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Panties And Your Mood
By paulinpanties on October 28, 2013
Its been shown that certain types of panties can change a womans mood, many business women when having to do a presentation or under pressure will wear very sexy panties under there business suits or business clothing. When a woman has a hot date she will often wear sexy panties as it gives her a boost in confidence. Or when a woman is just not feeling very happy or is depressed often times she will wear a certain panty and it will make her feel better. Well same thing for us guys, but I believe it happens on some of the same levels as woman but also in a different way. You see most women wear panties everyday, and its those certain panties they wear on certain days that might change there mood. However many men wearing panties do not or cannot wear panties everyday so we start to go through sort of a withdrawal from panties, we find our moods change when we have not worn panties in a while, our mood can go from down and depressed to mad and upset and very irritable. Women don't experience this as they wear panties everyday, and men who wear panties everyday don't go through the withdrawals either. For those that do not wear panties everyday you find the longer between wearing panties your mood changes and once you wear panties you find a calming effect and relief but then you go through the same withdrawal until the next time you wear panties. Its amazing how ones mood changes when he is not or cannot wear panties. You start to loose foucs, you find yourself very jittery like when you don't get your morning coffee or your caffeine. You get depressed, you get very irritableable. And its amazing how slipping on a pair of panties brings everything back into foucs and how it puts you in such a good mood and how relaxed you feel. And just like many women wear certain panties to feel better, us men experince that also. Wearing a certain pair of panties can give you confidence, can melt away stress, and can just put you in a happy mood. You might find yourself having a stressful week at work, or have a big presentation just like the business woman example and you find yourself digging through your panty drawer for the perfect pair that you slip on that gives you the extra confidence and strength that other pairs of panties in your drawer just would not give you. No matter if you wear panties everyday or just occassionly panties have an effect on both men wearing panties and women wearing panties, and some are very similar. You might find yourself in the board room in your sexiest panties and there might be a woman in the conference room wearing the same panties, or across town a woman giving a presentation might be wearing the same panties your wearing during your presentation. So if you find yourself stressed, depressed, sad, or irritable try and find that pair of panties that will change your mood. Its amazing how finding the right panties is just the cure.

Need a quick pick me up? Do a panty swap.

Change your panties, change your mood.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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