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Washing Panties
By foreverinpanties on August 14, 2013
Many of us guys hate doing the wash or laundry but when it comes to washing our panties its something we look forward to. All of us have different routines when it comes to washing panties, when we wash panties, how we wash panties, can we only wash our panties when everyone is out of the house, or do we mix our panties in with our wives panties or girlfriends panties and either we wash the panties or she washes the panties. Methods for washing panties vary from washing panties in the sink, washing panties in the bathtub, washing panties in a plastic bin or tote, even washing panties in a pan or pot, and of course washing panties in a washing machine. Then there is hand washing panties and machine washing panties, which is better, that depends on the panties, lacy or thinner type panties will last longer if you hand wash them, however you can also you a garment bag, or lingerie bag in the washing machine. For some men wearing panties they choose hand washing panties as its just something more enjoyable, feeling the panties all wet and soapy in your hands. Reminds me of another way some men wearing panties wash panties and that is wearing panties in the shower and soaping them up and washing panties in the shower. And all men wearing panties availability to wash panties differs if your wife, girlfriend, family, roommates, etc don't know you wear panties then you have to choose a time to wash your panties when they will be gone, other men wearing panties have wifes, girlfriends, etc who know they wear panties and they can wash there panties anytime, and many couples just mix the laundry together and either one does the laundry. Its always nice to have a girlfriend or wife who understands you wear panties and enjoys you wearing panties and will wash your panties and stack them on the bed next to hers, or its nice to wash both your panties and her panties and stack your panties and her panties on the bed. Then comes drying panties, do you put panties in dryer, hang panties over the shower rod, hang panties on the clothesline, use a blow dryer. This will depend on the type of panties and also your situation if you have a wife, girlfriend, etc that knows you wear panties. For those who don't have a wife, girlfriend, roommate, etc that knows you wear panties, doing the laundry can be a bit of a rush thing, washing your panties and then getting your panties dry before anyone arrives back home. Its nice when you have lots of time, or a wife or girlfriend who knows you wear panties and you can take your time washing your panties. Seems every part of panties is fun and exciting, seeing panties, wearing panties, finding panties, buying panties and yes even washing panties.

Proper Care and Washing of Nylon Panties
Caring properly for nylon panties ensures they will last a long time and remain comfortable for the wearer. Like many modern fabrics, nylon washes easily in automatic washing machines and can be dried in an automatic dryer.

Wash nylon panties in warm water or use cold water to avoid setting stains. Use a laundry detergent suitable for delicate fabrics and do not add bleach to the load. Do not overcrowd the washer and wash nylon underwear with like garments. After washing the nylon panties, inspect the load of laundry to make sure no visible stains remain. If stained garments go through the dryer, the heat from automatic drying could set the stain. If you find stained garments, remove them and try treating and washing again.

Dry the clean laundry in the dryer on a low temperature. High heat can melt or shrink nylon panties, changing their look and fit. Do not overcrowd the dryer so that each garment has enough room to tumble in the dryer. If static cling is an issue, use a dryer sheet or add fabric softener in the wash.

How to Handwash Underwear
I find it rather effective to wash my panties by hand. I think they come out cleaner, because I am able to focus on the areas that really need some scrubbing, the crotch.

Anyway, here is one effective way that I find very easy to do. Here are the steps:
1. Find a good powdered detergent. In my case, it is Tide Laundry Detergent. It is more expensive than other brands, but it has more soap than chalk, and thus is more effective in doing the laundry.
2. Pour a considerable amount of soap (not too much, otherwise you would need a lot of water for rinsing), then add some water that is enough to soak your panties. You may also opt to wet your panties first before the soaking.
3. Let the powdered soap foam in the water by mixing it with your hand. Then put the panties in it and roughly swished around so that the fabrics are soaked in soap.
4. After 30 minutes of soaking, handwash each panty, focusing on the crotch. After a few scrubs, the stains easily come off. Squeeze off excess soap and set aside. Continue with the other panties.
5. After washing, rinse the batch 3 times.
6. Lastly, pour just enough water in your basin and add fabric conditioner. Soak the panties for 5 minutes and hang up to dry.

It is very simple and it takes me only a few minutes to really do the handwashing. The soaking part has already done much of the cleaning.

How to Wash 65 Percent Polyester and 35 Percent Cotton Panties
Cotton and polyester are both commonly used fabrics in clothing. While cotton tends to wrinkle more easily, polyester does not. Also, while cotton is a natural fiber, polyester is synthetic. Panties made from a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton will stay in good shape and last for a long time if washed properly. Failure to use the right temperatures and laundering methods may result in fabric damage or shrinkage.

