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Favorite Panties Brand
By favoritepanty on May 26, 2015

Now days there are many panty brands available but for most men wearing panties you have a certain brand of panties that are your favorite brand of panties. Perhaps its a brand of panties that has been around forever, it might even be the same brand of panties you first started wearing, or its a newer brand that you tried that became your favorite brand of panties. As mentioned certain brands have been around forever and other brands are new, and there might be one reason or several reasons why you like wearing a certain brand of panties.

Below is a list of the most common brands of panties, perhaps the brand of panties you enjoy wearing is listed below. These are brands that most department stores carry. There are hundreds of brands of panties, some manufactures even make several brands of panties. The list below is small compared to the hundreds of brands of panties out there. Stores carry various brands of panties, and often times the brands of panties stores change often. In your panty collection you might have brands of panties you have only seen once.

Bali - Started in 1927. What started as a literal Mom and Pop operation grew to be one of America's finest lingerie brands, now owned by Hanes. The line includes Bali panties, Bali bras, including longlines and camisole styles, and Bali shapewear. The company has continued its commitment to creating the best possible product with luxurious fabrics, unyielding quality, and a fit beyond compare.

Barely There - Barely There panties and bras are exactly that--they feel like they're barely there. Barely There Intimates got its start in 1995 with their innovative panties collection. Because of their knitting technology and use of ultra-soft microfiber, Barely There panties were a huge success and rightly so: they don't wrinkle, ride up, show panty lines or bind. The seamless Barely There briefs and bikinis are so comfortable that women say it's like wearing nothing at all. With the success of their panty collection, Barely There added bras and shapewear to their line in 2000. As they did with their panties, Barely There bras offer what they call 'invisible comfort.' Underwires are wrapped in a cushion to protect soft skin, straps and lace are backed with microfiber to be itch-free. Barely There introduced their tagless bras and panties in 2004.

Calvin Klein - Known for iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities and newly discovered talent, Calvin Klein Underwear continues to evolve its reputation as the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable and comfortable underwear and panties. Calvin Klein is consistently known for superior fabrics and construction combined with high style. Using fabrics from pure cotton to microfiber and bamboo, combined with sexy touches like lace and satin, it's no wonder women across the globe flock to the brand. For more than 25 years, the Calvin Klein brand has maintained its high standards, design sensibility and cutting-edge advertising campaigns to reach more than 20 countries and an estimated 98 million people globally.

DKNY - Founded in 1989 by Donna Karan.. Standing for Donna Karan New York, this brand of lingerie claims to be the energy of New York itself. The idea behind it is a modern woman should combine easy, casual, stylish and creative attire. DKNY offers lingerie, including bras and panties, to fit all of these styles. Like designer Donna Karan's other fashions, she wants to offer women comfort and style to embody the everyday woman with an unpredictable day.

Felina gives its women European designs with an American fit. Couture European design is combined with attention to detail to guarantee the perfect look and feel of lingerie for any type of woman. Felina lingerie offers diverse styles that include bras, panties, camisoles and garter belts. Felina stops at nothing to make their women happy. Material are sourced globally to ensure every woman has what they need and desire in their lingerie. Felina products are covered in French laces, with Swiss embroidery and fabrics from Europe's finest mills.

Felina - A family owned corporation in Los Angeles, California. It began in 1982 when Morad Zarabi noticed there was not enough of a selection for lingerie. He notes that women's styles were changing from boring to the more exotic European designs. In 1993, Zarabi's son, Robert stepped into his shoes bringing a new sense of youth and style to the rapidly growing company. Though the products are manufactured in China and Thailand, Felina is offered throughout different countries. The company acquired Jezebel in 2002 and has recently grown its offerings into sleepwear and jewelry. Felina has been showcased in many magazines including In Style, Cosmo, Shape and Ladies Home Journal. Felina pairs many of their panties with bras for the ultimate sensual look for women. Their panties include boyshorts, high-cut, thongs and bikins. Speciality items include lacy skirts, removable garter, garter belts and garter belt g-strings. Bra styles include demi-cups, bras with graduated padding to add a size, seamless push-ups, convertible bras, balconets and unlined full-size bras. Many different colors and designs are offered in each Felina collection so women can pick and choose what they want. From the day it was launched, Felina hit the scene as a lingerie for every woman straying from boring lingerie. Felina relies on its attention to detail and knowing what women love in lingerie to create collections that will have women coming back for more.

Fruit of the Loom - When you hear Fruit of the Loom, most don't think women's underwear. Well surprise! Fruit of the Loom has expanded into women's intimates. From fashionable thongs and basic cotton briefs to bras, Fruit of the Loom Panties are designed for fit, comfort and most of all, durability wash after wash. Using fashionable and comfortable waistbands, flattering designs, and non-binding leg openings, Fruit of the Loom is giving women the comfort, support and coverage they want and need.

