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History Of Boyshorts
By wearingboyshorts on July 11, 2013
Boy shorts, also known as boy short panties, boys' cut, booty shorts, shorties, tap panties or boyleg briefs are a kind of women's shorts that goes all the way down the hips, named for their similarity in looks to men's knit boxer shorts, which themselves are a variation on traditional boxer shorts. Some even resemble men's briefs, complete with fly and contrast trim. Unlike men's briefs, however, this style is usually lower cut, and is designed to fit and flatter a woman's figure. Boy shorts often cover most of the buttocks area.

Boy shorts have become a popular choice, since they avoid displaying a prominent visible panty line, and are a modest and comfortable alternative to thongs and conventional panties. They are also popularly matched with a camisole top and worn as loungewear. Cotton-spandex blends and lace are the most popular materials for boy shorts.

The lingerie department would not be complete without the boy short underwear for women. The history of boy shorts is very interesting since they are not a new entrant into the market. However, the modern variety has evolved from the former rudimentary pieces of before to the sexy pieces that we have today. However, compared to other pieces of clothing in the women?s underwear department, the boy shorts have a short history, perhaps because they entered the market in the early 1990?s. Today, they have stayed the same as before and one of the most striking things about them is their similarity to the men?s boxer shorts.

Boy shorts for women have really come along way. After all, the female panties bear a close resemblance to the male boxers. Today, the boy shorts for women have emerged as the chic modern underwear for most women, especially those in executive positions. It is not a wonder to find women who wear boy shorts alone at home. They are so user friendly after all.

There are different types of boy shorts for women. Some of them go way down below the hips and some of them are brief such that they can almost be mistaken for panties. However, while their earlier counterparts were a bit broader, longer and looser, today?s varieties are tight and clingy, giving them a sexy look and feel.

Even in the history of the boy shorts for women, it is hard for one to pinpoint exactly when they hit the market but it is well known that long ago, boy shorts, just like camisoles were worn both by men and women. Chances are that the traditional boy shorts for men and women were worn for centuries of years ago even before we had the modern variety, which is very sexy. In women?s lingerie, the boy shorts have carved themselves a niche and by all looks, they are here to stay.

Knickerbockers, knee shorts and maybe long johns have all shaped the emergence and evolution of the boy shorts for women. All these pieces of clothing have something in common. Boy shorts are the chic variations. They help to get rid of the annoying and revealing panty lines.

Below are some examples of boyshort panties, click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

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