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How to Measure for Panties
By guyinpanties on August 26, 2014

Finding the correct size panties for men wearing panties can sometimes be frustrating, what panties fit from one manufacture might not fit from another. But its not just men wearing panties who have this issue, woman complain about buying the wrong size panties all the time. Each manufacture usually has a panty size guide, panty size chart, often times it can even be found on the packaging the panties come in. Panties are sized by hip size, so the best way of determine if a size medium from one manufacture versus a size medium from another manufacture will fit is to know your hip measurement. You might find that your hip measurement usually is a medium size panty, but from certain panty manufactures your hip measurement is a size large. No matter what style of panties you enjoy wearing knowing your hip size will help you determine your panty size, however some styles of panties might require a larger or smaller size in order to fit correctly, for instance thongs, some men wearing panties who wear thongs that wear a size medium bikini style panty might either have to go up in size or down in size for a thong to fit. Your panty size also depends on how you like your panties to fit, or your thong to fit, some men wearing panties like a snug fitting panty, some men wearing panties like a tight fitting panty, while other men wearing panties like a loose fitting panty. However knowing your hip measurement first will help you narrow down your search for how you want your panties to fit. Remember that each panty manufactures sizing can vary, sometimes the sizing will vary just a small amount while other times it will vary alot. Perhaps you wear a size large panty and you have picked up a pair of panties and right away you notice they do not look like large panties, but perhaps they look smaller or larger. Not all panties will have a sizing guide on the packaging, and many panties are not even sold in packaging, so at that point you sort of have to guess on if the sizing is correct or not, or perhaps if you like a certain brand you can do some research before going shopping. Also the type of fabric the panties are made from can determine if the panties will fit, panties with spandex, nylon, microfiber will stretch to fit so one size smaller than what your hips measure might just fit perfect. Also us men wearing panties have to remember that panties are not manufactured for us to wear, we have that certain part that can change in size according to how excited we are. Does one have to allow extra room for our male part, I do not believe you have to go up a size just to accommodate our male parts, in doing so I have found that the panties will just be to large. The best thing is to measure your hips, and if it says your a medium stick with medium size panties. As mentioned panties with spandex, nylon, microfiber which most panties have will stretch to accomadate our ever changing male part, whether we are soft or hard. Just like with women you are going to buy panties that fit perfect and your going to buy panties that don't fit perfect, its certainly not just us men wearing panties who have questions about panty sizing, women are always commenting on panty sizing, buying the wrong size panties, panties that just don't fit right. Women have many panties in there drawers that get pushed to the back because they were bought and only worn once because they did not fit correct. For us men wearing panties those are often the panties we start to explore wearing because they are at the back of the drawer, if women only knew they could give us men wearing panties all their panties that don't fit.

Below is a men wearing panties guide to measuring for panties, and a men wearing panties guide to panty sizing. Many men wearing panties ask about panty sizing, what size panties fit men, it really comes down to not overthinking and making it complicated thinking you have to have a larger size panty because of your male part. It comes down to finding out your hip measurement and getting a general idea if you are small, medium, large, extra large, etc and remembering that the size category you fit into can vary slightly or alot depending on the panty manufacture. Also there are two forms of sizing, either small, medium, large, or by numbers, 5, 6, 7 and sometimes manufactures will combine numbers a 6-7 will be a medium. As you will see some manufactures have larger spans of numbers than others.

Measure Your Hips - The Widest Part Around Your Buttocks

measuring for panties

You will need to measure your hips, The widest part around your buttocks, use a clothing tape measure and measure around your hips as though you were putting on a belt. For example; when you measure around your hips and the inches are 42" you can then look at a panty sizing chart prior to going panty shopping, or ordering panties and see the range you fit into.

If you do not have a clothing measuring tape, you can also use a piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your hips and make a mark on the string, or pinch the string where they intersect. Then take tape measure and measure out the length of the string, that would be your hip measurements.

Below aresome general panty sizing guides (if you like a certain brand its always best to look at brand specific panty sizing guide, or panty sizing charts)

If Hips Measure:
36 - 37 - Size 5 Panties

38 - 39 - Size 6 Panties

40 - 41 - Size 7 Panties

42 - 43 - Size 8 Panties

44 - 45 - Size 9 Panties

46 - 47 - Size 10 Panties

48 - 49 - Size 11 Panties

50 - 51 - Size 12 Panties

Hip Measurement
29.5 - 31.5 - Size 0, XXS Panties

31.5 - 33.5 - Size 2, XS Panties

33.5 - 37.5 - Size 4, S Panties

37.5 - 41 - Size 6, M Panties

41 - 45 - Size 8, L Panties

45 - 49 - Size 10, XL Panties

49 - 53 - Size 12, XXL Panties

53 - 57 - Size 14, 3XL Panties

57 - 61 - Size 16, 4XL Panties

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