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Stealing Panties Borrowing Panties
By lovpanties on April 20, 2015

Lots of men have stolen panties or borrowed panties at some point in there life. Lots of men start out stealing panties or borrowing panties when growing up as they do not have any other method to get panties so stealing panties or borrowing panties is the only way they can get panties to explore, wear, pleasure themselves with. Lots of men start out stealing family members panties or borrowing family members panties, moms panties, sisters panties, aunts panties, cousins panties are common panties that men growing up steal or borrow. Some men growing up steal or borrow, neighbors panties, friends moms panties, friends sisters panties, sisters friends panties. For many men who steal or borrow panties they continue to steal panties or borrow panties even after they are able to buy panties of there own, for many men panties that belong to someone else are much more exciting than panties they have purchased. Whether you wear panties, sniff panties, lick panties, masturbate with panties, jerk off with panties, for lots of men part of the excitement of panties is finding panties, stealing panties, borrowing panties whether its panties that belong to someone you know or panties from a stranger. Many men prefer to borrow panties rather than steal panties, they realize the woman might miss the panties and perhaps wonder who took them and perhaps you have no choice but to borrow panties because you would be the only person who could of taken the panties. For example, moms panties, sisters panties, cousins panties, aunts panties, usually family members panties are borrowed and not stolen. Usually if the panties are stolen they will be from someone you do not know, are not around very often, or do not live with for example a neighbors panties, a friends sisters panties, friends moms panties, friends girlfriends panties, friends wifes panties, panties from a stranger, or panties you have found in public. For most men they grew up stealing panties or borrowing panties and often would steal panties or borrow panties but as they grew older the opportunity to steal panties or borrow panties gets fewer and fewer, perhaps your wifes friend comes to visit once a year and stays in the guest room, or your at a party at someones house. Stealing panties, borrowing panties, finding panties, coming across panties certainly gets most mens heart beating a bit faster and gets one stiff in the pants. There is just something about panties that excites us men so much.

Below are some stories from men stealing panties, men borrowing panties, men finding panties. Perhaps you can relate to the experiences and excitement of stealing panties, men borrowing panties, men finding panties in these stories.

Sometimes I take panties that girls leave behind in the laundry room of my building. I've smelled them as I jacked off, wrapped them around me and come inside them and even worn them and rubbed myself through the material.

I used to always steal my sister's panties and wear them all day around the house. By the end of the day I was so hard from knowing im wearing them I would go to the bathroom and masturbate while wearing them!

I have used panties for as long as I can remember. First it was my mums & my sisters. Now its my wifes, wifes friends that stay over. I have used my boss's wives when we went to there house for a party one night. My wife knows about my fetish & even finds it a turn on herself. She has even brought me a thong belonging to our next door neighbour which she acquired when they went to the gym.

I always check out the bathrooms when I go to parties at girl's apartments. College girls can be so careless with where they put their worn panties. I have really intense jack sessions sitting on their toilet while I sniff and lick worn panties. It makes for the most mind numbing cum cause they are in the next room and have no clue a guy is getting off to their panties.

A few times a year me and my girlfriend stay over our friends house. They let us have there room and they sleep on the sofa bed. We like to sniff her panties and put on her panties (yes both of us) and have sex in there bed. Last time I wore her black thong my girlfriend wore her pink bra and panties.

A friend of mines mom has a great ass and a nice natural rack. One day she was bending over in front of me and I caught a nice view of her red panties, they looked so soft. A few days later I was over at my friends and excused myself to the bathroom and there was that pair of red panties ontop of the hamper. I instantly got hard and picked them up and was shaking I was so excited. I brought them up to my nose and WOW they smelled so good, don't think I even touched myself and I almost ended up creaming in my own pants just from sniffing her panties.

My friends wife always leaves a pile of dirty clothes laying in their bathroom floor so i always nervously go pee right before im about to leave then as soon as i flush i quietly pilfer though her clothes hoping to find a pair of her stinky used panties to take home and sniff!

Whenever i see a pile of dirty clothes or a hamper in the bathroom i cant help pilfering for a pair of freshly worn panties to sniff & possibly steal...its such a rush!

I've stole quite a few panties in my life. My friends moms panties, my girlfriends sisters panties and girlfriends best friends panties, also my brothers girlfriends panties. I just like to sniff them and jerk off with panties. Sometimes I don't take them, but just jerk off with them and put them back where I found them. It's facisinating seeing my friends mom wearing the same panties that I came in.

I have smelled my girlfriends sisters panties, friends wives panties and girlfriends panties. I have got to smell many, many women that I could never have sex with.

My girlfriend had a birthday party a few months ago at our house, and a bunch of her friends slept over due to the fact that they were drunk. I woke up in the middle of the night, still moderately drunk, took the overnight bags that I could find and went into the bathroom There were three bags, the first with one clean pair of panties from a girl I had no attraction to whatsoever, the 2nd with a very crusty pair, that were still moist, smelt amazing. However, There was one friend of hers that I've been particularly attracted to, huge tits, thick body, but not fat or overweight. Unfortunately, just a clean thong in this girls bag. I smelt the other girl's crusty pair until I came.

