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The World Is Filled With Men Who Wear Panties
By guywearspanties on July 21, 2014
There are lots of men who wear panties, more than you can even imagine. Men wearing panties come from all age groups, ethic backgrounds, countries, financial backgrounds (you never know your boss, or the ceo of a large company he might just be wearing a pair of lacy panties underneath his business suit). The point is that men wearing panties are all over the world and you never know who might be wearing panties. Men wearing panties can be straight, bisexual, bi curious or gay, in fact surveys show that most men wearing panties are straight and either married or in a long term relationship. Thats whats great about men wearing panties we all come from different backgrounds, however we have wearing panties in common, and having wearing panties in common we form great friendships with each as we can relate to wearing panties.

Its nice to have friends who have the same interests and that goes for having friends who also enjoy wearing panties. Just as with anything someone is into whether it be cars, sports, etc having friends who also enjoy the same things makes that interest you have much more enjoyable. Same goes for men wearing panties, having friends who also enjoy wearing panties to talk with or even hang out with makes wearing much more enjoyable.

Many men wearing panties are not comfortable meeting in person, and thats totally ok, this is one interest we can enjoy just by hanging out at men wearing panties communities. To be able to communicate with others who wear panties and talk about why you enjoy panties is great. And its also nice to see pictures of men wearing panties, and to have a place to post your own pictures of you wearing panties. Seeing other guys wearing panties reminds me of how good it feels to wear panties. I love having a community I can go to and enjoy my love of wearing panties.

As mentioned men wearing panties come from all backgrounds and you never know who is wearing panties under there suit or jeans. Men wearing panties are a group that is ever evolving and as time goes on men wearing panties is becoming more and more accepted and understood and thats making it easier for many men to express that they enjoy wearing panties, and for many men wearing panties to be able to tell a wife you wear panties, or tell a girlfriend you wear panties and to be able to enjoy wearing panties with a wife, or wear panties with a girlfriend. Panties are just an article of clothing and it does not change who a man is, luckily more woman are realizing this.

As mentioned panties are just an article of clothing but how amazing an article of clothing panties are and the effect they have on us men, the excitement panties bring, the pleasure they bring, no other item of clothing brings such erotic thoughts and sexual stimulation than panties do, its so amazing. Many men wearing panties started out exploring panties while growing up, others discover wearing panties later in life, no matter when you discover wearing panties, you discover how amazing panties are to wear, and the desire to wear panties remains strong no matter how long you have been wearing panties. Because of men wearing panties social networks woman are understanding that more men wear panties than ever thought of, and they are realizing men wearing panties is nothing to get upset over. Check out this men wearing panties social network its done so much for those of us men wearing panties. I am thankful to have so many friends who wear panties its been so nice to be around others who enjoy wearing panties. For those men wearing panties who think they are alone in wearing panties, think again, there are tons of men wearing panties out there.

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Wife Understands That I Wear Panties
I am along time married panty man with a very supportive, understanding, accepting, knowledgeable, and helpful wife. I've been wearing panties for years, and I wouldn't wear anything else. They are not only comfortable, but they are far more "sexy" than men's underwear. And just look at the selection of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. You don't find that in men's underwear. Of course, not all women are going to be in favor of men wearing panties, but there are females out there who are fully understanding and appreciate a guy wearing panties.

Guys Who Wear Panties Are Awesome.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy wearing panties. It really honestly is a comfort thing and a pleasure thing. I know when my boyfriend first told me that he wore panties it took me a little while to get used to it but when I saw him wearing them I thought that he looked adorable. You will find that there are actually a lot of guys that wear panties and many have wifes or girlfriends like me who are totally into it. I think guys who wear panties are awesome.

A Womans View On Men Wearing Panties
My boyfriend wears panties and it does not bother me at all. If men find panties comfortable, then that is their choice to wear them. I wear boxers sometimes, and most of my panties are actually boy short style, so I guess I wear men's underwear. How can I complain? I mean, its just under wear. It doesnt change who the person is. Why do people get so caught up on clothing?

Wife Accepts Me Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties for a long time. When I asked my wife if she would mind, she said she was fine with the idea. We have shopped for panties together, and it is no big deal. The comfort factor is great.

Wearing Panties
Clothes are clothes, they don't know the gender of the person who's wearing them. I don't believe clothes have gender. Whether a man is wearing panties or a woman is wearing panties it does not matter, as long as they are happy thats all that matters.

Girlfriend Got Me Into Wearing Panties
My girlfriend buys me most of the panties I wear. She started this quite a while ago as a "bedroom kink", asking me to try on her panties during sex. We both enjoyed it and next thing I knew she asked me if I'd wear panties again for her. Its such a turn on to wear panties in front of her and I love how turned on she gets seeing me in panties, its great for both of us.

Men Like Wearing Panties
I love wearing panties. They are so cute and comfy and beat boxers by a mile. Plus they come in more styles, great colors, and really cute patterns. I especially like bikinis. oh, and I am straight and my girlfriend loves to see me in panties.

Girlfriend Likes Me Wearing Panties
I have a girlfriend who is non judgmental, and accepts the fact that I find panties more comfortable and fun. She judges me not for my clothes but for who I am.

Men In Panties
Millions of other guys have found panties to be very comfy, and arousing when wearing them. It's really no big deal, and many women will accept a guy in panties.

Guys Have Always Worn Panties
Guys wearing panties is becoming very popular. Its not because its a new thing, men have been wearing panties for years, I know guys in there 80s who have worn panties since they were much younger. Its because more men are feeling like they can express that they enjoy wearing panties.

Enjoy Wearing Panties
I really enjoy wearing women's panties primarily Victoria's Secret Second Skin satin panties, which are now hard to find, glad I have a bunch of them. Knowing I am wearing panties keeps me in such a good mood.