Hanes - Hanes is most often associated with that feel of being wrapped in a blanket in front of a cozy fireplace. The brand is all about providing comfort for everyday wear. Hanes shapewear, panties, hosiery and socks let women walk out the door in the morning knowing they look good, but mostly knowing they are going to make it through the day without being annoyed by their undergarments. The tagless design made Hanes an innovative company allowing those wearing the brand to never worry about their tag sticking them while at work or play. Hanes knows it's the little things that make women happy. One thing that has remained constant over the last century is comfort. Brothers John Wesley Hanes and P. H. Hanes decided to make a dime on this thought; however, it took them a few years to get it together. In the 1800s the brothers founded Hanes as a tobacco business. They then sold the company and split up. John Wesley's focus was on hosiery when P.H. manufactured men's underwear. In 1965 the brothers merged the businesses together creating the timeless Hanes brand it is today. The brand introduced L'eggs in 1969, a new way to package with egg packaging. This was so successful L'eggs became a separate dvision of the company. In 1979 Sara Lee Corporation acquired the operating divisions of Hanes Corporation. Sara Lee Hosiery, Hanes Hosery and L'eggs Products, Inc. have been all under the same banner of the Sara Lee Corporation since 1987. Hanes Her Way is known for their pack of panties sold at a reasonable price. The styles of panties now range from low-rise bikinis to the nylon Hanes Elegance Briefs to the Sporty Hanes. These are silky smooth and have leg bands to help them not fall throughout the day. Others love the Sporty Hi-Cut Brief as it provides amazing coverage and features seamless sides for added comfort. Celebrities have been cashing in on the comfort for many years as well staring in many ads. Their point is that no one can resist the comfort and style of Hanes. More than half of America owns at least one piece of Hanes underwear or hosiery. Comfort and value go hand-in-hand when you put on one of the staples of Hanes. Wrapping yourself in that cozy blanket of comfort never felt so good.

Hanky Panky - Feel how comfortable sexy can be with intimate apparel from Hanky Panky. This USA company is known for sensuous bras, panties and camisoles. The Hanky Panky thongs are the collection's most popular item, constructed in Hanky Panky's signature stretch lace, and in a wide range of beautiful colors. Hanky Panky has an enormous celebrity following who like the comfort and sexy look of the line, and they purchase the thongs and G-strings in several colors, coordinated with bras and camisoles. The original thong was designed back in 1986 by Gale Epstein, a co-owner and Hanky Panky's Creative Director. This thong had a cult-like following in New York City, where it was designed. But, then a big break came to the company in June of 2006 when the Wall Street Journal did a front-page story on their thong--anointing it the most comfortable thong on the market. This article catapulted this boutique manufacturer into the mainstream of lingerie companies. The company has seen cataclysmic growth and continues to expand its offering to keep up with demand. Unique to the Hanky Panky brand is the fact that all their products are made in the USA. All Hanky Panky panties and thongs are constructed using the best construction methods available. Believe it or not, each thong consumes over 30 yards of thread. And, more thread means more stitches, and more stitches means the product is more durable and of higher quality.

Jezebel - Jezebel is another name for seductive. This line of beautiful, sexy lingerie has created a niche in the intimate apparel business. Each piece is crafted of the finest fabrics and laces, and the designs are cut to fit in all the right places. With the Jezebel Collection, you will find panties and bras to wear any time, and you will also find lingerie definitely created for intimate moments when your inhibitions are on hold. Every woman can feel beautiful, sexy and powerful, with fabulous undies beneath a business suit or your casual jeans. Jezebel lingerie is all about you, and what makes you look and feel your prettiest. Back in the glamourous Hollywood of the 1950's, Rene of Hollywood introduced the Jezebal bra, a deeply plunging bra that quickly became the hottest bras in town. Soon new styles were added and the Jezebel brand was born. Known for lacy confections of push-up and plunge bras, Jezebal made its name as a sexy alternative to basic lingerie. While the brand may have lost its way for a short while, it was resurrected in all of its sexy glory by the Felina Lingerie company around the turn of this new century. Look to Jezebel for fun, flirty panties, bras and mini-skirts; garter belts, thongs and bustiers; beautifully detailed sets; animal prints; and lacy white lingerie that is perfect with your wedding gown or just for a special evening. The Jezebel lingerie line includes bras, panties, bustiers, babydolls, chemises, garter belts and camis--and what a hot collection it is. There are times when every woman needs to release the Jezebel within, and wearing fabulous undies is a fun way to experience that part of herself. No one has to know what's underneath....unless you want them to. We'll never tell.

Jockey - Jockey underwear is undeniably a household name, sold in more than 120 countries. The company story started in 1876, when Samuel Thrall Cooper began making socks for lumberjacks. In 1978, Donna Wolf Steigerwaldt became the president of Jockey International, which then introduced Jockey for Her in 1980. You'll find a wealth of panty styles, from thongs, to bikini and string bikinis, boyshorts, hipsters, high-cut legs, French cuts and the fuller coverage briefs. Jockey classifies their panties as Classic Fit (full coverage), Modern Fit (lower rises) and Cheeky Fit (with a sensuous show of derriere), so every woman can find her look.

