conversation led to us talking about our boyfriends and wearing panties. Gina (my friend) admitted that her fella sometimes would put her panties on. That's when I blurted out that my fella also has worn my panties. A few hours later my fella came home to find us both stripped down to our undies talking about our fellas wearing panties, he went bright red with embarrassment and hung his head avoiding our gaze. "Keith would you like to try a pair of ginas panties on?"
No thank you he replied. "We aren't asking you keith, we're telling you, now do as you're told" Gina and I then took turns bending him over and spanking his pantied covered ass, eventually making him cum wearing ginas panties.

Silky Panties
Masturbating in silky panties has become routine, perhaps my number one preferred method of masturbation. I own several pairs of panties, but it was a secret until finally I disclosed my fetish to my wife and I'm glad I did because now instead of jerking off in panties, I can just lay down and relax while she jerks me off in panties and OH MY it is SOOOOO much better when she does it.. makes me cum so fucking hard, and it's fucking hot when she lightly kisses my dick as she caresses and rubs my hard cock til I cum. Since revealing my panties fetish to my wife, I now own dozens of panties and wear them every day. Even better than her jerking me off is her using her tits to make me cum, rubbing my cock in panties between her boobs makes me cum so good.

Panties Still On Sex
We have sex with my panties on still sometimes and it a turn on for both of us. Definitely because of the 'gotta have you now' vibe too! And I find I enjoy sex just as much with them on! We pull em off to the side and go. And sometime they get ripped off during, and thats really hot too!

Panties Sex
My boyfriend really likes to have those sudden urge romps that need to happen now and getting fully naked simply takes too long he says so simply pushing the thong to the side is what he likes. He purposely asks me to wear yoga pants more often for that reason, a-okay by me because they are so comfy and easy to pull down rather than the usual jeans which can be a hassle. The ease of a quickie with pushing things to the side is what I like, the mental part of still wearing underwear contributes to the situation. My favorite is still wearing garter belt with stockings and underwear over the whole thing...push that to the side while still having the straps and stockings on and it is the only time I feel really good about the way I look and he goes absolutely nuts.

Wearing Panties During Sex
I have wore my wifes panties durring sex before. I get so turned on when she feels my bulge in my panties! Its amazing!

Yesterday we had to take my daughter to her class and we usually stand around watching her and her class. I was getting lazy and decided to sit on a window sill. After a while my wife came over and had me open my legs and she joined me. More less like a lean on, sit on stance. The window sill is only about 3 ft high. Well as she sat there she started to do like a lap dance but real slow as not to cause any attention. She was feeling that she was getting the results she wanted and she rose up and stared down at my lap and said ?What?s wrong?. I told her you know what?s wrong and she had a devilish grin on her face. This was a turn on to me as her doing this in public. Later that night after going to bed she joined me about an hour later. She had on these sleepers that unzip to her belly button. Well I woke when she got into bed and placed my arm across her belly and brought my hand up to her breast. She moaned but also said no no no it?s night night time. I kept trying with her holding my hand and moving it away. She asked me to rub her back so I did and after about 15 min she rolled over on her back and stretched. I love that cause it just pushes her tits straight out. Well of coarse I made a grab to them a met much less resistance from her. I started to unzip the sleeper and was softly massaging her boobs and moved down to palm her crotch she let out a moan. She asked me to get up and lock the door and after I crawled back into the bed she had already removed her sleeper but kept her panties on. I went back to kissing her and sucking on her tits and palming her pussy. After a while she reached down and started giving me a hand job. I am very bad with a lot of pre cum leaking out all the time so she had plenty of lube. She has only done this a couple times so it was a turn on. I was rubbing her pussy through her panties and could tell by the hand job and her breathing that this was turning her so much, so I got up and took my cock and started rubbing it on her panty covered clit, this sent her over the edge and she came. Wish I could have timed it so we both came at the same time but I was about 30 sec ahead of her and shot my cum up past her belly button and the last squirts onto her panties.

