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Why Do You Wear Panties
By iwearpanties on October 24, 2014

Men wear panties for many different reasons, sexual stimulation, comfort, to feel sexy, etc. Here are just a few answers to the question why do you wear panties from men who wear panties.

-- I wear panties because it's a sexual taboo. It kinky. It's fun. I also get a rush out of buying panties. I love feeling myself in them and love when I wear nylon while my wife plays with me. I have a collection of about a 100 panties and its growing.

-- I love the feeling of wearing panties and knowing that whomever I am talking with doesn't know I have panties on. I love feeling panties slide across me when I walk or move.

-- I wear panties because they are comfortable and because my wife likes seeing me wearing panties.

-- The main reason why I wear panties is for comfort. I had troubles with regular mens underwear. Those rough underwear lines were very uncomfortable. Panties otherwise are very soft and you don't feel anything other than softness and comfort. Also I like the variety of panty styles, colors, designs, fabrics versus boring men's underwear. I also love the look of me in panties.

-- I wear panties 24/7. Panties are more comfortable then men's underwear. Women wear men's boxers and other items of men's clothing so I see nothing wrong with men wearing panties.

-- I am 43, married and straight and have been wearing panties most of my life. My wife knows and accepts my panty wearing and has brought me some for xmas and birthdays. I only own women's panties. Panties are way more comfortable than mens underwear and my wife will agree I look much better in a pair of panties than mens underwear.

-- I buy my underwear in the women's section of the store. They are womens panties until I buy them, but from that point on they just become underwear. Comfort, price, and so on are good reasons, also because they feel good when I wear them. Some panties, it's like there's almost nothing there. I generally don't wear cotton and mainly wear synthetic fabric. The underwear for sale in the mens section of stores is generally a poorer fit and doesn't support genitals but constrains them. Cotton boxers are looser, but fit like curtains; they provide no support, but only a screen to hide behind. And my wife tells me that she loves the way I look in panties. Can't argue with that!

-- Lots of men wearing panties, including me, who wear women's thongs and panties do it because they see how great the ladies look wearing panties and the guys want to look just as nice and sexy as the ladies do.

-- I enjoy wearing women's underwear because they are so comfy. When I wear them, it feels like they are apart of me, they fit that good. People should enjoy what type of underwear they enjoy wearing and "not" what people want or tell you to wear. Not every man likes men's boxers and briefs... I know I don't.

-- I first wore panties when two of my best friends, who happened to be girls, got me to. I found them to be much prettier and more comfortable than guys undies and from then on I was hooked.

-- For some guys it is simply an experiment, borrowing a pair of panties from their sister or mother, just to see what they feel like, and usually they continue to experiment wearing panties occasionally through life. But for others we enjoy the fit and feel of panties so much that we never go back to wearing guys underwear again.

-- Just love the feel of the fabrics and have been told by my wife that I look hot in them. She likes to surprise me by bringing home new panties for me to model for her, I am not sure who is into me in panties more, her or me.

-- I have worn womens panties for 30 yrs. I find panties more comfortable then mens underwear and much sexier and panties fit better to. I will never go back to wearing mens undies. My wife loves seeing me in panties.

-- I have been wearing panties for many years. I find them more comfortable than boxers or briefs, panties are so soft and smooth. My wife knows I wear panties, she and I spend a lot of time in the ladies dept looking at panties which is very exciting.

-- I wear panties because of how wearing panties makes me feel. As soon as I even start to think about wearing panties I get excited and once I slip panties on and I feel them against me it such a relief. Wearing panties makes me not only excited but relaxed also.

-- I wear panties because it makes me feel sexy, and it lets me let out a bit of my softer side. I am a very manly, tough, masculine man, but its nice to slip on a pair of panties and let my softer side out and just enjoy the feeling of wearing panties.

As you can see men wearing panties is very common, and men wear panties for different reasons or a combination of reasons. One thing most men wearing panties have in common is that once they start wearing panties they only want to wear panties more and more. I have never heard of a guy who one day like many of us started out, got curious when he saw a pair of panties, picked the panties up, slipped the panties and then said nope not for me, or these don't feel good at all. One thing that is similar for many men wearing panties is that many men never realized or thought wearing panties would feel so good, but once they slipped a pair of panties on and felt the panties against them they were amazed at just how good wearing panties feels.

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