Just My Size - For more than 25 years Just My Size has been a part of the Hanes brand. Just My Size markets directly to plus size, full busted women needing the larger sizes in fashionable styles. Many of the Just My Size panties come in packs of assorted colors. Assorted may be solids, prints, all white or a combination. Most have a tagless construction for comfort and are made of pure fabrics. From 100% cotton and 100% nylon, there are many soft, comfortable panties to choose from.

Olga - Olga lingerie has a rich history of bringing style and comfort to women's underwear. Olga bras and Olga panties are among the most recognized brands in lingerie. Founded in 1950 by Olga Erteszek as a girdle company, The Olga Company is built on the belief that women should have comfortable, well-fitting bras and panties no matter what their shapes and sizes. That's one of the reasons some of their styles stay in production year after year. Olga is made by Warnaco Inc. who also makes the Warner's and Calvin Klein underwear. Olga panties also attract a loyal following. Some customers have been purchasing the same style for decades.

Shadowline - Pure luxury and silky soft comfort is found in each fashion by Shadowline. Using their trademarked fabrics, Opacitrique and Satintrique in many of their fashions, Shadowline sets the bar high when it comes to utmost comfort. Each is silky soft and lightweight for an amazing feel. Shadowline offers pajama sets, gowns, house coats, panties and slips for your every need. Shadowline joined Velrose in September 2009 to bring women silky soft comfort. Velrose has been a family-owned business since 1914. Today the trademarked fabrics of Shadowline are made in the USA and manufactured in Mexico. What has always set Shadowline apart is the incomparably high quality of their nylon, unmatched for softness, and the style and cut of the garments. Shadowline panties also have a loyal following of women who have been buying them for years and new fans alike. The best thing about Shadowline panties is their briefs are traditional with full coverage. Each has a sewn-in cotton crotch for comfort. They are silky soft and lightweight.

Shirley of Hollywood - Started as a family business selling corset supplies in 1948, the company began manufacturing Shirley of Hollywood sleepwear and panties in the 1960's. In 1970, they purchased the name "Shirley of Hollywood" and the rest is glamour history. To this day,Shirley of Hollywood is still a family-owned business, now in its third generation. Shirley of Hollywood has its own state-of-the-art design facility and in-house design team. They also have their own sewing facilities, both in the United States and abroad. Using luxurious fabrics and trims that are sourced all over the world and meticulous details and styles, Shirley of Hollywood brings out the oo-la-la in every women.

Vanity Fair - Vanity Fair has a been a reliable name in lingerie for over 40 years. Taking almost a century of manufacturing experience and bringing that to the lingerie market, Vanity Fair products are carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail, styling and fit. The brand, which includes Vanity Fair bras , Vanity Fair panties including the Lollipop panties line, camisoles, and Vanity Fair sleepwear, is known for a commitment to fit. Women find bras and panties that fit perfectly and they stay loyal to the Vanity Fair brand for years. Brand loyalty is unusually high for Vanity Fair, maybe because they take their motto seriously: 'We Fit for Life.'

Vassarette - Founded as the Vassar-Swiss Underwear Company of Chicago in the 19th century. They were known then for manufacturing men's ribbed union suits and women's under garments. The parent company, Munsingwear, created the Vassarette label in 1951. Today, Vassarette is owned by Vanity Fair Brands and is still making a variety of styles of bras and panties. Customers praise the Vassarette fit and also love the modest price point. Customers love how smooth and comfortable Vassarette panties are.

Wacoal - Wacoal brings an impressive range of fit and style to the lingerie arena, having only entered the American marketplace a few years ago. Wacoal Eveden quickly became a brand of choice, providing women everywhere with a perfect fit. Wacoal remains a leader in women's lingerie because of their commitment to perfectly designed bras, panties and shapewear, all incorporating stylish elegance, superb comfort and fit. Their extensive size range reflects the Wacoal mission to put all women in beautifully constructed, well-fitting lingerie.

Warner's - Warner's lingerie is well-constructed and durable.The panties are popular among women looking for the highest level of comfort. Warner's makes women's lives easier by giving them the comfort and support of lingerie that has been dressing women since the early 1900s. Women can look in the closet of a mother, grandmother or great grandmother and probably find a Warner's bra. They created their first bras in 1902. One thing Warner's is known for is patenting one of the first best-selling bras.Without a Stitch briefs are customer favorites as well, praised for the silky softness and perfect body-hugging fit. Warners panties styles range from high waisted briefs to hipsters and high cut briefs, all constructed for comfort. Several Warner's panties styles come in plus sizes too, including Without a Stitch, Innocent Nudes and Perfect Measure. The main thing customers find in Warner's pieces is comfort.

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