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Panty Masturbation Or Panties Masturbation

Men have been masturbating with panties for as long as panties have been around. Often times using panties to masturbate with starts early on with family members panties as those are readily available and often are the first to spark any curiosity. Men will often start with their moms panties, sisters panties, cousins panties, aunts panties, grandmothers panties, or with friends moms panties, friends sisters panties, neighbors panties. Often as time goes on they also use girlfrieinds panties, wifes panties, sister in laws panties, mother in laws panties and also often use strangers panties. So whats with this article of clothing called panties that turns us men on so much. First off the word panties or panty for many men just hearing the word panties or panty turns them on, its sparks all sorts of things in there imagination and of course many sexual thoughts. Most all guys have seen a pair of panties laying on the floor, hamper, laundry and have felt those feelings inside of them start, and those feelings just sort of come natural. A butterfly feeling, a feeling of excitement, curiosity. Most men have acted on their curiosity often picking up a pair of panties, feeling the material in there hands and progressing to smelling panties, or licking panties. Womans panties are made of much softer and silkier material than mens so often times the feeling of the panties in a mans hands sparks more curiosity. Some men will wrap the panties around themselves and stroke themselves with the panties, other men will lay the panties down and rub themselves into the panties and other men will slip the panties on and wear them. As mentioned womens panties are made of much softer and silkier fabrics and the wonder about how it feels gets a mans curiosity going. But the feeling of the fabric is only one part of the scenerio. The sight of a pair of panties is another part of it, when a man sees a pair of panties he imagines the woman wearing them, how they fit her and how they rest up against her private parts. All sorts of sexual thoughts, feelings and fantasies are felt. Another part is the aroma or smells of panties, most men enjoy the scent of a womans private parts and are curious to what she smells like, every womans scent is different and all men enjoy a different level of scent or area of scent. Some men like a heavy scent while others enjoy a mild or light scent, other men enjoy only vaginal scent while other men enjoy anal scent or both vaginal scent and anal scent. Again just as the sight of panties does the scents create all sorts of sexual thoughts, feelings and fantasies. The taste of a womans scent on the panties can be another part, not all men lick panties but some do. Most often the scent of a womans panties creates more curiosity and a man wonders what she tastes like. As mentioned not all men progress forward and lick panties, but many men do enjoy licking panties especailly panties of woman they closely know. Again just as the sight of panties, scent of panties, the taste of panties creates all sorts of sexual thoughts, feelings and fantasies. With each one it can elevate the level of excitement, the sight of panties, the feeling of the panties, the smell of the panties, the taste of the panties, each one can increase the level of excitement and often men will use two pairs of panties, one wrapped around them and the other they smell or lick or both, adding two levels of excitement. Its reallly amazing how powerful an effect a piece of clothing can have on a man. However its not just any article of clothing we are talking about. Panties rest closest to those certain female parts that excite us men, and when we cannot enjoy those females parts in person, panties are a mans next best thing. Panties cling tightly to a womans curves, and they hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman. Every woman has a different choice of panties, from color, fabric and style. Every day they are discarded, dirty, into the hamper. They are seldom handled by anyone other than the woman who owns them. And panties are one of the most intimate items a woman owns. To have a woman's panties is like having a little piece of her. Lots of men use panties when they are alone, they touch them, sniff them, lick them, wear them and they pleasure themselves with them. Masturbating with panties is very normal and something most men have done or continue to do. Woman are finally understanding why men have such a facination with their panties and many are flattered that a guy would use there panties to pleasure themselves with, many women are even becoming aroused knowing a guy is playing with there panties when they are gone. It shows just how turned on a man is by a woman. Some women will never take the time to understand why a guy enjoys panties so much, but many woman will take the time and are open minded enough and they find its a harmless thing. In fact many couples enjoy being playful with panties, often a woman will send a pair of her panties with her boyfriend or husband while he is away on business or if they do not live together she will leave her panties at his house to help him remind him of her. Many woman also notice how interested a guy is seeing her in panties and she will often use that to tease him during foreplay or to initiate sex. Many woman also realize there man enjoys seeing them in panties and will notice that he likes to rub her through panties and it will click in there mind that he also enjoys the feeling of the fabric and they will often leave there panties on during sex, pulling there panties to the side. Many woman also enjoy stroking a man with panties, often know as a panty job, panty stroking or rubbing them up and down his entire body. Some woman also like to suck a man while her panties are wrapped around his privates also know as a panty blow job. There are many things a couple can do together to enjoy panties and many woman are more than willing to have panties be apart of foreplay and even sex. Whether you enjoy panties alone or have an open minded woman who notices how excited panties get you and enjoys involving things that pleasure you, panties have been apart of mens pleasure ever since panties have been around, and its very normal to pleasure yourself with panties. Men from all over the world, every age, background and race enjoy panties, its a very universal thing and something most men have in common but do not often talk to each other about.

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Reasons Why Men Masturbate

Men masturbate for a variety of reasons. Some of them are as follows:
1. To release stress: When men orgasm the body relaxes and this helps release stress
2. To release the sexual tension: The man testicles produce semen on a regular basis. Every minute the semen adds up. This generates sexual tension. When a women is not around masturbation is the only want to release this built up sexual tension
3. To avoid wet dreams: If a man does not release semen from the testicles on a daily basis he can get wet dreams. Wet dreams are dreams when the semen comes out during sleep. No man would like to get his underwear soiled by sticky semen when he wakes up
4. To forget things for sometime: When a man is self stimulating his organs, he pretty much forgets all problems in his life for some time. It is just like sex. Masturbation is a form of meditation
5. To live out fantasies: Masturbation allows the man to live out sexual fantasies that he could never carry out with his wife or girlfriend. Like a threesome.
6. To produce healthy off-springs: Constant masturbation allows the man body to generate higher quantity of semen which is also high on quality
7. To get sleep: Masturbation makes a man feel tired and sleepy just like sex.
8. To concentrate on work: Sex is a distraction and the best way to avoid this distraction while working is to masturbate the sexual tension away
9. To get clear ideas: When a man orgasms, the amount of blood that rushes to his brain is high. This allows a man to make clear and better decisions
10. To avoid blue balls: Blueballs is a syndrome which results in pain in the testicles. The only way to avoid this is to release semen from the balls
11. To feel confident while speaking to girls: Removing sexual tension can make a man more comfortable while speaking to girls
12. To have sex with women whom they can never lay: Masturbation allows a man to have sex with celebs and other women whom he can never reach in real life
13. To exercise the penis: Masturbation is a great way to ensure penis health
14. To avoid erection at odd times: Masturbation before going to work can ensure that a man is not susceptible to erections during work hours which can be embarrassing
15. To keep body healthy: Masturbation can release pleasure hormones that can keep the body healthy
16. To forget about pain: Pain in certain areas of the body like muscle cramps can vanish when a man orgasms after masturbation
17. Only way to go when ill: Being ill directly means a man cannot have sexual contact with anyone. In this case masturbation is the only resort
18. Instant gratification: Masturbation is a fast act and gets over in minutes giving the man instant gratification
19. Non messy way to having sex: There is no mess involved and the semen can be cleaned easily afterwards
20. Less loss of energy: Less loss of energy as compared to a sexual act
21. Safe and secure: No risk of STDs
22. No need to wear a condom
23. Man can look at himself ejaculate: Some men like to see themselves ejaculate
24. Easy to clean up and get back to work
25. No feeling of guilt for finishing early: Men don?t have to make excuses to anyone for finishing up early
26.) Can hold the feeling longer: Masturbation can be prolonged for as long as the man wishes. Man has better control here as compared to a sexual act
27.) Can cum on anything: Gives a man the chance to cum on his favorite celeb pictures
28.) No risk of impregnating anyone

Cumming To Soon
This is something guys worry about way to much. When a guy masturbates he never thinks about how much time its taking whether it takes 1 minute or 1 hour. When he cums he is happy and satified. So when it comes to sex and man should also not worry about how long it takes he should foucs on being happy and satified. In a womans mind the faster she makes you cum the happier she is because in her mind she feels that her pussy is that good to make you cum so fast and that you are so turned on and horny by having sex with her. Its an ego boost for a woman to make a man cum quick. problem is that guys do not realize this and they freak out if they cum to soon before making a woman cum but what many men don't realize is that few woman cum during intercourse, most woman cum via oral sex. So men stop feeling as if you cum to soon, it ruining the orgasm you just had, don't worry about lasting for hours, let your woman make you cum but make sure to take care of her orgasm as well. Woman tend to me more unshelfish than men meaning that they are happy just seeing there man pleased, now yes there are many men out there who also are unselfish also and enjoy seeing there woman pleased. The perfect scenerio is a couple that are both unshelfish and they can relax and enjoy there orgasm no matter the amount of time it takes to reach orgasm.