Wearing Panties
Not to long ago I was dared to wear a pair of panties for a day, of course me never backing out of a dare I did it. When I first put them on I was shocked at how good they felt and how I remained excited all day long. Once the day was over I did not want to get out of the panties. Ever since being dared to wear panties for a day I have worn panties more and more. If I had not been dared to wear them for a day I might not have ever tried them, I am so glad that I have experienced how good panties feel to wear.

Wearing Worn Panties
I wear panties because i get off knowing who wore them before me. I've worn my sisters panties, aunts panties, cousins panties, several past girlfriends panties, girlfriends sisters panties, girlfriends moms panties. I get so turned on knowing they wore the panties.

Wearing Panties Gets Me Instantly Hard
When I put on panties I get a boner immediately. They are comfy and make me so horny.

Just Started Wearing Panties
I just tried wearing my girlfriends panties while masturbating today and it was the best feeling ever.

Masturbating With Panties
Wearing panties makes masturbating so much better, it is amazing how intense I explode when wearing panties and how I can get hard again in no time.

Shopping For Panties
Even after all these years, I still get a massive hard on when I wear panties. Even more so when I buy a new pantie.

Wearing Sisters Panties
I started with my sisters panties. She doesn't know but I used to sneak into her room and steal them and wear them all the time.

Love How Panties Keep Me Excited All Day
I love the feel of satin material on my ass all the day long, and the feel of my package pressing against the smooth silky fabric. Wearing panties keeps me excited all day long.

Guys In Panties
A guy in panties with a boner, really stretching the panty material out looks really, really hot! And if he makes a wet spot in them, even hotter still. I have never been with a guy and doubt I ever will be as I would consider myself straight but I do enjoy seeing other men wearing panties. I love visiting that community and looking through all the pictures of men wearing panties, its also nice to read all the stories from other guy who wear panties and I have made so many friends at that community. Its nice to have friends who also wear and understand.

Wearing Panties Under My Jeans
I always wear girls panties under my jeans, etc. I also like to take panties from my friends girlfriends or sisters.

Started With Wearing Sisters Panties
I have worn panties most of my life, i started at age 14 by sneaking off with my sisters panties.

Masturbating In Panties
I have stripped off my clothing and put on a pair of my wifes soft lace sexy panties several times and got an instant hard on and have jerked off in them. It feels amazing as they rub on my shaft and balls.

Thinking About Panties Gets Me Excited
I wear womens panties all the time, even when having sex with my wife and it's AWESOME! The first time I wore a pair of panties, it was my neighbor's wife's pair. I was 13. Once I slipped them on, the feeling of satin on my skin, and sexual excitement was unbelievable and I exploded in them very fast. Now, I wear women's panties daily and everywhere I go. Even to work. Generally I wear satin bikini or thong panties. Just thinking about wearing panties makes me hard.

Wearing Friends Sisters Panties
I was staying overnite at my friends house. We were talking about girls and we found a pair of his sister's panties. He dared me to put hem on. I put them on loved how felt and smelled. I got hard right away. Thats how I got started wearing panties, that was 15 years ago and panties still excite me in the same way as they did back then.

First Time I Wore Panties
The first time wore panties, i was hooked. I was in the bathroom & went to put my dirty clothes in the wash basket. On the top, was my sisters dirty panties that she had put there just 20 minutes earlier. I unraveled them, & pulled them on, & it felt wonderful. I could see myself in the mirror wearing my sisters panties, & could feel the damp crotch on my dick. Minutes later, i came into them.

Guys Wearing Panties
Wear them 24/7, can't remember the first time it was a long while ago, like a lot of males i started wearing panties when i masturbated only, about a year ago i started wearing panties all the time as i just find them much more comfortable and a better fit.

Lots Of Men Wear Panties
Men who wear panties are all around, you just never know who is wearing panties under there pants. Its nice to see so many other men into wearing panties.

Panties Are Such A Turn On
I wear panties 24/7 love the feel, styles and colors but most of all the idea of it.

Womans Panties Feel So Good
I love wearing panties. Panties feel so much better than mens underwear. It's not fare, women's panties are so soft and smooth. I wear panties all the time.

First Time Panty Shopping
I just bought a pair of panties for the first time. It was awesome the girls behind the counter giggled and smiled it was a nice feeling knowing those girls knew the panties were for me.

Checkout Girl Commented On My Panties
Shopping for panties is so exciting. This one time I was horny as heck when i got to the check out counter. I had 2 pairs of satin panties. The girl who was about 25 said you will like how they feel and smiled. It made me feel good also. I went home and masturbated in my new panties thinking about her and what she said.

Telling Sales Clerk The Panties Are For You
I love buying panties for myself and have done for over 40 years, I buy at Victoria Secret, and regular Department Stores. Try to pick out a sexy clerk. I always let them know the panties are for me. It turns some of them on and always turns me on.

Wearing Panties With Others
I remember when i was 12 my friend and I were in his sisters room looking for things. She was 16. We found her panties and I said lets try them on. He said that would be cool. So i put her panties on. He was a little shy at first but he put her panties on also. We never did any touching or anything just basically would sit around in her panties, it felt so good to be with a friend wearing panties.

Caught Wearing Roomates Panties
My hot 22 year old roommate came home early one day and walked in on me in her room wearing her panties and going through all the panties in her panty drawer. She was shocked but never did say anything.

Getting A Massage While Wearing Panties
I love wearing silky bikini panties. I have showed many women my panties. I've been to massage parlors and stripped down to my panties and had the lady give me a massage. It's a real turn on to stand in front of a women with nothing on but a pair of bikini panties.

Telling Clerk You Wear Panties
Wearing panties is hot. I love shopping for panties with my girlfriend or alone. I love the look the face of the clerk when I ask her what size she thinks i need.

