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Men Wearing Womens Thongs, Guys Wearing Womens Thongs
By thonglover on September 9th, 2015

Thongs it seems you either like them or hate them. And it seems if you have not tried wearing thongs you just assume they do not feel good. Many men wearing panties do enjoy wearing womens thongs panties. For those men who have not worn womens thong panties give womens thongs a try and you will see they are very exciting to wear. Just as with any panty sizing can be difficult, start with what size you wear bikini panties in and go from there, as with any panty the sizing can vary from manufacture to manufacture. Yes wearing womens thong panties can take a bit of getting used to, and many men who wear womens thongs do not wear them for everyday wear, they wear them for only short periods of time. However there are men wearing panties who do wear womens thong panties for long periods of time, its different for every guy how thong panties will feel and how long it will take getting used to thong panties. Womens thong panties are a great addition to any panty drawer. Just like with any panty the fun is experimenting with different colors, fabrics, etc so have fun searching for those womens thong panties.

Do You Wear Womens Thong Panties, Here are some comments from men wearing thong panties.

I love wearing womens thong panties. I have about 200 of them a full drawer full! My wife loves seeing me in thong panties, she loves the way my bulge looks in a thong. She says it's so sexy.

I love my thongs. Love they way my bulge fills them out so nicely!

I wear only womens thong panties. Love them! gf loves them also. We have several matching thongs. I just have her buy xl size for me when she find some she likes. Most fit very nicely and so sexy! I wear them 98 percent of the time everywhere!

I'm proud to say I'm a thong wearing man! I love my thongs. I usually purchase some every week, whenever I can find sexy hot ones. They look so good with my bulge filling them up. Oh ya, and the wife likes them also on me.

Yea I am a proud to wear womens thongs. I have about 3 drawers full because my girlfriend is always buying new thongs and she always buys me at least 2-3 pair a week. She loves me wearing them!!! It makes us so horny.

I'm proud to wear a thong. My wife does not mind and I also like to walk around in my thong. I also like to look at pictures of men wearing thongs and also women wearing thongs.

My wife loves it when I wear my thong, she gets so wet and we have the best sex ever.

I've been wearing thong for the past 10 or so years, I love them, they feel much better then boxers and I feel more supported with them. I have to say that at first it was a bit strange to feel a string of material back there but it soon became second nature and could not see the difference. I think that if girls can wear them then why not guys.

I feel sexy wearing thongs, as do women when they wear sexy thongs. I'm 100 percent straight and don't see a problem with men wearing womens thongs it certainly does not change who you are or who you want to have sex with or your sexual preference.

I have to admit that I started off with the wifes thongs, they feel so good.

I have been wearing only thongs for about 5 years and love them. My wife thinks they are sexy which makes me feel sexy.

I'm a straight man and have worn womens thongs for years in assorted colors, styles, materials, and LOVE them! I've never found them uncomfortable or hard to get used to. I've worn them to work in the locker room. I'd be willing to bet that theres more guys that wear them than are willing to admit & more ladies that are turned on by guys wearing them that are willing to admit. I find it fun wearing womens thongs in public and nobody else knowing your wearing womens thongs.

I wear womens thongs all the time. Feels so good and my gfriend buys them all the time for me.

I wear thongs all the time and my girlfriend thinks it's cute and sexy. My girl loves to give me oral sex while I'm wearing a womens thong, they're comforable and they look sexy according to everygirl that I've asked!

The reason it is so nice wearing women's thong panties is because they are inherently sexier. If you get the ones with a big front panel that stretches, you can fit your johnson in there nicely. I have over 30 women's thongs. lace, satin, mesh, and all colors.

I discovered thongs in a Fredericks of Hollywood Catalog. I remember feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement at I rented a post office box 35 miles from home to receive my new order. The first time I tried on my new thong, I thought I looked funny having hairy legs wearing a thong so I went into the bathroom and shaved my entire body. That afternoon as I was getting ready for work my wife saw me changing clothes and asked what I was wearing and if I had shaved my body. I guess it was a bit of a shock to find your husband wearing a thong with a shaved body. I have shaved my body ever since. I enjoy wearing thongs because they make me feel sexy. I get an adrenaline rush wearing thongs.

I am guy and I wear thongs many times. I wear Victorias Secret thongs and other panties too. I like bikini panties too.

I love wearing womans thongs, I walk round the house with nothing else on but thongs and I feel so dam sexy with them on it turns me on.

I'm a straight guy who has been wearing womens thongs for 11 years. I feel sexy in them and every girlfriend I have had love them. Met a group of women one night in a bar and we started talking about thongs and we all ended up in a hotel room in our thongs.You guys should really start wearing thongs, most women love it!

I am a guy and I like girls thongs better. I like all womens underwear better. That's all I wear, and I Love Victorias Secret.

I discovered wearing womens thongs in 1990 and have been wearing them every since.

Just bought my wife and myself our first matching thongs.

My girlfriend likes me wearing a thong.

I first started wearing thongs when I was growing up, wore a pair of my mothers thongs, I loved it. Am now 25 and have been wearing thongs for many years, when my recent girlfriend saw them on me she loved it! We wear matching thongs sometimes.

My ex gf loves me in thongs especially since I have a toned in shape body and firm muscular ass. I remember the time we went to the beach and we both wore them on the beach at night. We had a wild night of fun at the beach that night, a bit of sand in our thongs for sure.

I love wearing women's thongs. I was apprehensive at first, the thought of something in my crack, but I don't even feel it anymore. They have much more support than boxers, and are infiitely more comfortable, especially in the summertime. I also love the softer fabric women's thongs are made of. I wear them everywhere.

I love wearing thongs I have been wearing them for along time and I have never found any underwear more comfy then a thong. My girl thinks there sexy to she love it when I shake my ass in them.

I am a straight, married man and love to wear thongs for the excitement, comfort, support. I mostly started wearing them because I loved how women looked in them and got curious. I have certainly have a thong fetish. Drives me crazy seeing a woman in a thong. I have grown to love them for myself.

I wear women's thongs because they are way more comfortable and they make my butt look better.

I'm a straight man who have been wearing womens thongs daily for the last 4 years. They are the most comfortable underwear ever worn. Most girls I know think that they are very sexy and wish their boyfriends would wear thongs also.

I have been wearing womens thongs for years. I really enioy the comfort and support. My wife does not mind them. I am in very good shape and that does compliment thongs well.

I have hundreds of them, and i love the style and comfort, nothing is more comfortable then a nice fit thong made of nice material. The support of a thong is incomparable, Just sleep couple of times in them and you will see the difference. I am 100 percent straight and my wife also love them.

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