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Favorite Panties Fabric, Panty Fabric
By lov2wearpanties on July 25, 2015

Men wearing panties enjoy wearing different types of panty fabrics, from cotton panties, nylon panties, satin panties, lace panties, silk panties, lycra panties, spandex panties, polyester panties, microfiber panties, to panties with a combination of fabric blends. For many men wearing panties satin panties, nylon panties seem to be the favorite panty fabric. Satin panties and nylon panties have that silky, slick feeling when worn and since many men wearing panties for the pleasureful feeling wearing panties gives them they choose to wear fabrics which feel very stimulating like satin panties or nylon panties. Also satin panties and nylon panties also look very sexual, they have a wetlook panties, shiny panties. Other type of panties also feel very good, microfiber panties feel very silky and most panty fabric blends which contain any amount of spandex feel very silky. It can be difficult to find satin panties and nylon panties now days, many men wearing panties grew up in the days of 100 percent nylon panties, or during the times when satin panties were very popular. Now days it does seem cotton panties are everywhere, and some men wearing panties do enjoy wearing cotton panties, but for some men wearing panties cotton panties are there least favorite panties. Panty fabric blends seem to be very popular now days, microfiber panties being the most popular panty fabric blend. As mentioned any panty with spandex will give you that silky feeling, also nylon is very common in panty fabric blends so any amount of nylon will also give that silky feeling. Also panties with a certain percent of spandex, lycra, nylon usually will fit better as they have some stretch to them and will conform nicely around the male anatomy. All men wearing panties have there favorite panty fabric, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing satin panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing nylon panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing cotton panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing microfiber panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing lace panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing spandex panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing lycra panties, some men wearing panties enjoy wearing panties with a combination of fabrics satin and lace panties, nylon and lace panties. As mentioned some of the fabrics such as nylon panties, satin panties are getting more difficult to find, not sure why because lots of women still enjoy the feel and look of satin panties, nylon panties. Each panty fabric can give a different feeling, different level of pleasure and many men wearing panties enjoy the feeling of slipping on a new pair of panties and that first feeling of feeling it against them and seeing how the fabric feels. You just never know how a fabric will feel against you until you slip them on. Many men wearing panties look for a certain amount or percentage of nylon on the panty label, or a certain amount of spandex on the panty label, however since every manufacture is different you just never know how a panty will feel until you slip them on.

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So what are your favorite panty fabrics, favorite panties fabrics. (below are just a few comments from men wearing panties about what panty fabric they enjoy)

My wife like's me to wear satin panties around the house.She loves how satin panties cling so nice to my butt and bulge. I love when she rubs me through satin panties, that cool, silky fabric feels so good.

I love satin panties they are my favorite.

My wife enjoys fondling me through a pair of satin panties and I love to penetrate her by pulling her satin string bikini or thong to the side so all her juices drip down and saturate her panties as I do her. I like to leave my satin panties on while she rides my pole and her juices drip down my shaft and saturate my pair of panties.

I love satin panties, satin is so smooth, silky, and soft.

I enjoy nylon panties, love the feel and look of nylon panties.

I like a bit of lace on my panties, but usually only for the look as lace can get a bit rough, so a lace butt panty, or lace around the leg openings or around the waistband is ok.

I like microfiber panties, they are so smooth and silky but yet so stretchy and comfortable.

I like both cotton and satin. Cotton because it's comfortable and it breathes and satin for the feel.

Any panty material that feels silky, satin, nylon and many with spandex in them are all my favorite.

My favorite panty fabric is satin.

My favorite panty fabric is nylon, its so smooth and feels so good.

Silky panties of any kind, love the feel on my butt and bulge.

I wear a variety of panties, cotton, nylon, satin, lace, and spandex blends, just depends on what I am in the mood for wearing.

My favorite panty material would be nylon tricot panties, however panties using nylon tricot are difficult to find. So any nylon panty material is what I purchase. I do have a few of the old nylon tricot panties from when growing up, the nylon panties now days does not even compare.

I would have to say nylon panties and any combination of fabrics with nylon. Nylon spandex panties being one of my favorites. I like the way the spandex panties hugs the body. I too am not fond of the cotton lined crotch, but I understand the reason, considering commercial panties are not made for men in mind. Although, considering the large number of men wearing panties, you would think they would give a choice of cotton lined crotch or double fabric crotch. I do tolerat and wear cotton panties from time to time, especially cotton with a bit of spandex.

I would say nylon panties also, and the microfiber panties are so smooth and satin like. I love the lace trimmed legs and sheers also . I would like to find panties with no cotton crotch, I have even been able to remove the cotton crotch from some panties and it did not damage them, feels so good to have everything touched by nylon. I never wear cotton panties at all.

Nylon panties for me, Nylon panties with a touch of spandex are very nice also. As for cotton panties, never. I grew up in a time where nylon panties were everywhere so I believe panties should be made from nylon as that is what I grew up on and grew to enjoy so much.

Nylon panties is certainly number 1 for me, but I do love satin panties, silk panties and some of the microfiber panties. There is even a place for cotton panties in my collection, but nylon will always be number one.

Nylon panties of course! Also sometimes, nylon spandex panties, and, if I can find them, occasionally acetate panties. Nylon panties is still the main preferred fabric.

Nylon panties is my favorite panty material and like many others do not like the cotton gusset that most panties have today. I prefer the old "vintage" VF panties of the 60s and 70s with the nice lace above each leg and the double nylon crotch. Unfortunately no new VF panties like that available today. Microfiber panties are okay too. Have not had any fine silk panties, but dream of how they must feel. Bought a couple of satin panties several years ago and they were nice too, but seems satin panties are also becoming very hard to find.

Nylon panties for me would be a close second to satin panties for me.

Silk panties first, then Satin panties and thirdly nylon panties.

Nylon panties, and any panties with nylon in them. Antron III panties, Tricot panties, Acetate panties (hard to find) even a polyester panties on occasion. Polyester panties are not the best but can still be nice. Satin panties and nylon panties are just so wonderful feeling.

I am in the minority that I love cotton panties.

Cotton spandex. Very soft and stretchy. Molds to your body.

I have a little bit of everything in my panty collection. Different styles of cotton panties, nylon panties, and microfiber panties for the most part. My favorites are the microfiber panties because they are light and thin, and I almost feel naked.

I love nylon panties, satin panties, acetate panties, nylon tricot panties, antron III panties, nylon long as it's SILKY!

I love Vanity Fair full nylon panties. I began wearing panties when I first looked into my mothers lingerie drawer. Almost all her panties were Vanity Fair nylon panties. I remember the first time I got up enough courage to wear a pair. After almost twenty five years of wearing panties, I think that very first time will always be my favorite memory.

Personally, my favorite pantie fabric is either satin panties or nylon panties, although I hate to admit it but my everyday panties that I wear to work are cotton string bikini's. I have been wearing exclusively for over 7 years now. I wear my cotton strings to work and change into something comfortable and sexy in the evening when I get home from work.

Satin polyamide panties, or satin spandex panties, I just love the it hugs.

Satin panties is my choice, hands down, just to bad they are so hard to find now days.

Heavy polyester panties or satin panties. Feels great against the parts. Not one for lace panties.Just can't beat satin panties for a silky feel.

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