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Sheer Panties, Sheer Panty
By sheerpanty on August 5, 2014
When it comes to panties theres a wide selection of panties to choose from, and for most men wearing panties thats part of what draws us into wearing panties the various styles, colors, fabrics, combinations of fabrics and how they feel against us. Many men wearing panties have sheer panties in there panty drawer, panty collection, sheer panties can be any style, thong, boyshorts, bikini, string bikini, brief, gstring, etc, and sheer panties can be made from various fabrics lace, fishnet, mesh, and sheer panties can also be fabrics like nylon, satin, microfiber but just very thin weight material. Sheer panties have been around for awhile, starting out as mainly sheer nylon panties in which the entire panty was sheer both front and back. Sheer nylon brief panties were common back in the 60's, and were not only comfortable but sexy, brief panties sexy, yes for many men wearing panties they grew up seeing brief panties and still to this day brief panties are there favorite type of panties to both see others wearing and to wear. Sheer panties evolved just like everything else, and instead of the entire panty being sheer only parts of the panty were sheer, for example just the front panel would be sheer, or just along the hips would be sheer, manufactures started to get creative with sheer panties. As mentioned nylon sheer panties were very common, and for many men wearing panties sheer nylon panties are still there favorite type of panties, although just like satin panties, sheer nylon panties are a bit harder to find, especially the older sheer nylon panties in which the entire panty was sheer. As panties evolved into different styles, fabrics also evolved and you had a mixture of fabrics, panties would not be only one fabric they would have parts that would be nylon or cotton and then parts that would be lace or a mesh like material. As mentioned panty manufactures started to get creative and some panties would have sheer butts perhaps made of a mesh type material, or perhaps a thin nylon material. Panties would have sheer lace panels on the front, or sides of the panty, or the entire front would be lace. Nylon and sheer lace and satin and sheer lace were very popular combinations, both for comfort and for sex appeal. Depending on the coverage of the panties, brief, boyshort, bikini, thong depended on how much sheer lace, sheer mesh, or sheer nylon was used, often times panties with more coverage panty manufactures had a larger canvas to get creative with, putting in sheer areas or panels, making the entire back sheer while the front was not sheer, making the front of the panties ontop all sheer while the lower part of the front of the panties was not. If you wanted all lace panties both front and back thong panties were more common to be made from all sheer lace than other styles, but even with a smaller canvas thong panties did get creative just like other styles of panties in the placement of the sheer parts. As panties evolved, sheer lace, and sheer mesh were used to create that sheer look, but as mentioned sheer panties started out as being made from a thin nylon material, usually the entire panty was sheer and they were very lightweight and popular. Fabrics like nylon, spandex, satin, polyester and a newer fabric called microfiber can all be sheer depending on the weight of the fabric. Many panty manufactures are going towards lighter weight, one factor in going lighter weight is probably cost, it costs alot less to use thinner fabric, but also another factor is hiding panty lines and a light weight feel, almost as if your wearing nothing. Microfiber is one of those fabrics that is very lightweight, yet is very durable and can be very sheer. How sheer panties are also depends on how much they stretch, a really snug fitting panty, tight fitting panty especially in the butt area can seem a bit sheer, especially when bending over. Many women don't even realize how sheer there panties are and bend over and you can clearly see right through them, I feel its exciting when a panty is not sheer at one moment but then its stretched out by bending over and it becomes sheer. When shopping for panties some panties are obviously sheer, sheer lace, sheer mesh, but some panties you just cannot tell if they are sheer or not until you are wearing them and they are stretched out. A good way to tell if a panty might become sheer is the lightweight feel of them, lightweight nylon, lightweight spandex, and many microfiber panties are very lightweight and become sheer when wearing them. For men wearing panties sheer lace is nice but I feel its a bit rough against our male parts, same goes for a sheer mesh type fabric, its a bit rough on our male parts, although there are softer sheer lace, and sheer mesh panties out there. A great choice for both look and feel is sheer microfiber, its a very common fabric to find in all styles of panties and for those who like nylon and satin and that silky feel many microfiber panties have a very silky, smooth feel to them. Its always nice to have a variety of panties, thats what is so great about wearing panties, each style, each fabric feels so different and its nice having a mixture of sheer panties in your panty drawer.

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