Women Watching Men Masturbate or Girls Watching Men Masturbate.
Lots of woman do enjoy watching a guy masturbating, for woman seeing a guy cumming can really turn them on and also shows just how attracted he is to her. Many woman do enjoy watching a guy masturbating. They enjoy seeing him cum and enjoy being up close and personal with a mans cock, whether it be sucking, blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, etc. Don't worry if your woman wants to study your cock shes not looking for anything bad, many woman are facinated by a mans cock. Woman enjoy seeing a man cumming and seeing his cum shooting out of his cock. Many woman do enjoy the taste of cum and some woman like to have there face covered in cum, also know as a facial, or having parts of their body covered in cum, like cumming on tits, cumming on breasts, cumming on hands, cumming on feet, cumming on ass, or even cumming on pussy. Don't be afraid to ask your woman if she would like to watch you masturbate, after all she will learn what you like and what turns you on, how fast to stroke, how tight to hold your cock. Same goes for men, you can learn so much by watching a woman masturbate. Many couples enjoy mutual masturbation, however it can be a tough topic to bring up, be casual about it and bring it up and see where the conversation leads. Many woman are afraid to bring up things like masturbation, the old saying that men masturbate and woman do not, well the truth is that men admit to masturbating and woman refuse to admit they masturbate. Fact is woman masturbate and often more than men do and do so in more places like public and work as they can hide that they are masturbating more than men can. Woman are naughty, kinky and are just as horny as men but they have a way of keeping it in the dark.

Woman enjoy masturbating a man.
Many woman do enjoy masturbating a man. They enjoy seeing and feeling how much pleasure a man is feeling and its an ego boost for the woman as she is the one making him feel this way. Many woman enjoy the feel of a hard cock between there hands know as a hand job, and some woman even enjoy a hard cock between there breasts known as a tit job, titty fucking, titty job, tit fucking, breast fucking, boob job, etc. And some woman enjoy a hard cock between there feet know as foot sex, foot job, feet job. A hand job is amoung the most popular. Many woman also will use toys on there husband either toys on his cock like vibrators, fleshlight, realistic pussy, fake pussy, masturbation sleeves, or other male masturbation toys. And some men enjoy anal stimuation, whether it be a tongue licking there ass, also knows as rimming, or rim job, or anilingus or analingus or having a woman use a toy in there ass, butt plugs etc. The combination of penis stimuation and anal stimuation can be very powerful but its not for everyone. Many woman also enjoy wrapping there panties, stockings, or pantyhose around a hard cock. So yes woman do enjoy masturbating and man and many woman love doing it in public places, they love having that power and control over a man and its a good thing to let them have.

Wrapping her panties around your cock, wrapping her pantyhose around your cock.
There are many woman who enjoy taking off there panties and wrapping them around a mans cock. They realize just how powerful and sexual panties are to a man and they also know just how good panties feel rubbing against their clit and know it must feel good when rubbed against a hard cock. If you are lucky enough to be with a woman who has had that light bulb go off in her head and realize this you are lucky, but luckily for those who are single or perhaps with a woman who has not had that light bulb go off there is hope as there are many woman out there who realize this and there is always hope that the woman you are with will realize it after you make her aware of it yourself. A woman taking off her panties and wrapping them around your cock feels so good, its a combination of the sight, smells and of course the feeling of the fabric. Many woman enjoy giving panty handjobs, wrapping their panties around a hard cock and stroking a cock with their panties. Woman will also do this with pantyhose or stockings, having a woman wrap her pantyhose around your cock or her silky stockings and stroke your cock with her pantyhose or stroke your cock with her silky stockings feels amazing. Many woman realize that men have been doing this by themselves with there panties, pantyhose or stockings for years and they know just how great it makes a guy feel. If you have never had a woman give you a pantyjob, pantyhose job or stroke you with her silky stockings you have to communicate to the woman you are with and tell her you would like her to stroke you with her panties or stroke you with her pantyhose or stroke you with her silky stockings. Communication is key to any healthy relationship especailly when it comes to sex. Having her stroke you with her panties is harmless, its not like you are asking her for a threesome which some men are lucky enough to have an open minded wifes who would be totally fine if you brought that up but we are just talking about some extra stimuation to the handjob by adding a pair of panties wrapping around your cock. Again many woman do enjoy taking off there panties and teasing you with them and wrapping them around your cock and stroking up and down with there panties and making you cum all over there panties. A panty handjob is perfect when you are in public or at a party and you sneak off to fool around. The panties soak up all the cum so your not making to much of a mess and your wife or girlfriend can go pantyless for the rest of the night or if you plan ahead she can bring an exta pair with to wear after you have cum all over her panties.

Panty Humping
I usually have the panty on so i can reaaly feel the panty, then at some point I pull the panty down alittle bit so I cum on the gusset. Some times I put a panty over a pillow the fuck that.

Panty Crotch
One of my favorites is to pull a panty "pocket" crotch (a gusset that does not have the cotton lining sewn to the nylon material at both ends) over my cock like a condom and then cum into the "crotch pocket". Contains my cum nicely and makes cleanup easy, but also feels so good to have nylon rubbing much of my cock and the cotton insert rubbing the other side. Too bad double nylon crotches are so hard to find nowadays, that would be a real turnon.

Panty Cumming
I also like to go visit my sister inlaw rita and her daughter lisa and look for their panties in their laundry hamper. Rita wears a 42D bra and size 6 panty, she like to wear cotton & nylon bikinis, her panties are usually free of stains, but oh man is her pussy aroma nice and musky, Lisa mainly wears cottom panties, she wears size 7 and wears a size 38D bra, her panties are usually stained cause she wears the same one for 2 or 3 days. Her aroma is heavenly with the musky smell of her pussy and urine and sometimes just when she`s almost done her period the stain is darker and the aroma more pungent. So everytime we visit them I scope out their panties, sniff and taste these sweet panties and mastubate. Lisa always leaves pubic hairs on her panties too. Lisa is a real tease too, she has a cameltoed pussy and likes to wear real tight pants or tight jogging pants in public, usually white so tight you can see her nice puffy pussylips her pants are wegded in her pussy slit and she like to wear pink panties all the time, and when she sits around their livingroom in loose fitting short shorts, she always sits with her feet up under her butt, and her legs spread, I always get a good view of her plump pantied pussy, I always have to resist getting a hardon in front of them, so I excuse myself to their bathroom to look for their sweet panties and masturbate. So while I`m sniffing and tasting hers and her moms panties I`m imaging their sweet pussies on my face or on my tongue. Sometimes ritas smell really too the smell drives me crazy I beat my meat so hard it gets sore. I love to visit them at least 3 or 4 times a week to sample their sweet dirty panties and mastubate with these sweet dirty panties.

Wifes Panties
my wife knows how much I love to wank with her panties, she says that sometimes she thinks I prefer that to fucking her, so I then have to get her to bed and give her a good shagging, doggy style at her request.

Using Panties To Masturbate
Over the years I have helped my wife amass a nice collection of panties. When we were first married, she had a fair share of cotton which I didn't care for. We got rid of those and started buying her all satin and nylon bikini cut. My favorite color is white so she has a lot of those in her panty drawer. When it's just me for solo action, I love to pull out about 10 to 15 pairs of her panties and lie on the bed. I put a pair over my head and then begin taking turns with the other pairs rubbing them on my balls and cock. I will bring myself to near climax multiple times and then stop. All along, I am fantasizing about having sex with multiple women. They have just finished cumming and now it is time for them to panty jerk me off. After a good 30 to 45 minutes of this, I am dying to blow my load. When I know that I've reached the point of no return I jerk off with a pair of panties in my right hand while rubbing the silky panties in a circular motion around my balls with my left hand. The feeling is incredible as the CUM shoots out of my cock in multiple squirts all over the bed and her silky panties! Just watching the CUM splash everywhere is a huge turn on.

Cumming On Panties
My favorite method is to use three or more panties at once. I put on one panty with my cock and balls thru the left leghole. The next panty is pulled up with my cock and balls thru the right leghole. This keeps my cock and balls front and center for the third, fourth, and even fifth panty that I put on. Those are pulled up all the way to cover everything and then I will rub and stroke myself thru the layers of panties until I cum and make all of the panties wet and creamy. Nice to see cumstains on so many panties from one pantywank session.

Panty Pillow Masturbation
Wrapping silk or satin panties around my cock is certainly an amazing feeling; however, having sex with my panty dressed up pillow is the best. I will dress a long pillow up with panties and pound it until I'm ready to burst. Just before cumming I'll roll onto my back and finish myself off.

Panty Wank
I wank with the wife's clean or dirty satin panties from VS or Hanes...makes my cock rock hard and produces gobs of cum when I just simply take a pair or two and leisurely stroke my cock with pants down. I do enjoy smelling a dirty pair like a ski mask while I wank with another pair on my hard rod and smooth shaven ball sack til I explode all over the panties...I even dig them from the trash if she happens to throw a pair away, just to save for JO pleasures.

Shooting Cum On Panties
I like to get 2 pairs of my wife's dirty panties from the hamper, wrap 1 around my cock and slip my cock in between the cushions on the couch while deeply inhaling the other dirty crotch. I prefer either very soft cotton or satin around my cock. It feels so good to blow a nice load into the soft panties.

Wrapping Panties Around Cock
I love the feel of silky panties, I like to wrap them around my cock leaving enough of the panty to carress my balls. Oooo that feels so good.