Shopping For Panties
I love wearing panties all the time anywhere I am, one day I put on a pair of pink bikini panties and I walked to a department store to buy a more panties. I got 12 pairs of panties & went to pay for them the cashier asked me if they were mine I said yes I love wearing panties, she smiled

Man In Panties
I wear my panties all the time. I have to wash them regularly because they make me EXTREMELY horny and I make such a mess in them. Its such a turn on to slip them on, its so amazing how they are such a turn on and once you feel them on you never want to wear anything else again.

Men Wearing Thong Panties
I have been wearing panties for many years. I wore then off and on until about 6 yrs ago when I discovered thongs. I tried some and loved them. They are the most comfortable "panty" I have worn. Since discovering thongs, that is all I wear, 24/7. I have dozens and dozens of them in all sorts of materials, designs and colors.

Enjoy Wearing Panties
I love wearing panties. They are part of my life. I enjoy masturbating in them, looking at men in panties and woman in panties. I just love the feel of the panty next to my dick. I get hard as soon as I even think about wearing them. I visit that community often and love seeing all the pictures of others in panties there, have posted many of my pictures there, its so erotic to take pictures of yourself in panties.

Obsessed With Panties
Panties panties panties and more panties. I just love womens panties. i can't get enough of the soft panties. i love panty sex and playing in a pair of girls panties.

Wearing Mother In Laws Panties
For years I've been borrowing my mother in law panties. I take them home, spread them open and look for her juicy stains. I've been wearing another pair of my mother in law's dirty panties. Silky and very comfortable, I love walking around wearing her panties. It's awesome knowing that my dick and balls are touching the very spot where her spread open vagina and tight butt touched when she wore them.

Love Wearing Panties
I started wearing my sisters panties when i was 13, im 50 now, and still enjoy wearing panties just as much as that first time.

Guy Wearing Panties
I love a nice pair of silk panties or a silk thong. Sometimes just the feel of the fabric dose the trick of getting me hard and getting me to explode.

Wearing Panties Feels So Good
I've been wearing womens panties for about 35 years now. Loved every minute i've had them on. When I walk around in them with my dick moving around in them it makes it feel so good and gets me so hard. Ya'll guys should give wearing panties a go, and ya just might see how many women out there like a little kink in their life. My girl loves me in panties.

Wearing Panties
I've worn panties for so long that I feel odd if I don't wear panties. So I threw out all my male undies. Even if I go to the doctor, I still wear panties

Lots Of Men Wear Panties
There are tons of guys that wear women's panties. There is even a men wearing panties club online its and I love visiting it and totally recommend anyone who is into panties check it out. Having friends who also wear panties is very important to me and I have made so many friends at that community. Its nice having a place where you

Panty Fetish
I started wearing panties when I was about fifteen. My best friend?s sister was so hot, so seeing her panties hanging out of the hamper got my mind racing and soon I had her panties up to my nose and then I was wearing them while sniffing another pair of her panties. Wearing her panties was such a turn on and I wore her panties so many times. My wife knows about my fetish. She gave me a few of my favorite pairs of hers to enjoy when she is not home. I have had sex with her while wearing her panties.

Like How Well Panties Fit
I began wearing panties about ten years ago. Men's underwear binds me and boxer shorts constantly rise up. Panties fit me like a glove.

First Started Wearing Panties
I started wearing panties while growing up. The first pair I ever wore was a pair of my best friend?s sister. Saw them in the laundry pile and I was instantly drawn to them. I loved the way they felt, so I kept them and wore them many many times. Have been into wearing panties ever since

Wearing Panties Is A Huge Turn On
I find wearing panties is more comfortable than wearing men?s briefs or boxers. I wear panties all the time. My wife and I go shopping every week to buy more panties. She won't let me leave the house without knowing what panties I am wearing. The combination of the comfort and how wearing panties is such a turn on is amazing, and how just thinking about panties gets me so hard, and being able to enjoy wearing in front of my wife is so wonderful.

Guys That Wear Panties
I love wearing panties. They feel so good rubbing all up on my hard pole. I started wearing panties when I was about thirteen years old. I would steal my mom's panties. They felt great. I then had to get my fix, so I started to steal panties off clotheslines. Now, that was a rush. As I've gotten older, I've gotten braver on my panty-wearing journeys. I buy my own panties when I go to department stores. The best place I found to get panties is at Goodwill or Salvation Army. Just the thought of some girl getting off in the pair I just bought out of the second-hand bin gets my pole twitching. I wear panties everyday, and if I can lift a pair from a friend or stranger without being caught, believe me, I wouldn't hesitate a second. My wife doesn't mind my panty collection, but she does complain that I have too many pairs. I estimate that I have about three hundred pairs so far. For all you guys out there that like to wear women's panties, more power to you.

Panties Are Such A Turn On
I?ve been wearing panties since I was about twelve. First, it started out getting into my mom?s and my sister?s panties. I just used them to masturbate in and with. Then I started wearing them 24/7. My girlfriends were cool with it, which made for a more interesting sex life. Every time I would go to a friend?s house, I would steal their dirty panties out of the hamper. My favorite is pink panties. They just turn me on so much. Now I have over four hundred pairs of panties. I can wear a new pair every day of the year.

Guy In Panties
I've been wearing panties off and on since I was about fifteen. Now, I buy my own from any store I can. I love buying them and coming home to put them on, and I love wearing all types of panties. Now, I want to only wear panties. This weekend, I want to throw away all of my male underwear. I can't wait to only have panties to wear.

Love Wearing Panties
Ever since I was around fourteen, I've always loved wearing panties. I love shopping for new panties and love picking out which panties I will wear for the day. I love the way women's panties makes me feel!

Wearing Womens Panties
I like wearing women's panties and do so daily. In fact, I don't even own any men's underwear. I enjoy the silky feeling, and love shopping for new panties.