Oral With Panties Still On
I love eating a woman's pussy while she's still wearing her panties. I love sucking her juices right through the fabric and the size of the wet spot is a great measure of her readiness. Then when she's ready, I tear a hole at her crotch and enjoy eating my sweet delicious dessert. Nothing's better!!!

Caught Him Wearing Panties
I caught my boyfriend wearing my panties. I saw how hard he gets when wearing and the wet spot in them from his pre cum. I like him to put a pair on when we start foreplay. I like to touch his cock thru the material of his panties.

Rubbing Him Through Panties
I love slipping my panties on my husband and rubbing his cock through my panties and making him cum all over them. It usually does not take him very long to cum once I slip my satin panties up his legs.

Pulling Panties To Side
I love this soo much, i find it amazing when my partner bends me over a desk, table, couch, when im wearing a short skirt and panties, and he pulls my panties to one side and "gets going". I find it such a turn on, my partner finds its so sexy n loves it when we do this. I love to tease him when we are out, an i bend over with my short skirt on, i give him my little look and a cheeky grin, so he knows what im thinking, it gets him so hard.

Leaving Panties On During Sex
My guy and me will sometimes get hot and bothered while taking a Harely ride and stop along a country road and i slip my panties to the side and he let's me have it on the seat right then and there! Of course as soon as act is finished we continue on our journey and... Yes I have rode 'loaded' with cum in my panties for several miles!!

Panties Pulled To Side
Sex in public place, bending her over, lifting the skirt, skimpy panties pulled to the side and pounding away at that wet snatch. So sexy, total turn on.

Panties Sex
I like to start off doing her with them on and pulled to the side. Then when they are nice and wet, I like to pull them off and sniff them when I am pumping her. I like to take a big inhale of her pretty scent and ejaculate into her mouth.

Panty Cum
I remember being with a girl while she had panties on while we made love. I actually came while rubbing her and thinking of those beautiful panties more so than her body. I wanted to be the one wearing them so badly!

Panty Blow Job
I love it when my ex girlfriend used to have me wear panties and either jerk me off of blow me while I was wearing them.

Panties Sex
On one occassion, probably my first time with a girl in her panties, I was at my high school girlfriend's house while she was babysitting her little sister. Kim was old enough to be on her own and did not need constant supervision. We went to her room to make out and began fooling around. Kim didn't like us leaving her alone and knew what we were up to. She'd constantly interrupt us and threatened to tell her mom what we were doing. My girl would yell at her and eventually she'd leave and then we'd resume. We were kissing deeply, running our hands all over and groping each other's bodies, slipping our hands inside each other's pants, really getting into it. After one of the many interruptions, my girl got rid of her and then changed into a pair of tiny shorts and then climbed back on top of me. We began making out again and I quickly slipped my hand inside her little shorts and under her moist panties. She reached down, unbuttoned my 501's and pulled down my breifs, releasing my throbbing erection. She grabbed it at the base and rubbed it against the soft, smooth crotch of her shorts. We began to really grind against one another as I laid on her bed and she straddled me. Finally, we were both ready to explode, but figured kim was due to fly into her room at any moment. She reached down and pulled her shorts and panties to the side and pushed me inside them. She was so hot, and so wet, it was incredible. She shifted a bit, maneuvered a bit more, and eventually had me gliding up and down her slippery slit. She stopped kissing me and leaned back, sitting up straight, she guided herself down onto me....oooh it felt so good to finally be inside her and not strainig against my tight jeans! She began to slide up and down on me and getting into a good rythem, just about the time kim bolted in! She stopped and just sat on top of me. With her on top of me, the blankets kind of in a mess around us, and her still in her shorts, she could not tell that we were actually having sex. I was dying, waiting for her to get out so I could get back at it. I was close, so the pause was a good thing and it allowed me to settle down just a little before exploding (I was only 17 and still working on my stamina). Kim finally left and we got back to the bumping and grinding. It was so hot thrusting in and out of her, and the added pressure of her shorts and panties along side my shaft as I slid in and out was wild. I finally climaxed inside her and she collapsed on top of me as I pulsed inside her. She hopped up off me and slipped off to the bathroom while I quickly stuffed my semi-stiffness back inside my breifs and buttoned up before kim came back.

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