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Friends Who Wear Panties
By paulwearspanties on September 10, 2013
Most men wearing panties started wearing panties when we were younger, while growing up. Back then most men wearing panties thought we were the only ones wearing panties. We wore panties usually only at home, in our rooms, bathroom, etc, or around the house when no one was home. We only wore occasionally, and usually for short periods of time. While our family was home, friends were around, while we were outside with friends, etc we did not wear panties because we did not want anyone to know. We thought that no other guys wore panties, and we certainly did not have conversations with our friends about wearing panties or asking them if they wore panties. Growing up most of us wore panties thinking no other men wore panties, we had no one to talk to about wearing panties, no one who could relate to with as to why we wore panties. As we grew older our desire to wear panties only got stronger, we wore more often and for longer periods, however we were in the same situation, we wore with no one else knowing we wore panties and we also had no idea if other men wore panties or how many other men wore panties. Then along came the internet, for some of us we were a bit older when it came along, and some of us grew up with the internet so for those a bit older that meant many years of wearing without being able to see that other men wore panties, to be able to communicate with other men wearing panties and to get advice, talk about wearing panties, how we started wearing panties, what panties we like to wear, all the things you would talk with about with any friend who is into the same things. Suddenly we felt much better about wearing panties, we were not alone in wearing panties, and we found the more and more time went on that there are lots and lots of men wearing panties out there. We wondered if anyone we knew wore panties, did any of our friends growing up wear there mothers panties, sisters panties like we did, do any of the friends we have now, or coworkers wear panties. In the crowds of people at the mall, at stores, or at events, how many men are wearing panties that you might of walked by. We found communities like men wearing panties club where we were able to see other men wearing panties, tell others our story or stories about wearing panties, ask advice to other men wearing panties or give advice to other men wearing panties. We were able to post pictures of us wearing panties for other men wearing panties to see, and we were able to make friends wearing panties from all over the world and find other men wearing panties close by us to perhaps get together with. Having friends who wear panties is really important whether you just want to remain online friends or you want to get together in person, having friends who also wear panties, who can relate, who can express the joys of wearing panties makes wearing panties so much more enjoyable. The community men wearing panties club has given men wearing panties a place to go, to meet others, to express themselves via messages, stories, pictures, movies, etc. I know I am sure glad I came across men wearing panties club, over the years I have made so many friends, and enjoyed my visits to men wearing panties club, and its also helped to show that men wearing panties is more common than one thinks, that men wearing panties are just normal everyday guys, its helped open up our societies eyes and shown them that men wearing panties are just like everyone else, its helped to ease any sterotypes, fears for women who find out there husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties. Its given men weairng panties, couples wearing panties and the women of men wearing panties a place to find out more info, to express themselves, and to be around so many others who enjoy wearing panties who can relate and who understand why we enjoy wearing panties.
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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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