Dirty Panty Sniffing
It's definitely a multi pair process. Most often 2 pair one for cock stroking, and one to deeply inhale the crotch. I find that soft cottons are good for this process, but any pairs will do as long as they are stained from the hamper, after all it is her scent whom ever it may be that catapults you to the top, resulting in a body wrenching squirt of hot cum.

Girlfriends Panties
I love masturbating in my girlfriends silky panties when she has a bath or shower i go into the bedroom and rub them on my cock until i explode in them. They are always nice and moist and smell amazing!!!

Panty Handjob
I woke up and headed for the bathroom. As I was turning to leave I noticed a bundle of clothes on the floor. Normally I wouldn?t really care, but there on top was a very skimpy pair of pink panties. I just looked over at them for a moment. I guess my curiosity got the better of me because next thing I knew, I had them in my hand. I began feeling that sexy material. I quickly found them to be somewhat wet in the crotch area. I felt them some more. Yep...definitely wet I thought. Upon further examination I discovered a few strands of pubic hair stuck to the crotch area. Wow...way cool I thought real pussy hair this is great. I detected a faint aroma emanating from them. I moved the panties up closer to my nose and inhaled deeply. Woo baby. I sniffed again. So that is what pussy smells like I told myself. I began to feel my dick stirring in my pants. I wonder why they are so wet though. I examined the crotch some more and inhaled that new pussy scent I had discovered. I could feel my dick rising more and more and new it would soon need some kind of release. I opened my pants and let my cock spring free. I started stroking my cock up and down as I continued inhaling that sweet pussy aroma. Drops of pre-cum had begun dribbling out. I knew I would cum soon. They smelled so good. I decided to give them a little lick. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over the crotch of the panties. Wow...kind of tart...a little tangy. Not bad. So that's what pussy tastes like...I could get used to that. I positioned the crotch area of the panties over my cock and wrapped them around it tight. I moved them up and down faster and faster. All I could think about was real pussy juice on my dick. Then I felt my orgasm hit. I blasted spurt after spurt of my spunk into them panties. I mean I cum coated them like you wouldn't believe. After I finished I just stood there for a moment. I eased them off my cock and quickly found there was cum everywhere on them. I tried to clean them off as best as I could. I hoped my she wouldn't notice. I put them back where I found them got cleaned up and headed for my room.

Watching Me Masturbate With Panties
My friends girlfriend was a hot girl and somewhat sluttly but only a tease she would never cheat but would go the very edge if you know what I mean. One night we were hanging around and my friend feel asleep. So we sat up watching tv and she started turning through the channels and she stopped on this scene of a couple having sex in a movie, it was no adult movie but it did have lots of nudity. It was making me horny and she knew this, I think she did this to tease me. She kept looking over at me and she would look at my crotch and and noticed I was hard. All of the sudden she looked over at me and said "What can we do about it, you can't go to bed with this raging hardon. What would bring you off, apart from fucking me, which is, I'm afraid out of the question?" "I don't know." "I bet you'd like to wank into my panties wouldn't you? I bet you would like to smell my pussy on my panties. I bet that would make you cum, wouldn't it?" I nodded and she stood and quickly slipped off her panties and handed them to him. "Still warm and moist for you," she said. I took them and opened them so that I could see the gusset. I could see a faint damp patch where they had touched her pussy and I pressed it to my nose and inhaled the luxurious aroma of her juices. I placed them around my cock, and rubbed them back and forth. They felt cool and silky against my cock as I wanked steadily and in no time I felt my come surging up from my balls. I took the panties and held them inches from the head of my cock and spunk jetted out, splattering heavily against the seat and crotch in long powerful throws. "Wow, spectacular!" she breathed. She said "I love watching a guy masturbate with my panties".

Rubbing Against Her Panties
My girlfriend and I often would fool around as we had not progressed onto sex yet. So often it was handjobs and fingering. We often would fool around at the movies, over at other friends houses, at the park, basically where ever we could as we had little privacy at home. One time we were fooling around and I experienced something new, the feeling of her panties. I had always slipped my hand down her panties and felt how silky and cool they were against my hand but never experienced how they felt against my cock until this time. We started out as usual with her putting her hand down my pants. I jumped as her cool hand touched me. My cock felt as though it was on fire. She moved her hand up to the head and dipped her fingers into the pre-cum that was flowing freely. She smeared it all over the crown and down along the length of the shaft. I was helpless in her fist as she began to slowly, firmly and exquisitely, jack me off. Her hand stroked slickly up and down, back and forth. I continued to caress her arse and grind my thigh against her cunt. "I've got an idea," she said. "There's not enough room in there. I'll have to pull it out." "No! You can't!" I objected, "somebody will see. We'll get thrown out." "Not if I do this." At that she pulled my cock through the opening in my pants and immediately lifted the front of her dress and pulled me tight against her. My bare cock was now pressing against the front of her panties. She dropped the dress down so that it was between me and my cock, hiding it from view. Her panties felt wonderfully cool against the underside of the shaft. She moved against me, rubbing my cock against her. I pressed back grinding against her panties and the cool bare flesh above them. Hot dripping cock against cool silky panties, the cockhead smearing pre-cum over them. "If I moved away now," she said, "you'd be standing there with your dick standing out of your pants! Shall I do that?" She was laughing. "Don't you fucking dare!" Just then she said, "there's Mandy." I looked and saw that Mandy was right by us in a clinch with her boyfriend. She looked in our direction and smiled at Lisa. Without any warning Lisa suddenly lifted the front of her dress, exposing my cock pressing against her white panties. Mandy grinned broadly and mouthed "nice". Lisa dropped her dress back down again thankfully covering me up. "I wish we could fuck," she said, "but this will have to do instead." She grabbed hold of my cock and pressed it down. The head pressed hard against her as she moved it down, trailing a line of cum-juice accross her panties. Suddenly it was between her legs pressing up hard against the damp crotch of her panties. She squeezed her thighs together, trapping me between them. Her soft pantie covered pussy rode hard against the top of my cock. I drove my fat cockhead back and forth across her soft panties. "Oh yes, do it do it!" she moaned, "much more of this and you'll make me cum." With each forward thrust I could feel the crown brushing against the back of her dress. I knew I was close to cumming myself. Suddenly, at the end of one thrust, I felt her hand grab hold of the cockhead through her dress and gently squeeze it. With each thrust she did it again, driving me over the edge. "I'm going to cum if we don't stop" I warned. "Don't stop. Just do it. Let it go, let it come out, I'm almost there myself." That was it. I thrust forward and held still, pressed tight against her and came. Spurt after spurt of hot spunk erupted uncontrollably from my cock, flooding her panties and the back of her dress. It seemed to go on for an age. Lisa was holding me tightly and shaking uncontrollably, in the throes of her own orgasm. We held each other close and slowly began to calm down and managed to stuff my now dripping cock back into my pants. "You've soaked my panties with your cum" she said, laughing. We did this for serveral more months me rubbing against her panties until finally we had sex but even after we had sex panties seemed to always be involved in foreplay or when we were out and could not have sex. She made me cum so many times in public and she never minded walking around being covered in my cum.

First Time Being Touched By A Woman
I had been dating this girl for a few months, we had not yet done anything sexual until this time. She sat down next to me and began to nuzzle up close, I reached over and opened her top and placed my hand on her sweet small breast, at this point I could feel the precum dripping from my dick, I thought, my first time and I am going to squirt before I ever get naked. She leaned over and kissed me, hard, wet and passionately. I took her hand and helped her stand so she could face me, she removed her shorts and then I pulled her to me where she could straddle me while I licked and kissed her tits. She reached down and unzipped my jeans and took out my dick, I almost came when she touched it! I stopped her for just a moment while I regained my composure, by this time I had removed her top and she was dressed only in her panties, sheer pink see through and wet through and through. She leaned into me as I delicately sucked her breast and tongued her nipples; she reached down between us and started jacking me off as she rubbed my dick on her panty clad pussy. It didn't take long and her panties were covered with cum.

Caught Masturbating With Panties
I was at my girlfriend's house, waiting for her to get back from school. I thought that I had about 30 minutes to myself before she came home, so I started to masturbate to her panties. About 15 minutes into my masturbation session, she walked in on me ejaculating on her panties. She sort of froze for a minute but then walked over to me and grabbed her panties and continued to stroke my cock with her panties until I shot my cum all over her panties. We had not yet had sex yet but we had touched each other a few times both wanting to take things further. She had not yet made me cum and I think she thought here is her chance to make me cum. She told me later that she had never seen a man cum and that making me cum with her panties and seeing me cum all over them made her so wet. When we did start having sex she would still wrap her panties around my cock and stroke me, sometimes making me cum and other times it was just part of foreplay. I was lucky that she did not get pissed and that she was cool with me using her panties, many woman are cool with a guy who masturbates with their panties, there are girls out there who do enjoy seeing there man happy and she loved to please me. Its to bad there are also many shelfish girls who do not understand a man masturbating with there panties. Its a toss of the coin whether a girl will be cool with it or not. Luckily I have had many coin flips in my favor.

Sniffing Panties
I have sniffed a few of my wive's friends dirty panties and the effect on my libido is unbelievable. My wife has even swiped the dirty panties of her friends for me. Smelling the pussy odor of another woman while I am fucking my wife is insane!

