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Pulling Panties To Side, Panty To The Side
By lovthosepanties on October 28th, 2015

Would you rather take her panties off or pull her panties to the side. Most of us men enjoy many things about panties, seeing them, feeling them, finding them, etc, everything about panties turns us on. And when it comes to sex we would rather see our wife in panties, girlfriend in panties, or a woman in panties rather than seeing her naked. Many women do not realized just how much seeing you in panties turns us on. Many women are to quick to remove there panties for sex, when many of us guys wish you would just leave the panties on and pull them to the side. To look down and see a womans panties to the side, see her thong pulled to the side. To see a woman laying on her back with her panties pulled to the side, see a woman laying on her back with her thong pulled to the side, or seeing a woman on her knees with her panties pulled to the side, panties pulled over her butt cheeks, panties pulled over her ass cheeks, seeing a woman on her knees with her thong pulled to the side, thong pulled over her butt cheeks, thong pulled over her ass cheeks, doggy style with panties pulled to the side, doggy style with thong pulled to the side. There is just something that turns on guys on so much seeing a womans panties pulled to the side while we have sex. Perhaps it brings us back to those quickie days when there was no time to remove clothing, it was just pull panties to the side and have a quickie. The visual of panties to the side is such a turn on, and having sex with a women with her panties to the side, having sex with a woman with her thong to the side is very exciting. Having sex with a woman with her panties to the side, having sex with a woman with her thong to the side feels dirty, feels naughty, and it just increases that level of excitement. More women should realize just how exciting it is when you just pull your panties to the side, or pull your thong to the side.

Here are some comens from men, women and couples who enjoy panty sex, pulling panties to the side , pulling thong to the side.

Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you pulled your panties to the side to allow penetration? I did this for the first time with someone I started seeing a couple months ago. He had his finger inside me and pushed the panties to the side to get more access. I had my hand on his penis, stroking it but I wanted him so badly, his hard penis was just so close to me that I just removed my hand and let him enter me. It was not what we planned, no condom, but we were so close and so naked, I couldn't control myself. I still think about that time, how hot it was. Now I want to relive that time over and over again by just leaving my panties on and pulling my panties to the side. I agree with you guys its very exciting having panty sex and I am glad that I experienced it and I also agree more women should just pull there panties to the side instead of taking there panties off. I know for me it was such an exciting moment and I was also turned on looking down seeing my panties to the side as we had sex.

I love giving my wife oral sex with her panties pulled aside.

Have pulled my panties to the side alot with past boyfriends. Part of it was the need to get it done quickly, and not get caught, part total lust, and partly the need to stay semidressed for quick escape, should someone come knocking on the door. Because I almost always kept my pants or shorts on my hips, we had to do it doggie, as I couldnt really spread my legs. So usually it was me face down ass up with my thong to the side. The hottest though was a few years ago at a wedding. We snuck off to the golf course, I pulled my dress up, bent over, and he pulled my thong to the side and entered me while I held on to a tree for dear life.

Love having my panties pulled to the side and Being taken doggie. Allows me to pull them back in place and keep his creame in me as long as I want.

We were at a nightclub with friends. My then boyfriend and I both got the urge. We slipped outside, found a secluded spot in an alley way, I lifted my skirt, bent over and pulled my panties to one side. He did me hard and fast and as soon as he withdrew he was dragging me back to the club as it was freezing. Not long back in the club a friend said "whats that on your leg?" I looked down and to my horror there were two globs and streaks of splashed sperm down my stockings being made luminous by the ultra violet light in the club!

I love to eat a woman out with her panties pulled to one side.

I love to be taken with my panties pulled to the side sometimes! No hug or kisses and romance, just throw me down, pull my panties to the side and do me hard and fast!

Sometimes you guys think us women want all this romance and slow passionate sex. But often times the best sex doesn't even have to last long, its just so fast and dirty in a sense it takes everything out of you. And everyones satisfied. I love when my boyfriend just pulls my panties to the side and pounds me hard and fast.

