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Panty Fabrics Or Panty Materials
By bikinipantylv on May 14, 2013
A wide variety of fabrics is used in the construction of women?s panties. The most commonly used fabric for panties is cotton, however for most men wearing panties cotton is their least favorite fabric. Satin and silk are preferred by most men wearing panties for the smooth, cool texture and shiny appearance. Nylon and polyester are also worn for this reason, and these fabrics are less expensive. Spandex and Lycra are often found in control top and body shaping panties. Microfiber is the ultimately soft and versatile fabric. Microfiber is soft, stretchy and moisture absorbent, microfiber is used to create "no show" panties because it is an extremely fine fabric, which can sit close to the skin, but still allow for air circulation. Latex, PVC, leather, mesh and lace are used in the making of panties but more for their visual appeal, and aren't very comfortable for long term wear. Click here to take a survey of your favorite panty fabric.

Cotton panties are comfortable and made of natural fibers that provide a breathable fit. Cotton also naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry as temperatures rise. This is the reason most panties have a cotton crotch.

Satin panties are sexy, soft and sensuous. The hollywood starlets of yesteryear often wore satin due to its high sheen and glamorous effect. And it does seem that satin has become some what of a vintage fabric as it can be hard to find satin panties. The most recent popular second skin satin panties by Victoria's Secret was discontinued leaving many who love satin panties trying to find them or find an alternative. Satin is a woven type of fabric that is highly lustrous on one side and matte on the other side. Satin is sometimes confused with silk, although satin is typically made of synthetic fibers while silk is made of natural fibers.

Silk panties are made of silk, which has the same natural properties as cotton, but is thinner and softer, and it feels sexier. Silk is a natural filament fiber produced by the silkworm in the construction of its cocoon. Most silk is collected from cultivated caterpillars. Tussah silk, or wild silk, is a thicker, shorter fiber produced by caterpillars in their natural habitat. Most silk comes from Asia, primarily China. Silk panties are very sexy because they provide a luxurious feel against the skin. For a highly tactile experience, wear a silk panty and enjoy its supple luxury.

Lace panties are often made with a touch of spandex so they provide a stretch fit that molds to your curve. Most lace panties are semi-sheer, showing just enough skin to be sexy without being over-the-top sheer.

Fabric made with microfiber means that the fabric's filaments are extremely fine – much finer than silk. Microfiber fabrics are thus lightweight, and look and feel luxurious. Because microfiber filaments are packed so closely, they can prevent moisture from passing though, yet allow air flow. Usually a blend of polyester or polyamide (nylon) fibers, microfiber fabric is known for being very light, smooth, soft, hard wearing and breathable.

A completely synthetic fiber, nylon is known for its superior flexibility and excellent resilience. Quick-drying nylon fabric is naturally hydrophobic and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling. Developed in the 1930s by scientists at Du Pont, nylon was the first truly synthetic fiber to be commercialized. Nylon fibers have the luster of silk and their tensile strength is higher than that of wool, silk, rayon or cotton. Nylon washes easily, dries quickly, needs little pressing, and holds its shape well since it neither shrinks nor stretches.

A synthetic fiber made from polyurethane. It is lightweight, highly elastic, strong, durable and non-absorbent to water and oils.

A trademark of DuPont, Lycra is the spandex fiber produced by DuPont. It is lightweight and soft, but stronger and more durable than rubber. Lycra can be stretched over 500% without breaking, and can be stretched repeatedly and still recover to its original length. It provides lightweight freedom of movement in foundation garments. It is quick to dry and accepts dyes very well. Garments with lycra do not pill or hold static.

Soft plush fabric with a close, dense pile.

Latex is made with rubber and thus has rubber-like qualities. Used in some elastics to provide greater elasticity. Breaks down easily when exposed to sun and body moisture. Many are allergic to direct contact of latex on their body, for whom spandex is an alternative.

Modal is made with cellulose from beech trees and is essentially a variety of rayon. It is about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. Modal fabric has softness, good drape and is said to breath even better than cotton. Garments made in modal have anti-crease properties and are relatively easy care.

This is both the name of a fabric and a fiber. A manufactured fiber introduced in the early 1950s, it is second only to cotton in worldwide use. Its ability to stretch and resist wrinkling makes it a popular fabric for panties. Polyester has high strength (although somewhat lower than nylon), excellent resiliency, and high abrasion resistance. Low absorbency allows the fiber to dry quickly.

A silk-like fabric made from wood pulp, cotton linters, or other vegetable matter. It is a comfortable fabric against the skin and absorbs moisture. It is not a strong fabric.

This word comes from the French word "tricoter" which means to knit. Tricot is a finely knit fabric that stretches in both the lengthwise and crosswise directions. It was developed especially for the underwear industry and can be made from nylon, wool, rayon, silk, cotton or other fibers.

PVC & Vinyl
PVC, which is also commonly referred to as "vinyl," is made from two basic substances: chlorine, which comes from salt, and ethylene, a compound derived from crude oil. The chlorine and ethylene are combined to produce ethylene dichloride, which undergoes high heat and polymerization to create the powder known as "polyvinyl chloride resin." To make PVC fabric, manufacturers process PVC resin with other materials to obtain the desired color and texture, and then use the PVC to coat one side of a knit fabric, such as polyester or Lycra.

Mesh fabric is breathable and is resistant to wear but not indestructible. The netting pattern is typically tight, like a mosquito net. Its made up of many connected or woven pieces with a large number of closely spaced holes.

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