Sniffing Wifes Friends Panties
Once when my wife and I were at one of her friend's house I snuck up into her bedroom found a pair of her dirty panties on the floor, sniffed them and jerked off within 3 minutes and came back downstairs like no big deal, just used the bathroom. Knowing what her friends pussy smelled like made me so horny.

Panties Are Like Viagra
The smell of pussy is like Viagra for me. The smell of freshly worn panties is awesome.

Smelling Panties
I have been sniffing panties for years. Most often it was my wife's panties when she returned home from a night out with her friends (and she had quite a few nights out with a lot of friends!). She knew I was doing this and how much I enjoyed it. She also knew I was doing this when other women were over and had no problem with it.

Sniffing Panties
It was at a house party and a friend of mine was in the bathroom of a couple's house and had been sniffing the wife's panties that were in thier dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. So when I went in, I gave them a sniff myself. They smelled so good. We were drinking and so it was something we kept on doing on each visit to the washroom. We made lots of trips to the bathroom that night, don't think either one of us came but we sure had fun sniffing her panties.

Masturbating With Panties
I have several favorites but the one I love to do when the family is away is to put on a sexy pair of nylon or satin panties and get in the shower . Before I turn on the water, nice and hot , I really enjoy just standing in there and let the pee flow into the crotch and down my legs. I cup my hands over my cock and enjoy the warm feelings. Then I start jacking with my dick sticking out from one leg so I feel the nice warm wetness. Easy finish and clean up time right here! My wife and daughter begged me to buy one of them hand held shower massager set ups. I am here to tell yall that if yall set that thing on the highest setting and turn it on your panty covered cock (cock back inside the panties ) Yall will loose your mind on how that thing feels twirling around the head of yall's cock through the panty! The easy clean up part is that yall are already in the shower so just wash them panties as yall wash yourself. Feels fantastic and just put the panties into the towel and toss into the hamper after use this way!

Panty Masturbation
I make an evening out of masterbating with panties. First I like to go in the shower and put on 2 or 3 panties and play around with them for awhile, After I like to come to my computer and visit men wearing panties club and read stories, look at movies or watch videos. This goes on most of the night until I finally jerk off and have such an intense orgasm all over my panties.

Panty Masturbation With Another
I like to wrap a pair of silk panties around my cock and read some of the stories here and then come in the panties. I met a guy three days ago on here and we wanked each other off with silk panties nice and shiny blue and purple panties and we cum alot in the panties. Mmmmm was the best wank ever.

Jerking With Panties
I like to start by wearing a pair of silky bikini panties and rubbing myself with another pair. I do this for awhile to get myself going, then pull my package out of the pair i'm wearing and stroke myslef with one pair while rubbing my balls with the other.

Sucking On Panties
I like putting a pair on, usually white with some lace and a bow in the middle at the front, then i take my cock out at the side so the knickers are still as they should be. I then get my fave wanking material ones, white and shiny, and wrap em round my cock I then get a pair of my girlfriends panties or her daughters panties, worn ones and put them up to my face to sniff whilst im rubbing away I also love to suck on the gusset as i cum.

Stroking With Panties
There just isn't a better way to jerk off than with a pair of panties. I like to cum on the gusset.

Panty Cum
I tend to take them and use them 3 or 4 times, over a day if lucky to be alone, or over a few days if not. The first time with them I tend to stroke myself with my cock on the back bum of the panties with the gusset bouncing against my balls, and spunk over the back, toward the waist, then flip them around and spunk the front, still enjoying the material rubbing my balls, and then, turn them upside down so my head is wrapped in the outside of the gusset, and pump onto the silky gusset outer and finally, insert my cock into the panties, with the front facing me, the back and laundry tag caressing my balls, and wrapped firmly, pump a massive load onto the gusset. Then I wash em and start all over, lol. I tend to have a pair to sniff as I'm doing this, using the Wife's and step daughters generally for both pursuits.

Jerking With Panties
i love jerking off in panties. i ve been doing it since i was about 10. i would steal my sisters or my mums and us them. as i got a bit braver i started stealing my cousin and any other womans panties i can get my hands on.

Panty Play
My wife and I have a game that we play when we are horny in public or at a party. She will go the bathroom and take her panties off. When she returns she will slip them into my hands or pocket. I'll go to the bathroom and wank into them. Then, I'll return the soiled panties to my wife. She'll often put them back on, unless she is extra drunk or naughty, then they might end up in another girl's purse or under a couch cushion.

Panty Cum
I love jerking in panties. Well about a few weeks ago me and some friends went to a party with these 2 girls my one friend knew from work. Well in short, the one girl got sick, and we had to go back to where they were staying. They were housesitting for someone else. Well I got to sleep in bed with the one girl, and she was pretty fine. Tried to take things slow, but only ended up with a cock block.About a few hours of sleep we woke up. I got kicked outta bed and she and the other girl went back to sleep together. I was forced into the guest room. Maybe after an hour of just laying there wide awake, I was feeling pretty fuckin horny. Well both their bags were right there in the room with me. So I open up the one slowly, and queitly as possible. and feel around. I grabbed this beautiful fucking thong. I just couldn't help myself and just wrapped it around my dick and let it go. I put the cum stained thong back in the bag and felt around and pulled myself out another thong. Went to the other bag and grabbed one of the other girls pair of panties. And those ones were like booty shorts, but kinda mesh like, and omg did they smell so good. I can tell it was a pair she wore recently. The crotch was still quite wet. So I took both those pairs home with me.

Our Boyfriends Wear Panties
My boyfriend likes to wear girl's panties while we're having sex. One time I persuaded him to try on every pair of my panties. He wore 75 different pairs in all, he was absolutely fucking ecstatic. A couple of years ago a girlfriend and I got drunk one night and our conversation led to us talking about our boyfriends and wearing panties. Gina (my friend) admitted that her fella sometimes would put her panties on. That's when I blurted out that my fella also has worn my panties. A few hours later my fella came home to find us both stripped down to our undies talking about our fellas wearing panties, he went bright red with embarrassment and hung his head avoiding our gaze. "Keith would you like to try a pair of ginas panties on?"
No thank you he replied. "We aren't asking you keith, we're telling you, now do as you're told" Gina and I then took turns bending him over and spanking his pantied covered ass, eventually making him cum wearing ginas panties.

Masturbate Pantie
Started with sister, moved onto my friends hot mom. She would let me shower in her bathroom when id spend the night. Found her panties in the hamper. Id go through my sisters friends bags. Buddies sisters panties when i watch their dog. Girlfriend in college had 3 hot house mates. id go through their panty drawers and always find their toys.

Girlfriends Panties
i started with my sisters panties then my moms panties then i found a girlfriend who used to let me wear her panties after she came in them. once got caught by her mother sniffing and wanking into her panties. i thought she was going to fucking kill me But to my surprise she smiled and said that if i wanted to do that to just ask her first. her Black satin panties got covered in my spunk when she took her panties off and held them to my nose WOW did she smell great.

Cumming In Panties
I was house sitting my girlfriends moms place so i had free range of her mom and younger sisters room too, so jerked off with there panties and came in so many of them, then i found her moms rabbit viborator, i put a pair of her sexy dirty panties on my head and i came so hard and so fast, i came all over her bedroom floor.

Panty Fetish
So many moms panties and sisters panties have been the start of so many pantie fetishes, of all the panties i used my moms panties and sisters panties are still my favorite. when ever i get chance i still give my moms panties and sisters panties a good jerking with.

Moms Panties
Ive been doing this since I was growing up with my moms panties and my sisters panties its the greatest feeling ever. I was once caught by my sister wearing her panties and wanking she wasnt too happy at the time but after explaining myself to her she said it was ok. After that she would leave her panties in my room for me she was the coolest sister ever.

Love Jerking With Panties
I love jerking with panties. It started with my girlfriend and then I started stealing them from friends. Eventually when my step daughters were old enough I started using theirs and their friends.

Stroking With Panties
I first jerked off in a girls panties when I was 17. I stayed over at a girls house one night, she slept in her parents bed, while I stayed in her room. I was left all alone to search through her panties drawer, I just couldn't help myself.

Moms Panties
I love going to my stepmums house going into the bathroom and going through her basket of panties and licking and smelling them, whenever its just me home and everyone else is out I go grab her g-strings and thigh high stockings put them on and jacking off feels so naughty.

Masturbating With Panties
Masturbating in silky panties has become routine, perhaps my number one preferred method of masturbation. I own several pairs of panties, but it was a secret until finally I disclosed my fetish to my wife and I'm glad I did because now instead of jerking off in panties, I can just lay down and relax while she jerks me off in panties and OH MY it is SOOOOO much better when she does it.. makes me cum so fucking hard, and it's fucking hot when she lightly kisses my dick as she caresses and rubs my hard cock til I cum. Since revealing my panties fetish to my wife, I now own dozens of panties and wear them every day. Even better than her jerking me off is her using her tits to make me cum, rubbing my cock in panties between her boobs makes me cum so good.

