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Buying Used Panties, Buying Dirty Panties
By lvdirtypanties on August 25, 2013
For many men wearing panties they started out using and wearing used panties or dirty panties, as those were the ones that were readily available and often times the ones that first got you curious about panties, it might of been there sisters dirty panties, mothers dirty panties, cousins dirty panties, neighbors dirty panties, girlfriends dirty panties, wifes dirty panties, etc. Many men wearing panties still do enjoy wearing dirty panties or used panties, however dirty panties might not be as readily available as they once were for you or you just might like dirty panties from various women. For some men wearing dirty panties is much more of a turn on then wearing clean panties. Knowing your wearing a womans panties that have recently been worn, imagining the panties pressed against her, and also the added stimulation of the visuals and scents in the panties. To see yourself in a womans panties that are dirty is a turn on to many men wearing panties. As you grow older and the readily available dirty panties such as your sisters dirty panties, moms dirty panties, girlfriends dirty panties, etc are no longer available, however your desire to wear dirty panties and enjoy dirty panties still continues, now you find yourself seeking dirty panties. Now there have been plenty of instances of guys being handed dirty panties, but for many of us we are not lucky enough to have a woman hand us her dirty panties and many of us do not have the courage to go up to a woman and ask for her panties or ask her if she would like to sell you her dirty panties. That leaves us looking for women selling dirty panties, or selling used panties, and thanks to the internet there are plenty of them out there selling used panties or dirty panties. It seemed as if it was like a gold rush of women selling dirty panties or used panties for many years, and most were real women, it was not until later that you started to get fake used panty sellers, or fake dirty panty sellers. Its to bad that everything on the internet that is good always gets ruined by others. The problem with fake used panty sellers even made it into the mainstream when you started seeing commercials like the one with the asian guys in a warehouse backroom wearing panties dancing around and then stuffing them into a zip lock bag. I bet seeing that commercial made many of us dirty panty lovers eyebrows raise a bit and wonder about all the panties we have been buying. The fake panty sellers that came along certainly made it difficult for real women selling used panties, many of these women truly were turned on knowing guys enjoyed there dirty panties but they had a difficult time getting through all the fake panty sellers. Another thing was how difficult it became for women to sell dirty panties, it used to be you could buy used panties on ebay, or buy dirty panties on ebay, then ebay changed it policies leaving many real women selling used panties with no where to sell used panties. Sites to help women selling used panties sprang up here and there but then disappeared. Many women selling used panties had to then try and get there own site to sell dirty panties, but with the cost and time running a site so many of those sites have come and gone. Not only has it been difficult on the women selling used panties but also those of us who enjoy dirty panties. The attraction to used panties is huge for many men, and for many men as mentioned they grew up enjoying used panties but as they got older they did not have used panties available around them anymore, but the desire to enjoy used panties was still there, perhaps you got to dig through a buddies girlfriends hamper or buddies wifes hamper a few times, or while housesitting you got to enjoy dirty panties but that was a rare occurrence. You wanted to enjoy dirty panties more and you came across listings of women selling used panties, pictures of the panties they had for sale and a description of themselves, perhaps even some pictures of themselves in there panties and also a bit about them and why they sell used panties. Often times you have heard of the old I am in college and selling my dirty panties, perhaps some were real and others were not. One has to realize that some of it is about the fantasy of it, it might be some hot 20 year old collage womans panties or it might be some 40 year old moms panties, and for many both can appeal to different dirty panty lovers. However as mentioned one has to remember that part of it is about the fantasy of it, having another womans panties you don't know, how each womans panties have a different smell, how each woman wears different size, styles, fabrics and how those panties feel against you as you fantasize about her. Even know its getting tougher to find real women selling dirty panties, they are still out there, some come and go and others have been around for a while. It not as easy to find dirty panties as it once was, or at least to find dirty panties from real women. But as mentioned there are still real women out there who do enjoy selling there dirty panties and who get turned on knowing a guy wants to pleasure himself with there panties.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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