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Do Women Like Men In Panties
By ilikepanties on November 8th, 2015

Many men wearing panties wonder do women like men wearing panties, and the answer to that is yes there are many women who like men wearing panties. There are many couples wearing panties, wifes who like husband wearing panties, girlfriend who like boyfriend wearing panties and women who like seeing men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties have been surprised at how understanding and accepting there wife or girlfriend is of them wearing panties, especially when they hid the fact that they wear panties for many years before telling wife about wearing panties, or telling girlfriend about wearing panties. So how do you find women into men wearing panties, how do you tell if a women will be into men wearing panties, how do you tell if wife will be into husband wearing panties, how do you tell if girlfriend will be into boyfriend wearing panties, well you cannot really tell which women are into men wearing panties. There is no certain type of women into men wearing panties, no certain age women into men wearing panties, no certain kind of women into men wearing panties, the women into men wearing panties can vary just as the men who wear panties vary. However there might be some signs that a woman will be into men wearing panties but sometimes its the complete opposite type of woman that is into men wearing panties. For example a woman that is a bit more open minded might be into men wearing panties, a woman who is a bit more kinky might be into men wearing panties, however the opposite type of woman can also be into men wearing panties, a woman who is a bit more shy might be into men wearing panties, a woman who is a bit more reserved when it comes to sex might be into men wearing panties. I wish there was a more clear way to tell which women are into men wearing panties, however to increase the chances of finding a woman into men wearing panties much of the success of finding a woman into men wearing panties falls upon the men wearing panties and how you tell her you like wearing panties. There are women who already have experienced men wearing panties, seen men wearing panties and they know they like men wearing panties and then there are women who have yet to experience men wearing panties, see men wearing and and do not know yet that they will be interested in men wearing panties, turned on by men wearing panties, etc. For many men wearing panties situation its the woman who has yet to find out that they are into men wearing panties, for example being married for many years before you tell your wife when all that time she would of been accepting, understanding and turned on by you wearing panties, or dating a woman for many years and not telling her you wear panties and then all of the sudden you tell her and she is totally fine with you wearing panties. Those are the situations of being with a woman who has yet to realize that she is into men wearing panties. There are lots of women out there married, single, dating who are into men wearing panties, lots of married women into men wearing panties, single women into men wearing panties, and women dating men wearing panties. There are usually no signs a woman is into men wearing panties unless of course she tell you she is into men wearing panties, or presents you with a pair of panties and tells you to put them on, so its up to men wearing panties to find a way in which to let a woman know you enjoy panties. Also men wearing panties communities like men wearing panties club are a great place to talk with couples wearing panties, husbands wearing panties and boyfriends wearing panties who have suggestions on telling a woman you wear panties, tips on telling a woman you wear panties and also to communicate with other men wearing panties who are also looking for ways to meet women into men wearing panties or tell the woman they are with that they like wearing panties.

Below are comments from men wearing panties, couples wearing panties, and women who like men wearing panties, women married to men wearing panties, women dating men wearing panties.

Came home early one day from work. I thought I would surprise my husband and I certainly surprised him as well as me. There he was laying on the bed in my panties with a erection like I had never seen him have. I was shocked but after a minute or so I could feel myself getting wet. It was a real turn on to o see him wearing panties and to see how sexy he looked in them. There was not to much talk about it, just hot sex like we have never had before. The next day we did talk about it and he told me he liked to wear panties and all the reasons why he liked to wear panties non of which were alarming to me, just liked the feel, fit, and pleasure of them which seemed just fine to me. So now he wears panties all the time and sex always involves us both in our panties and lots of foreplay and touching like we never did before. Panties really spiced things up for us, so women don't go freaking out if you find out your husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties, give it a chance and you will see it will really spice your relationship up and make it fun.

I love my men in panties and thong panties. It's a real turn on for me. I get wet at the sight of a nice big plump dick poking out of skimpy womens panties.

My husband loves to wear womens panties of all kinds. My husband is a very manly man, straight as an arrow, wearing panties does not change him, or change him sexually as many women think when they find out there man wears panties. He is the same man whether he wears boxers or wears panties. All types of men wear panties you just never know who is wearing panties. When he wears panties he gets a HUGE hard on, so I am certainly not going to complain.

I love my guy in thongs and womens panties! We lay out in the back yard all the time and he will usually wear a hot pink thong, or a hot pink bikini panty. I can't keep my eyes and hands off of him. He's so hot in panties! Bet the neighbors get an eyefull too! He is a mans man and very confident of his sexuality! When he first told me about wearing panties and wearing thongs, I was taken back a bit, but seeing him in them, there's no question..HE'S HOT!

I recently discovered my boyfriend wears panties and since then I have totally enjoyed our time together when he is wearing panties, whether its watching a movie in just our panties or our sex life which now involves lots of panty play. All women should have their guys in panties!

I love my guy wearing panties, almost as much as he loves wearing them!

I too have just recently discovered my boyfriend wears panties. It really has added to our sex lives. I love to see him wearing panties.

I love to see my boyfriend in panties.He looks so hot with nice buns in them and his nice bulge streching the material.

Personally I love seeing men in panties. I think its really sexy and it shows he is confident about himself.

My husband is wearing panties 24 7, and we have been sharing the same panties drawer since our marriage. We do shopping at VS and I made sure the sales girl knew they were going to be for him. It is hot and the most intimate experience we have as we share the same panties.

I cant think of many things sexier than seeing a hot guy in some sexy panties. A total turn on. Mens underwear is just not meant to be sexy, us woman are lucky we have so many choices to wear sexy things, cannot blame guys for borrowing our sexy things and wanting to be sexy.