Licking Panties
I love to go into my wife's best friend Jessica's drawers and take her panties out when they are not home! I put her friends panties on my face an lick them where her pussy would be and jerk off until I cum with another pair in my hand. I really have a fantasy about fucking my wife's best friend and cumming all over her face. I also go into her dirty clothes so I can get a smell of what her pussy smells like. I still lick her panties more and rub my dick all over them. I would love to have multiple girls come over and let me sniff and lick there panties before they remove them and each one strokes me with there panties. They would make it a competion as to which one can make me cum with their panties. That would be the ideal fantasy!

Panties Feel So Good
I love the feeling of girls panties on my dick and on my body everywhere. I started when i was 13, i was in my cousins room. she was 21, i found her panties and sniffed them then i took them came home and wacked off with them. i did it with some of my other cousins, my mom, my aunts and best friends sisters. i love it sooo much.

Satin Panties Masturbation
I love the feel of silk or satin panties wrapped around my cock as i jerk off (and imagining the girl wearing them). ive used my mothers, my sisters, my cousins, my girlfriends, and now my wife's panties.

Jacking Off With Panties
I love jerking off in panties! I have done it in my moms panties, a few of my cousins panties and a few girlfriends panties! now i love wearing them as i jack off in them!! i do have to say silk is the best feeling!!

Using Panties To Masturbate
I had a neighbor who gave me a pair of her panties. Such a sexy lady. The smell and taste was fantastic.

Wife Masturbates Me With Her Panties
I like my wife to take off her panties and jerk me off with them wrapped around my cock. She usually wears pretty skimpy thongs or boy shorts. My favorite is when I'm in bed (i sleep nude) and she just walks up, pulls the sheets back, strips off her panties, wraps them around my cock and starts jerking!!

Worn Panties
I've done this for ages now, they have to be worn and dirty, clean ones arnt so good, best time ever was my girlfriend and i staying over night in a couples house. we were sleeping in the spare room and i spotted a dirty pair of my freinds wife's thong (he snores and she sometimes sleeps in spare room), i wanted sex, butt my girlfiriend said we couldnt as they would hear, so she started tossing me off instead, i pushed a pillow in front of her so she couldnt see me sucking and licking the thong i found, even with the taste of freinds wifes pussy in my mouth i got a good deal of pleasure of french kissing my gf. wow if she only knew what i was doing from behind the pillow.

Started With Sisters Panties
When I first started to sniff jack off into panties, I started with my sisters. She would have very wet panties. Then I moved into my mothers panties. I love jacking off and wearing panties.

Panty Masturbation
I've always enjoyed jerking off, smelling and tasting my wifes panties, and she gets very hot and wet when I tell her about it.

Masturbate With Panties
i'v been dating my girlfriend for about a year, shes in college, when she leaves the room i go through her roommates panty drawers and dirty pile. one night my gf and i were watching a movie and i knew i wasnt gonna get any so i went to the bathroom and there in the corner was a dirty pile of clothes so i thought i'd check it out and at the bottom were 2 pairs of panties one dark blue and the other a real light pink i could help but jerk off with them.

Neighbors Panties
My panty fetish started when i was growing up, i remember i was dog sitting my neighbors dog and there daughter who was about 10 years older then me had a room arcoss the yard from me. so as soon as i got in the door i went up to her room and went through her panty drawer. it was my 1st time and the best time. i jerked off for so long with her panties.

Wifes Dirty Panties
I love pulling out a pair of my wife's panties, dirty or clean, and jacking off into them.

Why do men use panties to masturbate?
Because they are so sensual, they feel so good as they rub on your dick, the materials are soft, plus the are meant to be worn by women, so that gives it even more sexual excitement.

Why do men masturbate with panties?
I can only answer this from my own point of view. It started when I was with my first girlfriend before we even had sex. I was still a virgin at the time. She had changed at my house so we could go swimming. She left her clothes on the floor in the bathroom. So when I went to change I seen them. I had never smelled a woman before and for that reason I was curious. So I picked them up they were really soft and pretty. Then I smelled them and was overwhelmed. I've been hooked ever since. For me I feel it brings me closer to the woman i'm with. I just have the need to have the scent of my woman when she's not available, and the silky ones feel good to masterbate with.

Using Panties To Masturbate
It's because they're associated with the female body.

Masturbating With Panties
Panties are the only thing that is so close to a girl's pussy. I get a feeling of being right in front of there body and especailly there pussy. It gives a feeling of just being next to a girl's wonderful spot. Also, if the panties are not washed, the smell of the girls cum and the overall smell of the girl's down there is so exciting.

Panty Masturbation
My fascination for women panties started when I was a teenager. I am not sure exactly how it began but now that I am an adult I never got over it. My panties fetish grows stronger, and now my most exciting moments are when I am visiting somewhere, I just can't resist geting a peek inside the laundry basket looking for dirty women panties. I like them when they are lightly soiled. I usualy lay down on the floor and masturbate. Sometimes I steal them, sometimes I don't. Heavely soiled panties totaly turn me off. I remember a time when I was at my boss place for a bbq, I went to the bathroom and saw a nice freshly cleaned little pile of my boss's wife panties on top of the dryer, they were white nylon high-cut panties, my favorites, so I got half naked, took the one on the top of the pile and dropped on the floor to masturbate. I was making sure I did not cum in it but when my boss's wife knocked at the bathroom door I got so nervous I came all over the panties and I couldn't say a word because I was still under an hard orgasm. I felt like I was drunk, because my head was spinning, it was such great feeling.

Using Panties To Pleasure Myself
I have a fascination with panties. I love silky panties and I use them all ways. Wearing them, smelling them, feeling them on my private part. Just knowing that a women wore them turns me on even more!

Wet Panties
I wear women's panties in the shower, I let the water soak my panties then cover my dick with shampoo or soap and rub my dick against the panties. It is wonderful. Sometimes the shower head hitting the wet panties and vibrating against them is enough to make me cum. Just let the wet panties bring you to orgasm.

Masturbating With Satin Panties
I like to put on a pair of satin panties, which usually gets me really hard at just the thought. I then begin to slowly rub my hardened cock through the panties. As the tension begins to build I then slide my hand inside the panties and finish myself off. The feeling of women's panties against my cock is such a turn on for me. My wife also enjoys wrapping her panties around my cock and stroking me with them.

Mastrubating With Girlfriends Panties
I like to masturbate in a pair of my girlfriend's panties. I lay them out on the bed and lower myself onto them and stroke my cock into them. It feels so good and I like seeing my precum leaving wet marks on the panties.

Stroking With Panties
What I like to do is get a pair of panties, either satin, nylon or silk, and put them on. Then I start to masturbate while I'm standing in front of the bathroom mirror with my penis stretching aginst the material. The sensation of it all is great, especially when I cum.

Driving In Panties
I enjoy driving and masturbating. I will pull my pants down and use a pair of satin panties to beat off with. I rub the panties on my cock as I drive. I love to explode as I am at a light when there is a car next to me especailly if its a hot girl.

Masturbating With Wifes Panties
When I am feeling real horny I find two pairs of my wife's panties that she has worn in the last couple of days. The first I put on. I like feeling my wife's wetness on my shaved balls. The second one I turn inside out and put on the edge of our bed. I get my wife's back massager and turn it on and put it on the middle of our bed. I then lay face down on the bed putting my cock on the massager. As I start to feel the effects of the massager I start to take in the aroma of the second pair of panties. This makes me explode in an intense orgasm.

Dirty Panties From Laundry Basket
I go to the dirty clothes basket and find a soiled pair of panties. I put them over my dick and they make me cum so fast.

Masturbating With Girlfriends Panty
I get totally naked and lie on my bed with two pairs of my girlfriend's panties. One pair of panties will be around my cock and the other on my face, sniffing my girl's sweet spot. I will continue for about 15 or 20 minutes until some precum appears and I will smear it on the panties and my mouth. The sight of my hard cock in the mirror and the smell of the panties with my cum on them will cause me to explode, shooting my load onto my chest and face.

Panty Masturbation
I mastubate and sniff panties at the same time, i perfer the smell of the vagina or the smell of the anal area. The best are thongs because you get the vagina smell and the goodness of the ass. Its stimulates more because of the womens odor. I like the females that have sweaty areas because the smell is so orgasmic. My girlfriend doesnt mind beacause there hers.

Sniffing Panties
Panties are most effective scratch-and-sniff there is, or ever will be.

Smelling Panties
I like female panties because I like the smell. In a way, the dirtier and smellier the better. Clean panties are nice to look at and imagine the wearer but they do not turn me on. Unfortunately, the smell on dirty panties fades very quickly although the smell of piss can linger on. When the smell has faded away, the panties, although still nice to feel and look at are of no real further use to me. Personally, I would like a female to lend me her smelly panties which I would then return for the loan of another pair, once the smell had gone. Just a thought. I do not care who the female wearer is. All I want to do is sniff the lovely smells. Men will differ in their likes and dislikes but to me the smell is everything. Friend, stranger, tall, short, skinny, fat, glamor, ordinary, I simply do not care. Once I sniff the smell, I feel so grateful to the woman and I really care about her. If she is unknown to me, I would like to thank her for giving me so much pleasure although I know this simply is not possible.

