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Why Do I Wear Panties
By iwearpanties on February 20, 2015

Honestly I just love wearing panties. When looking to purchase new panties I get really excited at the thought of picking out new panties and seeing how my new panties will look, and feel. I have thought about why I wear panties and I have found several reasons why I wear panties.

Here are the reasons why I wear panties.

Fun - Panties are fun to wear, they add a little more adventure to everyday. Mens underwear are boring and not fun.

Much more diverse materials - There are just so many fabrics panties are made from, soft, silky, shiny, smooth, the fabrics panties are made from just feel so good. Satin, nylon, spandex, lace, elastane, polyester, microfiber, rayon the list of fabrics is amazing. You also have mesh panties, sheer panties, and panties which combine two fabrics like satin and lace. We all have our favorite fabrics that feel good against us.

Much more diverse styles - We all have a certain style we prefer, and many of us enjoy a variety of styles. I enjoy the feeling of wearing different styles, and how each style fits and feels different. Bikini, briefs, boyshorts, hiphuggers, cheekies, thong, gstring, tanga, string bikini, hi cut bikini. So many styles to choose from.

Much more diverse colors and patterns - For me the color of my panties is certainly part of what adds to the excitement of wearing panties, certain colors make me feel more excited than other colors and I am sure many men wearing panties agree that you prefer certain colors and wearing your favorite colors is more exciting. Panties come in an endless amount of colors, shades of colors and patterns, the bins of panties, racks of panties are filled with such a diverse selection of colors and patterns. And as mentioned wearing a certain color panty certainly adds to the excitement of wearing panties.

Cheap and affordable - Panties seem to always be on sale, and those bins of panties with deals like for 5 for 12 bucks, or 1.99 panties can be found in most stores. Many men wearing panties have hundreds of panties in there panty collection and with so many great deals on panties its easy to go on a panty shopping spree.

Comfortable - There is a common misconception that panties don't have enough space up front for men to wear panties, but with the right size panty and with the right material they can have the perfect amount of space.

Having to adjust yourself - Girls if you've ever seen a guy adjust himself, then you know what I'm talking about. Mens underwear just does not fit correct, hold things where they need to be held, they are just uncomfortable. Wearing panties stops this completely, well almost completely, when wearing panties there is a new from of adjustment and that is from the excitement of wearing panties, this is a good from of adjustment.

No bunching up - No more bunched up boxers or boxer briefs. Panties fit snug so when pulling on pants, shorts, etc there is no bunching up. Mens underwear are big and bulky, I don't need all that fabric.

No wedgies - This varies from panty to panty, but generally wedgies are super rare. As for thongs, I can't even tell I'm wearing one anymore.

Panties take up less space - I have over 150 panties in my panty drawer taking up two thirds of the space mens underwear does.

These are some of the reasons I wear panties and continue to wear panties. I think for most men wearing panties the fun and excitement is what first gets you into wearing panties but then after wearing panties for awhile you start to add many more reasons why you wear panties. The thing about panties is that they always remain fun and exciting to wear, no matter how long you have worn panties or how often you wear panties they remain fun and exciting to wear and all the other reasons why you wear panties that develop over time just add to why you enjoy wearing panties so much.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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