I love the super close up view of the panties against her skin, and I love the feel of the edge of her panties sliding along my cheek or the side of my tongue. Panties pulled to the side is the best.

I love it when the boyfriend wants it so urgently that he can?t even wait to get naked. Happened last week after I made him dinner, and was cleaning the dishes. He pushed my shorts down to my knees, bent me over the sink, pulled the panties to one side and just shoved it in. He kept his hand just to side of my vulva, trapping my panties from getting in the way, while he pounded me.

I remember one time when my boyfriend only had five minutes before he had to leave for an urgent meeting. There was nothing we could do so we sat in silence. He turned to me and said "fancy a quickie" I said "okay' and we both jumped up. I lay on the floor with my panties pulled to the side and he pounded me hard and fast with one eye on the clock. I begged him to explode and he did on command. He quickly pulled out still spurting all over my panties. Bye! and away he ran leaving me breathless in the middle of the dining room with my panties pulled to the side covered in his cream. A memorable shag!

Years ago I had an affair with our receptionist who was twenty years younger than me. We would take off together in my van at lunch or meet before work and have a quickie. We would sit in the back of the van, she'd unzipp me, pull it out, give it a few sucks to get it good and hard then move her panties to one side, straddle me, insert then sit on my lap as we held each other moving ever so slightly till we both orgasmed. She'd lift off, slid her panties back and it was off to the office! Later she'd come into my office and stand beside me behind my desk as if we were looking at some papers and tell me how wet she was! I'd reach up under her skirt or dress and rub her through her soaked panties! She was usually wet all afternoon! I checked every time she came into my office! She said she loved being so wet for so long because it reminded her of our wonderful encounter all day long!

I think the most intense encounters I've had were pulling up the skirt and having sex standing with the panties pulled to the side.

I love it, makes it feel so urgent, instant, no time for removing clothes. Standing against the wall or against the side of the car, he pulls his dick out thru the zip of his jeans, lifts my skirt, pulls my panty to one side and enters me hard as he takes me deep and hard.

I love when a woman leaves her panties on. Makes her that much more sexier.

When you get a confident woman and you dress her in sexy panties or lingerie, you just don't want to take it off. It's better to leave a little fabric on and enjoy each other, just makes it more exciting.

Getting pounded with my panties on is so hot. I love having him explode in me so I can pull my panties back over and let the cream stay in.

My boyfriend loves doing this when we are at parties or friends houses! When we get so horny we just have to have each other. I love it! It's so naughty and I love the rush I get interacting with people after I've just been thoroughly pounded. Keeping my panties on just adds to the rush!

I did this last week at a wedding and it was incredibly hot. Was dancing with a guy, and felt erection pressing into me as we slow danced. He asked me if I wanted to go outside for some "air". We ended up behind the loading dock, he had his hand in my panties, and I had that big erection out of his zipper. He pulled my skirt up, lifted me up by my thighs. I pulled my panties to the side, wrapped my legs around his waist, and he slid it into me. I bounced up and down on that pole with my face buried on his tuxedo coat. It felt incredible, and when I felt him dripping into my panties a few minutes later back at the reception, I felt so dirty.

When your married sex can get routine and mundane if you let it. Reliving experiences of youth helps keep things exciting. When I was younger, I thought it an inconvenience to have sex in a car, or sneak into a bathroom or sit in the back row of a movie theater. Then all I wanted was a bed, privacy, and not have to worry about getting caught. Now, the memories of having sex with one leg still in my jeans, and my bra pulled up but still on, panties pulled to one side, while constantly looking out of the car window for the is an exciting reminisce.

Once when I was lying next to my boyfriend and he was basically spooning me I started talking dirty to him. I was wearing a short skirt and I could feel him stroking my upper thigh already but I didn't mind. All of a sudden I felt his hand pull my panties over and him enter me. It really felt amazing. We both came in seconds and I still get turned on just thinking about it.

