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My Husband Wants to Wear my Panties
By cindy on September 20th, 2015

My husband has always bought me really sexy panties and I am more than happy to wear them for him. I have so many panties I could wear a different pair each day for a year. I have stacks of them that will not even fit in my dresser. It seems every time we go to the store we are coming home with more panties. Once again I am more than happy to wear all these sexy panties for him and love having a huge variety of panties to wear and it makes me feel so good he likes seeing me wearing panties. About two weeks ago we were talking about fantasies and my husband seemed really nervous about something but I just asked and he told me that he likes wearing my panties. At first I did not know what to say or think, sort of stunned I guess, but as I sat there and thought about it, it was becoming more and more exciting thinking about my husband in all those sexy panties. Thoughts of him wearing panties filled my thoughts and I started to feel myself getting wet, I thought of all my sexy panties and my mind was filled with wanting to see him in each pair of my sexy panties, which could take days because of all the panties I have. I was a bit embarrassed just as I suppose he was in telling me he likes to wear panties, so I to sat there embarrased and shy about telling him that I was turned on by thinking about him wearing panties, but I eventually said that thoughts of him in all those sexy panties was making me wet. We decided to go through the panty drawers, or drawers I should say and we both picked out several pair for each other to wear. We both had this nervous excitement as we slipped on a pair of panties, it was a different feeling, but a great feeling, different because I am a woman and have worn panties all my life so why am I feeling so excited slipping them on with my husband. But what I realized was wearing panties from now on changed, panties became more than just panties, panties became a bond between me and my husband, something we could enjoy together, wearing panties, talking about panties, shopping for panties. As we stood in front of each other in our panties we both felt a bit shy but also so excited, all I wanted my husband to do was come closer so I could run my hand over his bulge, over his butt and feel him in those sexy panties, so I moved closer to him and did just that, caressed his bulge through the panties, feeling how stiff it was through the fabic, and reaching around and squeezing his butt in those panties. We pressed ourselves together in our panties and kissed like we did when we first met very passionate, us enjoying wearing panties together renewed a spark in our relationship and that spark has never went away since, its really amazing how a undergarment, a peice of clothing can be so powerful. For those women out there who are worried about your husband wearing panties, worried about your boyfriend wearing panties, relax and bit and talk to him, find out why he wears them and you will see your husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties is of no harm to your relationship and can actually help bring back the excitement, joy, fun, pleasure to your relationship.

Below are a few comments from wifes of men wearing panties, girlfriends of men wearing panties.

My guy and I made a bet of who would be kicked of that singing show the voice next. He lost. So he had to wear my underwear for a day. It was hysterical. But sexy in a way I never considered. He was a great sport about it, and there is nothing hotter then seeing your man in underwear with Victoria's Secret PINK on the waistband. Since then he has worn them during foreplay a few times and its such a turn on to see him in panties and squeeze that sexy butt in victoria's secret panties. He never wore panties before loosing the bet, but we are both really curious about it more now.

I dated a guy who mentioned to me that his fantasy was to wear my panties, masturbate in them, and then have me wear them the rest of the day with his "juice" in them. Well I made his fantasy come true and would often wear the panties I jerked him off in or that he masturbated in while I was not around, it was a turn on for both of us. Sometimes you have to spice things up a bit and be a bit kinky.

My husband wears panties. I buy them for him, he gets hanes bikini's in different colors and they fit him great. The only time he wears men's briefs is when he is traveling or going to work. The rest of the time he is in panties. My favorite three colors are red, hot pink and pink. He is not gay or bi, just very open minded and I love him and seeing him in panties is a turn on. I think many other women would also get turned on seeing there man in panties if they just gave it a try.

I love seeing my boyfriend wearing panties, he gets home from work and slips into some sexy panties and lounges around with me in my sexy panties, its fun.

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