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Why Do Guys Like Wearing Girls Panties
By lov4panties on April 6, 2015

You see the question often, why do men wear panties, why do guys wear panties, why do men wear womens panties, why do guys wear womens panties, why do guys like wearing girls panties, why do men like wearing womens panties, why guys wear panties, why men wear panties. Many women are curious as to why guys like wearing panties, perhaps their husband wears panties, boyfriend wears panties, a guy friend wears panties, or perhaps they are just curious about why guys wear panties, and why guys would want to wear panties, why men would want to wear panties, why are guys interested in womens panties. Many men are also curious as to why men like wearing panties and some even become panty wearers themselves after hearing about how much guys like wearing panties and they slip on a pair of panties and are amazed at how panties feel. Guys wear panties for many different reasons, and guys started wearing panties at different times. So for women or men wondering why guys wear panties, below are comments from men wearing panties as to why they like wearing panties.

I don't know a single guy who doesn't like panties in some way or another, they might not all wear panties but they are all interested in panties in some way or another. We like the look of panties, the feel of panties, and the daintiness of panties, etc.

Panties are soft, pretty, and sexy. Mens underwear is none of those.

The reasons I prefer panties are, they are taboo, forbidden, etc. And often I fantasize about the woman wearing them while I am wearing them.

I can't fully explain why I like wearing panties. But I like it. Once I slipped a pair on I was so amazed at how they felt.

Alot of men wear panties, its simple panties just feel good, I really don't have any other answer but that, panties just feel so good, its just amazing how an peice of clothing can feel so good.

Panties feel good and fit better than men's briefs. Wearing panties makes me feel sexy. Women's underwear has a huge selection of styles, colors and fabrics that men's does not have. Panties do provide great comfort and support.

I wear them because the are cheaper, fit better, feel better and my girlfriend likes me to wear them.

Their are millions of guys that wear panties for many reasons. I've found many styles of women's panties to be very comfortable. They are much cooler in summer, your clothes fit better when wearing panties. They give, at least for me gentle support, I never did like flopping around in baggy men's briefs. I've worn panties for years, with full approval of my wife, she really likes being able to do all our undies in one washer load.

You will find that most men who wear panties are straight, normal, average, everday guys that wear panties because they simply feel good.

I wear womens panties for a few reasons: They are pretty, the feel nice and smooth, they fit snug, it's fun shopping for them especially at a shop where I'm a regular, the girls love to help me pick ou a nice selection, surprisingly they say it is more common than most people would think. Oh, and my wife likes it.

I love panties. Wish I could wear panties everyday instead of when wife is not around. Panties are sooo sexy and comfortable. Such a turn on also.

I enjoy wearing panties and would say that its a part fetish and part comfort. Honestly, I feel more sexy wearing panties and the whole "taboo" thing makes it even more arousing.

The very first time you slip on a pair of panties is enlightenment. The sheer ecstasy of feeling the euphoric softness will leave you in awe and wondering why you didn't start wearing panties sooner. I urge you to put on a pair ASAP.

I almost can't stop moving when I wear panties because I enjoy the caress I get with every movement. No wonder so many women move with such a free flirtiness!

Panties give me a reason to get up, walk around, maybe do other exercises. As I go about my business, if it's only a short distance I have to walk, I savor every carefully taken step. I love the feeling of the fabric moving against me with every move.

I wear panties most days, under my work clothes. Panties feel sooo nice against the skin. I love the way panties look. Also, they remind me of women, which is why I prefer panties that have been worn by a woman, than a pair I have bought from a shop.

I wear panties to feel closer to my wife when I am not at home.

Panties are exciting to wear because nobody know that I have them on except me. Its exciting to wear them and walk by women and wonder if they are wearing the same panties. I just love the feeling of wearing panties, the excitement of slipping on a pair of panties.

I've been wearing panties for 50 years and I never tire of the feeling of sheer nylon against me. I've been very fortunate to have had many partners who accepted me wearing panties and satisfied my desires. I regularly masturbate wearing my sheer panties and it is an incredible feeling. Wish I could explain it better, but panties just feel good to wear.

I just started wearing panties and they are so comfy. I will not go back to boring and uncomfortable men undies. I am straight 44 yo male, My wife likes them on me and grabs my ass more now.

I have been wearing panties for over 20 years. I buy my own as a matter of fact that's the only underwear in my dresser. I wear bikinis or hi cut but always satin or nylon and in all colors. I'm a heavy haul trucker, I build old cars and am completely straight. I love the way that panties fit, feel and look. There are lots of guys like me who wear panties out there, we are just your normal, average, everyday guys.

I wear panties for three reasons, panties feel awesome, panties hold the package nicely. Third when the wife is away wearing panties makes me feel closer connected to her.

I feel comfortable wearing panties rather than boxer shorts, men's thongs, jockstraps or briefs. When I wear my panties they feel comfortable around my private parts and my bum.