Using Panties To Masturbate
Part of it is it's hot to have something that spends hours resting upon a womans lovely areas. And knowing that is a turn on for most guys.

Using Panties To Masturbate
As I was growing up as well as nowadays I had and have mates with fit sisters, mums or misses and of course there are my girlfriends and my sisters friends etc. So Ive had plenty of chances to explore my panty fetish. Ive been through all of their panties at one time or another including when some of them have been wearing them hehe. I have worn panties but i mostly just love the feel of them around my cock, if they are clean out the draw i masturbate with them but i put them back clean knowing they'd be wearing them, if they out of the basket i've often shot a load into them knowing that there a good chance they will just get thrown into the washing machine.

Wifes Dirty Panties
Last week my wife came home from work and said she had a long day and just wanted to relax in the tub. I was in the office doing some work when I heard the tub running. I walked into the bedroom and she had her clothes laid on the bed. I found her cotton thong on the floor laying on top of her high heels that she just took off. Her panties were still warm and I could smell the strong scent of her womanhood. I laid on the bed and licked her wet panties while I jacked off and then came in them mixing our fluids together!

Masturbating With Satin Panties
My friends older sister used to visit our house often as she was friends with my sister. She knew I used her satin panties to cum in when she caught me with my sisters and hers panties wraped around my tool. So when she would drop her satin panties at my doorway was a real treat especially whan they were damp and stinky, which only turned me on more. From time to time when nobody else was home she would come over and into my room and give me her satin panties then help to stroke my tool in her satin panties. Sometimes she would get so excited she would pull off her soaking wet panty and put them up to my nose to smell! She then asking if I would like to lick her pussy which would happen from time to time when she knew the rest of the others were gone and I stayed home. She said she needed me inside her, she got on her hands and knees asked me to lick her pussy which I did immeadeatly. Then she asked if I would stick my tool in her pussy which was now wet and slippery she grabed my tool and guided it into her pussy I couldnt believe how hot and tight it felt After about 5 minutes I told her that I was about to cum, she was pushing her ass back and arching her back everytime I pushed in her pussy. I couldnt hold back any more. I started to wimper and moan and just kept shooting cum up her pussy. She said dont pull my tool out, wait until my cock softened a little it would come out easyer. She grabed her panty pulled them up all I could see was my cum filling the crotch of that satin panty. She reached in her pocket and grabbed a new panty and put them on. She told me to step into the freshly cumed in panty which felt so good, she pulled them up me. I told her that I am hard again and filled the crotch with cum which i wore all day and saved to smell for the next week Sure love those satin panties.

Neighbors Dirty Panties
Our neighbors went on vacation yesterday and left us their keys just in case anything came up. She is a very hot woman, always wearing short skirts and really tight pants. Those jeans always revealing a huge camel toe or her sweat pants showing a huge mound,mouth watering indeed. Once I hade the keys in my hand I couldn't resist and at the first opportunity when over their home, straight to her room looking for her panties, only found a pair of thongs in a almost empty hamper, picked them up and almost fell on my ass when I inhaled that unbelievably strong and wonderful aroma, so intoxicating. I came back from the realms of her scent and went back home, locked my self in the bathroom and sat down to enjoy her fragrance once again, is so delicious, I jacked off smelling her sweaty thongs, can't lick them yet as I don't want to lose that fragrance, but it will happen. I?m keeping them and smelling every chance I get. I?ll return them before they come back, but in the meantime that treasure is all mine.

Sniffing Panties
Chlorine in the water meant I could never do swimming at school. I still went on the bus to the swimming pool with my class but had to sit by the pool and watch and run errands for the teacher. Usually, she would send me to the changing room to get something or other while all the other guys and girls were in the pool and I?d look through their clothes on the benches, to find the panties they?d been wearing. I was always terrified of being caught but I just couldn?t help myself. Mostly they would be cotton panties of assorted colours and I would end up knowing what panties every other girl in my class was wearing that day, what they smelled like and how dirty they were. This one girl, Sara had great big stains in them! There was another girl, Jill which I really fancied and all the boys did too. She was so pretty and always flirting but I knew she wore her skimpy cotton knickers for 2 days at a time, that they were always heavily soiled and smelled really strongly of her pee.

Wifes Friends Panties
I have been doing small jobs for my wifes friend since she dumped the "low life" who fathered her child. I have been given the keys to get in while she's at work, and have spent many hours working there alone. I know where the dirty laundry is and I have found many treasures there. I have also found the pantie draw. Yesterday I was finishing up a bedroom project that started with painting. I have 5 days into this project and each day involved a session with the pair of panties I found on top of the laundry. Yesterday I finished the project by installing new carpet. She had the day off and was there to help me move the furniture. I waited for the right moment until she left the room. Without hesitation, I opened the dresser draw, slipped my hand in, and grabbed the first pair of panties I saw. I slid them into my pocket, closed the draw and slid the dresser into the corner. she came back in and finished sweeping up where the dresser had been and I walked out to my car and stashed the panties. After installing the carpet and putting the furniture back I couldn't wait to get home. I waited till I had alone time and inspected my new treasure. To my delight, the panties were well worn and used. A small tear where the tag once was and a small, perminent stain marked the gusset.

Sisters Friends Panties
I have had a fetish for smelling used panties for years. Even as a teenager I used to sneak into our changing room when my sisters friends would come over to swim in our pool. The aroma from the crotch of the panties always made me so hard. More than once I had to relieve myself.

Love The Smell Of Panties
I love the smell of panties especially when my wife has been excited while she was wearing them. I like to get them when she has just taken them off when she gets in the shower. I get her panties, often they are soaked with the smell of her sweet pussy and then start the task of licking them tasting her sweet pussy juice. Its next best thing to being there, which she does not happen very often so I take what I can get. It makes me so horny, my cock gets so hard tasting her pussy off her panties. Sometimes I will put them on my pillow to smell when I go to bed and she will catch me with them and give in and let me lick her and sometimes she will just ignore the fact that I have her panties in bed with me. Some of the best panties is when she has been out in the hot all afternoon working in the yard, she will squat and her panties will dig into her pussy and ass. I love to lick and taste them panties .Her pussy has the most wonderfull smell that gets me so excited, I can not get enough.

Wifes Panties
My wife has just left the room and on her way out she tossed her pink panties at me and said " NO WANKING TILL I GET BACK " so now i'm sitting here with a hard-on sniffing on those panties, awaiting my orders. My wife loves to tease me with her panties.

Snffing Wifes Panties
My wife was out in the rain and got soaked. She went into the bathroom to get changed so I waited a bit and went in to see her totally naked. I gave her a hug and put my hand on her ass and gave it a squeeze then put my lips on her nipple and sucked it. Just then I heard the doorbell so I had to go see who it was. Later I went into the bathroom and saw her wet cloths still on the floor with her panties on top. I picked them up, they were wet and cold. I quickly inspected them and found the sexy stain her pussy leaves and put them to my nose and had a big sniff. Instantly my cock stiffened as a smelt her pussy juice but then I heard her coming so I put them back where I found them.

Sniffing Wives Panties
I love sniffing my wives panties as I masturbate. She always leaves her dirty panties on the bathroom floor, so when ever I see them I have to have a sniff of the stain her pussy juices leave. The more I sniff, the harder I get. It's better the fresher they are and still damp. I get really hard playing with the panties she has been wearing after I have cum inside her the night before and they are still wet and smell of my cum and her pussy. I sometimes add more of a stain.

Friends Wife Watching Me Masturbate With Her Panties
One day I had gone to visit one of my friends and we sat around talking, and his wife was in the shower and she came out with her Pj's. So I ask if I could use the restroom. He said you know where it's at, so I went in and it smelled good in there and I notice the hamper was open and saw her pair of pantys in there. So I grabed them and pretended to be sitting on the toliet and started to sniff them and started jacking off. I rubbed them on my cock and oh did that feel so good. I had made a noise and my friends wife walked in and she caught me sniffing her pantys. I froze and she said Oh! I forgot you were still in here. She walked in and said do you like the way they smell and I said Oh! yeah! I asked where's bill and she said I sent him to the store, she said do they feel good on you're cock I said yes!! I wish bill would do the same so I can watch him too! but he's not that way she said I want to see you cum in my panties so I started jacking off. She pulled down her Pj's and started playing with herself while I jacked off and in seconds I came, she came too when I finished she told me this is our secret and she gave me another pair from the the hamper. She said when I'm done with them to bring them back for more fresh ones sort of like checking out a book from a library. She never messed around on my best friend but she would come around to my place every now and then and bring panties. We never went any further than watching each other. We became good buddies, she said that what I did was very sexy and was a turn on .

Wifes Dirty Panties
There's nothing like the heady aroma of my wife's freshly shed panties. Love to wander up to the closet after she's finished showering to find the most recent pair. I'll shut the door, bury my nose in them and sniff until I'm lightheaded.

