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Visible Panty Line VPL
By visiblepantyline on March 22, 2015

A visible panty line (VPL) is when the outline of a person's underwear is visible through the clothing. The underwear may be seen as a ridge or depression in the clothes, or as a result of the clothing material being sufficiently clingy or transparent. A white skirt, white pants, white slacks, white shorts work perfect for showing a visible panty line (VPL). Also leggings and yoga pants work great for showing a visible panty line (VPL). The fashion industry has really made it there goal to create panties which eliminate the visible panty line (VPL), and many women are buying into the fact that they cannot show a visible panty line (VPL). Thongs, laser cut panties, microfiber panties, etc all created to eliminate the visible panty line (VPL). When a woman wears a thong, you lose the VPL (Visible Panty Line), which is something almost all men loved to see. The VPL (Visible Panty Line) was a way to attract the man's eyes to a womans butt. Too bad the fashion industry and women took this away from us. The real sensual women are still wearing real panties which show a VPL (Visible Panty Line). Its very erotic and a turn on to notice the outline of a womans panties, to be able to see the edges of her panties, to be able to tell what style of panties she is wearing, and perhaps even the color. Seeing a VPL (Visible Panty Line) is like having xray vision. Women and the fashion industry are all about how to avoid getting a visible panty line (VPL), luckily many woman are still showing visible panty lines (VPL), whether they want to show off there panties or whether they were just in a rush and did not check for visible panty lines (VPL). Many men are constantly on the look out for visible panty lines (VPL), and with so many women wearing thongs now days it can be difficult to see visible panty lines (VPL) making seeing one even more exciting.

So why do we enjoy visible panty lines (VPL), here are comments from others who enjoy visible panty lines (VPL).

I just recently found out that VPL Visible Panty Line is a fashion no no. That weird noise you heard a few weeks ago was me screaming NO. I get really turned on seeing a womans panty lines, especially when she's got a nice butt and her panties are a little too small and tight. I love thongs but they just can't frame a womans butt properly, In my opinion. So please forgive me fashion gurus if I hope you fail miserably at making VPL's Visible Panty Linesa thing of the past.

Tight white pants. I know it's a major fashion faux pas, however, I like the thrill of walking about in my tight white pants with my bikini panties on. I don't do it all the time but when I do, I get dressed to impress and check to make sure they are visible. I like the attention men give me with their looks and I don't mind if they stare. If I see a hot guy, I'll "accidentally" drop something just so I can turn and bend over. Usually I'll be wearing my tight fitting yoga pants while grocery shopping. I'll be sure to wear a short T-shirt so my butt is visible. I love turning you guys on.

I don't know why women pay attention to these fashion writers about vpl visible panty lines, if they asked guys they'd find virtually every single one of us love to see vpl visible panty lines. A good visible panty line (VPL) is a guaranteed hard on. Seeing some hottie showing her panties through her pants, skirt, shorts is so hot.

I did seem to get more guys staring at my ass when I would have pantie line. Maybe I should start wearing bikini panties again instead of thongs. I did enjoy the attention of guys starting at my ass.

Seeing a panty line on nice ass is undeniable sexy. Thongs may look good on a naked ass cheeks, but panties that accent the bottom are much more sexy.

A fine hot ass without a sightly visable panty line is like a piece of art without a frame.

Love seeing panty lines on a nice ass and love it even more when my wife shows hers!

My boyfriend likes to see my panty line. He gets so turned on when I bend over and he can see the outline of my panties. I like wearing leggings and he loves when I wear bikini panties and he can see the outline of my bikini panties through my tight leggings.

I have never been a thong woman so I would rather have a VPL than a string up my ass.

Women just get embarrased knowing that others can tell what their private underwear is. Thats why us guys enjoy seeing your panty lines so much, its like peeking inside your panty drawer.

Pantylines are very sexy. It makes my day when I see a visible panty line. I am always looking for visible panty lines.

I think panty lines are totally sexy on a girl. I miss seeing them as much as I used to.

I love to see visible panty lines, if see a girl in white shorts or skirt with vpl's, I get immediately turned on!

Shania Twain had a song out a few years ago having to do with her lousy job and just wanting to get home from it. Anyway, one of the lines in the song was "my panty lines shows and have a run in my hose." My mind wanders when ever that song comes on the radio. I just cant help. I love catching a glimpse of panty lines.

I just got back from my doctor and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and couldnt help but notice the women that work there wearing their colored scrubs. One in particular was wearing a pair of pink tight scrubs that hugged her cute butt like a second skin and of course her cute panty line was showing for all to appreciate. If they only knew, or maybe they do.

I do not see visible panty lines so much anymore since thongs have made their way into the ladies undie drawer. But, not so long ago you could go anywhere and see a cute butt incased in a pair of jeans or cotton shorts or the ever titilating summer dress and see the outline of the lady's panty. Sometimes even make out the color or the material of the panty. Today, women try their best to get rid of that VPL to every mans discontent. Try being a bit more adventerous and daring by letting the guys and even the ladies catch a peek of your cute lovely panties.

I wish more women would realize there is nothing wrong with visible panty lines and that us men enjoy seeing the outline of your panties. Unfortunately VPLs seem to be a dying trend due to the arrival of thong panties.

I love visible panty lines VPL, can't get enough looking out for them!

Pantylines through her miniskirt. Probably my favorite days at work, one of the most gorgeous girls at work wore a tight, short, white miniskirt. But what she might not have known is that you could see a perfect outline of her panties. All the other guys talked about how it'd be sexier if she wore a thong, but I kept my mouth shut because her bikini panties were perfect.

I love knowing guys are looking at my pantylines when I bent over.

Visible panty lines are extremely sexy, I am always looking for visible panty lines.

I remember my friend's mom would wear these really close fitting white slacks and whenever she would wear them you could clearly see her panties underneath. She was a robust blond with a nice shaply rear and I drooled over her whenever I could get look at her visible panties. I remember she had these pretty light pink panties, they were clearly visible. I have had a fetish for ladies panties forever so you can imagine what it was like to watch this beautiful lady walk by.

I like to see women in tight white pants, because you can usually see the panties they are wearing underneath.

I see love seeing pantie lines and always try to decide what type and color. I think VPL are so sexy.

Shoe store pantylines. I love to show my pantylines at the mall. They have a big shoe store there, which is perfect. I like to wear a bright color bikini panty, also sometimes I wear a print bikini panty. Last week I went there, I had on a pair of white shorts, purple bikini panties, a long, low cut top, that covered part of my ass as I walked. I checked myself out in a mirror at home to make sure I gave a good show. Walking to the back of the store, I bent over and started to try on some high heels, it wasn't long when I heard a shuffle behind me, then a click, I turned my head and sure enough, there was this guy behind me with his camera phone taking pics of my ass. He had a big smile on his face, so I smiled back at him, then continued to try on heels, I started swinging my ass back and forth for him, I could hear his camera phone taking pics. He knew I was posing for him, I could see the bulge in the front of his pants too, I would have loved to have him feel my ass, I was so turned on. I love being a woman and getting to do things like this to turn you guys on.

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