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Do Women Masturbate With Panties
By pantymasturbate on April 16, 2015

Lots of men like masturbating with panties, many guys enjoy many different methods of masturbating with panties, masturbating wearing panties, masturbating with panties wrapped around them, laying panties out and masturbating while looking at panties, masturbating while sniffing panties, masturbating while licking panties. Masturbating with panties is very common among men. Men masturbate with panties for many different reasons, many common reasons are the feeling of the material, satin panties, silk panties, nylon panties, spandex panties feel very silky and soft. Panties are also very sexual and the most intimate item a woman wears so when seeing a pair of panties it makes guys very horny, many men get excited just seeing a picture of panties, or seeing panties laying on the floor, panties in the hamper, panties in the laundry pile, or seeing panties in a drawer. There there are the scents a woman leaves on her panties which stimulates a mans senses and makes him very horny. As mentioned lots of men enjoy many different methods of masturbating with panties, stroking with panties, jerking with panties, wrapping panties around you, caressing with panties, teasing with panties, slipping panties on and wearing panties, rubbing yourself through panties, masturbating with more than one panty so you can sniff one panty while stroking with another pair, or sniff panties while rubbing yourself through panties your wearing. Then there is also being masturbated with panties, having a woman stroke you with panties, panty hand job, pantyjob, panty handjob. Having a woman slide her panties over you slowly teasing you with her panties. However there are women who also enjoy masturbating with panties. There are women who are turned on by the feeling of certain fabrics, the look of themselves in panties, other women in panties, and even seeing pictures of panties, panties laying on the floor, panties on the rack in store, or panties in a drawer, and who get turned on talking about panties. Often times women who masturbate with panties will masturbate in similar ways a man does, rubbing the panties against them, caressing themselves with panties, sniffing panties, licking panties. Many women also enjoy masturbating with panties by stuffing panties inside them, fingering themselves with panties. Just like men masturbate both while wearing panties and while not wearing panties, women also enjoy masturbating both while wearing panties and not wearing panties. Many enjoy slipping there hand down there pants and rubbing themselves through panties, pressing the fabric between there lips. Many women also enjoy more suddle forms of masturbating with panties by crossing and uncrossing there legs, feeling the fabric sliding against them as they uncross and cross there legs, many women can orgasm just by doing this throughout the day. There are also women who enjoy humping against panties, dry humping panties, laying a pair of panties out on the bed, or slipping a pair of panties over a pillow and laying down and humping against the panties, and there are women who have experimented with another woman, and been curious about touching another woman and they have dry humped against each others panties. Just like many mens fabric panty fabrics to masturbate with are satin, silk, nylon, spandex, many women also enjoy masturbating with silky panty fabrics. Many men would be surprised at how many women masturbate with panties and there are lots of couple who enjoy panties and couples who masturbate with panties. Women certainly have kinky things they also enjoy doing but they are usually a bit shy, timid, and more secret about them. There are some women who are more open and talk with there friends about what kinky things they enjoy doing, imagine sitting in a room with a group of women all talking about how they enjoy masturbating, what they use to masturbate with, masturbation techniques they enjoy and hearing them talk about masturbating with panties. Women can be very sexual and very kinky but as mentioned they are more shy and timid about it so you just never know what women masturbate with panties. Just as many women don't know which men masturbate with panties. Many couples might be together and both enjoy masturbating with panties however both keep it a secret when they could be enjoying panty masturbation together.

Here are some comments from women who masturbate with panties and couples who masturbate with panties. As you will see men and women have lots in common when it comes to masturbating with panties.

I am not to shy when it comes to sex, masturbation and pleasure. I love making myself and my partner feel good. I love slipping into a pair of soft silky panties, anything with spandex in it feels really good, microfiber panties are my new favorite fabric. I like to imagine a man is watching me as a glide my fingers lightly over my panty covered lips. Pushing against my panties and pressing my panties a bit inside me and slowly teasing. Spreading my legs wide and lifting my hips up and down. My panties start to get moist and I love the feeling of my damp panties against me. I love taking my fingers and rubbing myself in circles through my panties, its such an intense orgasm.

I like to masturbate secretly. Last week I was on a plane coming home from a business trip. I put my jacket over my lap, put my hand between my legs and pretended to be asleep. I then slowly brought myself off by pressing on my clitty & sliding my fingers smoothly over my panties. It took a while but it was worth it. I was so relaxed, the time just flew by.

My wife likes to masturbate through her panties. She says that the feeling spreads all over her body when she rubs herself through her panties, much better than rubbing herself directly. Some of her panties actaully have wear marks on them from rubbing herslef so hard.

We love masturbating with panties. My wife loves it when I put on a pair of panties and she gets ontop of me and rubs herself against my panties until we both come. It feels so amazing for both of us.