Started Wearing Panties
Since the age of about 12, I have worn girls panties. I started with my sisters panties. Then, as time went on, I stole some from washing lines. I did have quite a collection of all sorts until I got found out and had to get rid of most of them. I soon collected more. I also used to wear my girlfriend panties and anybody else?s that I could get my hands on. The best thing is wearing them in bed with a girlfriend while she rubs the silky material over my privates. Also, it?s good talking to someone knowing that you are wearing their panties.

Wearing Nylon Panties
I love wearing nylon panties! I have been wearing them since age eleven or so, when I found a pair of my moms nylon panties. Nylon panties are so soft and sexy. I love the way they make me feel when I walk around. I have over two hundred pairs of panties now in all styles. If you have never experienced the sexy soft feeling of panties, you should try it

Wearing Panties For First Time
I started wearing panties at age 12 by mistake when my mom did the laundry and she accidently put a pair of panties in my clothing pile. Seeing them made me curious but when I picked them up to return them something came over me and I tried them on and have been hooked ever since.

Men Wearing Panties
I wear panties whenever I can. I love wearing panties under my work clothes and out in public under my everyday clothes. I?ve been wearing for some twenty years ever since my wife asked me to try some on that she had bought for me. I loved it! Wearing panties with the wife intensifies our lovemaking! Guy's, if you've never tried it, slip a pair of panties on and you will see just how good they feel. I'm extremely pleased wearing panties.

The Feel Of Women's Panties
Since I was young, I have been fascinated by the feel of women's panties. Growing up, I got excited while wearing my sister's panties and my brother's girlfriend's panties. I love the tight feel and smooth, sexy fabric. I wear panties all the time now. I love the look and feel. I love panties and have a great collection. Panties are a magnificent thing.

Wearing Wifes Panties
I love wearing my wife's panties. Putting on her panties gets me so excited. She wears satin panties, either bikini or thong and I love opening up her drawer and feeling all the satin panties and picking out a pair to wear. Thinking about wearing panties gets me so excited!

Men Wearing Panties Is Becoming More Widely Accepted
There is such a double standard in our society when it comes to wearing the opposite sexes underwear. Woman can wear mens boxers or underwear and no one says anything, they can get by with saying its comfy or I want to wear them to feel closer to him. But yet when us men wear panties for the same reasons woman have given about wearing our underwear its not as easily accepted. Its underwear, it does not change who you are, woman wearing mens boxers does not change who they are and men wearing panties does not change who they are, why many stereotype men wearing panties is confusing. Thanks to communities like they are making men wearing panties more widely accepted, as more woman see the vast amount of men who enjoy wearing panties and see that we are just normal everyday guys they start to realize there is nothing to get upset about. Over the past few years there has been a huge increase in the number of couples wearing panties together and woman who are expressing that they are curious about seeing a guy wearing panties.

Started With Sisters Panties
I have been wearing panties for many years. I started with my sisters panties, she had the sexiest panties and that made wearing panties even more exciting.

I Love Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties since age thirteen. I love the way they look on me and make me feel! I wear satin and nylon only. Cotton is cute, but it doesn't feel the same. My preference is just a half t-shirt and my soft satin or nylon panties around the house. I feel so sexy and good! I love my panties!

Panty Guy
From eleven years old, I have loved the feel of panties. It started with my mum's panties. I even wore them to school and the thrill of sitting next to girls in class thinking, ?My panties are sexier than yours,? was such a turn on. Going out with girls when growing up while wearing panties was fun. When fooling around with each other it was always a nice for them to slip there hand down my pants and see there reaction to me wearing panties. I was amazed at how it turned them on to feel me through my panties. I ended up getting married to a girl I dated who did just that, slipped her hand down my pants and felt my panties and she loved it.

Guys Who Enjoy Wearing Panties
I started wearing panties when I was maybe about ten years old. I had taken a pair of my mother's panties and tried them on, and they felt so nice. As I grew up, I eventually started "acquiring" pairs of my mother's panties and then got the nerve to buy panties for myself, using the "they're for my girlfriend" excuse. Getting new panties is always a huge turn on. I am a straight guy and love women. I just love the way panties feel against me and how they fit. I love all the friends I have made at its nice to hear from other guys who enjoy wearing panties and have found themselves enjoying wearing something society has chosen for women to wear but have gone against that and have chosen to wear panties. I am so thankful for a place like that to go and enjoy wearing with others who can relate and know how I feel.

Told Wife I Wear Panties
I enjoy wearing panties. I love the way they look and feel on me. I think I look sexy in them. I wear them all the time. And, yes, my wife knows that I wear panties. She buys them for me. I just got tired of suppressing the fact that I love women?s panties, and I love to wear them. So, I said to myself, ?Go for it. It's what makes me happy.? So I told her and we sat down and I told her why I love wearing panties and she completely understood. And from that day forward, I have worn panties every day, and I feel much better now that I do.

Always Had A Panty Fetish
I love to wear panties. I started wearing them every day about six months ago. I've always had a panty fetish from the age of twelve. I think it started when I got my first panty peek from a girl from school, and it's been a turn on for me ever since. My wife buys them for me and she thinks I look hot in them. I like the microfiber panties the best. I like the way they fit me.Wearing panties makes me feel so happy.

Men In Panties
I have been wearing panties since I was 12. I would sneak in and take my mom's panties and wear them. Women are so lucky to have so many choices in panties.

Caught Me Wearing Her Panties
I started to wear my stepmom?s panties when I was younger. Every time my dad and she would go out, I would sneak into their room look through her panties. One day, I was digging in my stepmom?s panty drawer when she walked in on me wearing one of her favorite pairs of panties. She didn?t get mad or anything, she just let me have what was in my hand along with all the pairs I took previously. She always had this big smile for me each time she saw me after that day she caught me with her panties.

