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Pink Panties
By pinkpanties on January 9, 2014
So whats your favorite color of panties. When asking men who wear panties what is there favorite color of panties to wear, see themselves wearing, see other men wearing panties wearing, etc, pink panties is usually at the top of the list. So what is it about pink panties that makes pink panties a favorite among men wearing panties. Well pink is just one of those colors that immediately gets you excited, horny, turned on, thinking erotic thoughts, its no wonder why its the one of the most popular colors for lingerie. Seeing the color pink just does something to our brains and gets the attention of our heart by making it beat a bit faster and also gets the attention of that area below the belt and certainly gets a rise out of that area. So its no wonder why us men wearing panties choose pink panties so much. Pink panties might also make us think of women, we might enjoy seeing women in pink panties and in wearing the same pink panties as our wife, girlfriend or other women we see in pink panties we get excited wearing the same color panties we enjoy seeing women in. Pink panties might show our softer side, or our more feminine side. A pair of panties against a mans naturally masculine body is certainly something that stands out and many guys wearing panties enjoy wearing panties that make a bold statement and stand out and a pair of pink panties against a mans body is certainly something that gets noticed. As mentioned pink panties are just very sexual, very erotic, whether you are wearing them or whether you see a woman wearing pink panties or another man wearing pink panties you cannot help but start to think erotic thoughts, and often times your also thinking about wanting to wear the same pink panties your seeing someone else wearing. Pink panties create erotic, sexual thoughts, and excitement. And as mentioned pink panties against a mans body just looks so good, or a bulge pressing against pink panties, a butt framed in pink panties. The reference to pink panties is everywhere, on tv, in movies, in music, in ads, its no wonder why victoria?s secrets puts the words PINK on everything, and has entire lines called PINK. You hear pink panties everywhere, on tv, in movies, in songs, you hear the words to a song and it says she was wearing pink panties, that pink thong, those sexy pink panties, she slipped those pink panties off. You hear or see pink panties on tv or movies, fingering her through her pink panties, you see actresses in pink panties. Women love wearing pink panties and yes many guys like wearing pink panties. The reasons why guys wear pink panties can vary, and guys wearing pink panties might relate to some of the things mentioned in this article about why pink panties are such a turn on and a favorite. If I had to choose one color to see myself wearing, another guy wearing panties wearing, or a woman wearing, pink panties would be at the top of the list. Pink panties just stir up these erotic, sexual feelings, whether I am standing before a mirror seeing myself bulging in pink panties, or viewing pictures of guys wearing pink panties, or seeing a woman wearing pink panties, those pink panties instantly create that excitement. Many men wearing panties favorite color is pink, many men wearing panties have all shades of pink panties, from light pink panties to bright pink panties, to fluorescent pink panties, to hot pink panties, don?t you think hot pink panties just sounds the best. Pink lace panties, pink nylon panties, pink satin panties, pink cotton panties, pink thongs, pink bikini, pink boyshorts, pink briefs, etc. Its amazing how seeing other guys wearing panties is such a turn on, seeing those pink panties framing his masculine figure, seeing how those pink panties cling to him, how his bulge looks pressing against those pink panties. No matter if you are a bicurious man wearing panties, bisexual man wearing panties, gay man wearing panties, or straight man wearing panties you suddenly find yourself turned on when you see a guy wearing pink panties and you start to think about what it would look like and feel like to wear those pink panties your seeing another guy wearing. Even the straightest guy wearing panties starts to get turned on seeing another guy wearing pink panties. It might catch some straight men wearing panties off guard to find themselves turned on but its not about wanting to be with the man wearing the panties, the turn on and attraction is focused around the pink panties the man wearing panties is wearing. So is your panty drawer filled with pink panties, do you find yourself always picking out the pink panties in your panty drawer over all the other colors.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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