Caught Masturbating With Panties
I was on my way out of the bathroom and noticed another pair of panties on the floor. Well it didn't take long and I was fucking them panties like you wouldn't believe. I came like hell all over them in a matter of minutes. I got to the point where everyday I made it a point to search out and find a pair of her panties, smell them, lick them and then fuck them until I came all over them. Hmmm her pussy smelled good. The best pairs of panties were when I knew she was showering and afterwards I would run into the bathroom and retrieve my fresh new prize. The scent of pussy was so fresh and many times they were still warm from her body heat. One Saturday morning I awoke and made my usual rounds to the bathroom. I made it a point to search for her panties, which I found right in their usual spot on the floor. I retrieved them and headed back to my room closing the door behind me. I eagerly began examining my latest prize. I wasn't disappointed. They seemed wetter than usual and the scent of pussy was very strong. Just one quick sniff and my cock was rock hard. I dropped my underwear to the floor and began stroking myself. I inhaled that sweet scent of pussy contained on those wet panties. Stroking my cock faster and faster. After a few licks of the crotch I couldn't take it anymore. I had to fuck those panties. I positioned my rock hard cock over the crotch area and began pumping away. I could smell the scent of pussy on my fingers just from touching them. It was overwhelming. Did all pussy smell this good I wondered. Just then my bedroom door flung open. Hunny it's time to get up. Just at that very moment I started cumming. I couldn't stop. I had no where to hide. There I stood buck-naked with her panties on my rock hard cock firing bolts of cum all over them. What the hell, she yelled. Ooh...shit?oh, I moaned as I continued cumming. What the hell are you doing to my panties? Oh shit I moaned again as I fired my last spurt of cum into her panties. What on earth, I can't believe it. You...You just came in my panties didn't you. She asked. Well uh. Give me them you little bastard, she yelled as she snatched them from my cock. Oh my gosh, how could you, she yelled as she appeared to be examining her panties. I didn't know what to say.

Masturbating With Wifes Panties
My wife has been away for a few days this week and the first thing I did was raid the laundry basked. She had left 5 pairs of her worn pantie, and all them smelt divinely of her! I have been in heaven wearing her panties on my head and sniffing the crotch. It just really gets the juices going! I wore a pair of her panties to work today and hope to use them to jerk myself off later tonight.

Panty Sex
Before my wife traveld last week, I told her I want her to put on her red thong an hour before I come from work so it gets really nice and smelly. When I came home I found her waiting for me with her red thong with her ass sticking up for me waiting to be fucked doggy style. I pushed her red smelly thong aside and gave her my hard cock as she started moaning loud with her juices coming out on my cock and she came. After we finished I told her give me your panty so I can put it away for now and then will play with it and sniff it later. She told me no not now I want to have it on for a while more so it gets more smelly and nasty to gaurantee your cock will get so hard when you smell my nasty scent especially the area covering my holes cus I know you love the intence smell of that smelly pussy and ass of mine. Just hearing that made me hard again. Her panty is with me and its so nasty and i wish you guys could smell it. I can garuantee that you will have a hard on the second you get it close to your noses.

Wifes Panties Turn Me On
My wifes panties turn me on so much and she knows it. She often uses her panties to make me rock hard. Her thongs are so sexy specially the area that covers her ass hole. She always takes them off and shoves them in my face and tells me to sniff them. The thing I love about her panties is that they have this intense sexy nasty smell that i bet any guy would go mad for.

Wifes Panties
I can't help it. I love the way she smells. I can't get enough of the smell of a woman's panties. I often masturbate in our bathroom or in our walk in closet where her dirty laundry pile is. I get on my knees in front of her dirty laundry pile on the floor and breathe in her scent as I masturbate.

Panty Lover
I've been a panty lover since growing up thanks to a hot cousin. My wife obviously knows this and I enjoy that fact immensely. When we hit the rack at night she gives me her panties so that I can enjoy her scent and taste, very often leading to some very erotic dreams. When she comes home from work, if she has had an "arousing day" her panties come off right away and are slipped discretely into my hand. Panties, like a telephone call are the next best thing to being there, and then some.

Licking Panties
The smell of her pussy on her panties always makes me rock hard. The best is when we are playing in bed and she slips them off and stretches them over my face so the crotch and ass of her thong is right over my nose. I like licking them as well...almost as good as licking her pussy.

Laurndry Room
I steal panties from the complex's laundry room. I usually pretend to do a load of laundry and sit there and watch the girl load the washer. As soon as she leaves, I open up the machine (hopefully before they get wet) and grab the first pair I can find. I usually return to my room, and jack off sucking the crotch of all her juices... then cum on the crotch. Sometimes I'll return them right back into the machine... this gets tricky, but it adds to the fun.

Smelling Girlfriends Panties
My girlfriend goes running every morning. When she gets done she goes and takes a shower and she always leaves her dirty clothes on the floor. I go in after her and get naked. I pick up her stinky panties and put them on my face while breathing in deeply. The smell always makes my dick so hard. It always gets me off.

Dirty Panties
I go into the ladies room at the place I work every day at least twice and check the baskets for dirty panties, used pads, and panty liners. When I get home and I sniff them, lick them, and rub my dick while laying on my stomach with a pile of old panties I stole until I come.

Sisters Panties
I like to take my sister's thongs and wear them around with nothing else except my jeans. When I first start looking for the thong I get a huge hard on and when I put on the thong I like the feel of it going up my ass. I wear them for about an hour or so until my dick isn't hard any more then I start to play around with it again feeling the silk on my cock. Then I go to my room and jerk off. it feels great. After that, I go back to my sister's room and put them right back where they were. She doesn't know to this day.

Moms Panties
I like to masturbate by first stealing a pair of panties from my mom's drawer. A nice silky pair too. Then I like to put the panties on and lie flat on my stomach and move up and down. Once I blow my load in the panties I take them off and lick the warm hot cum off them.

Dirty Panty Masturbation
I like to lay a pair of dirty wet panties on the carpet, the dirty side of the crotch facing up, then I lay down with the crotch just wide enough for my erect cock and rub up and down until I ejaculate. Then I lick it all up.

Girlfriends Dirty Panties
When I jack off, I like to have a pair of my girlfriends panties that she already wore to smell and lick. It taste great!!

Masturbate With Panties
I wear my wife's silk panties. I also get a pair of her used panties to sniff. I place the clean panties on my hand and begin to hump my hand. This is a very quick and powerful orgasm. Sometimes after I cum I go to sleep wake up and do it again. It is a great jack off and very pleasing. When I was away from her I would have her send me the panties she wore, never cheated on her while I was away, but why should I when I could smell her scent and masturbate with her panties everyday.

Masturbating With Panties
I have been doing it for years. It started when I had my first apartment. My apt. was upstairs from the laundry room so when I was home, I could see who was doing wash. I would sneak down and take them while the wash was going or do a load myself. Then I began taking a friends girlfriends panties and using them when him and I were roommates in a different apt. I love most kinds, thongs, bikinis, silk, cotton. I absolutely love the panties that have the open ended crotch lining. Stick my cock in there and go to town.

Husbands Masturbates With My Panties
My husband has a thing for panties. I'm totally ok with it. He likes to wear them when he masturbates. He used mine at first, but now we've bought him a few pairs of his own. He looks good in them.

Friends Panties
I have several female friends and everytime I go to their houses I cant help but raid the laundry. A couple of them always seem to have real wet panties. I manage to get off in like under a minute then spend the rest of the time im over there thinking about how I know exactly what her pussy smells like.

Panties Sex
My wife likes to rub my erect penis into the crotch of her panties until she cums, then she likes to pull her panties to one side and have sex.

Jerking Off With Panties
I love wrapping a pair of satin panties or nylon panties around my cock and stroking. The feeling of the fabric is amazing. And if I have a second pair of worn panties to sniff while I stroke its even better and makes me cum so hard.

Masturbating Panties
I have been using panties to masturbate with every since I was growing up. The first time I picked my sisters panties up without even thinking I took down my pants and touched them to my cock. The feeling was amazing and the excitement that ran through my body was like nothing before. To this day nothing excites me more than masturbating with a pair of panties.

Masturbating With Her Panties
I stole my first pair of panties from a girl we used to hang out with when I was sixteen or seventeen. I loved to use them to masturbate with. Thinking about these sheer panties on her hot little body gave me ripping orgasms. Since then, I have stolen probably fifty pairs whenever the opportunity presented itself. Any decent-looking woman might get her panties swiped if I get the chance. I have stolen panties belonging to neighbors whose homes I watch, my buddies? girlfriends? and wives?, the laundry in my dorm at college, you name it. The stealing of the panties is almost as exciting as masturbating into them. The bonus comes when I see these ladies and know I have pleasured myself on their panties. It?s a good thing that they can't read my thoughts!

Friends Wifes Panties
I went to a friend's house for dinner. His wife is very attractive and I fancy her like crazy. When I went to the bathroom, hanging on the clothes dryer were about six pairs of her lovely panties; they were stretch lace in blue, black, and pink. As soon as I saw them and thought of her in them, I was excited. I just had to see how they felt against my cock so I wrapped them around my cock and almost came instantly. I layed them down on the counter and lowered my nose to the crotch of them and sniffed in her scent, I almost came again and not even touching myself. I was shaking and was turning red the blood was flowing so fast through my cock. They must have thought I was in their bathroom for ages and just hope they don't put two and two together because when I came out I problaby looked very flush.

