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Caught Wearing Panties
By pantyguy on June 15, 2015

Most men wearing panties try as much as possible to avoid being caught wearing panties, but getting caught wearing panties happens. For some men wearing panties they got caught wearing panties while growing up, forgetting to lock the bathroom door, loosing track of time when your mother, sister, etc would be coming home, in all the excitement of wearing panties its easy to forget to lock the door, loose track of time. Other men wearing panties have been caught wearing later when they were older, perhaps being caught wearing panties by a wife, caught wearing panties by a girlfriend, caught wearing panties by a friend, often times just like when growing up your so into the moment of wearing panties you forget to lock the door, loose track of time and forget when others will be back home. Getting caught wearing panties is not always a negative thing, it can be a positive thing also, each situation of getting caught wearing panties is different for each person on whether its a negative or positive getting caught wearing panties. There have been sisters who have caught brother wearing panties and the sister takes the brother out shopping for panties, same goes for a mom who caught son wearing panties, the mother takes the son out shopping for panties. Wifes have caught husband wearing panties, girlfriends have caught boyfriend wearing panties and the wife or girlfiriend has been understanding and accepting of husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties. For many men wearing panties if they had not gotten got wearing panties by an understanding wife or girlfriend they would still be hiding that they wear panties from there wife or girlfriend. I am not saying go out and get caught wearing panties and your wife or girlfriend will be understanding and accepting, but there certainly has been situations where the husband or boyfriend got caught wearing panties and now can enjoy wearing panties with his wife or girlfriend. Some men wearing panties have feelings of excitement at the thought of being caught wearing panties, at the thought of letting others know they wear panties, or showing others that they wear panties. For most men wearing panties they are careful not to get caught wearing panties, but its easy to get caught up in the moment of wearing panties and be surprised by someone coming home early, walking by a window and having your neighbor see you in panties, not tucking in your shirt and having your panties peeking out. In having others find out you wear panties its always best to tell them you wear panties and not be caught wearing panties, but as mentioned lots of guys spend years hiding wearing panties and probably would of spend a lifetime hiding that they wear panties, however they were caught wearing panties and were very surprised to learn that there wife or girlfriend was completely fine with them wearing panties. I am certainly not suggesting you get caught wearing panties to see if your wife or girlfriend is understanding of you wearing panties. Until you are ready to let others know you wear panties its always best to avoid being caught wearing panties. As much as one can get lots in the moment of being able to wear panties especially when you can only wear occasionally when others are gone its always best to keep an eye on the time and an ear out for any noises. You might have to limit yourself to wearing panties in certain areas in which you can lock the door like a bathroom. If wearing panties out in public under your jeans, shorts, etc a longer shirt helps to avoid your panties peeking out. As mentioned getting caught wearing panties does not have to be a negative experience, often times the person who caught you wearing panties is just as shocked and many times nothing at all is said or ever mentioned about seeing you wearing panties.

Below are some comments from men wearing panties about being caught wearing panties, stories from men wearing panties about being caught wearing panties. Also are comments from women, sisters, mothers, wifes, girlfriends who have caught men wearing panties.

A long time ago my cousin caught me wearing her panties, nothing was ever said about it.

I caught my brother wearing my bra and panties once, he still claims it was a dare. But he was alone so you tell me.

My girlfriend caught me a long time ago wearing her panties. Now she enjoys seeing me wearing panties either her panties or the panties she buy's for me.

Have I been caught, a couple of times by girlfriends. It always ended nicely, and I was able to wear panties in front of them from then on.

My friend caught me wearing her bra and panties. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I liked wearing panties and why I liked wearing panties. We spent the hole day talking about panties and a few days later we went panty shoppping together.

A few weeks ago I noticed that some of my panties had a white stain in them along with some in my drawer. I also noticed they were a little streched out. A few weeks later I caught my boyfriend with a pair on and he was horny as can be. He looked so hot in them.