I love to see my boyfriend in panties.

I wear my wife's panties when we are alone together. She suggested it as a joke several years ago. And to her surprise it was a huge turn on.

One day when my wife was out of the house, I went through her underwear drawer and tied on all the different styles that she had. We are about the same size in the hip area so they fit me fine. One night I surprised her and put on a lacy pair of white Victoria's Secret panties. She was surprised at first, but could not help but also be turned on. She now prefers that I wear her panties when we have sex. She knows that I love wearing them, and she likes to watch me parade around in them.

My boyfriend wanted to try on my panties. For months he would ask me if I wanted to see him in panties. So one nite I said only if you let me pick which ones. I gave him a pair of pink string bikini's. He put them on and was hard in a second. I loved the sight of his hard dick strecthing the material. We play all the time with panties now.

I think men wearing panties is really hot. I like guys that wear lacey, thin, sheer panties. Its so sexy seeing that bulge in panties.

I love men in panties ever since I saw my girlfriends boyfriend wearing a pair of panties. I convinced my boyfriend to try a pair of panties on and now he wears panties all the time. My boyfriend loves it that I like him to wear panties.

My boyfriend tried to get into my panties but I am petite and he couldnt even get them on. I saw some drunk guys at a party with panties on. There was no room for their equipment so there bulges were sticking out, it was exciting to look at. One guy kept falling out of them. He didnt care. I find guys in panties a turn on but have been to shy to admit it.

My boyfriend looks so hot in transparent panties then with his juices flowing out a bit it makes it more transparent.

My husband looks so hot in sheer panties. I love to see the wet spot he has made in them.

I love to see a guy in panties. I am 30 yrs old and my husband loves to wear panties.When he first asked if I wanted to see what he looked like in panties I was kind of shocked but thought why not. I gave him a pair of mine. He was hard like right now. He looked so hot with them on.We both love it.

I love when my husband waers my panties, its a nice tight fit. I like it when it peeks out the top. I am getting horny now just thinking about it.

I never thought I would like to see my boyfriend wearing panties but I caught him a few years ago with a pair of mine on. Seeing him in panties was a huge turn on and I love it when he wears them for me.

I like to rub my husbands penis with my panties, one day he put them on for me, WOW what a turn on, we then went shopping for his own panties, after we got home we had some off the best sex ever, buying him panties in a busy store made me so wet, spice up you sex life ladies take you man panty shopping.

I found a pair of my girlfriends panties mixed in with my cloths, her and live in differnt states so we meet as often as we can!! Well when I found them I didn't think anything of it just put them aside till I saw her next time. Well few nights later I was missing her pretty bad like I always do so for some crazy reason I thought about her panties and decided to try them on!! I believe I did because it was like having a part of her on me!! So I openly told her what I had done and to my surprise she found it to be sexy and hot!

Just told my girlfriend a couple days ago that Ive been wearing her panties. She absolutely loves it, I threw away all but one of my pairs of boxers, (for when I go to the Doc) we now share her panties, and we plan on going panty shopping soon for the two of us. Not to mention it has brought us closer to each other.

All my girlfriends knew I wore panties and most really loved it. Panties just feel great down there, they hug your ass in a way no underwear can. They wrap your pecker in softness that only one other thing comes close to.

I love men in panties. They really look much sexier in women's panties, than in boxers or naked. To see how a pair of panties wraps around a bulge is so sexy, and how they cup a nice butt, gets me horny thinking about it.

I totally get turned on by men in womens panties, that hard dick poking out is so tempting and inviting.

I like a man in panties because you can see the imprint of their hard dick in the fabric.

I had a girlfriend one time during sex put her panties on me and got on top of me rubbing herself against me until I came in her panties. She then took them off me and put them on herself to feel my cum against her. It was one of the hottest escapades I had ever experienced.

I have been wearing panties for 30 years, the women I have dated and my wife never had any issues with me wearing panties, they even enjoyed that I wear panties. They even took me shopping for panties so we will match. Never been with a girl that minded that I wear panties, great sex every time.

I love wearing panties and my girlfriend finds it stimulating, she takes me shopping and we buy panties together.

I like wearing panties and my girlfriend has embraced that fact. After she saw my dick in them she loved it. Think it surprised her how much it turned her on.

I am a woman of 32 and recently started my partner wearing my panties and I absolutely adore it. Ours was a total accident. We were on a long driving day trip and while filling up the fuel tank he managed to pour litres of fuel down the front of his pants at a truck stop. The attendant apologised for the faulty pump and pointed us in the direction of the truckers showers and gave us a free beach towel as well as the fuel for free. The pants stunk of fuel and went in the bin. Since we were in my car and women are always prepared I had a bag in the back with panties and and a pair of jeans so the shower and change was made and we headed for home instead of for our original destination. I had a bit of a giggle about it all the way home. We played around a bit when we got home and I found I love the look and feel of him in my panties. Now we do it all the time and I find myself asking him what panties he has on, and asking him if he wants to go panty shopping. No harm in it at all and a well toned body and nice bulge looks sexy in my panties.

My girlfriend bought this really silky sexy thong and I really liked it. One day I lost a bet with her and she said I had to wear it and nothing else for all evening at the house. So I did. I came out of the room just wearing the thong, at first she laughed because she didn't think I would dare but then I could see that she was turned on as hell watching me in it. She couldn't stop staring at my junk, biting her lips and all and she finally gave up and took care of me. I loved the way she devoured me with her eyes like that.

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