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Women Sniffing Other Women's Panties
By pantysniffer on April 25, 2015

Are there any women out there that have sniffed another woman's panties? The answer to this is yes. Many women just like many men are turned on by scents and are aroused by scents left behind on panties. You hear of men sniffing panties all the time and men expressing how much they enjoy sniffing panties but you don't often hear about women sniffing panties, or women sniffing other womens panties, women tend to be a bit more shy and timid about some of there sexual kinks. They might discuss sexual kinks with close friends but unless one of there friends is into sniffing panties also they might not express that they enjoy sniffing panties, discussing which toys they use, other masturbation methods is common but sniffing panties is just not something most women are going to admit around friends especially if they have sniffed that friends panties. So why do women enjoy sniffing other womens panties, women sniff panties for many of the same reasons guys sniff panties, the scent turns them on. A women who sniffing panties does not mean she is lesbian, bisexual or even bicurious, although some women sniffing panties might be lesbian, bisexual or bicurious. Sniffing panties for both men sniffing panties and women sniffing panties is something that appeals to our senses and turns us on. There are many women who enjoy sniffing panties that would love to be able to express to others both men, women, boyfriends, husbands that they enjoy sniffing panties.

Here are comments from women who sniff panties.

I sniffed panties sort by accident. I had gone to our local swimming pool and after the woman getting changed next to me had left, I noticed her panties had fallen behind the bench onto the floor. She must have brought clean ones to change into after her swim, because these certainly were not clean. When no one was looking I picked them up and put them to my nose, to my surprise I got so turned on, I can only describe the smell as orgasmic. Without thinking, I quickly got up and went into a bathroom stall and held her panties to my nose and pulled my swimsuit bottoms to the side and rubbed myself while sniffing her panties.

This is why I never leave my clothes unattended at the laundry mat. I have stolen a few pairs of panties myself though. There was this super hot girl who used to go to my gym and I made off with two pairs of her moist bikini panties. I would sniff them while rubbing my clit and imagine that she and I were lesbian lovers. Much easier to take them being a girl and having more freedom and access

I'm one of those girls that like to sniff girls panties and i'm not even a lesbian if that makes sense. Every girl smells different down there. Last month I was with my college volleyball team in a competition and shared rooms with our captain. She is a very pretty 5'4 petite blond with an slim athletic body and a cute tight butt that all women envy. She only wears thongs but I never got to smell them so this time I saw a chance. First day we had two long and hard fought games and cause she is one of our best players she played through both. It was hot and very humid and we were all very sweaty. After the games we went back to our nearby hotel and she showered first. When it was my turn I could see a bag with her dirty clothes. I found her thong, it was very sweaty and to my surprise also heavily soiled. The front was very wet and moist and covered by a large yellowish stain. In the back where the string started the pussy stain blended into a well-visible ass stain. I didnt expect that cause she is such a perfect girl so having found that weakness turned me on. I first held the crotch against my nose and instantly percieved a heavy and musky smell of her pussy. She had clearly peed a bit cause the front was very dirty, stained and wet and smelled like a mix of sweat, discharge and urine. I moved my nose back and the heavy pussy odor gradually gave way to a equally-strong ass smell. I stopped where the string must have been in direct contact with her ass cause the stain was strongest here. I pressed it against my nose and instantly percieved the strong, pungent smell of her butt. It had a heavy, sweaty and stinky ass odor, but was still pleasantly girly. I remembered her running, jumping, diving, spiking, yelling, directing teammembers and wiping of sweat all while that piece of cotton was rubbing her ass for hours getting more and more dirty, sweaty, stained and stinky. It had captured all the physical effort in her most intimate spot and the smell was so overwhelming that I came soon after. On that competition I still sniffed three other thongs from her that were all very soiled, stained and stinky, but a tiny bit less than the first one. I find it erotic that each time I see her in her volleyball spandex shorts highlighting her cute petite butt I know exactly how stinky she smells down there.