Cumming In Panties
I work part time as a gardener. The owners have a lovely daughter of around nineteen and many times I have seen her panties on the washing line. When I would cut the grass, I would have to keep ducking under them. One day, they brushed my face and I instantly became aroused. I am sure she saw because her eyes were on me for ages while she sat drinking her coffee on the patio. When the owners go out, I creep into her room and look through her undies drawer. Sometimes, I put a pair of her panties on under my shorts and carry on with my work. I love to pleasure myself into them before I put them back. One day, I found her lying in the sun in a fabulous tiny bikini. I had to go into the shed where I could see her from the window and have a good play with things. I was still wearing her little pink lacy thong and that made it so complete.

Panty Lover
I've been a panty lover and wearer most of my life. The first time I wore them was when I found a pair on the floor when I was younger. They were pink and caught my eye. I put them on, got caught, and caught heck! I never wore any others until a few years later. I got them from the neighbor's clothes lines and in my sister-in-law's hamper. I didn't wear them too much because I was afraid of getting caught. Ever since that time, I have always been interested in panties and other lingerie; the colors and fabrics fascinate me. I especially love nylon, and pink is my favorite color. I have bought a lot of lingerie over the years including panties, slips in both half and full size, and gowns. But, my interest is panties which I enjoy wearing and pleasuring myself with.

Satin Panties
When I was nineteen, my twenty one year-old stepsister, Erica, used to own a lot of satin clothes and lingerie. When everybody was out, I used to watch porn and masturbate in the silk all afternoon. I took some of the smaller items and hid them in my pillowcase so I could masturbate with them at night. One night when I was sleeping over at a mate?s, my mum asked Erica to strip off all the bed sheets. When I came home, I found my bed stripped and a new pair of bed sheets on the side. I was so embarrassed. A few nights later, I heard noises coming from Erica's room. I went in and found her pleasuring herself in her satin nightgown. I was instantly aroused. She noticed me and sat up. We talked, and she admitted she knew about my fetish and told me that?s why she bought the satin because she had a satin fetish, too!

Watching Husband Masturbate With My Panties
It is wonderful to watch my husband cum. I usually get him off by using a pair of my panties to rub him until he explodes all over my panties. I then usually lick his cum off my panties.

Masturbate With Panties
I love to steal sexy panties and masturbate while licking them. It gives me great orgasms, I have a collection of about thirty pair, and I am looking to get more. My friend?s mother is next on my list. She leaves panties all over the house. She is tempting me and I think she knows that because she already asked me if I would have sex with a lady her age (fifty-seven).

Panty Masturbation
I can remember when I was in high school. I had a thing for girls? panties. They turned me on. I took a pair of panties from my girlfriend when she wasn't looking. When I came home, I put them on. They were a size six panty and were red with black lace trim. As soon as I put them on, I got very excited and I masturbated in them. What an experience that was for me. From that day on, I always would wear panties. I love them. Something about a pair of panties turns me on.

Masturbate With Panties
I was visiting my great Aunt and her daughters when one day, I went into the bathroom and the laundry hamper was there. I started to go through it and found some of the daughter's panties. One pair had been freshly worn. I placed one pair against my nose and another pair I pleasured myself with. I quickly put both pairs back in the hamper and thought I had gotten away with it. The next day, one of the daughters asked me to help bring down the hamper to the washing machine. When I got down there, she said, "I thought I had put those pairs at the top of the hamper, how did they get down there?" She smiled and I got like ten shades of red.

Love Panties
I too, love women's panties. The feel of the nylon against my package sends a rush into me. Oh, how good it feels. I'm a true lover of panties and sex.

Caught Masturbating With Panties
My wife's best friend needed some work done at her home, so I stopped by to help out. While I was there, I went into her bedroom and tried on her panties. I got an erection, so I began to masturbate in her panties. Then she walked in. She became aroused, and she asked if she could watch me. She watched me stroking with her panties until she begged for me to cum all over them. She gave me the panties to keep. Now, I swing by regularly and we often masturbate together, she always wants to see her panties wrapped around my cock and loves to see them covered in cum.

Wifes Panties
I would have never known that I like to wear women?s panties. But one day, I was home alone and I saw a pair of my wife?s panties in the laundry basket. I decided to try them on because I know how it feels when I grab my wife?s bottom. When I tried them on, I got such a rush that I had to relieve myself. I started to wear them more and more. One day, I decided to show my wife what I looked like in her panties. She got so excited that we had sex with her panties on.

Sniffing Her Panties
My wife and I have a guest room that we rent out for cheep to people who need a place for a few months to get on their feet. Currently, we have a young, twenty-two-year-old girl who is staying. If I am home when she leaves for work, I go her room, find her worn panties, and take a deep, long sniff. If I am lucky, I find the pair she has just worn on the bathroom floor that she took off before taking her shower! Those are always the best.

Smelling Panties
I have a beautiful girlfriend and her cousin that live with us. Last night, when no one was home, I went into their hamper and took out two pairs of panties that smelled sweet. I then masturbated into them. I have been doing this for two years now.

Friends Sisters Panties And Moms Panties
I was sleeping over a friends house and i found a pile of clothes and there were some panties and bras so i picked up two panties and they were a bit wet and it smelled just like pussy so i tasted them and both tasted different. One was a small which was my firends sisters and the other was a medium his moms, i'm assuming. I tasted them and then cummed in them and thew them under the pile of clothes.

Masturbated With Panties
I've masturbated with panties alot. Cousins, moms, MILs, girlfriends, wifes, neighbors. I enjoy the feeling. Every now and then my wife will give me a handjob with her panties.

Using Panties To Masturbate
There's nothing like the smell of a woman's pussy. Nothing brings out the scent better than her used panties. I love jerking off while sniffing. I've got to be honest and confess that I've stollen soilled panties from and jerked off to many women I've known, but none compares to my wife. In fact she likes to rub her pussy thru her panties, get all nice and musky and the rub em on my nose while she sucks me off. My dick is hard just thinking about it.

Rubbing With Panties
I've masturbated with panties before, the first couple times i did were my mom's panties and sister's panties. I was curious back then. Then there was one time I slept over my friend's place when I was like 16. I snuck upstairs from the basement into his sister's room. Little did I know, she slept in the nude. I took her panties out of the pile she had and jerked it right there. Thank god she didn't wake up.

Jerking Off With Panties
I have to admit i like jerking off in ladies panties.

Wanking With Panties
I have to admit that i loved it and still do. it just makes me so horny. one time back when i was younger i slept at my grandmas one night and they had a french student and becasue she was away for the weekend i slept in her room. so of course i went straight away to look for her panty draw. and it was full to the brim of al sorts of different panties so i had a sniff and a taste and then put a few on. i must have wacked about 7 out that night.

Jerking Off With Panties
I love panties. I have been jerking off with panties pressed against my face since i was growing up. Just to smell the pussy still on the panties and just to think where they were, on your friends pussy or on your wifes friend. I remember when i was growing up my parents were at their friends house. they had their laundry hamper in the restroom. They had a daughter just a couple years older than me. I found a pair of her panties and they had thick cream on the crotch.I will never forget that night.

Friends Sisters Panties
I was at my good friend's house when I was younger spending the night. He had a sister that I wanted so I found some of her panties and licked them, they tasted so good.

Panty Wanking
I was dogsitting for a friend once, and got a little nosy. I ended up looking through her underwear drawer, and tried jerking off in one of her panties; it was amazing.

Sisters Panties
When i was younger when ever the house was empty i would go into my sisters room and steal here thongs and go cum all over them it was amazing.

Caught Sniffing Panties
I was once sniffing a girlfriends panties, and she caught me at it. She said it was disgusting. I explained that i loved her pussy, the look, the smell, the taste, and sniffing her panties when she wasnt there was a compliment and showed how much i loved her. She settled down and realized there was no harm in me sniffing her panties, she apologized for over reacting and even would take her panties off during foreplay and place them over my nose.

Masturbating With Wifes Panties
I enjoy the feel of my wifes panties when I jerk off. I like to lick the crotch and suck out her juices.

Girlfriends Moms Panties
I snuck into my girlfriends parents bathroom one night when i was home alone with her, she was watching tv, i took a huge risk going into their bathroom but i could not help myself, i went straight for the hamper and inside was a flesh colored thong intertwined in her pants, i had a great time sniifing and licking them but didnt have very long, i was shaking the whole time, but it was honestly the best panty i have ever had.

Panty Jerking
I have key for the woman next doors house. I try on all her underwear when shes out. i wank into her panties and bras, i dry them out very carefully and put them back in the draw. i put a worn pair over my head and lick the gusset while wanking. i love the different tastes of my mum, sister and neighbour.

Husband Masturbates With My Panties
My husband loves sucking the juice out of every pair of panties I wear. I'm a Nurse and work nights and he'll gather several that I've worn over the last few days and suck on them. He saves the juicest pair for last and when he's sucked all my juice out, he shoots a big load of his cum onto the crotch. I love to call home around midnight and let him describe what he's doing as he "plays"! I get sooooooooooooo wet which is puuuuurfect cause it gives him more to suck!

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