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Cringe At The Thought Of Wearing Men's Underwear
By lovewearingpanties on January 28, 2015

Mens underwear is plain, boring, dull, itchy, scratchy. Mens underwear comes in very few styles, and mens underwear comes in very few colors. Mens underwear is made from fabric which is not soft, not comfortable and is ruff, itchy and scratchy. Mens underwear does not conform to your body or your male parts, you would think being mens underwear they would be made to hold a mans parts but they simply do not support the male parts good at all. Mens underwear is not sexy and does not make a man feel sexy wearing mens underwear. When you visit any store there is such a difference between mens underwear and womens underwear, mens underwear is not noticeable from a walkway or aisle, and usually is found within the socks and tshirts and does not take up much space at all, socks and tshirts actually take up more space then the selection of mens underwear. Womens underwear actually have there own department, usually in the center of the store and if you notice its usually surrounded by a walkway or aisle so to get to other parts of the store you normally have to walk by the womens underwear department or lingerie department. There seems to be an endless amount of choices, racks full of panties, bins full of panties, and there always seems to be lots of panty displays. Women have so many panty styles to choose from, so many panty colors to choose from, so many panty fabrics to choose from, the selection of panties seems endless. You walk into the womens underwear department or lingerie department and you almost can get lost within the department its usually so large, and no matter where you turn is another rack of panties, another bin of panties to check out. Women are so lucky to have the selection of underwear to choose from and the focus on womens underwear is comfort or sexy or a combination of sexy and comfortable. The difference in how womens underwear feels compared to how mens underwear feels just feeling the fabric with your hands is amazing, how soft and silky womens underwear feels compared to how ruff and stiff mens underwear feels. Womens underwear is always evolving, new styles, different blends of fabrics, or mixtures of fabrics, new colors, patterns, and so many different manufactures of panties and new manufactures of panties. Where as mens underwear remains the same. Womens underwear is meant to be sexy, to make you feel confident, to be a turn on, even the word panties can be sexy, sexual and a turn on. Where as mens underwear is not sexy, does not make you feel any change in confidence, and most wifes and girlfriends admit mens underwear is just not something that is attractive to them, so us guys are left with nothing to turn the women in our lives on with, while women can walk in front of us in a sexy pair of panties and we are all over them. So its no wonder why so many men get curious about womens underwear and often times while growing up you see the difference in the hamper, on the floor, or in the laundry pile between mens underwear and womens underwear. Those nylon panties, or silky panties you might of seen on top of the laundry pile or on the floor while growing up seemed to shine, seemed to be alike a pot of gold with beaming lights coming down onto them, you noticed how different they looked, how appealing they looked and you could not help but be curious as to how they felt so you reached out and picked them up and wow you were amazed at how they felt so silky, so smooth, so soft, you felt yourself breathing a bit heavier, your heart beating a bit faster. You were touching womens underwear and it felt very exciting and yes naughty and you liked the feeling of not only the panties but also the naughty and exciting feeling that was coming over you. At first you might of only touched the panties, but your curiosity grew and grew and soon you wondered how panties would feel against you versus your male underwear. The thoughts of how those panties would feel against you grew and grew, and just thinking about slipping those panties on got you very excited. You might of held off with your curiosities for awhile because those were womens underwear and not mens underwear and you might of thought it was not right to wear womens panties. But eventually you slipped those panties on and felt how amazing they felt against you, how they fit so good, how they surrounded you and how exciting it felt wearing womens panties. It felt naughty and exciting standing there wearing panties, you could not believe how amazing wearing panties felt. You might of only been able to quickly enjoy wearing panties at first, but as time went on you found more and more moments or opportunities to enjoy wearing panties and you dreaded having to take the panties off and wear your male underwear. You started to think about getting your own panties, and started to notice the panty ads in the newspaper, and also while at the store you would look over into the womens underwear department or walk by the lingerie department and wish that you could just walk in and pick out some panties. You thought women are so lucky, they can just walk into the lingerie department and can touch and feel all those panties and pick out the panties they want and take as much time browsing all the panties as they want to. Eventually you got your own panties, perhaps through a mail order catalog, or you ventured into the lingerie department and picked out a pair of panties. Now you could enjoy wearing panties more as you had your own panties. As time went on your panty collection grew, your tried different styles, different fabrics and you found what you liked. You dreaded having to wear male underwear, and wanted to wear panties more and more. For many men wearing panties they had to hide there panties, perhaps in a box in the back of the closet and it was always exciting pulling out the box full of panties and picking out a pair to wear. But as time went on, living situations changed you could put your panties in a drawer and not have to hide them. You dreaded opening up your drawer full of mens underwear to wear them to work, and could not wait to get home from work and open up your panty drawer and pick out a pair of panties. For many men wearing panties the male underwear drawer had fewer and fewer male underwear and the panty drawer became larger and larger and even became multiple drawers. Some men wearing panties eventually got rid of all there male underwear and panties is all they wore. Lots and lots of men have experienced the joys of wearing panties, and all have different stories about how and when they started wearing panties. The reasons why men wear panties can vary but most men wearing panties find they wear panties for many of the same reasons why other men wear panties. Men don't need to feel as if they are doing anything wrong for liking wearing panties, but many men do hide that they wear panties because other people might not understand. If wearing panties makes you feel good, makes you feel happy then wear panties and don't worry about it, just enjoy wearing panties, there are lots of other men wearing panties out there who can relate to how amazing wearing panties feels and also who can relate to having to hide wearing panties or feel the need to have to hide wearing panties. The underwear you choose to wear is your choice.

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Please make sure to visit the main men wearing panties site for tons of pictures and movies, stories, chat, forums, webcams, chat, etc. Celebrating over 12 years of bringing you a dedicated community to enjoy.

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