I was sniffing and licking my best friend's panties growing up (as well as my own!). I have since had lots of panties from friends. I like to masturbate while wearing them over my face like a mask with the crotch right over my nose. Sniffing panties is so yummy.

I am a 37 year old married bi woman, my girfriend and I regulary enjoy sniffing each others panties. We start by kissing and stroking the outside of our panties till they are nice and wet. After our teasing is finished we take our panties off and press them to each others faces. Her scent makes me really horny and gets me dripping wet. We have both used a double ended dildo, butt to butt, ass to ass, kneeling doggy style on the bed with the double ended dildo between us both wearing the panties on our head like a mask so we can sniff each others panties while we press our asses together making the double ended dildo go in and out of each other. Sniffing panties while we use the double ended dildo makes us both orgasm so intense.

When my sons girlfriend used to stay over I always sniffed her dirty panties. The first time it happened I was just checking to see if they needed washing, but the minute I smelt her aroma I couldnt believe how turned on I became. I went to my bedroom took off my panties and rubbed her dirty panties all over my body. I had one of the most powerfull orgasms ive ever had. I would recomend every woman try sniffing panties, it increases how turned on you are and increases the intensity of your orgasm, scent is a very powerful thing.

I fooled around with a woman one time and we would take our panties off and put them on like a mast with the crotch right at our lips and we would kiss each other through our panties, it was such a turn on kissing each other and tasting each others juices at the same time.

My husband does not know of my secret pleasures with panties. I usually go through dirty hampers at my friends houses, but often when I visit they get ready to go out so I go into the bathroom after them and enjoy the still warm moist ones they have just slipped off. To my knowledge non of them knows of my secret pleasure with their panties, and yes I love the smell an taste of my own panties as well.

I constantly sniff other women's panties. I started when I was at my Aunt's house in High School. I would become aroused by the sight of her dirty panties, and would sniff them and rub myself to them. Eventually, I moved on to friend's panties, when I was at their house.

I always found my boyfriends mom hot and attractive. For her being 53 years old she has an amazing body. She has a perfect body. Long tanned firm legs and a perfect butt and a tiny waist. My boyfriend always told me when he went out with his mom to do errands people always assumed they were a couple and even congratulated them for making an excellent couple. I notice when I join my boyfriends family out to dinner his mom turns heads big time. When she's left alone for a minute she's always hit on. Im straight but seeing an older hot beautiful woman attracted me somehow. I paid closer attention to her when I saw her wear a two piece bikini at one of my boyfriends aunts house. She looked amazing. Even her brother in laws checked her out. The turning point for me was this same day when she stepped out of the pool. Since she was wearing a white bikini her nipples and shaved tight beautiful crotch were visible. She sat across from me and I couldn't stop staring at her hot body. Since this experience I feel I've become obsessed about her. Once when she got home from work she was wearing a nice sexy but yet conservative dress and as she took off her shoes I saw her wearing tiny see through white panties. She excused herself to shower and get comfortable. I couldn't stop thinking about her panties so I went to use her restroom to look for her dirty moist panties she wore all day long. It didn't take much effort nor time to find them. She left them on top of the hamper and I grabbed them and I could feel the moistness and wetness of her crotch area on the panties. I even saw white stuff that looked like sperm. I got so horny and sniffed her panties and tasted her mature juices. I licked them clean and I had a huge orgasm.

Funny thing, my boyfriend actually got me interested in this (we were both virgins when we met). He'd smell and lick my soaked panties. I later joined, and we both licked and smelled them together. Then he pitched the idea about wearing them over our heads as we get off. I wear them over my head sniffing and licking them as I play with myself and he wears a pair over his head while he plays with himself. I also stuff them inside me then we smell and lick them. I would love to sniff many of my friends panties.

My ex bi girlfriend told me she loves stealing her girlfriends soild panties when at her house, then she masturbates sniffing them, she gets off thinking about licking the place where the sexy aroma is coming from, she said she has tried everything to hint she wants to go down on her but she dosent get it, she said lots of girls masturbate thinking about eating a girl out, but most are afraid to say so.

