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How Many Panties In Your Collection
By pantyguy on August 3, 2015

All men wearing panties have different amounts of panties in there panty collection. What starts as one panty all of the sudden grows over the years and all of the sudden your panty collection starts to get larger and larger. Many men wearing panties have huge panty collections, other men wearing panties cannot have huge panty collections because perhaps they have no were to hide all those panties from a wife or girlfriend. There never seems to be enough panties in the panty collection for most men wearing panties. Many men wearing panties collections are made up of panties they borrowed or stole from women, panties they found, and panties they bought. It difficult not to add more panties to the collection, your always seeing a pair of panties that you don't have, and are curious about trying. Thats what is so great about panties, they keep one curious, and excited for an entire lifetime, panties certainly never get boring.

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So how many panties are in your collection

Estimate about fifty pairs in my pantie drawer.

I have over one hundred panties in my collection. I put some in semi-retirement to give me more room in my dresser. I have two drawers filled with panties.

I have about 30 to 40 pair in my panty drawer and probably 100 or more in a box in my closet. All styles and colors, and some I borrowed from others over the years.

I probably have close to 200 (or even more) now. It is a fetish for me. I love them so much I buy a few pair every month.

I luv shopping for panties, it's so exciting and sometimes the girl clerks even ask if they can help! I'm sure they know I'm buying the panties for me since I am always in the store buying panties, which makes it even more exciting.

I am up to around a hundred pairs of panties that take up two drawers. Like the rest of you guys, I am adicted to panty shopping. Been such a good customer that all the helpful sales ladies know I am shopping for myself.

At last count I have well over 300 pair. I have two full draws of panties in my dresser plus two of those plastic wardrobe chest of draws you buy in the big box stores next to my dresser. Panties for me are a way of life.

Just washed and dried all of mine. 158 pairs of lovely satin and nylon panties. Full briefs, satin string panties and bikini style.

I have about 20 pairs. If I did not have to hide my panty wearing from the girlfriend I'd have a whole lot more.

Last count, I had 46 pairs of panties. All nylon, high cut and full cut briefs.

I just have to go to my wifes draw and get whatever I want to wear We have enough for both of us which is great.

About 83, but I may have put some away with my winter stuff. Probably more than I need! I divide my drawer into 3 piles: mesh and lace, thongs, and full coverage (mostly nylon).

Last count my panty drawer had 50 pairs. My wife gets jealous because I have more and nicer ones than she does!

I would say that I have around 25 pairs of knickers including g-strings, full bottom, hi-cut, silk, polyester, lace and satin. I am continually on the lookout for more.

I have nearly 100 pair of all kinds: nylon panties, cotton panties, microfiber panties, polyester panties.

I have 15, but also access to those that my wife has. More than enough to keep me hard and happy while wearing and playing in them.

A little over 100 pairs, although it would be a lot more but I really haven't shopped for some time. As they have worn out I haven't been replacing them. I should get back out there, I miss shopping for panties.

Right around 200 pairs at this time. Takes up 2 full drawers.

I try to keep my collection at around 50. I love to buy, so at times it grows.

I have roughly 150 various pairs of panties, while I have many different styles, thongs, g strings, bikini etc.. The vast majority are from the Victorias Secret Pink line.

I have over 200 pairs of panties and still climbling.

Way too many to count. It has to be several hundred.

Since I am a newbie to wearing panties I only have a few pairs of panties so far.

I have over 20 pairs mostly nylon panties some silk panties and satin panties.

I have about 35 pairs of panties.

I have enough panties that I could wear a different pair every day for the next 2 years.

I have approximately 78 pair of panties, broken down by manufacture; about 40 thongs, 38 string bikini's. I absolutely love Vanity Fair panties. Of the 78 pair of panties, at least half are VF.

I have about 100 pairs of panties, every style and color. Can't wait to get more.

About 150 pairs. I keep saying to the wife that I need to sort them out, but once I get in the drawer and start touching them, I find I just can't part with any.

Just counted out my collection and it came to 136. Just under 10 years collecting them.

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