Set the washing machine to the warm temperature setting. Choose permanent press or normal for the wash cycle.

Let the washer fill up with water. Add the recommended amount of laundry detergent per the label instructions as the washer is filling up. If the panties are white, you may add the recommended amount of chlorine bleach as well.

Place the cotton and polyester blended panties into the washer. Add other items of like color and that can be washed in warm water if you would like. Avoid overfilling the washer, however, as the panties and other garments need room to move around freely.

Let the washer run through a complete wash, rinse and spin cycle. Take the panties out of the washer and place them in the dryer.

Turn the dryer to low or warm heat and allow the panties to dry completely. Take them out of the dryer as soon as the cycle is finished.

Hand Washing Panties
Use Woolite for washing them. It is a gentle cleaning soak.

Run a sink full of cold water, put in about 2 capfuls of the Woolite. Put your panties in the sink. Then let them soak for about 20 min. Then swish the panties around in the sink a little bit, it is amazing how well the Woolite takes the dirt out with just small effort on your part. Then rinse them really well, I mean really well in cold water. Lay them on a dry clean towel and roll it up and twist it. It takes the water out that will drip onto the floor, when you hang them up. I save the hangers that underwear come on from the store, they have the hanger and everything you need to just hook them onto it and hang them on the shower neck or the shower curtain rod. Let them air dry this way. It sure makes them last a lot longer.

Hand Wash Panties
Hand washing is perhaps the best way because it isn't harmful or corrosive towards your panties when you wash them.

1. Run the panties under hot water
2. Scrub them with your hands
3. Use soap and a bit of laundry detergent and dab a little bit of each washing substance onto the panties
4. Wet the panties a little
5. More scrubbing!
6. Rinse and repeat
7. Place the panties between the palm of your hands
8. Squeeze, lightly, so some of the water comes out
9. Hang or lay the panties on a drying rack
10. You're DONE!

Mesh Bag Or Pillow Case
Place the panties in lingerie mesh bag or, if you do not have these bags, in a pillow case and close with a rubber band.

Put the panties in the washing machine. Set the machine to the gentle cycle. Start filling up the machine with cool water.

Add mild detergent. Allow the machine to go through a full cycle and then remove the panties promptly.

Lay the panties on a towel to dry.

How to Wash Silk Panties Or Satin Panties
Washing caring for silk underwear is actually a lot easier than most people think. Silk does require a little bit of extra care when compared to synthetic fabrics or cotton, but it does not require dry cleaning. If you clean your silk undergarments gently and use care when washing them they will remain as pretty as the day you bought them for a long time. Here are some tips on how to clean and care for silk panties.

When it comes to washing silk panties there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to use a soap that is gentle on the silk and won't ruin the fibers. The best thing to use for a detergent when washing silk is either ivory soap or basic shampoo. You can buy ivory soap flakes pre-flaked, or you can shave some off a bar of soap to use.

The best choice for washing silk undergarments is to hand wash them since it is much gentler than a washing machine. However, most silk undergarments fair just fine in the washing machine so if you are comfortable going that route feel free to. If you choose to use a washing machine for you silk underwear, always wash it on the delicate cycle and use only cold water. You will also want to purchase a lingerie bag for your washer since it will help to keep the silk fibers from twisting and losing their shape.

Whether you are hand washing your silk or washing it in the machine you should never use hot water since it can quickly destroy the silk. At most use lukewarm water, and preferably cold water to wash your silk. For hand washing soak the undergarments in water for awhile and then gently swirl them around the sink or bathtub. Avoid scrubbing at them since it can damage the fibers.

Do not wring out silk once it has been washed. Instead, hang it gently on a towel bar or shower curtain and allow it to dry naturally. Don't hang your silk undergarments outside on the clothesline to dry since they can be damaged by the sun.

To remove any wrinkles left after washing use a cool iron to gently press them out.

Other Tips For Washing Panties
Put them in a pillow case and wash with cold water and Woolite, on the gentle cycle.

Get lingerie mesh bags and put your panties in them and wash in the washing machine.

Wash in woolite and cold water and dry flat, no dryer.

Mesh laundry bag on a gentle cycle.

If they're white, hot; if they're colorful, warm or cold.

Instead of detergent, you can use a couple of drops of shampoo when hand washing panties.

Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger picture of each picture.

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