My wife caught me wearing panties by doing a good deed. I fell asleep on the couch one evening while doing my laundry. The dryer shut off and, instead of waking me up, she decided to fold my laundry. I'd been wearing panties for a couple of months in secret. She woke me up in a panic. She thought the panties in the dryer belonged to another woman. I calmed her down and assured her (embarassed as ever) that they were mine. She was very relieved and said, "Hang on a sec." She went in our bedroom and then came out with three thongs. She said, "I don't really like these, would you like to try them on?" I did and she ooohed and ahhhed over how I looked. When my birthday came up, she bought me some really sexy bikini and thong panties. We've even gone shopping together and picked out panties for each other. Now I wear every day. What a lucky guy to have such an accepting wife! If I had never been caught I would probably still be hiding that I wear panties from her.

I had suspected that my boyfriend was wearingg my panties because a few pairs were strecthed out. So one nite I left a nice wet pair along with a nice pink pair on our bed. I told him I needed to run a few errands that I would be back in about 1 hr. Well I waited about 20 mins. and quitely went back in and found him on our bed with a pair on and the wet ones pressed to his face and hard as a rock. I stood quite for awhile while I was getting super wet. I said let me help you with that.We recreate that scene often now.

I caught my ex boyfriend with my panties on. It was rather hot after the shock wore off.

I was caught by my mom, she caught me wearing them when I was having a wanking session with her panties. She was not mad, more embarrassed, I think she was more embarrassed that I was.

When I was growing my sisters friend used to stay over a few times a month. I always took her panties to play with when she slept over. One night she walked in on me and caught me wearing her panties and rubbing the front of myself through her panties. She said now she knows why her panties have looked like they have been moved and why they have had some extra stains in them. She asked if she could watch and of course I said yes. She sat at the chair at my desk and pulled her shorts and panties down and played with herself while I rubbed myself through her panties. I filled her panties. She said that"s what was all over in the last time she stayed here. She said we could do this again. We did many times that summer.

My wife caught me wearing her panties years ago and said if I going to wear panties get my own. I did and now she buys me panties for my birthday. We also shop together for new panties.

I love the thrill of nearly getting caught wearing panties. I have been close to getting caught wearing panties so many times.

It wasn't my sister who caught me wearing panties but my friends sister who caugth me wearing panties. I was staying the weekend at his house and I discovered his sisters laundry bag. I took a pair of her panties and was masturbating on her bed when she walked in. She asked if she could watch me do it. I said for sure and she sat on the bed and watched me masturbate with her panties. She said the next time I wanted to masturbate with her panties I could use the ones she was wearing. We had quite the summer that year.

I caught my boyfriend wearing my panties. First I thought it was funny. Then thought he looked cute. I know pick out panties for him to wear or leave him my worn dirty panties to wear.

I caught my husband wearing my panties. I came home from a nite class early. I went in quitely. He was laying on our bed in a pair of my panties. At first I was shocked but I just stood there and got hot and then said mind if I help you.

I have caught a guy wearing my panties. I was staying with a friend while my parents were out of town for a week. She had a brother who was kinda hot.Well anyway one nite I got up and had to pee so i went down the hall past her brothers room. I heard a noise and could see a faint light on. So I peeked into his room and there he was wearing panties and hard as ever. I watched him until I got so wet I had to go to the bathroom and masturbate myself.

One time I was in the bathroom wearing my sisters panties. I thought I was alone so I left the bathroom door open. As I stood there pulling up my sisters panties I looked up and I saw my sister standing there. She said now I know why my panties seem to be streched. She said don't worry I wont say a word.

I caught my brothers friend wearing my panties. He had them on in the bathroom and was looking at himself in the mirror. I remember seeing him streching the material. He looked really hot in them. I watched him rub himself and it made a wet spot in them. The next day i said you looked nice in those pink panties. He turned all red.

I had a guy stay the night with me one night a few years ago, I awoke in the middle of the night to catch him trying on my panties, I told him he looked cute and that he can keep them if he wants them. He got back in bed and I rubbed him through the panties, he came almost instantly. Then I kissed him goodnight and went back to sleep.