Fraternity brother's wedding, I lost my wife and about 40 minutes later I hear a groomsman talking about this chick he just banged out back and I see him point out my wife. They danced, he had a huge bulge throbbing against her, they went outside and he lifted her skirt pulled her panties aside and she pushed back on his huge erection. I was embarrassed the rest of the night because half the guys there knew a groomsman had my wife.

I think it is so hot to have sex while still partially clothed. It?s like you are both so horny you cant take the time to get naked, just need it immediately. The hottest time for me was once on my way home from a movie. He pulled off on a dead end street, and we started messing around. He got me really wet, and I was giving him a handjob. We ended up with me bending over the hood of his car, my skirt over my back, my thong to the side and him entering me.

When a guy leaves my panties on and just pulls them over to the side, wow! What a hot turn on for me. Makes me feel slutty and that gets me super wet. My old boyfriend used to like to have me kneel with my ass in the air, wearing panties. Then he would pull my panties to the side and play with me. It was very hot!

When I am sitting on my coworker Amy's desk in her office in my skirt and she pulls my panties to one side and gets me so wet playing with me to a point of sheer ecstasy and borderline climax. We often do this several times a day and by the end of the day she makes me climax, its just something we do to make the day go by faster and much more enjoyable as well. Don't worry Amy gets a bunch of playtime in also, she bends over her desk and pulls her panties to the side and shoves my face between her butt cheeks. With us both wearing business clothing, skirts, sometimes slacks there is no time for removing to much clothing, just slide those panties to the side for a bit of quick fun.

I love getting my panties pulled aside, love the urgency and thill of been taken doggy with my panties pulled over my ass cheeks. Also I can trap all that lovely juice inside me.

Always prefer women to keep there thongs on while having sex, it looks and feels so horny.

Whenever I have sex with a guy, I don't wait, I just pull my panties aside and let him inside me. I love it so much because it is just exhilarating. My favorite way to do it is with me facing against a wall and him behind me ramming me up my skirt up and my panties pushed to the side.

Love my wife pulling her panties to the side, the edge of her panties feels great against my dick.

My wife and I have been doing pantie aside sex for many years. We get so turned on with each other we never could wait.

Just last night in bed my wife and I got a little touchy, feely and ended up just slipping her panties to the side and easing it in there. It was hot.

I often encourage my wife to keep her panties on for sex.

I like my wife to pull them aside like she's saying, "I'm all yours." I like rubbing her with my dick through her panties, too and she finds it good too, kinda like grinding but the smooth, slick material feels really good on me too.

My wife loves it when I leave her knickers on. After a few gentle touches with my fingers, I will often deploy my mouth onto her lace clad mound and start to get her seriously aroused until I can no longer tell whether it is the wetness from my mouth, or her own wetness starting to flow into her knickers. She will sometimes try to pull her knickers to the side so that my mouth is in direct contact with her, sometimes I allow her to enjoy my lips and tongue directly, other times I will refuse her immediate desire until I have fully penetrated her. I will slip my fingers around the elastic of her knickers to lift them away from her mound slightly, then use my tongue to press the fabric back down against her. Eventually my own throbbing desire will come into play, and I will have to replace my mouth with my dick as I take up position between her legs, lift her knickers to the side, and slip inside her slickened, warm hole. Mmmm, the added friction of her knickers along my throbbing shaft.

I never pull my wife's panties off while we have sex. Seeing her laying there in her panties while I'm doing her is the most sexy thing in the world to me. Then seeing them pulled to the side while I'm eating her, just drives me crazy. I lick on her through her panties for a while and get her warmed up, and get those panties nice and wet. I just love to think about my wife in her panties, she drives me crazy just if I see her in them. Then I get to watch my cum slide back out of her and into her waiting panties, then I'm ready to do her again at that point. I really have a huge panty fetish with my wife, and I hope that fetish never ends because it brings both of us so much pleasure.

I actually love leaving my panties on during sex. It's fun to keep my panties on and get them a bit messy.

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