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Women With Panty Fetish
By womanwithpantyfetish on July 1, 2013
Is it only men who have a panty fetish. No, there are many woman who have a fetish for panties. However women tend to be a bit more quite about such things, a bit more timid about their sexual likes and sexual fetishes. Woman develop a fetish for panties much like guys do, usually early on while growing up, perhaps seeing moms panties, or older sisters panties, and noticing the difference between the panties they are wearing and the much sexier panties mom is wearing or panties older sister is wearing. Basically just like guys, a curiosity starts, however for women its much easier to explore their panty fetish because of course they are wearing panties already. Woman's panty fetish can range from just the feeling of different panties against them, lace panties, nylon panties, satin panties, etc. It can also be the visual of panties on either them or other women. And many women do enjoy the scents and tastes of themselves so they smell panties, lick panties. There are also women who enjoy showing off there panties to others and they get a sexual rush from that, or they enjoy seeing panty peeks from other women. Many woman with panty fetishes enjoy using there panties as sexual aides or toys, either on themselves, other women, or guys. Stuffing panties inside themselves, seeing other woman stuffing panties inside them, using panties to stroke a guy, a panty hand job. And yes there are woman who do enjoy dressing a guy up in panties, spanking guys in panties, seeing guys wearing panties. There are women who also enjoy wearing panties during sex, either pulling them to the side, or pulling them down just enough to have sex. A womans panty fetish can range from one of the above described things, to a few of them, to several of them, to all of them. Just like guys who have a panty fetish, what guys are into in their panty fetish can vary from guy to guy. I think many guys would be surprised to hear that many woman do have a panty fetish to some degree, panties whether it be women or men just have that certain sexual draw to them that makes both women and men interested in them and wanting to explore them in different ways.

Being a woman myself I can say that yes I have a major panty fetish, might even have a stronger panty fetish than many guys do. Having a panty fetish is not something I have told my girlfriends about, as mentioned us women tend to keep our sexual likes to ourselves especailly when they are on a bit more of the kinky side. Its to bad as I have enjoy many of my friends panties, sniffing my friends panties, licking my friends panties, rubbing my friends panties all over my body, and of course masturbating with my friends panties and I have always wanted to let them know I do this with their panties. I enjoy my panties and other womens panties, I enjoy sniffing panties, licking panties, rubbing panties on my nipples getting the scents and juices all over my nipples and then sucking on my nipples. I love to rub my clit with my panties, the silkier the better, nylon, silk and satin panteis feel so good rubbing against my hard clit. I love seeing myself in panties, love to look in the mirror and see myself in sexy panties and I love seeing other women in panties, it gets me so wet. I do not go around showing off panty peeks, but I sure do enjoy seeing panty peeks on other women. I love to watch guys enjoying panties, whether its sniffing panties, licking panties, masturbating with panties and I love seeing a bulge in panties. I love giving guys panty hand jobs and watching them cum all over the panties, then bring the cum soaked panties up to my mouth and lick all the cum off the panties. My panty fetish started early on, just as I mentioned many mens and also many womens panty fetish does. At sleepovers I became curious about my friends older sisters panties and found myself wondering what I looked like in there sexy panties and also what there panties smelled and tasted like. As many guys have expressed its just something that happends, one second your in the bathroom and the next your eye catches a pair of panties and then the next second those panties are in your hands, up to your nose, your sniffing those panties, licking those panties and your touching yourself with those panties. Men and woman have much more in common when it comes to sexual likes than one thinks. Just like many men enjoy seeing two women kissing, or having sex, many woman also enjoy seeing two woman kissing or having sex, even if they never want to experiece being with a woman they still enjoy seeing it, its weird how men and woman and what we like are more similar than one things, and that goes for panties also. Growing up I caught boyfriends sniffing my panties, my brothers friends sniffing my panties, and it always turned me on so much, had a few amazing moments with some of my brothers friends as I watched them sniffing my panties. I love stroking a guy with another pair of my panties as he is sniffing the pair I just took off. And as I mentioned I love seeing a bulge in panties and love seeing the wet spot forming as they are so excited wearing panties. Whether its a womans wet spot or a mans wet spot in panties, they both turn me on so much. Its nice to be able to express my panty fetish, its not something I was able to do while growing up, and its not something I can go around telling my friends, but maybe some of them have a panty fetish also. I think its the same for many men who have a panty fetish or wear panties, you just don't go around telling your friends but you also wonder if any of them have a panty fetish. Its always nice to be around others with a panty fetish, whether its men with a panty fetish or other women with a panty fetish. The similarties between mens panties fetish and womens panty fetish are so close, and to be able to enjoy your panty fetish togeher is amazing. I know I have been able to enjoy my fetish for panties with many boyfriends, and I know I turned many of them on to having a panty fetish, many of them still are probably enjoying the last pair of panties they got from me, wore of mine, etc. Panties are fun, exciting, thrilling, and very pleasureful for both men and women to enjoy either alone or with each other. I have enjoyed sniffing panties together with my boyfriends, licking my panties in front of boyfriends, my face down in a pair of my friends panties or a pair of my boyfriends friends girlfriends panties while we have sex, the orgasm like this is so intense. I have done a bit of stuffing panties, still exploring that more. And reaching back and pulling your panties to the side for sex, there is nothing like the naughty feeling of having your panties pulled to the side while having sex. As I mentioned there are many women who have a panty fetish out there, and I am sure many men are wishing they could meet a woman with a panty fetish, I wish I had some advice on how you could tell if a woman has a panty fetish but there are really no signs to tell if she has a panty fetish. You would never guess that I have a major panty fetish. I would love to enjoy my panty fetish with another woman and its just as hard for me to find a woman with a panty fetish as it is for you guys. One just has to get lucky and come across the right person.

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