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Type Of Panties You Wear
By iwearpanty on April 10, 2015

Men wearing panties all enjoy different styles of panties, different colors of panties, different panty fabrics. Men wearing panties have there favorite panty styles, panty colors, panty fabrics and many of us enjoy a variety of panty styles, panty colors, and panty fabrics. Its always helpful to hear what panty styles, panty colors, panty fabrics other men wearing panties enjoy wearing. From thongs, gstring, bikini, string bikini, tanga, cheekies, low rise, hi cut, nylon, satin, silky, lace, spandex, microfiber, prints, patterns, and from various stores and manufactures, we all enjoy wearing certain panties. Below are some comments on what types of panties other men wearing panties enjoy wearing. Also make sure to check out the panty review section a helpful guide to many panties that men wearing panties enjoy wearing.

I prefer string bikini and bikini type panties that are satin or lace. I wear satin and lace when I have sex with my wife and I wear cotton or satin at work. Thongs are nice too, but they do take some getting used to.

Depends on the mood I'm in. If I'm feeling horny, then something lacey will do, but for everyday wear, a bikini brief or cotton panty is fine.

Boyshorts are the most comfortable for me.

Personally, I love thongs. They are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Tanga panties are also nice.

I prefer full cut bikini style.

I like cheekies or boyshorts the best.

Actually, I dont think there is "one" best. We all like different things and that is as it should be. I like a variety, but I would say I have more full cut bikini style than any other style

Bikini style is my favorite, but for the material, I prefer microfiber, no matter what style of panties I have on.

Hi cut or bikini style panties. Satin, nylon, microfiber and lace fabric's. Usually in pink, baby blue, yellow are my favorite colors but I like flower print to. 57yr old been wearing panties for over 20yrs everyday. Panties fit nicer than men underwear I wear size 7 womans.

I love satin or silk panties bikini or cheeky are my favorite.

I love black lace boyshorts both for me and my wife.

My favourite are lacy boy shorts.

My favorite are a pair of black bikini style that say smack that in pink on the rear end.

Black high cut bikini with pink roses.

My wife like's me to wear satin panties around the house.

My wife enjoys fondling me through a pair of satin panties. I like to leave my satin panties on while she rides me and her juices drip down my shaft and saturate my pair of panties.

My favorite brand is Cacique from lane Bryant. I also wear Victoria's Secret and Soma. I wear mainly hipsters and thongs.

Some of the older style of Victoria's Secret are some of my favorites. Like the "second skin" series that has been discontinued. And the older style of cotton panties as well. Then I found the Ambrielle panties from JC Penny's. Then they discontinued them. Now they brought them back, at much higher prices. So I have been wearing the Hanes panties for the most part. Quite comfortable and very affordable. My favorite style of panty is probably the hipster style followed by the "granny panty" then bikini followed by thongs. Boyshorts are out of the question due to falllout factor. And I love the microfiber material the best. Followed by silk, nylon, and cotton, cotton blend then lace. And I really liked the Rio Briefs that VS used to carry in all materials, colors and prints.

Love the feel of the nylon and variety of colors available. However for everyday under my work clothes I wear cotton. Both the nylon and cotton panties are string bikinis. I love Vanity Fair and Jockey but have just discovered Liz Claiborne. They have a cute little bow on the front too. All offer great coverage even though sexy. My Wife loves them too.

Just about any brand but generally bikini style or thongs, preferably with a bit of stretch in the fabric.

I love Vanity Fair Hi-Cut nylon panties. They are so comfortable and last forever and they are affordable. I also love Victoria's Secret second Skin Satin Hi-Cut nylon panties, its to bad they discontined them but luckily I have several pairs still.

I prefer cotton panties for all day but satin panties at night time.

My favourite brand probably being Calvin Klein

Bikini briefs Hi-cut Satin or nylon. Feels so comfy to me. And I love red but I also like purple.

I prefer the high cut briefs in almost any fabric. I like bright solid colors.

I love stretch, bikini panties. In fact, I'm wearing one of my favorite stretch bikini panties right now, and they are a soft pink.

Victoria secret bikinis, and victoria secret boy shorts.

I like the high cut briefs in spandex with lace on them or bikinins in a satin with lace on the sides and a bow on the front both are soft and silky.

I prefer Bali Skimp Skamps briefs in pretty colors and prints, also VF Smooth Move hipsters!

Although I wear all different styles, I'm split pretty evenly about my favorite between thongs and bikini. Fabric, Definately nylon, closely followed by microfiber, love my panties with a bit of stretch. Color, Anything but white!

Nylon full briefs. They have a wider gusset for the male anatomy and full coverage on the bum. More room in front and a high waist. They support well and the nylon feels great. Any bright color or pattern.

I like to wear thongs. I prefer a stretchy silky feel to them. I like most any color.

I like string bikini, they are the most comfy.

I like Body by Victoria from Victoria's Secret. Either High Leg Brief, Hip Hugger or Thongs.

I love Olga secret hugs. they are so soft and silky but hard to find any more. Dillards has some nice panties. Just ask the sales lady to help you and don't be embarassed. It is actually fun to shop for lingerie.

Victoria's Secret Angels Secret Embrace Lace Low Rise Hiphuggers. I have them in so many colors! The most soft, smooth, seamless undies I have ever seen. Second place is Calvin Klein string bikini in satin microfiber.

I like string bikini's. They are comfy & sexy, but don't ride up like a thong.

Target has panties by Gilligan and O'Malley. They are very soft and very cute. There are a few different fabrics and styles to choose from. I no longer use Victoria's Secret because I find they have lost some of their quality over the past 5-7 years.

I wear anything from la senza and victorias secret. I have a brown shear thong with tiny pink polka dots and a lacey fringe that I love.

Anything shiny, silky and sensuous, such as silk or satin!

Mine are Ambrielle and JCP's. Ultra smooth & soft. Bikkinis & Thongs.

I like almost any style from the Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin line, to bad they discontined them, what were they thinking! Their satin was the best, really slippery feeling and good quality. I like bikinis, thongs, and high cuts the most. Not into cottons at all.

Maidenform makes some of the best panties ever. I have alot from them. Especially their hi cut brief kinds theyre the best. My favorites though are satin bikini kinds. I prefer the full kinds and not the low rise ones. They are the best most comfortable panties ever, and pretty much all I wear.

Bali Skimp Skamp briefs for me!

I love jockey 'no pantyline' boyshorts, bikinis and briefs, they are great to rub in.

Thongs are my favorite, they're comfortable and are sexy.

Full briefs and hipsters, made from nylon spandex, the fit is just fantastic and oh so comfortable!

I prefer shiny satin panties. Probably my favorites were VS's Second Skin Satin panties, which haven't been available in stores for awhile, but could be ordered online for awhile after they stopped selling them in the stores. They were my favorite panties and nothing has come along that compares to them.

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