Wearing Her Panties
When I was young, I liked to play doctor with my neighbor. She wanted to exchange our underwear one day. Mine were plain cotton jockey shorts, but she had on an amazing pair of white nylon briefs with ruffles on the legs and butt and a bow in the front center of the panties. As I tried them on, I thought they were the silkiest, sweetest looking things I had ever seen. I was a bit embarrassed as I got so excited. I thought that as a guy, we were really getting the short end of the stick as our underwear did not feel anything like these panties did. After that day I started to wear panties whenever I could. As I got older I wore more and more and wear full time now.

Women Like Men In Panties
I have been wearing panties for the last twenty years, and I have all sorts. I have silk panties, satin panties, high cut panties, thongs, French knickers, and lacey panties. In fact, I get just about any sexy looking panties I can buy. I never wear boxers or mens underwear, just panties. Women love it when I drop my trousers and they find me wearing them. It turns them on big time. I?ve never had a complaint from a girl yet.

Guy In Panties
I have been wearing panties for thirty five years. I wear them everywhere; to work, shopping, or with just a t-shirt in my back yard. I like to go swimming or take a shower wearing nothing but my panties.

Panty Sex With Wife
Last night, I had the most sensual feeling of my life. I have been wearing panties for about twenty years, and last night my wife convinced me to shave my pubic hair off. After I did, she chose some of her silk panties for me to wear. As I pulled on the panties I got instantly excited from the feel of the silk on my newly shaven parts. The feeling was out of this world. Needless to say, we had sex most of the night all while we were both wearing silky panties.

Wearing Panties With A Woman
I have been wearing panties 24/7 for the last ten years. I like the way they fit and feel. I am a heterosexual male and have a lady friend that knows that I wear panties. She encourages me to wear panties when we get together and she loves when we go shopping for new panties so she can see me in my new panties. I consider myself to be quite normal and would imagine that there are more of us out there that wear panties than one can imagine.

Wife Understands My Love Of Wearing Panties
I found my love for nylon panties when I was 12. My sister wore very sexy panties, all nylon or lace. One day, I tried on a pair of my sisters panties on and was instantly turned on and hooked for life. I'm now forty four and wear panties every day of the week. My wife understands my love of wearing panties and has no problem with me wearing panties.

Love How Wearing Panties Feels
Panties are so much more comfortable than mens underwear, not to mention that the silky feel of the nylon against my skin is an incredible turn on.

Like Wearing Panties
I love to wear panties. I have been wearing them since I was twelve years old. My wife loves it when I wear panties. We go panty shopping together and we share panties. The softer, silkier and shinier, the better. Panties are more comfortable and the excitement of wearing them is so intense.

First Time Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties since I was 14. First panties I wore were a pair of silky panties and I was addicted to panties right away. I have been wearing panties 24/7 for a long time and will never wear guy's underwear again.

Panty Wearing With Wife
Been married for almost four years to a great woman. I have been wearing panties for about a year now. I wear them almost all the time. She knows I wear panties and supports me, she gets a bit jealous that I have better taste in panties than her. We love going panty shopping together and its always fun to get home and put on a panty show for each other.

Love The Feel Of Womens Panties
I love the feel of women's panties against my manhood. The feel of the soft nylon against me is wonderful, mens underwear was just there, when I wear womans underwear they feel so good I am reminded of them all day long. I enjoy talking with others who are into wearing panties and seeing others into wearing panties, have also started to take pics of myself in panties which is such a turn on to see yourself wearing panties. I enjoy that community and love to post my pics there and check out all the other pics of men wearing panties. I do consider myself straight but do enjoy seeing a guy wearing panties, gets me thinking about how good it feels to wear panties. Let's face it, nothing feels better than wearing panties.

Guy Wearing Panty
I love wearing silk panties. There?s nothing like the feel of silk panties against my privates, it feels so sexy! I started when I was younger with my sister?s panties. I would feel hers, and then one night I decided to try to slip on a pink silky pair she had. From there on out, I was hooked on panties. I wear them every day now.

Wearing Womens Panties
I've been wearing panties for about 12 years. As of now, my underwear drawer is full of panties. I don't own any men?s styles. In fact, my wife buys panties for me and insists that's all I wear.

Love Showing My Panties
I have worn panties for many years, once I slipped them on I totally forgot all about mens underwear. A few years ago I was shopping and wearing jeans and pink panties. I bent down for something on the bottom shelf, and a woman behind me obviously saw my panties peek out over my jeans. She came up behind me and just stood there behind me acting like she was looking at something above me but you could tell she was looking straight down my jeans. I was embarrassed, but I realized later how exciting it was. Since then I have let my panties show many times and I love how woman will follow you and go out of there way to see your panties peeking.

I Like To Wear Panties
I like to wear panties when I unwind from a stressful day of work. I cannot wait to get through the day and come home and pick out a pair of panties and slip into them. Often times I will lounge around or do work around the house in just panties, of course I am either hard or half hard the entire time. When its time to relieve the tension I explode so hard in my panties and fall asleep and sleep better than I ever have. I love wearing panties instead of boring men's underwear.

Men Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties and for twenty years. The excitement of wearing panties just keeps growing and growing as the years go by. Each new panty is so exciting to wear for the first time. I feel so relaxed whenever I wear womans panties.

Sex While Wearing Panties
I have been wearing panties for a long time. I like the way they feel, and I feel so happy and relaxed in them. I am not gay or bi, wearing panties does not mean that you all of the sudden must like guys, people need to stop thinking that. I have a wife, and I just recently told her. She lets me have sex with her while wearing panties. Guys try wearing panties, you will love it.

Wearing Panties With Wife
I would have never known that I like to wear women?s panties. But one day, I was home alone and I saw a pair of my wife?s panties in the laundry basket. I decided to try them on because I know how it feels when I grab my wife?s butt when she is wearing panties and I love feeling her silky satin panty covered butt. When I tried them on, I got such a rush that I had to relieve myself. I started to wear them more and more. One day, I decided to show my wife what I looked like in her panties. She got so excited that we had sex with her panties on.

