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Men Wearing Panties First Panties
By pantyman on July 5, 2015

Most men who wear panties can clearly remember the first pair of panties they tried on, and the first pair of panties they bought. Though many panties will come and go over a man?s lifetime, those first panties will always have a special place in his heart and often times, in his panty drawer.

The very first panties a man wears are usually borrowed, sisters panties, mothers panties, aunts panties, cousins panties, neighbors panties, friends sisters panties, friends moms panties, sisters friends panties, and girlfriends panties are all prime targets.Those first panties often times are only enjoyed for moments at a time before having to put them back where they were found for fear of being caught with the panties. Some men borrow panties for exteneded periods of time, tucking them under there pillow, under the bed or in another secret hiding spot. Keeping panties there have been borrowed sometimes led to a family member finding the panties while cleaning or looking for something. Those situations of being caught with panties led many panty wearers to try and be much more cautious when borrowing panties or to move from borrowing panties to buying panties of your own to enjoy and not worry about wondering if the person you borrowed the panties from notices they are missing.

The first place a man buys panties can vary, and can vary depending on the era you grew up in. For some men wearing panties they had no choice but to buy panties in person from a local store, or perhaps a store a few towns away. Other men wearing panties ordered panties through mail order catalogs like Victoria's Secret catalog , other men wearing panties first panties came from an online purchase. Nowadays the internet allows men wearing panties a safe, discreet means of purchasing panties and is perfect for many men who like to secretly wear women's panties.

For those men who ordered panties via mail order catalogs, or via the internet you can recall that thrill of recieving that first pair of panties in the mail. You waited for that brown envelope, or brown box, and how exciting it was opening it up and seeing that pair of panties. Slipping that pair of panties felt so good. And for those men wearing panties who bought there first pair of panties in person you could not wait to get home to enjoy those panties. After a few successful (and occasionally unsuccessful sizing and styling issues) you were able to choose the correct sizing and styles you enjoyed.

A man's first panties are special, that feeling of slipping on those panties and the intense feeling that followed.

So men, what where your first panties?

I was staying overnite at my friends house.We were talking about girls and we found a pair of his sister's panties, a pale pink bikini. He dared me to put hem on. I put them on loved how felt.

The first time i did it, i was hooked. I was in the bathroom by myself, & went to put my dirty clothes in the wash basket. On the top, was my sisters panties, that she had put there, just 20 minutes earlier. I unravelled them, & pulled them on, & it felt wonderful. I could see myself in the mirror wearing panties, & could feel the damp crotch on my balls. Minutes later, I came into them.

I started wearing panties when I tried one of my mother's nylon bikini panties and got immediately addicted.

Started with my moms panties. They were all nylon and even had the double nylon layers in the crotch area. No cotton lining back in them day's. They were so so sexy to wear!

My first panties were from a girlfriend, a red lace and satin thong.

My mom's pink nylon full cut brief was my first.

The first time I put on a pair of panties my mom had gone away for the weekend so I had the house all to myself. So on friday night I got into her panty drawer and I saw her panties, all white nylon. I found myself pullling my pants down and taking off my underwear and soon I was rock hard looking at her panties. I was afraid at first to try them on but I did anyway. I was shaking like a leaf but enjoying it just the same. As i stood in front of the mirror looking at myself in her panties i liked what i saw. They felt so good on me. I loved it, and from that day on i never looked back, i always made sure i had a pair of panties to wear.

My first pair of panties a purple thong bought at a local department store. I can't remember exactly when it was.

I remember my first time. I had been using the Sears catalog alot as a visual aid to self pleasuring. Really enjoyed the pantie section. Any way, I was helping clean a rental property of my dads, came across a box af cloths. Took them to the garbage and went thru them, in there was a pair of black nylon bikinis. I quickly put them in my pocket. Used them just to rub myself with for a few weeks. One evening, I thought, wonder what these would feel like on. And oh my gosh, a whole new world opened up.

Discovered a silky pair while playing around in the house and tried them on. Loved the feeling and started wearing more and more.

Started with a fascination with the Sears, Montgomergy Wards, and J.C. Penney's catalogs. I do remember going through Mom's dresser drawer and seeing similar panties to what I saw in the catalogs when home alone. I remember the powerful feeling that overcame me with each panty I put on.

First time I ever tried on panties I found them in a bag with lots of other clothing in it in the trash, I was very curious to try them on. I put them in my pocket and washed them then went into my room and put them on. They were a purple Hanes cotton bikini and bikinis have been my favorite panty ever since.

Stole a pair of my sister's panties from her drawer. Liked how they felt, and stashed them away.

I had studied the Sears catalog intensely over the years, and finally just couldn?t resist the urge to see what it would feel like to wear such a lovely garment. I had no sister, so the only panties in the house were my mother?s. When I was alone in the house one afternoon, I slipped into her room and took the first pair on the top in her drawer – plain white nylon briefs. It was, as everybody here knows, intoxicating, but also frightening. I was afraid of damaging them, so I quickly took them off and carefully put them back just the way I had found them. I was hooked, but also cautious. I tried them on just a few more times after that. Only when I went away to college did I finally have the privacy to indulge my passion more often, and with much less fear of getting caught.

A pair of my moms white nylon grannie panties ended up in my clean laundry. I was putting my clothes up & found these in the middle of the pile of my cotton tidy whities. They felt so nice & soft in my hands, & looked so sexy that I had to try them on, & of of course I got an immediate erection. I don't know how I managed to make it through supper wearing these without coming in them, but after I finished eating I told my mom that I was really tired & went to my room, where I proceded to masturbate through these silkie panties! It didn't take me long to fill them either. Later on that night after my mom went to bed I checked the hamper & found another pair like the ones I'd came in & slept in those... Needless to say I was hooked.

I had to babysit a dog of the neighbours and while doing so I came across a hanes bikini panty. This feeling just came over me and before I knew it I had her panties on.

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