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Panty Fetish Panties Fetish
By pantiesfetish on March 18, 2015

Why do men have a fascination with panties, why do men wear panties, why do men borrow panties, why do men steal panties, why do men like panty peeks, why are men fascinated with panties. Why would many men rather see a woman wearing panties than naked. What draws men to panties. Some men enjoy everything about panties, seeing women wearing panties, seeing panty peeks, seeing thong peeks, seeing panty upskirts, seeing panty lines, seeing pantylines, seeing thong lines, seeing thong lines. Many men also just enjoy seeing panties on the floor, panties in the hamper, panties in a drawer, and panties on display at stores. Lots of men become curious about panties often times while growing up and start to borrow panties, steal panties, and for many men borrowing panties or stealing panties is something they continue to do, the fascination of having a certain womans panties, either a woman you knows panties or a strangers panties is very exciting. Many men enjoy using panties to pleasure themselves with, rubbing on panties, stroking with panties, and even just laying a pair of panties out and stroking over panties, often times just the visual of panties is very exciting. Many men also enjoy being stroked with panties, being given a panty hand job, pantyjob, panty job, panty handjob, having a woman take off her panties and feeling her warm panties, wet panties wrapped around you feels very nice, a hint to the women out there, if you have never given your guy a panty hand job, pantyjob, panty job, panty handjob try it. Many guys enjoy sniffing panties, licking panties, the scents a woman leaves behind on panties is a very erotic, and very much a turn on for many men, for those men into sniffing panties, licking panties you know how intense and turned on sniffing panties or licking panties can be. Many men enjoy wearing panties, the feeling of the fabric against them, the way panties fit, that taboo or naughty feeling as you wear panties, your wearing something meant to be worn by a woman and perhaps thoughts of the womans panties your wearing, how you enjoy seeing women wearing panties, how you enjoy caressing a woman while she is wearing panties and now your wearing panties feeling how good that silky, smooth fabric feels against you. As mentioned some men are only into certain things about panties, other men are into everything about panties. Having a panty fetish is very common, most men at some point have been curious when seeing a pair of panties laying on the floor, or panties in the hamper, or seeing ads in newspapers for panties, or even walking through the store and seeing racks of panties, bins of panties. And when seeing a woman wearing panties it can often times spark a curiosity later on when you see those same panties laying on the floor, or in the hamper. Often times a guy wants a woman to leave her panties on longer during foreplay and even during sex. Many women are much to quick to remove there panties as they think that is what they should do, but for alot of men they would rather a woman leave her panties on longer and even leave them on during sex. Having a panty fetish so completely normal, and hopefully women get a better understanding about why guys have a panty fetish, panties are a very intimate item and they create all sorts of thoughts that turn a guy on, whether a woman is wearing panties, or whether those panties are laying on the floor, or in a drawer they still create those thoughts that turn guys on. And certainly a panty fetish is not just for guys, there are many women with a panty fetish who do enjoy the very same things a guy enjoys about panties, there are women who sniff panties, women who lick panties, women who masturbate with panties, women who enjoy seeing other women wearing panties, women who enjoy seeing panty peeks, and women who enjoy wearing a variety of panties and enjoy feeling the panties against them, seeing themselves wearing panties, and then there are women who enjoy panty play with either other women or with men. There are certainly women who have a panty fetish out there.

Below are comments from men with a panty fetish and women with a panty fetish

As a panty lover, I always wished more women were more open and willing to share their panties. I wouldn't even need to have actual sex so much if I could just have their panties. Would be great if more women realized its a compliment that a guy wants your panties.

I know my boyfriend has a panty fetish. I simply adore him and his attraction to my panties. We make a big deal out of getting dressed and undressed each day and unless my daily panties are really gross, I let him have them and sometimes make him do things to get them. Its already part of our sex life, and he would rather stay home and play with me and my panties than go out with his friends drinking, so I'm happy about it. I've never thought about him wearing them, but I wouldn't mind if he did.

My husband and I both enjoy panties, we enjoy everything about panties. We both enjoy masturbating with panties and often times will either watch each other rubbing panties on ourselves or we will masturbate each other with panties. Panties are always involved during foreplay and during sex, panty sex feels so good. Someone is always wearing panties during sex, either both of us, just me or just my husband, the panties add to the excitement. We both enjoy sniffing panties, and love borrowing some panties from friends wifes or girlfriends.

Every time I go home from college, it seems like I come back missing another pair of panties. I bet I know what my brother has been up to now.

I myself have the good fortune of having a very understanding wife, who caters for my needs for panties! She is happy and willing to share my fetish with me! I enjoy when she picks out panties for me and puts me into panties, its such a terrific feeling.

I should put this out to all the college laundry rooms. It might shed some light on what's been going on in the laundy room! It's kind of exciting to know someone might be snatching up our panties, though, who knows it might not be just men stealing our panties, but another woman, now I feel even more turned on.

A few weeks ago me and my husband were talking about just this same thing. I personally love the idea of my hubby longing for my panties.

I work at a lingerie store. I wait on many men who I know are buying panties for them selves and there's really no reason to be worried or embarrased about buying panties for yourself. I obviously want to make the sale and gain a customer that will return. Just calm down and don't be afraid to ask for help. No one's going to make a big deal out of it. Most of the other women I work with think it's cool that men want to wear panties.

