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Giving A Panty Handjob, Giving A Panties Handjob
By april on October 22th, 2015

I love to have men put on my panties and come in them as I rub them and give them a panty hand job. It just looks so sexy seeing a guys bulge in panties and also it feels really sexy as I glide my palm over his bulge through the panties. I have tried giving a handjob with them wearing silk boxers, but the panties are just so much more erotic. All the men I have asked to put on my panties so I can give them a panty hand job have loved it, a few were sometimes a bit hesitant to put on my panties, or embarrassed but once they did they were certainly surprised at how good those panties felt, even more so when I started to touch them through the panties. There are more people with a panty fetish than we think and us women should explore the fun of panties with our men, and also I know there are more women like myself that enjoy seeing a guy in panties and giving a guy a panty handjob.

Comments from women who like giving panty handjobs.

I've always been extremely turned on by the idea of stroking a guy with my panties. The idea of a man wearing panties while I give him a panty handjob and seeing him coming in panties really gets me wet.

I enjoy the visual of giving a panty handjob, seeing that silky nylon fabric with a bulge pressing against it, and then feeling that silky smooth fabric as I rub my hand over it. I love how it feels when I wear silky panties and often times masturbate in panties so its only obvious that panties would feel great against a guys bulge. I have given lots of guys a panty handjob over the years, all have loved it.

Giving my man pleasure with a panty hand job is a huge turn on for me. I love watching his face, his breathing as I give him a panty handjob. It also lets me use my tongue on that little spot between his balls and his anus that makes him explode.

I love jacking my guy off and giving him a panty handjob, especially at the movies. I will remove my panties before we leave for the movies and hand them to him and tell him to put them on. The entire way to the movies while he drives I am rubbing the crotch of his pants careful not to make him explode in his pants before we even get to the movies. Then once at the movies in the back row, he lowers his pants down and I rub him through his panties during the movie. I love making him come in his panties during the movie, it gets me so wet. After the movie its a rush home to have intense sex, and I love sucking on the panties he came in at the movies while my husband pounds me hard.

Love giving panty handjobs, the feeling of a guy's penis swelling and then pulsing as you rub him through panties is incredible. A method I prefer is giving a panty handjob with the head of the guy's penis in my mouth, sucking him through the panties and then stroke his shaft through the panties and jerk him into my mouth. I love the feeling of sucking a guy through panties and having him come through the panties into my mouth so I can suck the come off the panties. My hubby loves it.

I love giving panty handjobs to my hubby in the car. We often take long road trips and a long slow panty handjob takes some away some of the boredom for both of us. In the warm months he wears shorts with panties underneath so its easy to slip them down once in the car, so reaching his panty covered cock and balls is no problem and it helps that i am left handed. Its such a turn on seeing him sitting there in a pair of panties and how hard he gets. We usually pull over at an exit or rest stop when it is time for him to ejaculate. Safety first you know! I love seeing how wet he got the front of the panties and love making him make a mess in the panties, don't worry I always clean them up nicely.

My hubby loves it when i give him panty hand jobs while he watches tv. I love seeing him laying back in a pair of panties and then laying beside him and slowly stroking him through panties until he creams inside them.

Giving a panty handjob is an art. Every man has a pair of panties they like to be stroked with, often times its a silky panty like nylon, satin, silk, spandex, or microfiber. Every man also has a special trigger spot. Some are under the head of their dick, that silky fabric rubbing against that spot often times he cannot resist exploding in those panties. Some guys like direct stimulation on that trigger place and some men like me to sort of just tease around it. I love slowly giving a guy a panty handjob and watching him twitch against the fabric and seeing a wet spot on the panties forming. Its such a turn on to feel a silky bulge through panties.

I love making my boyfriend come from a panty handjob. My boyfriend wears panties all the time so I just undo his pants while we're making out and slide my hand down his pants just like he likes to do with me, I don't slide my hand inside his panties but rather on the outside of the panties, I also like it this way when my boyfiend slides his hand inside my pants. I guess you could say we both enjoy receiving panty handjobs and also giving panty handjobs. When he starts to moan a little, I lay him down on his back and pull his pants off, and just play with him through the panties, slowly stroking him up and down in his panties, from balls to tip, he loves to watch me play with it, and he loves that I cant keep my eyes off his penis in panties, I love watching it grow and get super hard and press against the panties, stretching out the material. Then when he's about to come I lean down close to his panty bulge and as he comes I lick what seeps through the panty material up.

I love sexual play. I'm 26, never married, and not in a serious relationship for a couple of years now. My job requires travel, and I frequently meet interesting men. I don't like to run the risks that intercourse or even oral contact can post. But I do love to give hands on affection! I'm told I'm very good at giving handjobs and a few years ago I met a man who wore panties, was sort of surprised at first seeing he was wearing panties. However when I touched him through the panties it was so exciting and it was such a turn on rubbing him through his panties giving him a panty handjob. Since then I have not met any other men that wore panties but I certainly have slipped panties on many men since then, some are shocked, shy, hesitant, embarrassed when I ask them if they could slip these panties on, but once they do they are rewarded by the best handjob a woman can give a guy, a panty handjob.

Lots of us women do enjoy the panty hand job, mixed in with some oral either through the panties, or if the head is sticking out the top of the panties, and then alternating back and forth, it's just really fun to give your guy that kind of pleasure! I get a lot of fun and satisfaction out of watching a guy enjoy a panty handjob.

I love giving a good panties handjob. I'll wear red nail polish as it looks so sexy as I rub a guy through panties. I love to play with a nice panty covered dick. I give a nice steady rubbing up and down and then I circle the head many times with my finger. I prolong the creaming so it builds up the amount of come. I will give a gentle ball massage. Then I cup his balls with one hand, love the feeling of nylon covered balls, and then stroke with the other so I can feel him pumping come into those panties.

I am a women who likes to look at a stiff dick. So just looking at a guys stiff bulge makes me want to feel it and hold it and even better when its tucked inside a pair of panties and you can clearly see the entire outline balls, shaft, head. So it just comes natural to me to like doing panty handjobs. I enjoy feeling the silky panties against a penis all smooth and silky.

I also like to give panty handjobs and make my boyfriend come in panties.

Why not have both at once. I love seeing a panty covered dick, my mouth just starts to water and all I want to do is touch him with my hands and feel him in my mouth. When I am giving head, I use my hand at the base and on the shaft rubbing him through the panties while licking, kissing, sucking, and tongue swirling the head which often times is sticking out the top of the panties, if not I lower the panties down a bit just enough so I can see the head and put it in my mouth. Sometimes I have even licked and sucked through the panties. I like to mix it up. Spend a few seconds licking and sucking and a few seconds hand only. Its the best of both a panty handjob and a panty blowjob.

I love giving panty handjobs, it's just fun panty play. Love to see the guys bulge in panties and how much he enjoys it, and I like seeing how long I can keep him from coming with orgasm denial before finally getting him release in those panties.

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