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When Did You Start Wearing Panties
By pantiedman on February 11, 2015

While most men wearing panties started wearing panties while growing up, often times being curious after seeing there moms panties, or sisters panties laying on the floor or in the hamper, some men wearing panties started later in life in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's or even later, and for some men wearing panties they all the sudden just felt curious about panties and after trying on panties wondered why they had not been curious about wearing panties sooner. Thats the thing about wearing panties, the curiosity starts at different ages for all men, most often when growing up but sometimes that curiosity happens later. Here are just a few comments about when men started wearing panties. All men wearing panties have a different story about how they started wearing panties, whose panties they wore, etc and you might find that your story about how you started wearing panties is very similar to other men wearing panties.

I am 35 years old and I started wearing panties about 20 yrs ago, curious how they felt and as soon as I put them on I loved it.

I started wearing panties many years ago, been 10 years now so I would of been 30 when I started wearing panties. I told my wife that I loved the way she felt in panties and she asked me if i would like to try a pair on. So the next weekend we went shopping for panties and we picked out 3 pairs of panties for me to wear. From that point I was hooked on silky panties. I wear silky panties everyday and don"t own anything else.

I tried on my first pair of panties at age 10. I had an older sister that had lots of satin panties and that is my favorite material. I used to sneak her satin panties out her panty drawer every chance I got. She was always gone and my mom would always be working so I had plenty of opportunity. Wearing my sisters panties went on for quite some time until she moved out. I then started to take panties from girls I knew. When I was in my early 20's I built up enough courage to buy my own panties. Met a woman whom I dated for a while, she liked me wearing panties. After we split I got with another understanding woman who loved that I wore panties, we dated for awhile and she is now my wife. Now I have my own separate panty drawer and I have way more panties than my wife. We have so much fun together and she is my best friend and she totally understands why I wear panties.

I started wearing panties at about 12 years old wearing my mom's panties, sisters panties and neighbors panties when I would housesit for her.

I was about 14 when I discovered my mother had accidentally folded a pair of her silky nylon briefs in with my underwear. I remember holding them and wondering what they might feel like to wear. It wasn't that day but not too long after that when I tried a pair of hers on. They felt wonderful and I still wear panties today.

I was 10 or 11 when I found my mother's panties in the bathroom and I couldn't help myself. I put her panties on and had this very exciting feeling.

Around 10 years old. Tried on my sisters blue nylon panties and was hooked! Been wearing panties for 40 years now. And my wife has no problem with it at all.

I started wearing panties when I was about 13, they were my mothers panties. As I grew older I wore panties more and more and for many years now panties is all I have worn.

I was about 25 when I started to wear panties, my girlfriend had to do some traveling for work and one day I just started to really get turned on seeing her panties, one day I picked them up and I felt so excited, I put them back and then it was a few days later I found myself curious about them again and picked them up but this time I felt the urge to feel them against me and I slipped them on. They felt amazing and when my girlfriend got back during sex one night I told her about me wearing her panties and she said it was because I missed her so much I was drawn to her panties. She might of been right about that, and whenever she had to go out of town for work she would lay out a pair of panties for me to wear.

I was around 40 when I started to wear panties. What really got me interested in the feeling of panties is my wife started to wear some really silky panties and it felt so good spooning with her while she wore her silky panties, I wondered what those panties would feel like on and one day while she went shopping I slipped on her silky panties and they felt so amazing. I have worn panties every since, about 12 years now, she does not know I wear panties and for a few years I only wore her panties but then I bought some silky panties of my own.

I was also probably about 11 or 12 when I first started being completely taken by the pics of the ladies modeling panties in the Sears catalog. I would become very excited and have to do something about it while looking at the pics. To this very day, I would rather see a pic of a woman in panties rather than completely nude. My excitement led me to slip a pair of my mom's panties on from time to time and when I was 13 or 14. My desire to wear panties only grew more and more and I bought some panties of my own so I could wear them whenever I wanted to, now days panties are all I own.

I got started wearing panties much like other men wearing panties started. It was summer time and as usual I was bored. Parents gone to work, brother out working, sister is out with friends. As I walk past my sisters room I noticed clothes on her floor. I walk into her room and look around. At the end of her bed were some of her panties folded there by our mother. So I grab the first pair on top and hold them up. Bikini style, multi-colored panty, size 6. I remember to this day. Right at that moment for what reason I can't tell you, I pulled off my underwear, and pull those size 6, bikini style panties right on. They were made of silk it felt like. I had never felt something so wonderful in my life. I instantly got hard. I began touching myself slowly at first. I got more excited and I began to rub harder and faster until I exploded. From that day forward every chance I got I wore her panties. I have been hooked on panties ever since then.

I can't remember exactly when I got started wearing panties, but I do know that I really loved when mom got her copy of the sears catalog. I'd immediately go to the lingerie sections, especially for the pages with the pictures of women in panties. Back then, women wore high-waisted panties, what they are calling granny panties, but those full coverage panties (or briefs) were extremely sexually exciting for me and I imagine for most males, back then. I looked and my mother wore many of the same type of panties found in the sears catalog. Upon picking up my mothers panties I felt this urge to feel her panties against me and soon found myself wearing her panties, they actually fit very well and that silky nylon fabric felt as good as it looked. And ever since, I've always loved to wear nylon panties. I am 64 years old now and wear panties everyday and have worn panties everyday for many years now. I have found that the joy of wearing panties never goes away, no matter how often you wear panties your always excited to slip them on in the morning.

I was a late bloomer it sounds like, my first experience wearing panties was from an ex girlfriend I had in college, I was about 22 at the time. She used to always ask me to wear panties, then we would lounge around the house in nothing but our panties. At first I was sort of hesitant about wearing panties but she insisted and once I slipped them on and felt them against me I was so turned on. It was such a turn on to lounge around in our panties and it would usually lead to us having sex while both in our panties.

I got a late start wearing panties. It was my first wife who got me into wearing panties on our honeymoon. 1st night she asked me to model her silky lacy black panties, I protested and said I don`t wear womens panties and she said come on please. Well I agreed and she started to put the panties on me and I got very aroused and harder than I can ever remember. She said looks like someone likes the way panties feel. She then had me do some modeling or poses for her, and by the time she was finished I tried on and posed in 8 pair of her panties. I stayed in the pink silky pair and we had a most wonderful night and in the morning she looks at me and says do you want your jockey underwear or are you good with the panties your wearing.

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