Caught Wearing Panties
I love wearing panties; I have for as long as I can remember. I wear them every day and the thought of getting caught in them is so exciting. The other day, I had on a little pink and white thong. I went to the shoe store to buy some new shoes and when I bent over to try a pair on, the female employee was behind me and got a great view of them. I knew that she had caught me as soon as she went over to another guy working there and whispered in his ear. I just went on shopping, paid for the shoes to the guy, and went on my way. It was as exciting as I had hoped!

Wife Understands That I Wear Panties
I started wearing panties while growing up, used to wear my sisters panties and many of my friends sisters panties. Wore panties only occasionally for many years but now I wear them all the time and everywhere, to work, out shopping, etc. I've been married for ten years and my wife is fine with me wearing panties. She loves seeing me in panties, shopping for new panties together and panties are always apart of sex. She loves how wearing panties makes me so happy, I love having such an understanding wife.

Started Wearing Panties
I first discovered the thrill of panties when a girlfriend left a pair of her panties in the dressing room at a friend's pool. I tried them on. When the satiny smooth sensation of the fabric slid up my legs, I almost immediately ejaculated all over her panties and my stomach! After that experience, I would do anything to wear panties, including sneaking out at night and "borrowing some" from clotheslines! When I got to college, I started dating a cute girl who seemed to know of my panty fetish without me even telling her, she just knew how much panties turned me on. We got pretty intimate early on, and she would convince me to wear her panties as we were having sex, lets just say she did not have to do much convincing me into wearing panties. This was the most wonderful time of my life. To this day, I wear panties at every opportunity.

Always Wear Panties
I wear panties all the time and have done for over 2 years. I couldn't wear mens underwear again. I just wish I would have tried wearing panties much sooner like many of you did, oh well I am wearing now and will wear for the rest of my life.

Like Wearing Panties
I wear panties 24/7 and have done for few years. Wouldn't and couldn't wear anything else now. Its nice to see that so many other men wear panties, once you slip them on its hard to imagine wearing mens underwear again.

Putting On Panties
I wear panties all the time. Seems so natural to me now. I would feel very strange in those sandpapery mens styles. Once you've slipped on a pair of panties how could you wear anything else.

Wearing Panties In Public
If I am wearing underwear then I am wearing panties. I wear them daily whether staying at home, going to work or going out. I love walking around wearing panties in public, its so exciting to know your wearing panties as you walk by everyone.

Thinking About Panties Gets Me Excited
I love wearing panties all the time, especially to work! I love the way they hold my package and how soft they are! Wearing panties to work gets me through the day. Just talking about it makes me hard!

Who Wears Sexier Panties
I always wear panties to work. Being a salesman I often wonder when talking to a customer, who has the sexier panties on, her or me. Wearing panties makes me happier and much more confident, when I get bored during the day I just remind myself I am wearing panties, its like a boost of energy.

Picking Out Panties
There is nothing better than opening up your underwear drawer in the morning and only seeing panties, its such a turn on just choosing what pair of panties to wear for the day.

Masturbating With Womens Panties
I love to masturbate in and on panties. Can't get enough panties. Love them on my face and all over my body.

Many Other Men Wear Panties
I love to put on a pair of panties and play in them until I treat them to a huge load of cream. Wearing panties is such a huge turn on and its nice to see that so many other men wear panties.

Masturbating While Wearing Panties
I love masturbating in panties, I love how panties fit on my butt and how my bulge looks in panties, seeing the outline of my bulge pressing against that silky fabric is such a turn on. I LOVE watching myself squirt wearing panties, filling panties with cum is such a turn on.

Wearing Panties Is My Favorite Activity
Wearing panties is my favorite activity. I just love to get home from work and pick out a pair of panties and get on the computer and chat with others who enjoy wearing panties. Being as straight as an arrow there is just something that turns me on about seeing other men in panties, its not that I have a desire to be with other men its just I appreciate seeing how much panties turn on other guys. I also get turned on by seeing myself in panties and I love taking pictures of me in panties and posting them at an awesome community I found a while back for men wearing panties. I love seeing pictures of men wearing panties and being able to chat with others who can relate to how good wearing panties feels

Masturbate With Panties
I like to masturbate with panties. I have been doing it over 40 years. I have to blame seeing my moms panties and my sisters panties for inspiring me to start masturbating with panties. There is something special about letting go of my load into the stained gusset of a pair of worn panties.

Panties Get Me So Excited
Nothing makes me cum more and harder than when I am wearing panties. Its such a rush to slide on some panties and feel that silky fabric against your dick, how just the fabric pressing against me makes me twitch and I have to be careful as I will explode very quickly, I love how nothing else can get me so excited and cum so quickly than panties.

Fascination With Panties
I have had a fascination with panties every since I first saw a pair of them laying on the bathroom floor. I swear they jumped off the floor and into my hands and then all of the sudden I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror wearing them.

Turned On By Panties
I love they way they feel against me.
I love that they are suppose to be for women only.
I love how sexy they make me feel.
I love that panties are made of silky fabrics like nylon and satin
I love that you can secretly wear them in front of other women wondering if yours are nicer or sexier than theirs.
I love when you find another woman's panty and you know her juicy spot was just right there in that crotch.
I love when you can smell that crotch and smell how each woman smells.
Lastly, I love the feeling you get just before you open a woman's panty drawer knowing your going to rifle through every one of her delicate lovely's

Couple In Panties
I love wearing panties. I was introduced to panties when I ran out of clean underwear and my wife told me to put on a pair of her panties. At first I thought she was joking but then she came over and told me to lift up my legs as she helped me into her panties, I was hard by the time they were half way up, it surprised me how quickly I got hard and it surprised my wife as well. She loved how I look in her panties and she started to touch me through them and I saw how turned on she was seeing me in panties. We ended up having the best sex while I was wearing her panties and that same day we went shopping for panties for me, and I was wearing the same panties we had sex in all day. Its funny how sometimes you stubble into things that you enjoy, I am so glad that I found out what wearing panties feels like and that I found that out with my wife.

