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Caught With Sisters Panties
By meninpanty on November 20th, 2015

Many men wearing panties grew up borrowing their sisters panties. Often times your sisters panties were your first introduction to panties. Your sisters panties looked so much different than your underwear, your sisters panties felt so much different than your underwear. Seeing your sisters panties laying on the balthroom floor, seeing your sisters panties laying on her bedroom floor, seeing your sisters panties in the hamper, seeing your sisters panties in the laundry pile, all of the sudden you found yourself very curious about your sisters panties. Before long you were picking up your sisters panties, feeling your sisters panties in your hands and before long you were wondering what your sisters panties would feel like wearing your sisters panties and before long you were slipping on sisters panties and standing looking at yourself in your sisters panties. You were careful not to stretch your sisters panties out, careful to put your sisters panties back, and careful when you wore your sisters panties. However are careful as many men wearing panties were, many men wearing panties have been caught wearing sisters panties. Below are comments from men wearing panties who have been caught wearing sisters panties, and also from sisters who caught brother wearing panties.

It was just the two of us alone at home. I went to take a shower. After I got out of the shower and had gotten dressed, I walked by my brother's room. I could hear him breathing heavily. I tried to open the door as quietly and slowly as I could. When I managed to sneak a peek into his room I saw that he was using my panties to get off. He was wearing a pair of my panties, one of my bras, was rubbing a pair of panties on his rod, and was sniffing another pair of my panties. I only risked looking for a couple seconds. I stayed outside the room for a little while listening to him masturbating. I don't know whether or not he finished but at one point he stopped touching himself. I was worried he was going to check the doorway so I ran back to my room. Since then I haven't been able to get the mental image of him using my panties out of my head, that was about 5 years ago.

I got caught in my sisters panties. My sister came home from work early and I had already finished masturbating in her pink panties. I still had my sisters pink panties on and was heading to the bathroom to clean up. She turned down the hallway just as I was going into the bathroom and looked at me and said "cute, real cute! Nothing much was ever said after that, but I noticed her leaving her panties laying around more than she did before.

I caught my brother jerking off in a pair of my panties. Our parents were gone and he didn't hear me come home. I noticed my door was partially closed and my brother was moaning. I went to the doorway and he was laying on my bed with his shirt on but his shorts down. He was jerking himself off with one hand and had a pair of my panties bunched up in the other hand on the tip of his dick. His eyes were closed and he didn't notice me so I went downstairs. After a few minutes he went to the laundry room and back to his room. I went to the laundry room and at the bottom of the hamper were my panties with his come in them. I wasn't as mad as I thought and in time a few more pairs were used. I talked to him about it and he was relieved I wasn't upset, but was really embarrassed that I seen him jerking off with my panties. I told him not to worry about it and I gave him older pairs so he wouldn't use my new ones right away.

I used to go through my sisters underwear draw and use her panties and bra to get off with. One day after school, I was rubbing my sisters panties and bra on my face and using another pair to jerk off with. I was finishing when my sister walked in and was like, "what are you doing". I remember her looking at the underwear and was kind of grossed out and interested at the same time. The next night my sister left a pair of panties and a bra on my bed, and whispered, "this will be our secret". She started to leave her underwear in my room and after using them I would put them in the laundry hamper. It was embarrassing when I was caught, but it was also a relief and also having my sister leaving her panties for me to use and me not having to sneak around and get them.

My sister caught me with her panties. I think she was more upset that I was wearing her panties instead of getting my own. About a week later I had a shopping bag on my bed, she had bought me several pairs of the same panties she had caught me in.

Growing up I caught my brother weraing my panties. I had a friend over and we were still up late one friday nite. I wanted a music tape he had and I saw a light on in his room. I went to ask for it and instead saw him asleep on his back wearing my panties. I told my friend about it, she said I want to see. We both snuck down to his room and both stood at the door for what seemed like forever, my friend seemed really curious about it, and years later I found out she asked her boyfriend to wear her panties.

I caught my brother wearing my bra and panties once, he still claims it was a dare. But he was alone.

I came home from a movie I had went to with my freinds. My brother and I were home alone that evening because our parents went to a wedding in another town. I walked in and headed to my room, and I walked by my brothers room I peeked in his room and saw him laying on his bed in my panties. He was rubbing it and moaning. I waisted until the next day found the panties he had masturbated with and you could tell he had cum in them and cleaned them up. I guess I did not mind, it was really no big deal to me as long as they got washed. After that I wondered if other guys did this so I asked my boyfriend if he ever wore panties, or masturbated with panties, and he said no but weeks later he asked me to give him a handjob with my panties and then every once in a while he would ask me to give him a panty handjob. I am sure he has used panties to masturbate with before, or even wore panties. Us women are lucky we get to wear such silky panties, no wonder why guys enjoy masturbating with them so much.

I was always over at my sisters helping out and I used to do alot of my laundry there, since I live real close. I usually wash my panties elsewhere, but I managed to forget a couple pair of panties in my dirty laundry. I headed to my sisters walked in and went straight to the laundry room. I started loading my clothes in the washer when my sister walked in. As I was loading my clothes I dropped some clothes and my sister said she would get it. I was just about to start the washer when my sister tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and she was holding a pair of her pink silk panties! she asked what I was doing with her panties, I was so embaressed and speechless. She asked do you wear my panties, then out of no where she pulled my shirt up, and saw I was wearing her yellow ruffled thong! I quickly pulled my shirt down and ran out. Ever since that happened we never talked about it again, but she always has this smile when she sees me.

I found some of my sisters panties one day when my parents and sister were not home so I grabbed them and put them on. My sisters panties felt so good. One day we went out for dinner for my dads birthday and I was wearing a red thong and the thong was above my shorts and my sister walked in so I got up to let her sit down next to me and she asked why I was wearing red panties, I just shrugged my shoulders and sat down. No one else heard her ask me, but for the rest of the night I was worried she was going to keep talking about it. She never brought it up again and I was careful from then on.

My sister once caught me wearing her panties that I had stolen. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone but then the present I received from her when Christmas came around was a box of girl's panties which I had opened in front of the whole family. Talk about being embarrassed! But the whole family thought this trick of my sister's was really funny and had a big laugh at my expense. Some Christmas that was!

Growing up I shared my panties with my brother. I did it because I knew he liked panties better than mens underwear and I knew he did not want our parents knowing he wore panties.

My younger brother started wearing my panties at 15. One day I walked into my bedroom and found him sitting on my bed running his hand over some of my panties which had just been washed. I surprised him when catching running his hands over my panties but I think I surprised him even more when I asked if he'd like to try them on. He said no at first but I kept insisting until he went into the bathroom with a pair of nylon bikinis in pink. He came out with his jeans on. I asked him how he liked them and he admitted he did. I asked him where they were and he said he had them on. He wore my panties off and on for about three months. I was not aware of it but he was wearing them almost every day. I confronted him one day on it and he admitted he loved wearing them and wore them all the time. So I decided he needed his own so we went shopping. He had quite an assortment and his taste in panties were along the same lines as mine and my sisters, bikinis, thongs, all very cute and sexy.

I have a younger brother and at the time I was 18 and he was 14. One day I walked into my room and saw him standing there wearing one of my thongs. I just smiled and walked out, his face turned so red and he did not talk to me for like a week probably worried I was going to tell our parents.

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