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Neighbors Panties
By pantyman on November 28th, 2015

Have you ever been curious about your neighbors panties, have you ever borrowed neighbors panties, stolen neighbors panties. Often times while growing you many men wearing panties became curious about panties by seeing the neighbors panties hanging on the clothesline, or while asked to housesit for the neighbor you rummaged through the neighbors panty drawer. You might of had the hots for the neighbor and could not wait to sneak into her bedroom, or use the bathroom so you could check out neighbors panty drawer, or check out neighbors hamper. Or perhaps the neighbor had a daugher or daughters and you could not wait to be able to find the neighbors daughters panties. Being curious about the neighbors panties does not only happen when growing up, being curious about the neighbors panties continues and continues. Now that you are older you are curious about the neighbors wifes panties, neighbors girlfriends panties, neighbors roomates panties, and once again the neighbors daughters panties. And just like when growing up there are often times opportunites to check out the neighbors panties, going over to the neighbors to fix something, help the neighbor with a project, or housesit for the neighbor. Being able to dig through the neighbors wifes panty drawer, neighbors girlfriends panty drawer, neighbors roomates panty drawer, neighbors daughters panty drawer, neighbors wifes dirty hamper, neighbors girlfriends dirty hamper, neighbors roomates dirty hamper, neighbors daughters dirty hamper. Many men wearing panties cannot wait for the neighbor to ask can you watch the house for a few days, water the plants, feed the animals, etc, the thoughts of being able to enjoy not just moments with the neighbors panties but days of enjoying the neighbors panties. Below are some comments from men wearing panties who have enjoyed there neighbors panties.

This morning I went to my neighbor's home to help fix her fridge, she left the door unlocked for me. I don't know if it's an addiction or not, but I had to check her panty drawer and laundry basket. OMG silk panty heaven, I immediately got a hard on. I coudln't believe a woman like her wears silky panties all the time. I had to sniff her worn panties and could not resist slipping a pair of her silky panties on and comming in them. At the end I felt so satisfied. I took 2 home with me to sniff and masterbate with later. I don't think i'll ever look at her the same knowing that she has good taste in panties.

I have stolen neighbor's panties before when I was younger. I haven't had the chance to get really much access to any lately, but when I do I have a real craving for some new playthings. I get so excited playing with them, sniffing them, and trying them on.

I have secretly sniffed, worn and swiped a few pairs of my neighbors dirty panties.

I did this very same thing lots of times when I was young. But not as much now.

There were a couple of flirty neighbor women some years ago who's panties I occasionally swiped. It was quite exciting at the time!

One neighbor that I miss was a young college student who ran every morning around the neighborhood. I was good friends with her boyfriend and he would invite me for a couple of beers to watch games. She would always leave her sweaty panties in the bathroom floor. They never cared, but I do wonder if she ever noticed some of her panties went missing. Unfortunately they moved away.

A hot young wife living in the next door appratment in our compound always hangs her "hard to resist" laundry (bras..panties of all kinds..thongs etc..) outside and for some reason all other neighbours put put their laundry inside except her. 1st time I took one of her panties there were 3 of them so I took one enjoyed it and returned it.

Ive gone into 2 different neighbor's houses just to go thru their bras and panties. I found both of their vibrators too. I would memorize what their drawers looked like so I could rearrange them exactly how I found them.

Yes I have done this several times, with neighbors, friends, co-workers. I do computer work and will have to go in from time to time to fix them while no one is home. I don't usually charge for the computer repair. I will go through the ladies pantie drawer. It is very exciting. The ones that have the silky panties feel soooo good. Also check out their slips and bras. I have taken some home with me from time to time. After I go through their pantie drawer, I look at them in a different way. Of all the places that i have been I am careful not to leave a "mess", clean up with paper towel and take it with me. I have been in more places that I can count and hoping for more!

Our neighbor asked us to feed their dog while they were on vacation. They showed me where the key was hid for the house. I went in to check on the dog, and went through both the moms and daughters pantie drawers. The mom wears thongs, and the daughter wears bikini panties. She had a pair of black string bikini panties. There were great. By the time that I found them I was so hard. Went into the bathroom to try them on, they were very tight. I stroked a couple of times and made a big mess. I went back a couple of times each day to check on the dog. That dog never ate so good.