My husband has a panty fetish. Years ago he confided in me after he had an afair with an older woman who indulged his panty desires when I wouldn't. We went to counceling and it came out that he was just looking to satisfy his panty fetish. Since then, I've been his panty girl and he's my panty guy. We've never been happier and all that happened 13 years ago and he hasn't strayed since. So, ladies embrace your mans panty fetish.

Having a panty fetish is essentually no diferent than any other fetish or interest. A male might be attracted to large or small breasts, blonde or brown hair, big or small butt, etc. The key is being able to feel comfortable talking with your partner about your fetish, both men and women have fetishes so being able to discuss them, have an open conversation will make for a much stronger, healthier and enjoyable relationship.

My wife caught me masterbating in her panties (they were nylon full backs). After a conversation about why I like panties, she's been pretty good with some panty play.

I think a panty fetish is very sexy. I can't ever imagine being grossed out by it or feeling offended, etc. I'd be incredibly flattered and incredibly aroused! How can a girl not be? Your guy wants your panties, is turned on by them. The thought of him getting off in them, WOW! Gets me very wet. I would do everything in my power to indulge that. And in the range of fetishes, a panty fetish is pretty darn tame. Although I haven't been with someone who had a particular panty fetish perse, I am with someone with a pantyhose fetish. I love it! I wear them all the time for him, and we've done so much with this fetish. Nothing makes me feel sexier than indulging his pantyhose fetish for him and seeing his desire; and the same would apply if he was a panty fetishist; I can say he does love panties though, so perhaps we are just working our way up to a panty fetish also. Sex for us always involves pantyhose and I love it, its such a turn on for both of us. Women out there, open your mind to it, you may surprise yourself at how much you like it.

I don't get it why women would be upset if their man likes their underwear. Before I met my boyfriend I wore plain cotton, the kind that come in three packs at wal-mart. Then I found out that he likes the silky feeling of spandex blend types, and my underwear drawer has undegone a gradual makeover. I love the added attention I get when I am wearing my silky panties.

I have stolen panties from every household I have ever been into. I just know my wife's sisters know I've jerked off into their panties, or simply taken them. My wife understands and has given me her used panties every day.

My boyfriend definately has a panty fetish. I found panties he had stolen from previous partners, etc. At first I was upset, as I thought he had no interest in mine, until I found that he had stolen a pair I had thrown away. He since then got rid of the ones he had from previous partners and plays with mine. He is still shy to talk about it, I wish he was not as I don't have a problem with it whatsoever. I guess things takes time. I often keep my panties on when we have sex. I hope he enjoys that, but like I said he doesn't want to discuss it at all. So I just try and do what I believe he might like. I find it sexy that he buys me panties and that he likes the feel of them.

I am a man who wears panties on a daily basis, don't even own any male undies. My wife knows about my panties and she has nothing against it. I love how they look and feel, I get so turned on by looking at my bulge in them, and wife wife also enjoys how panties cling to my bulge, my male underwear never clung like panties do.

I have had a panty fetish all my life. At 62 my panty fetish is stronger than ever. I am fortunate to have a woman who appreciates my panty fetish and indulges my panty fetish.

I like that my husband loves my panties.

I have had a panty fetish for 25 years. Even hearing, reading or saying the word panties turns me on. Smelling panties and tasting panties after they have been worn is a huge turn on. Masturbating with panties is amazing. Have taken panties from so many women, its not about the person but the excitement and desire in having what has been on them.

I am in a relationship that allows me to explore my panty needs and panty desires. I wear panties 24/7 and she loves me to wear panties for her. She has bought much of my panty collection. She tells me how sexy I am and never wants me to wear men's underwear. I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

I love men in panties. A man confident enough to wear fabrics that feel so amazing, comfortable enough to enjoy how he looks in them and trusting enough to share that experience with me is the only guy I could ever fall in love with.

My wife walked in on me masturbating with her panties on me, she was a little shocked at first, but now over time she has seems to except this which makes me love her even more for being so open minded. I really love wearing her thongs, it make me feel very sexy, I also enjoy sniffing and licking her worn panties being able to smell her whenever I get horny is awesome.

And here I thought I was weird to enjoy the idea of a man in a woman's underwear, even though I'm female. Its nice to hear that other females enjoy seeing men wearing panties.

One day I tried on my wifes panties, they didn't fit me very well. So one day I went shopping for some panties of my own. Mens underwear to me are boring compared to the styles, shapes, cuts, pattens, of panties. I just love the feel of satin on my shaved crotch.

Having a panty fetish is like having a 6th sense, the high I get is unbelievable.

I have had a panty fetish as long as I can remember, starting with looking at lingerie catalogs and enjoying the sight of all the women in panties. As far as sniffing panties. I was a late starter (I was 25) and the first pair I sniffed was a friend of my wife's. I had no sexual feelings for her but merely enjoyed the idea that I was enjoying her most intimate scent. From there I started to play with my wife's panties almost daily. I feel this enhanced our sex life no end and for the last 25 years I have bought all of her panties. I occasionally wear her panties and mainly just use panties for masturbation.

Most women have a fear of being unfresh down there and will only take your interest in her scent as her having a smell or that she stinks. All women have a slightly different natural scent that is wonderful. Hopefully women understand that men smelling panties is because we enjoy your scents, and you don't need to freshen up. A man smelling panties is a compliment to you.

Panties are like gift wrapping, and panties are like a candy wrapper. Often times its more exciting to slowly unwrap a gift or candy.

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