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Wearing Panties Feels
By love2wearpantie on January 14, 2015

Men wearing panties wear panties for many different reasons, enjoy wearing panties for many different reasons and many men wearing panties have similar reasons why they wear panties. For me wearing panties feels good and not only in a pleasureful way of feeling the panties against me, but also I enjoy the rush of excitement of putting on a pair of panties, picking out panties, I enjoy also how wearing panties takes away any stress I am feeling, panties not only excite me but also calm me. I love the way panties fit, I love the variety of styles and fabrics. Its really amazing how a piece of clothing can excite one so much, but panties certainly have a huge effect on us men and the excitement of panties never seems to fade which is also what I enjoy about panties, they continue to excite me.

Below are comments from men wearing panties on why they enjoy wearing panties and how wearing panties makes them feel.

My wife was actually the one that got me started wearing panties. I was commenting on how good she looks in her panties and she said well I bet you would look good in them to. She tossed her panties at me and said here try these on. A bit shocked I slipped on her panties and was amazed at how they felt against me, wow they fit so nice and hugged me so well. My wife said you look amazing in my panties, we had the best sex that night both wearing a pair of panties. After that night my wife said if you want you can wear panties anytime you want to, you look so amazing in panties. I started to wear panties more and more, since me and my wife are pretty much the same size I wore her panties for awhile but then we started buying me my own panties. I never knew how good panties could feel, and probably would of never tried on panties, but thanks to my wife being playful one night I found out how amazing panties feel.

My wife loves me in panties, many years ago, just fooling around with my wife, I put on a pair of her panties, she said wow you look so sexy in them, they really show off your stuff. The next day when I came home from work, she said I have a surprise for you, it's in the bedroom. I went into the bedroom and on the bed all laid out was 12 pair of panties. After trying them all on, I went to put them in my underwear drawer only to discover she had removed all my men's underwear except for one pair. Needless to say I have worn panties ever since and wouldn't wear any thing else.

I like to wear panties. I find them to be comfortable. I like the way the fabric feels on my skin, and I think the taboo factor is part of it.

I cringe at the thought of wearing men's underwear again! Panties just feel so much better than mens underwear.

I wear panties because they are comfortable and make me feel sexy, women are not the only ones who desire to feel sexy, us men also enjoy feeling sexy.

Because they are so sensual, they feel so good as they rub on your dick, the materials are soft, plus the are meant to be worn by women, so that gives it even more sexual excitement.

I wear panties because I find them a better fit (like anything else you have to get the right size & style for you) more comfortable, wider choice of styles. and fabrics.

Panties feel amazing, come in great fabrics that are soft and have style unlike men's underwear. They are very comfortable, even though some may say there's no room in panties for a a good sized package but believe me it all fits in there and comfortably. I am a married man & wear panties every day and my wife is fine with that. They just feel good and are visually appealing.

My wife likes to see me in panties. They make many styles and colors. They feel so much more confortable than boxers. Even my doctor has seen my wearing panties when I go for my yearly medical exam. She just smiles.

Panties make me feel good and not just the feeling of the fabric against me. Panties keep me calm and give me a certain confidence. I have worn panties under my business suit to meetings and its very exciting knowing I am wearing panties under my business suit but its also a boost of confidence. I have heard of women wearing certain panties under there business clothing to give them a boost of confidence and for me wearing panties under my business suit certainly works to give me a boost of confidence. Wearing panties helps to take my mind off the stress of a meeting.

For me wearing panties is part sexual and part comfort.

I wear panties because I love being able to choose different styles, different fabrics, different colors or patterns. Panties just fit much better than mens underwear also.

I wear panties all the time under my guy clothes, knowing I am wearing panties gives me that extra bit of excitement all day long.

I don't know why but I feel so good when I wear panties, I love the feeling of how they fit snug to me, love the silky soft fabrics and perhaps also knowing they were made for a woman.

Wearing panties feels so good, just the thought of slipping on a pair of panties gets one so hard.

Wearing panties makes me feel so good, its just so exciting thinking about wearing panties and feeling the panties in my hands, then sliding the panties up my legs and feeling them against me.

Panties are not only exciting but they are also comfortable, much more comfortable than any mens underwear.

Panties make me feel sexy, they help change my mood and keep my happy and calm.

I love wearing panties and love the feeling of silky fabrics pressing tight against me.

Its exciting wearing panties under your work clothing knowing your wearing sexy panties as you are at work or out in public. I have spotted other womens panties and have seen that I am wearing sexier panties than they are. Never seen a woman wearing the same panties as I am wearing but that would be very exciting knowing we are wearing the same panties.

I only wear panties at home and its nice to come home and slip on a pair of panties, just melts away all the stress of the day.

There is just something exciting about wearing panties, the feeling of the panties stretching tight against you, the soft silky fabric and also knowing your wearing womens panties, its all so exciting and feels so good.

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