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Panty Styles
By softpanties on June 14, 2013
Men wearing panties all enjoy different styles of panties. Here is a list of the most common panty styles.

Padded Panties
padded panties

Who would have known that more than 12% of women feel they need a padded panty! Padded panties give a little extra booty to an otherwise flat bottom. Today both padded briefs and padded boyshorts are available, with some manufactures making other sexier styles of padded panties.

Bikini Panties
bikini panties
The second most popular pantie in women's underwear is the bikini panty. Bikini briefs offer more back coverage than a thong, but has a shorter rise than a brief. Bikinis can be hi cut and low cut and string bikini panties. The front has a triangle of material, covering everything important, and a bit more. The back is another, larger triangle; the amount of its coverage depends on the style of the bikini, but usually covers 1/2 to 3/4 of the rear area. The best thing about the bikini type panties is that they are more flattering if you have a bit of tummy, yet they are more stylish than regular briefs. They have a medium amount of coverage, front and back, and certainly wont show through heavier fabrics like denim or wool. This is a panty style whose waistband is usually thin, and rests on the hips. The sides can be anything from a string to a thicker side band.

Brazilian Panties
brazilian panties

Brazilian panties are ideal for those who want comfort with a super low panty line and who desire less coverage A Brazilian panty covers much more in back than a thong but less than a brief or bikini. A Brazilian panty has a full crotch, but the back is cut to follow the shape of your cheeks in a curved or arched shape. Often, Brazilian panties have frilly lace running around the waistband, or around the leg cuts, as well as a floral pattern on the material itself.

Brief Panties
brief panties

hi cut briefs
The basic women's full brief pantie also affectionately known as the granny pantie was the staple until the 90's when women were introduced to a new style the hi cut briefs panties. Hi cut briefs arrived and quickly became the most popular underpants in women's underwear. Today, the hi-cut brief is still the number one lingerie choice for women. These days, the style options for briefs are almost limitless, from plain white cotton briefs, to sporty microfiber, to romantic lace and ribbon! A brief panty's waistband rests at or below the navel. It provides full back and side coverage. There are variations to the leg cuts in briefs.

Control Briefs
control briefs
You get a smooth any tummy with this comfortable type of shape wear. This panty does double duty; first as a regular brief panty, and then the waist line rises above the hips, to give control and support to your mid section. Depending on the style, control area can even extend up to the ribcage, and down to the mid-thigh, reducing the entire area. If one want to wear a dress that one's body has begun to fill a bit too tightly, the control brief can often give them the room, and look, that they are seeking.

This exciting style of panty is great for virtually all sizes of body; giving you an ultra sexy look, no visible panty lines, and a sleek appearance. A thong is a panty with a narrow piece of fabric in the back that begins as a "v" shape at the waistband and then tapers to a thin strip by the time it reaches the crotch. The cheeks of your bottom are very exposed. It also has a thin strip of waist band, and small (smaller than Tanga) triangle in the front. It is a flattering item of lingerie, for any woman.

tanga panties
tanga panty
A tanga another great way to comfortably transition from a brief or bikini, before attempting a thong. If one has been thinking about trying to wear thongs or g-strings, starting with a tanga would be an easy first step. In terms of back coverage, most tangas are between a bikini and a thong. A tanga has narrower back coverage than a traditional panty, but is not as narrow as a thong. The front coverage is easily as much as most bikinis, and some briefs.

Rio Thong
rio thong panties
The Rio thong is an excellent and exciting starter thong. It is a very flattering look to many body types. This thong has the most rear coverage of the thong family. Generally, about 1/3 of your rear is covered by material and a similar amount of coverage in the front. Thong styles vary, but they all have a steep angle to the rear material.

G-String Panty
g string panty
g-string panties
This exciting style will boost your sensuality to a new level. Also, a g-string will absolutely prevent panty lines under tight-fitting garments of most any material, which is a tremendous advantage when wearing tight and/or sheer dresses, etc. Similar to a thong in front, a g-string leaves your derrier exposed. The back has either a simple string coming off a thin waistband or a small triangle with the string coming out of the lower point. The comfortability of these panties depends on a few things: the type and thickness of string, your activity level, and how you interpret what your body is feeling.

Hipster Panties
low cut panties
low rise panties
With the new low cut pants in the market, this style has become very popular! With these, one can wear low cut pants, without showing ones undies. The hipster (also called low-rise brief) is a mid coverage panty; the waist band rests much lower on the hip than a brief. The legs are cut like traditional briefs, not high/French cut. The rise is shorter, so the waistline of the hipster is well below the navel. A hipster is a perfect solution for wearing under low cut jeans, etc., which is what it is designed to do. Comfort wise, it feels almost exactly the same as a regular brief. One drawback to hipsters: though they won't normally be visible above the waist line of one's pants (even when bending, etc.).

Boy Shorts
boy short panties
boyshorts panties
The boy short trend arrived shortly after the year 2000. Boy shorts have recently become a very popular choice in women's underwear for everyday wear, athletic activities or as loungewear and sleepwear for a couple of reasons. First, boy shorts offer more coverage than a basic bikini or brief, and give a sporty look. Secondly, this silhouette tucks nicely under a woman's bottom to sit flat against her body and minimize any appearance of panty lines. Another advantage of boy shorts is that (when made seamless and from microfiber, for example) they eliminate panty lines under virtually all tight fitting skirts, pants, etc. Sexy boy shorts can be seen everywhere. They offer flirty yet full-coverage under short skirts, and are trimmed in ornate stretch lace such as the Honeydew ruffled rumba boy-short.

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