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Common Myths Or Stereotypes About Men Wearing Panties
By pantiesalways on September 5, 2013
There are several common myths or stereotypes about men who wear panties. First being men wearing panties must be gay, they must like guys. Because men wear panties they must want to have sex with other guys or other men wearing panties. Many wifes who find out there husband wears panties or girlfriends who find out there boyfriend wears panties jump to conclusions and fear that their man must like other guys. Just because you put on a pair of panties does not change anything about your sexual preference. Fact is that a larger percentage of men who wear panties are straight. Yes there are men who wear panties who are bisexual, bicurious and gay, however there sexual preference is not because of wearing panties. So women if you find out your husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties, don't jump to conclusions that he is gay, bisexual or bicurious, chances are he is still the straight man you married. Another stereotype about men wearing panties or myth is that they are less masculine and more girly or gurly. Every man who wears panties is different just like any other man in the world is different, whether its a man wearing panties or a man who does not wear panties we all have different personalities, some more masculine, some more feminine, some men have more of a softer side than other men. Men wearing panties does not mean that a man is feminine, girly or gurly, there are lots of masculine, rugged men that wear panties. Men wearing panties come from all backgrounds, and it might surprise many women to learn that many tough guys wear panties. Our society comes up with reasons why someone chooses to do certain things or be certain ways outside whats considered normal in our society. Somewhere along the way panties where put in the womens section and boxers, briefs were put in the mens section, but what if history has reversed that and put panties in the mens section and boxers and briefs in the womens section. And because panties were put in the womens section and many of us men have taken notice of how great panties feel and look to wear stereotypes and myths have come about because we crossed over the line into the womens section. Thanks to more and more men expressing that they enjoy wearing panties, our society, wifes, girlfriends, etc are starting to realize that men wearing panties is not something to just your panties in a bunch over. More and more couples are wearing panties together, more and more men are wearing panties openly, and more men are feeling more comfortable telling family members they wear panties, telling friends they wear panties, wearing panties outside of the home, wearing panties to work, etc.
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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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