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Finding Satin Panties, Finding Silky Panties
By silkypantyman on December 22, 2013
There have been a few articles on what happened to satin panties, silky panties, and manufactures discontinuing satin panties, silky panties. Many men wearing panties favorite type of panties are satin panties or silky panties, I know that satin panties or silky panties are my favorite type of panties to wear. I to have been disappointed and frustrated at the lack of satin panties, silky panties. Every time I visit a store I am looking on the racks, tables, end caps for satin panties but never find any. Only ones I seem to find are the hanes satin panties that are only available in bikini, brief or hipster. The satin panties, silky panties I am looking for are the ones that are sexier satin panties, sexier silky panties, and major panty brands used to make satin panties in all colors, styles, but now as mentioned its very limited like with the hanes satin panties. However I have recently come across lots of satin panties, silky panties, the sexy satin panties, sexy silky panties in all colors, patterns and styles. The article I read on here about digging through panty bins got me thinking about those bins of panties, piles of panties, and stacks of panties. I never really gave those panty bins, stacks of panties, or piles of panties a look because I never had the courage to get a closer look at those panty piles, panty bins, panty stacks, and certainly did not have the courage to go digging through those panty bins, panty stacks or panty piles. While at the mall doing some christmas shopping I thought I would give those panty bins, panty stacks or panty piles a closer look. While some stores panty bins, panty stacks were just full of cotton panties in various styles, many stores has a good mix of fabrics, cotton, spandex cotton blends, microfiber, nylon and satin and silky panties mixed in. And this was just observed by walking by those panty bins, panty piles, you could clearly see there were silkier panties mixed in. I am not sure if other men wearing panties get that excited feeling when you spot a silky pair of panties, but I certainly got excited when I seen silky panties in those bins of panties and piles of panties, the rush and excitement of shopping for panties is so amazing and part of the panty wearing experience. As the article on digging through panty bins mentions many mall stores are small so the panty bins are not as private to go digging through them, but if you have the courage to do so you will be rewarded with lots of silky panties, nylon panties, and satin panties. The larger stores also have these panty bins and I did find silky panties, satin panties in those bins also, not as many as some of the smaller mall clothing stores but the major stores did have panty bins with a mixture of panties including satin panties, nylon panties and silky panties, and for those who are a bit more nervous about shopping for panties, the major stores are way more private especially during the day, whereas the mall clothing stores no matter what time of day do not offer the privacy the larger stores do. Your walmarts, targets, kmarts, kohl's, jc penny, sears, etc usually have bins of panties especially this time of year and the prices are amazing, 40 - 70 percent off, deals like buy 1 get one free, or 5 pairs for a certain price. So for those who have been looking for satin panties, silky panties on the racks, shelves like I have been hoping that the major panty brands will come out with satin panties or silky panties again, one has to look not at the racks but in the panty bins, panty piles, panty stacks and even better those are the places where you will find better deals on panties. Cotton panties sell way more than silky panties to women, but for us men wearing panties its the opposite satin panties, nylon panties, silky panties sell way more than cotton panties to men wearing panties. So often times satin panties, silky panties, nylon panties that might of been on the rack or on a panty display will get discounted to the panty bins, or panty piles, and many of these panties are the sexy silky panties, sexy satin panties. And many stores this time of year are clearancing items that have been around for a while so you will find lots of stores with bins of panties at a discounted price. If you are looking for satin panties, silky panties now days you have to search for them and you might only stumble across them, or they might only be available at certain times of the year. Its so amazing to come across a pile of panties with a sign above it saying 70 percent off panties and be able to dig your hands into that pile and feel for silky panties. Although I did not have the courage to dig through the piles are all the stores I seen panty piles with satin panties, silky panties I did end up having the courage in some stores to quickly dig my hands into the panty pile to search for silky panties, satin panties or pick some silky panties, satin panties that I seen ontop of the panty pile. I ended up getting about 20 pairs of panties in about 5 stores. So don't ignore the panty bins, or panty piles, thinking they are just cotton thongs or cotton bikinis, many will have a mixture and that mixture will contain some really nice silky panties, satin panties. The panties found in these panty bins or panty piles are not brand name panties, they are buy smaller lingerie makers, and most likely purchased in bulk from lingerie wholesalers, often times not even having a name on the tag other than the stores tag, but these panties are just as good as quality as any other panties I have worn. I know I am so jealous of women who get to walk into a store and dig through those panty piles, wish I could dig through those panty piles as easily as they do. My method is to either quickly pick a pair off the top, quickly dig through the pile, or find a panty bin or panty pile in a larger store where I have a bit more privacy because everyone is spread throughout the store. Hope those who enjoy satin panties, silky panties start digging through those panty piles at the mall or in the major stores. Silky panties, satin panties are still out there, but one has to do a bit of searching and digging to find them.
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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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