Men In Womens Panties
I very much enjoy wearing panties. Women's panties are soft, light weight and comfortable. They have many styles, lots of colors and come in a variety of fabrics. Its so amazing how a piece of clothing can create such a huge turn on, just hearing the word panties gets my attention and also gets the blood flowing down below. I love seeing myself and other men wearing panties and seeing couples wearing panties together is a huge turn on. I love that community and seeing all the men and couples in panties and reading stories there. Its nice to be around others who enjoy wearing and hearing about there experiences and what they like, I have made so many friends over the years at that community.

Like Wearing Panties
I have not worn mens undies for many years, I truly love wearing panties for many reasons, I love feeling more sexy and the silky fabrics create wonderful sensations in my sensitive areas. Its also about how taboo of wearing panties, wearing something that was meant for a woman, that a huge part of the turn on for me. I like like bright color, all the styles and the fabrics.

Love How Wearing Panties Makes Me Feel
I wouldn't think of getting dressed without my panties. Been wearing for almost 15 years now and its still exciting to think about slipping them on, shopping for new panties and picking which pair I will wear each day. Its amazing how much a turn on panties are, a simple article of clothing carries so much intense pleasure with it.

Male In Panties
I have been wearing panties for about 10 years now. My collection of panties just keeps growing and growing and I love how over the past 10 years my excitement for panties has only grown.

Wearing Panties Feels So Good
Growing up I used to take a neighbor girls panties, I loved how different they looked than my male underwear, it did not take long and I was standing there in her panties, another thing that did not take long was cumming while wearing the panties, it surprised me at just how quickly wearing panties would make me cum, but a nice surprise it was. All while growing up I wore so many different panties, the combination of how they fit, how they feel and knowing they were worn is so intense and still to this day I do not last very long once I am wearing panties.

Wearing Panties To Work
I wear womens panties a few times a week and have worn them all day at work a few times. Wearing panties to work is such a turn on, looking around wondering if your wearing sexier panties than the woman in the office or if any of the other guys are wearing panties under there suits, you just never know who might be wearing panties.

Men Wearing Panties
Most men who wear panties are way more secure within themselves and woman notice this and like this about men who wear panties. It takes a lot of for a man to be confident enough with his masculinity to wear women's panties. Its nice to see that more men are expressing that they enjoy wearing panties without fear of what others will think, we all should be able to wear what we like.

Men Should Be Able To Wear Panties, Woman Wear Mens Boxers
Women's panties are more silky, lacy, soft, and way more sexy. Its not hard to figure out that having them against a mans privates feels good. It's more socially acceptable for women to wear men's underwear than it is for men to wear women's panties, possibly because men's underwear are more generic and women's panties are made much more sexier and sometimes we only think of woman as being able to wear sexy things. Men and woman should be able to wear what makes them feel good, woman do this all the time with mens underwear, its time men were able to do it with womans panties and not have to worry about what others think.

A Large Percentage Of Men Wear Panties
Women's panties are more comfortable and a whole lot sexier than anything that is sold for men. I sometimes wonder why manufacturers don't market womens panties for both men and women, who know maybe some do, they have to know by now that a large percentage of men wear panties. As for fit what I have found to fit best are microfiber panties, or stretch satin panties, they will stretch very nice and they feel so silky, smooth and soft.

Lots Of Men Wear Panties
There are a lot of men out there that like wearing women's panties and it does not change who they are, its confusing as to why so many think that by simply wearing panties it will all of the sudden change who you are. Wearing panties for many is about the feeling of the fabric against them and how the panties fit so much more snug on them, and how that snug feeling looks on them. When a woman likes seeing the way clothing makes her look no one says anything about that, but when men want to check out how things make them look its all of the sudden wrong. Us men want to look good in what we wear also. Many woman actually enjoy seeing there man in their panties and appreciate that he wants to wear something that shows off his body.

Wearing Panties Makes Me Happy
I have worn panties for many years but for the last year I have decided to wear only panties. Panties are just way more comfortable and I love that they keep me thinking about them all day long. I am into lace panties, sheer panties, satin panties, nylon panties, etc and colors such as pink, lilac, yellow, love the bright colored panties. At last count I have 70 pairs. Most are thongs, and bikinis. They are all so sensuous and give me very erotic and pleasurable feelings. I cannot get enough of them. I feel very happy and confident knowing how wonderful I look. I just love my panties!

I Enjoy Wearing Womans Panties
I have been wearing panties for nearly 40 years. I hate wearing men's underwear they totally suck! I agree that panties are underwear and what should it matter to any one else what kind of underwear a person wears. I will wear panties forever. It is of my opinion that if you have not worn a pair of panties in your life you should not judge any one that does. I can still remember the very first pair of panties I ever owned and wore. That pair of panties still has a place in my heart. And if you want to judge a person for wearing panties then you should at least wear some panties for a month to see what it's all about. Unless your afraid you might love wearing panties and never go back to ugly men's underwear.

Guy Who Wears Panties
I am a straight guy who wears panties. With so many styles, colors, fabrics once you find a style and cut that fits nicely you will be amazed at how much more comfortable they are than mens underwear, and also what a turn on it is to wear them.

Many Guys Wear Panties
I am a very masculine man and I enjoy wearing panties, wearing panties does not change anything about me being a man or does not make me less of a man. Many men wear panties, most of which you would never guess that they enjoyed wearing panties. Thats whats so great about panties, there is such a variety of men who wear panties, from your everyday guy who works a normal job to guys in the corporate world. Such a wide variety of men wear panties and you never know who might be wearing panties.

