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What Do Women Think Of Men Wearing Panties
By meninpanty on March 7, 2015

Men don't seem to mind if women wear mens boxers, mens tshirts, etc, so why should women mind if men wear panties. Men have been wearing womens panties for a very long time, however unlike women who can openly wear mens boxers, mens clothing, men have felt as if they needed to keep it a secret that they wear womens panties. Are there women who like men wearing panties, women who accept men wearing panties, women who understand men wearing panties, women turned on by men wearing panties, the answer to that is yes. However there are also women who do not understand why men wear panties which can also make them jump to unfair conclusions as to why men wear panties. The amount of women who like men wearing panties, women who accept men wearing panties, women who understand men wearing panties, women turned on by men wearing panties is on the rise thanks to women seeing that so many men wear panties, and also finding out the reasons why men wear panties. There are lots of couples wearing panties and wifes expressing how exciting seeing their husband wearing panties, girlfriends expressing how exciting it is seeing their boyfriend wearing panties, and many women are realzing the fun and excitement they might be missing out on. Women are also realizing that men wearing panties does not change who the man is, just because a man wears panties does not change the man who you met and are with.

Here are comments from what women think of men wearing panties.

I think it's great that men wear panties. Women's panties are more comfortable and look better too. I have never been with a guy who wears panties, well not that I knew of anyways but I would have no problem if I was dating a guy who wore panties.

My boyfriend wore panties one night to sort of spice some things up in the bedroom and I found that I really enjoyed seeing my boyfriend wearing panties and I found myself asking him to wear panties more and more. I found myself panty shopping not only for myself but also picking up panties I would like to see my boyfriend wearing. My boyfriend now wears panties almost everyday, and only has a few mens underwear left. He enjoys the fit and feel of them much more than mens underwear and we both love the extra bit of excitment it brings to our bedroom fun.

If my boyfriend wore panties it wouldn't bother me in the least but I'm pretty open minded.

I love seeing the look on a mans face when he slides panties on, it gets me so excited. I got into men wearing panties when a boyfriend told me he liked wearing panties, I asked if he was wearing panties right now and he said yes so I told him to show me not really beliving he was wearing panties, he pulled down his pants and stood there in panties and I found myself very turned on. I loved how they clung to him and especially how they clung around his well you know. He asked if it was ok that he wore panties and I said you certainly can only if I can help you pick out panties, from then on he wore panties and our relationship become so much better, seemed much more relaxed and open with each other.

I think its hot when a guy wears panties, I love how they cling to him and love rubbing a guy through panties. Dated several men who I asked if they would put my panties on and have never had one say no, a few started to wear panties other than during sex.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy wearing panties. I know when my boyfriend first told me that he wore panties it took me a little while to get used to it but when I saw him wearing them I thought that he looked hot.

Actually most women don't realize just how many men do wear panties, or fantasize about a women making them wear panties. Women should not worry too much about rules and what others might think. Many totally straight men wear ladies panties because some panties really fit a guy very well and are comfortable for all day wear.

What I have realized is that thousands and thousands of men have find panties to be more comfortable than men's briefs. Many styles of women's panties give men great support for and are cool and airy, and the satiny silky material feels great next to their bodies, as compared to men's briefs. Just because a man wears panties, doesn't make him any less of a manly man!

Well I guess it depends on the woman some have very closed minds which is sad in this day and age, its also a double standard thing, no one would think anything of a woman wearing her boyfriends boxers or husbands boxers but its oh so diffrent if he wants to wear her panties, why should that be. I totally understand why men wear panties, us women have so many choices, fabrics, colors, styles, etc and I certainly enjoy the selection as well as how silky and soft panties feel against me I can only imagine how a pair of silky and soft panties would feel like against a mans senstive parts.

My guy looks quite delicious on the occasions he chooses to slip into a nice pair of panties. The microfibre fabrics hug him quite nicely.

Years ago, when I worked in retail, I used to get truckers who bought women's panties because they were more comfortable on long hauls.

From what I've heard, there are lots of guys who wear panties. So what. I understand there is a stupid stereotype linking such behavior to homosexuality, but it's simply not true. One of my girlfriends has been involved for years with a guy who wears panties, and he certainly isn't gay or bisexual. I would certainly date a guy who wears panties as I see nothing wrong with what underwear a guy chooses to wear, it certainly does not change the man he is.

A man wearing panties doesn't bother me. Everyone always tries to make a big deal between a separation in clothes between genders, when it's really not a big deal. They're just underwear.

I have known a man who was into wearing woman's panties, and no, it didn't phase me. I was completly comfortable with him wearing panties.

If the panties fit and the man in question find's wearing panties comfortable, go for it. I've worn boxers and they're comfy as hell. Fair is fair if us women can wear mens boxers men should be able to wear womens panties without being questioned about it.

My husband put on a pair of my panties joking around one day and he really looked good in my panties.

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