I love masturbating in front of a mirror while wearing panties. Love sitting on the floor and spreading my legs and seeing my wet spot getting bigger and bigger. What I enjoy doing is wearing a pair of panties and then rubbing myself with another pair. I will wear a silky pair something with spandex or lycra and then rub myself with a similar fabric panty, the two silky fabrics create such a nice friction.

I have always masturbated over my panties. It provides me with the right glide and friction that I need, really makes my clit and mound really sensitive. I find it difficult to maturbate directly on my clitoris as the wetness or sweat stops my glide and makes my skin sore. Masturbating through panties creates such a nice glide and friction and really gets me off quick.

I like the tight feeling of the panties. I lay on my right side and I rub my clit. I dont need to even finger myself because the pressure feels so good. I squeeze my thighs pretty tight and I can orgasm in a minute doing that. I love keeping my panties on and pulling them through my swollen lips, its awesome.

I have masturbated with panties on many times. I love how naughty it makes me feel and I have even done it in public a few times, its so erotic to get your panties wet and maturbate through them and no one knows your doing it.

I love to masturbate with my panties on. It feels so good.

I find myself incredibly horny at weird times. Its nice to just slide your hand down the front of your pants and feel yourself through your panties, I do this several times a day and have never fully made myself orgasm while out in public, at work, etc while masturbating through my panties its just a way I take the edge off until I get home strip down to just my panties and lay down and take my vibrator and put it onto of my panties and let it bring me to orgasm.

I've caught a friend masturbating with her panties on, once while rubbing on a pillow, when she stayed with us for a few days, and the other time, while she was sitting on our LazyBoy recliner watching TV late one night. I sat down near her and noticed that she had her one foot tucked underneath her and she was moving, back and forth, ever so slightly. I didn't know what she was doing at first, but quickly figured it out when she started moving a little faster, her face got quite flushed and she let out a little grunt. Both times she was just in a tee shirt and panties which it was not uncommon for us both to just hang out both wearing tshirts and panties.

Some of my best climaxes was running my fingers over the fabric of my panties, like a tickling effect.

I am a girl who loves to masturbate through my panties. I have always enjoyed the feeling of having a wet spot in my panties pressing against me, either while at work, home or out with friends. I find that my panties spend more time being wet than dry, guess it does not help that I am always thinking something naughty or seeing something that turns me on. So when I get home from being out I love to strip down to only my panties and lay down on the bed with my knees bent up slightly, I will rub my nipples to make them nice and hard and then slowly move my hand down over my stomach and then over the front of my panties, I start to squirm as I feel my fingers pressing against the front of my panties and feeling myself pressing my wet spot inbetween my lips. I love all types of fabrics but silk, satin or microfiber panties do feel the best masturbating through, they just feel so good against my lips and clit. I continue to press my fingers against my panties, and start to rub in circles, soaking the crotch of my panties even more, that wet feeling on the crotch as I rub myself through my panties feels so good, I get so wet that it does not take to long before my panties are soaked through. The friction of rubbing myself through my panties makes me orgasm so intense. I love masturbating through my panties.

I like to strip down to just my panties and rub myself on the sofa arm around about the time my husband is due home. He walks in and see me in nothing but my panties humping away on the arm of the sofa and moaning away, instantly makes him hard and he usually comes up behind me and pulls my panties to the side and slides inside me. Now I have the best of both, him inside me and my clit rubbing back and fourth in my panties against the arm of the couch.

Sometimes I masturbate with my panties. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in, where I'm at and what kind of panties I'm wearing. I've masturbated through my panties sitting in my office at work on more than one occasion.

I love rubbing myself over my panties til they are soaked. I like to get the whole crotch part of my panties wet, feels so good over my smooth shaved kitty. I love to finger myself through my wet panties.

I always masturbate with my pantys on. I keep rubbing and rubbig and rubbing, till my panties get so wet and my legs start to shake.

My wife loves to masturbate with panties, I love when she sits back with her legs up and you can see the wet spot forming on her panties.

Me and a friend always maturbate in our panties, we love to rub your panty covered crotches together and looking down seeing each others wet spot getting bigger and bigger is such a turn on. We usually sit on the floor or on the bed and spread our legs and intertwine our legs so we can press our crotches together, then we just move back and fourth grinding our panty covered crothes together, great way to orgasm hands free.

I absolutely love masturbating with panties, it's one of my favourite ways of getting off .

I love the feel of my panties against me especially when I'm nice and wet! It really turns me on to get off through my panties.

My husband loves watching me rub myself through my panties.

I love to get my panties nice and wet by rubbing myself through them. Then I take off my panties and caress myself with my panties, rubbing them from my breasts down to my crotch and top of my thighs. I will also rub them over my face and take in my scents. I love how slowly caressing myself with my panties builds me up to such an intense orgasm.

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