Love How Wearing Panties Makes Me Feel
I wear my girlfriends thongs, g-strings and boyshort panties all the time. I sometimes even wear her stockings and lingerie. The way I look at it, if she can wear them and look and feel sexy, so can I. I love the way the fabric presses up in all the right places. I just feel sexy and very turned on! I wear thongs and g-strings under my every day clothes because they give me confidence and make me feel sexy.

Wearing Wifes Panties
I wear my wife's worn panties all the time as it makes me so hot and hard to have my dick where her sweet wet spot has been and to feel her wetness. I also enjoy when we visit our friends and I find panties in the hamper in the bathroom, I have slipped them on and worn them for a few hours while we ate dinner or sat around talking and then excused myself to the bathroom again to slip them off. Its a huge turn on to do this

Guy In Panties
Wearing panties is wonderful. In fact I wear panties all the time. I do not own any men's underwear anymore. I started wearing women's panties 30 years ago and have never gone back to scratchy uncomfortable men's briefs.

Wearing Panties Feels So Good
I love to wear womans panties. I was 14 and seen my sisters panties in the hamper. I just couldn't resist I had to put them on and see how they looked and felt. I was in heaven with the way they felt and and how they made me look. From that day on I'd wear her panties every chance I had and now I only wear panties. Its amazing that each day I am still excited to put on panties and how they keep me thinking about them all day long.

Woman Wear Our Underwear Men Should Be Able To Wear Panties
Not sure why some people have issues with men wearing panties, it's only underwear. Women wear men's underwear and clothing, so why can't us men? Women wear men's boxers, shirts, jeans, etc. Women's jeans used to have the zipper in the back or on the side. Now the zipper is in front just like men's jeans. Panties are more comfortable then men's underwear. I wear panties 24/7. If you like panties, wear panties.

Men Should Be Able To Wear Panties
Women can wear boxers, and no one cares. Men should be able to wear panties if they want to. Its all about what makes you feel good and what comfortable. Boxers are useless underwear that don't keep anything in place. I love how panties hug everything so perfectly how they hold everything in place so nice.

Panties Are So Much Better Than Mens Underwear
Mens underwear has not changed at all over the years, its still the same old boring stuff. In my experience mens underwear is not very well designed, when I am wearing mens underwear I find myself constantly having to adjust myselff to be comfortable and the fabric is so irritating. Years ago a female friend suggested I try a certain brand and style of panties and they were the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. Since then I have experimented with other panties and found that they are much more comfortable than mens underwear and they come in so many styles and fabrics that I actually had a fun time shopping for my underwear!

Guys Wearing Panties
Have been wearing panties for about 20 years. I started wearing my sisters panties and then moved on to my moms panties, both had such different panties, sisters were more cotton but still the style of them felt very nice, moms were lacy and silky, and she had more sexier styles, but soon my sister was also wearing the more silkier, lacy and sexy styles. Being able to enjoy both there panties was so nice. Now I wear my girlfriends panties and I love her selection of panties, and thanks to me she has plenty of new pantie and wears styles in which she probably would not buy herself.

Many Men Wear Panties
I love to wear panties and have been wearing panties since I was 12. I still love it and I am now 50. For so many years I thought I was the only one who wore panties, it was not until I jumped on the computer that I seen that so many other men wear panties, I came across this community and its been so amazing to see just how many other men wear panties. I went from thinking I was the only one who enjoyed this to seeing that there are tons and tons of other men wearing panties out there. Its so nice to be able to be around others who are into wearing, and I have made so many friends over the years.

Men Wearing Panties Is More Common Than One Thinks
Half the men on earth could be wearing panties and you would never know it because its under there clothing, and unless you see them undressing you would never know. Men wearing panties is way more common than people think. Why should woman be the only ones to get to wear something that feels so good. You never know how many men you walk by in a day that could be wearing panties under there pants.

Always Thinking About Panties
Men wear panties for all sorts of reasons, for me its a combination of how they look on me, and how they feel, and how they keep me excited. I love how the fabric is so smooth and soft. I love how I am always thinking about panties, its so amazing how all these years panties continue to keep me just as excited as the first time wearing panties.

Wearing Panties Feels So Good
I love wearing women's panties, always have, always will. My favorite types are bikinis and string bikinis. They make me feel so good and feel so sexy. How else can a man feel this sexy by any other means? I enjoy standing in front of a mirror and modeling panties in different poses. I love buying panties in the lingerie sections of department stores, while wondering what the women are thinking as I'm holding them out in front of me as I check how they will fit. I enjoy it tremendously when a checkout girl holds my new panties up in the air and removes them from their tiny plastic hangers while others in line are watching. Panties are comfortable, pretty and sexy. And no mens underwear can compare to the feel and look of panties.

Love Wearing Panties
I love wearing panties. I enjoy satin panties and microfiber panties, satin panties are my favorite. Bikini panties, high cut panties, boy short panties, and hipsters are my favorite, but also have thong's. Nothing feels better than panties snugly holding the package.

Like To Wear Panties
I like to wear bikini panties, they fit very well and are so comfy! Thongs feel good too, but they don't fit as well on me so I do not wear them for long periods of time, but do enjoy wearing them while pleasuring myself. I've pretty much worn panties since I first picked them up. Boxers and briefs don't hold a candle to the feeling and comfort of panties.

Panty Fetish
I have a panty fetish. I love everything about panties, seeing my wife in panties, seeing woman in panties, wearing panties and also seeing other men wearing panties. I am straight but I do enjoy seeing other guys in panties, reminds me of how good they feel.

The Excitement Of Wearing Panties
I am a masculine straight man and I love wearing panties, ever since I first put on panties I LOVED it and I still do. I wear sexy panties all the time, sleep in them and it is such a huge rush, love it!

Male Wearing Panties
I love the feeling I get when wearing panties, nothing excites me more than slipping on some panties. I usually wear victoria's secret panties. They feel and fit so nice, they hold everything in place very nice and are so sexy. I just love how wearing panties makes me feel.

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