Wearing panties has nothing to do with sexual preference it has everything to do with the feeling and comfort. Just because I wear panties doesn't mean I wish I had boobs and a vagina. I have been wearring panties for well over 30yrs My wife knows, and even my doctor knows. I just wear panties as my choice of underwear. I wear mostly high cut or bikinis nylon, satin or micro-fiber. I like the way panties fit, feel and look. Its underwear nothing more nothing less. You would be surprised how many men wear or have worn panties.

I love the material, the way panties hug my body, and the many different styles and colors panties come in. Victoria's Secret is my favorite, and I usually wear thongs or cheeky panties. I'm 100 percent straight and I just love the way they feel.

Panties are far more comfortable to wear than male briefs, boxers or underwear made for men. In addition, women are offered a far wider choice of all sorts of underwear than men.

I love to wear panties as soon as my girlfriend goes off to work I go thru her panties and slip into a pair and stay in them till just before she comes home. I love the feel of panties and it turns me on wearing panties.

Wearing panties is both comfortable and erotic for me. I no longer own any male underwear, and freely admit to sales girls at local lingerie stores that I am buying panties for myself. Panties made of nylon or satin feel so nice against my skin, and they look nice on me.

I love wearing panties because they make me feel sexy! Don't get me wrong I'm a straight male but I like the feel of wearing thongs, boy shorts and bikinis something about it just makes me feel sexy. It gets me so horny when I wear panties.

There is nothing like the feeling of sheer nylon panties hugging my erection. I am a 100 percent heterosexual male. I love women, and I love sharing my panty fetish with ones who appreciate it. I have no desire to be a woman and I have no desire to do sexual things with other guys. I enjoy being stroked through the sheer nylon. The feeling of friction with the sheer panty around my erection is unbelievable. I have shared my panty fetish with many women who found it sexy and pleasurable.

I have been wearing and masturbating in panties for years. I'm comfortable about it and love the feeling. Wearing panties doesn't change who you are or being a good or bad person. I'm totally heterosexual and as mentioned wearing panties does not change who you are.

My wife likes the way I look in panties and we love going shopping for panties. She thru out all of my mens underwear to make space for all of the panties we have bought. Wouldn't go back to wearing mens undies for anything!

Have loved wearing panties since I was growing up. Always stole sisters panties and they felt so nice against my ass and dick. When I got married I instantly started stealing wifes panties and they also felt so good. I finally told wife and now wear panties all the time and she actually thinks I look sexy. Will never go back to wearing mens underwear.

It's very normal for guys to wear panties, for years I've been wearing panties and I have a girlfriend who loves that I wear panties and actually finds it very attractive, others might not think so cause they are so judge mental, but there are certainly women out there who will accept, understand and be turned on by a guy wearing panties.

Panties come in a variety of colors and styles. Panties feel great and make me feel great too. My favorite brand is Vanity Fair, they fit me the best and are the best feeling. I mainly wear briefs, but occasionally bikinis.

Wearing panties is for me, at the very least, so very comfortable and erotic. The sensation of nylon or satin on my 'intimate' body parts is indescribably nice, compared to cotton men's undies which are so boring, I will never wear anything but panties. There is also a slight 'taboo' thrill as well, especially when I go panty shopping; wondering what the sales girls think of my regular visits to the lingerie section of a local shopping centre.They must know by now that I am buying panties for me, and that makes it even more exciting shopping for panties.

The softness of satin panties and nylon panties is very erotic. I get turned on just by seeing them. I think I have 150 pairs of panties.

Panties feel so good. I love how they feel on my butt and dick.

I've worn panties for years now. I'm bisexual but wearing panties didn't make me bisexual. I love the difference in colors, the different fabrics, satin, silk, nylon, and microfiber feels so good.You don't sweat in panties ether, they don't bunch up around your balls they just fit better. And the sex with my wife is even more since she thinks it's hot that I have a softer side to me.

Nothing feels more comfortable than panties, they fit well and support well and keep things in place and cool.

I like to wear them because I love how my balls feel in them and I feel so naughty in them.

I wear panties because they are comfortable and nice to look at, mens undwear is dull but womens are cute and so many more to pick from.

My girlfriend actually introduced wearing panties to me and she loves going shopping for panties for us. Who knew how good panties would feel, I slipped them on and I was so amazed.

I've worn panties for for 35yrs now. Never had a problem with past girlfriends seeing me in panties, they actually even went shopping with me for matching pairs. I've been married for 10yrs now and my wife updates my panty draw on a regular basis. Bikini and hi cut fit the best. I just love the feel of wearing panties.

Panties are more comfortable than boxers, briefs or trunks and much thinner. Great for under suits. I've been wearing panties off and on for about 10 years. Wife doesn't mind I wear panties and I go panty shopping all the time and buy her some and myself some. I definitely wear them for functionality and pleasure.

I wear on occasion. Started out just masturbating in my wife's panties. Then started trying them on. Such a great and kinky feeling in them. Always get so excited with them on.

Been happy in panties for years. They are the best undies you can wear, soft, silky, smooth, feel great, not boring colors and they make you feel so happy wearing them.

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