I caught my cousin wearing my panties. He was staying us for awhile one summer. I walked into our poolhouse and there he was in my pink panties. I was shocked to see him wearing my panties. He was standing in front of a big mirror looking at himself.

I was caught by my sister and her friend wearing my sisters panties. I was standing in front of a mirror enjoying how I looked in her panties.

I caught my bother friend wearing my panties in the bathroom, his you know what was stickin out the top, he started to rub himself through my panties. While I peered through the crack I pleasured myself, it was a really hot experience.

I caught my brother's friend wearing my panties. I had just showered and I remembered I had left my panties o the bathroom floor. I went back to get them and when I got near the bathroom the door was ajar just enough for me to see a image in the mirror of a guy in panties stroking himselff. I stood there for some time and then said wow that looks like it feels good. He was shocked and shot all over. I said just ask and maybe I will give you an even fresher pair of panties than the ones you just enjoyed.

I remember one time I was in a tanning salon at the front desk. I was talking to the girl that was running the place, I raised my arms above my head like I was streching and my shirt came up and she was looking at the waistband of my panties. She looked at me and said those are cute panties, do you wear panties all the time? When I told her I did, she smiled and said sexy. She asked me a couple times after that what kind I had on. One time we had the same kind on.

Back when I was growing up I had changed in to my swim suit. We had a pool. There was a small building where you could change and shower. After about 30 mins I realized i had left my soda in there. I went back and there was my brothers friends with my panties on and playing with himself. i was shocked yet turned on. I was so hot i ran in to my house and masturbated. He never knew i saw him.

A few years into our marriage, I came home early from a business trip and found a pair panties on the floor beside the bed, my husband's side, not mine. I confronted him, angry. "Whose are these?" I asked. He turned six shades of red and said, "Yours and he then explained further" I started to laugh. "Thank goodness,:" I said. "I thought you were having an affair." So that's how I learned about his panty fetish That was 20 years ago. Whenever I buy new panties for myself, I always get an extra pair for him.

My sister's boyfriend was doing some work in our laundry room . He is a very good carpeneter. I was busy up stairs and then realized I should bring him a soda or something. I went down a few steps and he was standing next to the folding table in my panties and he has a huge bulge in them. I quickly went back up stairs and found myself very turned on.

I remember the 1st time I was caught wearing my girlfriends thong, she had gone for a bath and had left her thong on the floor, I had always wondered what the feel of them would be like, so I could not resist but try! As I was putting the White lacy thong on I could feel the lace against my skin, it was such a turn on! As I was looking at myself in the mirror with my self wrapped in lace and the feel of the the thong pressed inside my cheeks I noticed my girlfriend was there looking at me! She said it looked so hot, and from now on I must wear her panties all the time!

The first time I was caught was by my girlfriend, she had gone out to work and I was on holiday for the day, I have always wanted to try on some ladies underwear, so thinking it i would be safe as she had gone to work, I decided to give it a try! I started to look through her underwear draw to see which one I should try! There was so many choices but settled for a very pretty pink thong and bra! I was hard by the time I had put the thong on! I could not resist but play with myself as I was laying on the bed, I looked up to find my girlfriend looking at me, she asked if I needed a hand and that I should wear panties more often!

I travel often on business and like getting caught in by the hotel maids while in panties. Many have cleaned the room as they watch me in the sexy lacey panties. Drives me wild.

My husband and a friend were doing construction on our house. My husband and I left to a bday party and the friend stayed behind to finish. I ran back home alone after about an hour at the part to grab something, when I walked in my bedroom I found the friend laying on the bed wearing my panties with other panties on the bed next to him. I was shocked, never seen a guy in panties, but sort of hot. He sat up, covered his face, and tried to explain. I don't know why, but I walked over and rubbed him through my panties. He came in a couple of minutes. I told him to keep the panties and never say a word or I will tell his wife I caught him in my panties. Every time he comes over I discretely ask if he is wearing my panties, he gets embarrassed.

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