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Girl Who Understands Why Guys Like Panties
By wendy on July 18, 2014
I know I love how my panties feel against me and I can only imagine how they would feel against a guy. I have seen how panties have effected many of my boyfriends, catching them sniffing my panties, stroking with my panties and wearing my panties. It excited me so much and to there surprise I was not mad at them for using my panties, it excited me to see them pleasuring themselves with my panties. I have enjoyed playing with many of my boyfriends with panties, making them sniff my panties, lick my panties, wear my panties, wrapping my panties around them, and wearing panties during sex which is one of my favorite things, it just looks so naughty to just pull my panties to the side, or better yet we both pull our panties to the side. I know and understand why guys like panties and to me its very normal for a guy to sniff panties, smell panties, lick panties, wear panties, masturbate with panties and be turned on by panties, more girls need to lighten up and be more open minded and they will see they will have a much happier guy who is willing to pleasure you more also. With just about every boyfriend I have had I have either introduced them to panty play or caught them playing with my panties and from then on we enjoyed panty play together. To many they were surprised that I was ok with it and how into panty play I was. Panties are such an erotic piece of clothing, panties are the item closest to us girls bodies. Panties capture us girls scents, all day our juices are flowing, some girls juices flow more than others, but all girls have juices that flow at some point during the day. Panties soak up those juices, and its obvious and normal that a guy would be interested in smelling those juices that have been soaked up by the crotch of our panties, I mean I have smelled my own panties several times and have enjoyed smelling my panties. Smelling my panties is naughty, and it sends this shiver and tingle through me, and I certainly know from my past boyfriends what smelling panties does to a guy. And my panties feel so good against me, I wear all types except briefs, I wear thongs, bikini, boyshorts, etc. and I wear various fabrics, cotton, microfiber, nylon, satin, and have ones with lace also. As mentioned my panties feel so good against me, and its pretty obvious that panties would feel amazing against a guy, and I have seen for myself how my boyfriends have enjoyed the feeling of wearing panties. I embrace that guys enjoy panties, no matter if they are smelling panties, licking panties, want me to stroke them with my panties, I catch them masturbating with panties or if they want to wear my panties. I totally see why guys like panties. Other girls need to relax and take a deep breath and realize a guy sniffing panties, licking panties, masturbating with panties, wearing panties is very normal, and a very common thing for guys to do and something that you can both enjoy together, I know panties have become my favorite sex toy to use in the bedroom. I did not have to run out and by some special sex toy to use on my boyfriends, all I needed was the panties I was wearing, take them off, let him sniff my panties, lick my panties, wrap my panties around him, slip my panties on him. The perfect sex toy, always there and can be enjoyed anywhere, me and my boyfriend have went to the movie theater and I have removed my panties and quickly pressed them to his face for a few seconds before unzipping his pants and wrapping them around him and making him explode all over my panties and a bit onto the popcorn bucket which was on his lap so as not to draw attention to what I was doing. It certainly gave new meaning to extra butter on the popcorn when he exploded.
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