One time I was doing laundry at my apt. complex and this gorgeous blonde came in to put her clothes into the dryer. When she left, I got the stupid idea to look at her clothes. She had some very sexy panties (mostly lace boy-shorts). I got an instant hard-on! I actually grabbed a pair of red ones and ran to the bathroom in the laundry area. I know they were clean but I got off on smelling them and imagining this hot chick in them. I jacked off with them and came so hard. When all was settled down again, I tossed them back into her dryer.

The first pair of panties I stole was a pair I found in a parking lot (bikini style, white with purple trim). The next week I found my friend's sister's panties on the bathroom floor. I snatched them up and licked them clean. When I had a girlfriend, I'd steal her panties after sex because they were soaked with our juices. One day she asked me if I was stealing them and I confessed. She said it was sexy that I loved her panties (she only wore thongs) and so she would masturbate with her panties on and then let me play with them when she had to get ready for work. I'd also steal my other friend's step-sister's panties whenever I went over. She would leave them in a basket after washing them. I'd wear them all the time under my clothes but once my girlfriend came over and surprised me. She took off my pants to blow me and she saw I was wearing another girl's panties. She asked me where I got them and I told her. She licked my balls through the panties while pumping me furiously. I came in her mouth (she LOVED eating my cum, bless her heart) and she rubbed my sack through the soft cotton crotch of the panties. After my friend's step-sister moved away, I started stealing his mom's panties. She would have lacy thongs, boyshorts, bikini, cute briefs all in baskets after she washed them on Sundays. I'd put a pair in my pocket and hurry home to sample them.

I went on a panty stealing, panty jerking, panty sniffing spree for a few years. All of my friends girlfriends panties, cousins panties, sisters panties, or close friends panties that were hot; I stole a pair of their panties or jerked off and came in them. It was hot jerking and sniffing girls panties that I knew. All I had on my mind was panties. I don't know what got into me. I still enjoy sniffing panties but that panty sniffing spree was epic.

Oh yes the thoughts of the good old days when taking girls panties from a washing machine or dryer was the turn on of the night. I can remember the nights when i would close up & I had to go through all the washers & dryers to check for any clothes left behind. i think the most item left behind were women's panties. I mean lots of panties. Some nights I get 10 pairs of panties. Most not good looking to take. But when I came across a pair I liked I would put them in my pocket and bring them home with me. As I was coming home, I would have a real hard boner on me. I knew these panties were turning me on. So I came home & went into the bath room & took my clothes off & I would try on the sexy panties. Hmmmmmmmm the feel of them next to my big hard penis was something else. I did spray some thick cum onto them, wondering what girl had them on. Some panties i kept others I would masturbate in them & then discard them.

I steal a girls panties or thong whenever I get the opportunity, especially if they have been worn. Used to love going into my gf's sisters room and smelling and trying on her thongs.

I helped my best friend move and had always been attracted to his girlfriend but would never try anything because I would never do that to my friend, about a week after the move we were setting up his electronics, he told me to look for a cord in this dresser drawer and while digging through it I came across this thong that I quickly pocketed and took him with me. More than once I would take it out and masturbate over it until I came into the thong.

The first pair of panties i stole was a pink polka dot thong it was my girlfriends moms thong, it was so hot and they smelled awesome ever since i've been addicted to panties.

I've been stealing panties from girls for years. Aunts panties, cousins panties, neighbors panties, friends wifes panties, friends girlfriends panties. Whenever I'm at someones house too I always check the washroom hamper for panties and bras and take a pair whenever I can.

Was at a friends birthday party and one of his hot cousins was staying with his family. Snuck down to the room she was staying in while everyone was outside, she had a bunch of sexy panties in her bag so I grabbed a few and stuck them in my pocket. They were nice and dirty and I had so much fun while sniffing her panties.

Just spent a wonderful weekend house sitting for a friend. Two whole days of wanking with his wifes panties. She has a fabulous collection. Lost count of how many times I spunked in them.

Have to admit. I am guilty of stealing dirty panties from my neighbours hamper. I have her house key as when she is at work, I go in to carry out DIY jobs for her a couple of times a month. Of course as soon as I go into her house .I go straight upstairs to her bedroom. The bedroom has a separate bath shower room and that is where she keeps her hamper. Her dirty panties thongs are always in the hamper, if I am lucky there is a thong which is still damp and moist with her juice. Sometimes her panties are literally drenched in her girl goo. Smelling, sucking, licking her dirty gussets is amazing. I always shoot a greater amount of semen when masturbating with her dirty panties. When there are several dirty panties, I steal a pair, just love to masturbate at home with her messy panties.

I was helping this friend of a friend move a couple months ago, I'd guess she was about 24. After awhile I excused myself to the washroom which was upstairs and while everyone was downstairs moving stuff I made my way into her room and grabbed a couple pairs of her panties. Later on I found myself alone in their basement for a bit and saw tons of dirty clothes all over the place, I went through those and was able to get a couple dirty panties of hers.

Once, at a friends house, I woke up early in the morning and had to piss. So as I stepped over his sleeping body and to the bathroom, I noticed that things were different than they had been. A layer of girls clothes had recently been stripped off. Knowing it had been his sister, I started to feel and smell and even taste her thong. I couldn't help but jack off right there inside her panties. I put them back but the next time I was over it was obvious she knew what I had done. She asked to talk to me privately and pulled me into the other room. Fearing for my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find that instead of certain death, I recieved one hell of a handjob.

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