A couple of months ago two girls moved into my parents house which they rent. They rent several rooms out, one room they rent to me and my girlfriend and on the other room is the two girls. Last week i came home from work, no one was home and my girl was at work. I saw that the girls room was open and i went in too snoop and found some panties. I got so hard i started sniffing them wanted to take them with me.

I went to a neighbors house last Xmas for a party. During the night i was using the bathroom and noticed the wash basket in the corner of the room. I couldnt resist opening it, and when i did, i found my treasure. I got a pair of her dirty panties, and another pair which were a different size, so almost certainly her daughter's. Now i use them to masturbate on a regular basis.

I do odd jobs for my neighbor and she has things for me to do inside her house and she leaves me the key so I can work on things while she is at work. I always enjoy her panties each time I am there.

My neighbor asked me to come to her house to fix her sink so i got some tools and went to her house. When i got there she was still in her pajamas and said she was lounging around for the day. She showed me the sink that was having the problem with and i started to work under the sink while i was laying on the floor under the sink she came over and was talking to me to see what the problem was when i looked up i could see the outline of her lips in the crotch of her pajamas. It was so hot i couldnt help but get hard good thing i had on work pants but i dont think it covered it up much. I fixed the sink but stayed under it for a while so i could look at her crotch. She had pulled them up so that they were tight and showed the outline of her crotch really well. After fixing her sink I excused myself to the bathroom where I opened her hamper and found a pair of her panties to wrap around me, only took a few seconds with thoughts of the outline of her crotch still fresh in my mind.

We were at our neighbours last weekend for a party. When i went to use their bathroom, i was disappointed to find no dirty wash basket. Later that evening, i went into the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge, and i noticed her washing machine was full of dirty clothes, but had not yet been switched on. I quickly clicked open the door, and it was full of dirty panties. I got a pair of hers, and a pair of her daughters. Later that evening, i masturbated using both, and it was orgasmic.

The other day the neighbor asked me to watch the dog for a few days. Shes a milf and has the perfect butt. I snuck up and went to her pantie drawer. It was heaven. Tons of silky thongs and bikinis.

My neighbor is super sexy. She is always walking around in yoga pants, leggings or short shorts. She likes to sit with one foot on the chair and a lot of times you can see her butt cheeks peeking out of the bottom when she sits like that. She had asked me to get a couple of things from her house and take them to the dump for her. She gave me a key and when I went in to get the couple of items, I looked around for her worn panties. I found them on the floor of the closet in her bedroom. They were still damp from her wearing them. When I raised the to my nose I could smell that amazing combination of both front and back smells. I only lasted a couple of minutes when I used them to masturbate. A few days later we had her over for some beer and all I could think of was her panties and what she smelled like. When she left I bent my wife over the edge of the bed and did her hard. I pulled out and blew my load all over her back, thinking of the neighbor.

I have this thing about panties that makes me turn into a ninja type panty addict, but only certain panties from selected persons. My neighbors panties are the best, and if she hasn't figured it out by now then oh my. I've taken lots of her panties over a 4yr period. Every opportunity that comes up, bam, they're mine. All these years and she still hasn't seemed to notice. Once she was asking me about her car and while explaining things to her she folded her laundry, she bent over into her dryer for more clothes and I quickly grabbed the very last pair that she had just folded and had them in my pocket and folded my arms by the time she stood back up and she was totally oblivious of anything. Its such a rush taking her panties and having her panties.

My neighbor across the street is 44 and single. Always talks about sex. I do home improvement jobs for her or help her from time to time. She works nights and if it rains I let her dogs in. Its great because I get the panties she just took off before leaving for work.

While my neighbours were on holiday I had a key to their house. I found a pair of her dirty panties in the washing basket and jerked off to her sweet scent several times. I took the panties home so I could sniff them daily but I chickened out and put them back in the hamper before they returned home. Now I really wish I'd kept them as I long to smell the sweet nectar again. Every time I see her I can't help but think how sweet she must taste.

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