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Women Masturbating With Panties
By pantymasturbate on December 10th, 2015

Us men wearing panties, men sniffing panties, men licking panties, men rubbing with panties, men masturbating with panties, men jerking with panties, men using panties, men smelling panties we know how amazing panties make us feel. And many women totally understand why us men enjoy panties so much, and yes there are women sniffing panties, women smelling panties, women masturbating with panties, women who enjoy leaving there panties on while masturbating, stuffing panties inside them, rubbing themselves with panties. So its not just us men who enjoy panties, many women enjoy panties for many of the same reasons us guys enjoy the feeling of panties.

Below are comments from women who enjoy pleasuring themselves with panties, pleasuring themselves while wearing panties, rubbing through panties, pulling panties to side, stuffing panties inside, caressing themselves with panties, orgasming with panties.

I love slipping into a pair of soft nylon panties. I like to imagine a man is watching me as a glide my fingers lightly over my puffy lips. Slipping my fingers inside and slowly teasing. Spreading my legs so wide and lifting my hips up and down. My panties start to get moist and I can see a wet spot on the front of my panties as I press my finger against that nylon fabric pushing my panties tightly against my wet spot.. Just thinking about how excited a man is watching me play with myself while wearing panties gets me so wet.

I like to masturbate secretly. Last week I was on a plane coming home from a business trip. I put my jacket over my lap, put my hand between my legs and pretended to be asleep. I then slowly brought myself off by pressing on my clitty and sliding my fingers smoothly over my panties. It took a while but it was worth it. I was so relaxed, the time just flew by. When I got home I treated myself to a good time with my vibe.

My wife likes to masturbate through her panties. She says the feeling spreads all over her when she rubs herself through her panties, much better than rubbing directly. Sometimes she rubs it so hard that her panties get a wear mark or even a small hole in them.

I love the feeling of satin panties against my freshly shaved hot box.

I have always masturbated over my panties. It provides me with the right glide and friction that I need, really makes my clit and mound really sensitive. I find it difficult to maturbate directly on my clitoris as the wetness or sweat stops my glide and makes my skin sore.

I like the tight feeling of the panties. I lay on my right side and will rub my clit, I dont need to even finger myself cuz the pressure feels good. I squeeze my thighs pretty tight I can orgasm in a min doing that. I love keeping my panties on and pulling them through my swollen lips, its awesome.

I have masturbated with panties on many times, love to slowly rub myself through nylon panties.

I love to masturbate with my panties on. Love silky ones and when I get wet the fabric gets so silky smooth as I rub myself.

I like to lay back, wearing sexy panties with my legs spread, fantasizing about being screwed by a guy while I press my panties against me.

I love to hump, dry hump or what I like to call panty hump my pillow while wearing a pair of silky panties, the smooth gliding back and fourth feels so good as I rock my body back and fourth against the pillow while wearing panties.

I love to masturbate through panties. I get my panties covered in juices and it feels so good. Some of my best climaxes was running my fingers over the fabric, its like a tickling effect.

I am a girl who loves to masturbate through my panties. I have a bigger panty fetish than most guys do, I love everything about panties. I have always enjoy the feeling of having a wet spot in my panties pressing against me, either while at work, home or out with friends. I find that my panties spend more time being wet than dry, guess it does not help that I am always thinking something naughty or seeing something that turns me on. So when I get home from being out I love to strip down to only my panties and lay down on the bed with my knees bent up slightly, I will rub my nipples to make them nice and hard and then slowly move my hand down over my stomach and then over the front of my panties, I start to squirm as I feel my fingers pressing against the front of my panties and feeling myself pressing my wet spot inbetween my lips. I love all types of fabrics but silk, satin or microfiber panties do feel the best masturbating through, they just feel so good against my lips and clit. I continue to press my fingers against my panties, and start to rub in circles, soaking the crotch of my panties even more, that wet feeling on the crotch as I rub myself through my panties feels so good, I get so wet that it does not take to long before my panties are soaked through. The friction of rubbing myself through my panties makes me orgasm so intense. I love masturbating through my panties.

I like to rub myself on the sofa arm around about the time my husband is due home. He walks in and see me in nothing but my panties and moaning away, instantly makes him hard and he pulls my panties to the side and gives it to me hard.

Sometimes I masturbate with panties or while wearing them. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in, where I'm at and what kind of panties I'm wearing. I've done it sitting in my office at work on more than one occasion.

I never masturbate without any panties on. I love rubbing myself over my panties til they are soaked. I like to get the whole crotch part of my panties wet, feels so good over my smooth shaved kitty. I even finger myself through my wet panties.

I always masturbate with my pantys on. I keep rubbing and rubbig and rubbing myself through my panties making them soaking wet. Wearing panties while masturbating feels so good.

My wife loves to masturbate through her panties. I love to see the wet spot develop on her panties.

I love masturbating through my panties, have masturbated through panties ever since I started masturbating. Have also sniffed panties my own and my friends, and also used my friends panties to masturbate with.

I like masturbating through panties. I've masturbated thru panties since I was younger, and it just doesn't feel the same without panties. Although, I have been fingered, and it feels fantastic for other people to do it, but I can't do that myself. I just rub through panties and it feels so good.

I absolutely love masturbating with panties, either wearing panties and pressing them against me, rubbing myself through panties, or taking them off and slowly caressing myself with them, masturbating with panties feels so good. Even better when I have a pair of my roomates panties pressed to my nose.

If I am only using my fingers, I do prefer panties on.

I love the feel of my panties against my wet spot especially when I'm really wet! It really turns me on to get off through my panties.

If I'm touching myself or am grinding a pillow I always leave my panties on.

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