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Tips For Wearing Womens Panties
By pantiesformen on June 21, 2013
I have been wearing panties for around 25 years and have learned alot during those years about wearing girls panties. As I have grown older in my panty wearing I have learned to be a bit more choosy with the panties I wear. Back when I started wearing panties any panty would do, cotton panties, nylon panties, lace panties, satin panties, silk panties, bikini panties, brief panties, thong panties, boyshort panties, etc where not really around back then. I also did not care what size the panties where, small panties, medium panties, large panties or extra large panties. When I came across a pair of panties I wore them, it did not matter what style of panties, the fabric of the panties or the size of the panties I just wanted to enjoy the panties. As I grew older into my panty wearing I started to be a bit more choosy of what style of panties, fabric of panties and size panties I wore. When I started wearing panties there were no computers in every home, interent at your fingertips, etc. For all I knew I was the only person who wore panties. So my learning curve about panties was a bit slower than those who start now days and can hop onto the computer and visit places like men wearing panties club. I learned slowly about panties, and also my courage to go out and buy my own panties slowly grew. It was not until about 10 years ago I came across men wearing panties club that I realized just how many other men wore panties. For up until then as mentioned I enjoyed wearing panties but did not realize if there were other men that wore panties. For what I learned in my first 15 years of panty wearing, I could of learned in a few minutes now days from all the other men wearing panties on men wearing panties club. In these 10 years of being on men wearing panties club I have learned so much about panties and learned so many tips, suggestions, reasons why other men wear panties, etc. I made so many friends that wear panties, something I never thought was possible. Being able to communicate with other men wearing panties has taken panty wearing to a whole new level. I guess just like other things a person is into, when you hang out with others into the same thing you learn much more about what you enjoy. Panties themselves are not that complicated, they are a piece of fabric stitched together, however when you think about the other aspects of panties, like the desire, pleasure, etc they bring to us men wearing panties they sort of are complicated. Men wearing panties wear for different reaons, yes many of us wear for the pleasure but we all enjoy different ways to pleasure ourselves with panties and different styles bring us different pleasures. Some men only wear thongs, some wear only brief panties and the thong wearing men often times wonder how the brief panty wearing men get pleasure from brief style panties and of course the brief panty wearing men wonder how the thong wearing men find pleasure in wearing thongs. Meeting other men wearing panties and being able to communicate with them has gotten me to try different styles of panties, after hearing why they enjoy wearing a certain style I had to see for myself, and often times I find that I relate totally to why they enjoy wearing a certain style of panties, color of panties, or fabric of panties. Over the years I have learned about sizing in panties and how to get a better fit, and although the manufactures make it tough on sizing for both women wearing pantie and men wearing panties because there is no universal sizing between manufactures I have learned ways to avoid picking out the wrong size. I have learned so much about myself in talking with other panty wearers, the biggest thing I have learned is that its perfectly ok for me to enjoy wearing panties, this had allowed me to relax a lot more and enjoy panty wearing. I have learned to have a variety of styles in my panty drawer as I find that I might wear one certain style of panties more than others but its nice to experience wearing all styles of panties. The same goes for fabrics, its best to have a variety of fabrics. You will find the style of panties, colors of panties, and fabrics of panties that are your favorites but its nice to have that variety of panties to wear. All of us men wearing panties learn tips, suggestions, etc from each other and having a community like men wearing panties club that has been around for so long is something I really appreciate, I certainly have made many friends over the years and my men wearing panties friends are the best friends I could ask for.
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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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