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Shopping For Panties
By nylonpantyguy on April 2, 2015

I always get so excited shopping for panties. At first I was so nervous shopping for panties and did not think I would have the courage to go shopping for panties. After buying panties for the first time I realized there was nothing to be nervous about, no one knows I am buying panties for myself and I am doing nothing wrong buying panties. As difficult as it was getting past that first time shopping for panties, once you do get past that first nervous time shopping for panties you can relax and really enjoy your panty shopping trips. Many of us go through those same first nervous times of buying panties. Below are comments from others who enjoy shopping for panties, some tips on shopping for panties, etc.

I love to go to the store and buy my panties! It is so fun to see the expression on the sales girl face when I come to check stand with a arm load of nylon panties! I have had 2 sales girls say these will look nice on you. It was so exciting hearing them say that.

I love to go to Victoria Secret and shop for panties. So many styles and choices! The sales clerks are always very helpful, and when they find out I am shopping for me most are very helpful.

My wife and I are headed to Macys this afternoon to buy some panties, what a great way to spend time together with the one I love.

My advice is to just breath, take a deep breath and go into the store, go into the lingerie department and just relax.

I enjoy shopping for panties as well. The first few times I was very nervous. Now the sales girls where I usually shop help me pick them out.

I go buy panties with my girlfriend. A few times the sales clerks have asked my girlfriend do you like seeing your boyfriend wearing panties. I think many of the sales clerks are very curious about us men wearing panties, especailly when they see me with my girlfriend and she tells them how much she enjoys seeing me in panties.

The first time shopping for panties can be overwhelming for everyone. As you do it more it will become easier.

I love going shopping for panties. I slowly go through the rack at Frederick's and feel each pair. I love it when an assistant asks if I need help. I show her one pair I'd found and ask for more like it. I know she knows they are for me because she usually sizes me up to pick the right size. Then when I go and pay I hand over my money with shaking hands. Its so exciting.

The first time I bought women's panties was last summer. At first I was out buying presents for friends of mine. On my shopping trips in the mall I would see all these stores packed with women's lingerie sections for cheap. After a few shopping trips like that I build up the nerve to ask to see their selection of panties. I bought six very sexy pairs of painties. I couln't wait to get back home and try my new panties.

I love going to the shops to buy myself panties. I like the fact that I can browse through the many different types of panties, rub them between my fingers to see how silky they are. I have become more relaxed buying panties each time I go panty shopping.

Here is my advice;
1. Take you time there is never a hurry that only makes you more nervous and if your pressed time come back later if need be.
2. Stay calm be sure to breath and enjoy the moment. (this goes for the check out as well)
3. Scout the area to make things easier, know were the panties are and others around you.
4. Go at less busier hours, early in the morning or late at night, less people makes it easier for me.
5. Retail stores, while the selection is not the greatest it is easier to blend into the crowd.
6. Avoid common area's; if you are worried about being caught be friends and family go to store locations friends, family would not normally shop at.
7. Buy other items, buy a shirt or something so if the cashier wants to make conversation you can make it about that and not the panties

I shop with my girlfriend. We take matching sets to the checkout. Different sizes, of course. No mistaking what was going on there!

My first time buying panties was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I remember being so excited. When I walked into the department store lingerie section I felt electric and touching the silky garments sent a chill down my spine. I found a beautiful silky high cut brief with lace on the thighs that looked to be the right size. I decided that this was what I wanted and approached the sales desk. The girl that rang up my purchase had a slight smile on her face as she completed the transaction which felt like it took forever. Finally it was complete and I made my way to the wash room to try on my purchase. In the washroom stall, I started the exchange from the men?s briefs I was wearing for the newly purchased panties. The excitement was overwhelming as I slid the silky garment up my legs towards my hips. I couldn?t contain myself anymore and began to come. I stood there shuttering for a few minutes as I regained my composure, thankful that I was in the washroom when it happened. I cleaned myself up and then finished pulling up the silky smooth panties. I could feel the strain as I became excited again and enjoyed the tension in my loins and the feel of the silky fabric on my skin. Walking through the rest of the mall, window shopping and peeking in the specialty lingerie stores kept me in a frenzy. I almost lost it again when I saw all the women browsing thorugh panties holding them in there hands. It was a day to remember and I still have that first pair in my panty drawer.

The first time shopping for panties is the most amazing but the thrill of shopping for panties never fades!

That thrill of the first panty purchase. Only bettered by going back for more panties.

Just touching and feeling sexy panties as I imagine what they will look like and feel like once I wear it sends chills up my back. Just the shopping for panties can get me almost as excited as wearing panties is.

It is such a thrill going panty shopping. Panties are so very exciting. It really is a thrill going shopping for panties. And panties feel so very nice. To touch them, how panties feel against the skin. Very delightful. And very thrilling.

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