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A Women's Opinion On Men Wearing Panties
By linda on May 17, 2013
I found out my husband wore panties about 10 years ago, at the time we were dating and about 4 months into our relationship. He told me while we were being intimate that he liked to wear panties. At first I was a bit shocked, confused, did not really know why he wore panties. I am pretty open minded so I did not freak out, get mad or upset. We spent the rest of the night until the early hours of the morning talking. He explained why he enjoyed wearing panties, how the fabrics felt against him (which I can totally understand why you guys enjoy how the fabrics feel against you, our panties are made from such softer and more delicate fabrics than your mens underwear). He said the idea of wearing panties also excited him, and that just the thought of wearing panties got him excited and also just the sight of a pair of panties excited him. He said that seeing a pair of panties reminded him of how I looked wearing them and that wearing panties put thoughts of our intimate times in his mind and made him feel closer to me when we were apart. He said he has been wearing panties for most of his life, starting at 10, first seeing one of his friends sisters in her panties at a sleep over, he noticed how silky the panties looked on her and instantly he got curious and soon he found himself looking for her panties, in the laundry, hamper, her room and once he discovered them he picked them up and it was such a turn on to hold her panties in his hands and think of how she looked in them. At first he just held them in his hands and would rub his friends sisters panties against him and masturbate, that when on for a few months and over those few months he always wondered what they would feel like and also look like on him. So one day he slipped his friends panties on. They were nylon and a bikini type, very silky and I recall him saying they were a pale pink. He stool in bathroom at his friends house and looked in the mirror, he was rock hard and had to be careful as he was so excited he was already leaking into the panties. Him telling me this story I just had to smile, I can imagine him holding his friends sisters nylon panties and stepping into them sliding them up and how excited he was. From that day on he wore panties when ever he could, he said he wore them maybe 5 or 6 times a month depending on if he could find a pair to wear, he mainly wore his friends sisters panties, but he also said he wore a few friends moms panties. It was not until about 18 that he bought his first pair of panties, however as much as wearing panties that he bought excited him, he did say that wearing someone elses panties excited him a bit more, and I can see how that would excite him more. For my husband wearing panties is a combination of things, the feel, the look, the fact that its considered taboo or naughty, and then the thoughts of women in panties or the particular womans panties he is wearing. Our talk that night was one of the best nights, we had only sat up talking all night once before and that was within the first week of our relationship. And we did not just talk about him wearing panties the night he told me he liked wearing panties, we talked about everything, it was so nice to be open and honest with each other. In taking the time to talk with my boyfriend at the time, now husband I found out why he enjoyed wearing panties, instead of like many women do they freak out, get upset, wonder who they are with. My husband wearing panties did not change who he was, there was nothing in our coversation that told me that was going to effect our relationship. I understood all the reasons he told me about why he enjoys wearing panties, all his reasons made perfect sense to me. And when I first saw him wearing panties I have to admit that it excited me, his boxers never gave me this type of excitment before and it was certainly nice to not always have to be the one wearing sexy things to turn each other on. My suggestion to women who find out your man wearing panties or if he tells you he likes wearing panties is to relax, take a deep breath and do not get upset or be confrontational. Have a conversation about it, go out to a park, out for a drive, a walk or just sit on the bed or couch and have a conversation about it. Let your man explaine why he enjoys wearing panties. I know for me I am so glad that I did. My husband wearing panties has brought both of us such joy and pleasure and also has brought us so much closer together. Our relationship is much stronger becasue we know we can talk openly with each other. I know there are lots of men wearing panties out there, and lots of them wear panties in secret, afraid to tell your girlfriend or wife that you wear panties. Only you can determine if you feel comfortable telling your wife or girlfriend, my hopes are that your wife or girlfriend will read this and do as I suggested and take that deep breath, not get upset or jump to any conclusions and to allow you to explaine why you like wearing panties. I know my husband is greatful that he can enjoy wearing panties anytime he wants to and I hope that other men wearing panties can have that same joy as my husband does.
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