I love smelling other womans dirty panties, the dirtier the better.

I always loved snifing my friends panties, when she would leave the room she always had a pair laying on the floor some where, so when she would leave i'd look around for them and find a pair with stains on them and I would suck the stains out of them after sniffing them. I love the taste and smell of another womans crotch.

My wife confessed to me that she likes to smell other womens panties. I smiled so big my face hurt.

I used to sniff my college roommates panties after she'd return from sex with her boyfriend. I was still a virgin at the time and the thought of sniffing her wet crotch while masturbating was a huge turn on.

Yes guys we woman love to sniff other womans scent tooooo! Maybe even more! I just don't have the guts to ask my friends to swap their panties.

Oh yes I'm 26 and single! Working and living alone.I'm not barbie I'm just a ordinary girl with hormones that could flood ur house! I love sniffing panties and sniff several of my friends panties when visiting there house.

I am a 28 year old girl in a long term relationship with my male partner who I am totally in love with. Recently I have developed a weird fetish, it started last year when in local bar with my boyfriend, a girl opposite us was wearing a very short skirt and her panties were clearly on display and a few times they were on display enough to see a small damp patch on the front of her panties. I could not stop looking up her skirt at her panties and found myself getting really turned on . Since then I cannot stop thinking about wanting to sniff another womans panties and I would of loved to been able to sniff that damp patch on her panties.

My 33 year old wife loves to sniff her friends panties when we vist them.

I love to sniff and lick other women's panties, I almost have a pair of all my close friends. I especially enjoy my daughter's friends panties when they spend the weekend.

I sniff my own panties and my friends panties, any womens panties I can get my hands on!

I got the wife into sniffing some pantys, and she now loves it. We have got two of her friends panties so far.

I have done this when I was younger. I have smelled my 2 sisters panties and my mothers panties and also my own. I just think the smell is so good even though I am not really attract to women. I have smelled lots of my friend's panties too.

I've been sniffing my own panties for years and have a friend that I swap mine for hers. We live far away from each other and this is our way of exploring our sexual desires since both of us are married.

I smelled my friends panties when she was in the shower. I was just going to pick them up off the floor and lay them on her bed and when I felt them they were all wet. I was intrigued so I rubbed the crotch of them and then put them to my face and smelled them and omg what a sweet smell she had. I almost creamed in my panties smelling her panties.

I have been enjoying sniffing and licking other girl's panties and thongs for the last 12 years and thought I was the only women who enjoyed sniffing panties.

I used to love smelling my older sisters panties when I was growing up. Then later when I started college, I used to smell some of the womens panties in the dorm room. Never really been caught, but sometimes I would have to hide them down my own panties, until it was safe to put them back where I found them.

I caught my daughter smelling my panties from the dirty laundry. I was shocked but it also got me curious so I started smelling my own panties and was amazed at how it turned me on. While over at friends house I spotted a pair of panties in the hamper while using the restroom and became curious at to what she smelled like. I grabbed her panties and held them up to my nose and inhaled and was amazed at how she smelled and how it turned me on.

My room mate and I sniff each other's panties all the time; especially when we are removing them from each other for a little fun! Sniffing panties gets us both so horny.

I've always loved the smell of other girls' panties.

When ever I go swimming with my friends, I often sneak back while they are in the pool and go through there bags so I can sniff their panties. I am certainly not lesbian, and have a great boyfriend, but just get off on doing it.

I always check for panties if I am at a friends house. I get so turned on sniffing another womans panties, its such a turn on to knowing how my friends smell.

Husband and I were out last week and stopped by friends home. We had been drinking a little and I had to use bathroom. I went to the back of house and slipped into the bathroom and found a dirty clothes basket. I sat and smelled my friend's panties as well as her daughters. I was so turned that I actually took both pair and shared with husband that night. It was sex like we haven't had in a while. I took them back the next day and put back in dirty clothes basket.

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