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Why Guys Like Panties
By guylikespanties on July 16, 2014
Why do guys like girls panties. All guys love panties, they ways in which panties turn a guy on can vary, and some guys may only be turned on by one thing about panties while other guys may be turned on by several things about panties, and some guys may be turned on by everything about panties. For example some enjoy sniffing panties or smelling panties, licking panties, wearing panties, masturbating with panties, being masturbated with panties, seeing panties, panty peeks, pantylines, visible panty lines, vpl, whaletails, etc. Perhaps you are only interested in one of the things mentioned, a few of them, or all of them, panties are just something guys are turned on by in various ways. Ask most guys and they will confess to having picked up a pair of dirty panties off the floor or digging through the laundry hamper looking for worn panties at some point. Panties are just something guys have a fascination with, and its very normal to find yourself curious about panties when you see a pair of panties. Often times guys first start to get curious about panties when growing up, seeing there moms panties, sisters panties, cousins panties, aunts panties, or a friends sisters panties, friends moms panties, seeing panties laying on the floor, seeing panties ontop of the hamper, seeing panties sticking out of hamper, etc and you find yourself getting curious about them. Some guys do not start to get curious about panties until older, perhaps with a girlfriends panties, wifes panties, etc. Becoming curious about panties starts at different times for guys, usually it does start while growing up for many guys, but some guys becoming curious about panties does not start until later. Once your curiosity or fascination with panties starts often times it grows, perhaps you started out sniffing panties, or just being turned on seeing girls wearing panties, then your curiosity grew and you started to wonder what panties smelled like, or what panties felt like wrapped around you, then perhaps you became curious as to what panties would feel like wearing, or what you would look like wearing panties. For some men they are only into one thing or a few things, perhaps just seeing girls wearing panties and sniffing panties, while other guys are into everything about panties. There is just a very strong attraction to panties, and even the word panties can get ones attention, or seeing the word panties can be a turn on. You can hear the word panties, or walk through a store and see a sign for panties and you start to become turned on. When girls are not around their panties still are, and the scents left in the crotch of panties are also still there, and for most guys the scents a girl leaves in the crotch of panties is one of the biggest turn ons. Many guys also enjoy how panties feel, either wrapped around them, or slipping panties on, its very obvious that girls have the best underwear and girls know they have the best underwear, you don't see girls wanting to buy guys underwear, wear guys underwear, and they don't enjoy rubbing guys through guys underwear, feeling guys through guys underwear. Guys underwear is plain, boring, ruff, and comes in very limited styles, however womens underwear comes in so many colors, styles, fabrics, brands, and there is an entire section in most stores dedicated to girls panties, with racks of panties, bins of panties, shelves of panties, panties in packages. And the deals on panties are everywhere, there is always some sale on panties, or panty sale going on, buy 2 panties get 1 free, or all panties in this bin are a dollar, racks of clearance panties. Its not just the amount of panties in the lingerie section, its also the styles, thongs, bikini panties, hi cut bikini panties, low cut bikini panties, gstring panties, string bikini panties, boyshort panties, tanga panties, low rise panties, brief panties, and then the endless amount of colors, patterns, prints. Then of course the fabrics, cotton panties, silk panties, satin panties, nylon panties, spandex panties, lycra panties, microfiber panties, polyester panties, girls panties are soft, girls panties are silky and that soft silky fabric feels so amazing against them and one can only imagine how that soft silky fabric feels against a guy, and many guys have certainly found out how amazing panties feel against them. And girls certainly enjoy the feeling of that soft silky fabric against them and many girls have realized that panties would feel amazing against a guys intimate area. So many girls do understand the attraction guys have to wearing panties, and also the various other things we enjoy doing with panties. Everyday girls wear panties, girls juices soak into the panties and girls remove their panties and put them on the floor, in the hamper, or in the laundry pile, and I know what your thinking so many panties are just laying in a hamper, panties on the floor, or panties in a laundry pile just waiting to be picked up and sniffed, wrapped around you, etc and what a waste that so many panties get put into the laundry without ever being able to be enjoyed. Panties are one of the most intimate items a girl has, they are worn as close as you can get to a girls intimate area, they fit so tight and snug against a girl, fitting to every curve. To find a girls panties is like being able to be with her, to experience her scents, and the soft silky feel of her panties, does that soft silky feel remind you of another soft and silky place. More woman should take off there panties and wrap them around there guy, or put there panties up to there mans face and let him inhale your scent, slide them on him and let him see how good they feel and see how good he looks in them as his hardon presses against the soft or silky material. If you catch your guy with your panties embrace it, embrace that he is turned on by your scents and by the panties you wear.

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I love the smell of worn panties because I love the scent of a woman, and when I can't be with her, her panties are the next best thing!

Panties are the most effective scratch and sniff there is, or ever will be.

I like female panties because I like the smell. In a way, the dirtier and smellier the better. Clean panties are nice to look at and imagine the wearer but they do not turn me on. Men will differ in their likes and dislikes but to me the smell is everything. Young, old, friend, stranger, tall, short, glamor, ordinary, I simply do not care. Once I sniff the smell, I feel so grateful to the woman who wore them and left her scent on them.

It excites me and flatters me when someone has taken my panties and used them for pleasure. More woman need to realize that its a compliment that a guy takes your panties and uses them to pleasure themselves with. Most men have done this and will continue to do this. Lets not get our panties in a bunch lets embrace that they find us so attractive that they want to be close to us and perhaps are to shy to approach us or if we are already taken like myself than they know they cannot approach us but they still feel attracted to and the closest they can get is our panties.

My husband loves me in sexy and cute panties, its a turn on knowing that me wearing them has that effect on him. I would have worn only white cotton bikinis if it wasnt for him and how excited he gets when I wear sexy panties. I love to come into the bedroom and model them for him or have him come into the bedroom with me on my knees on the bed with my panty butt up in the air, he loves it when i do this. He caresses me all over and loves to caress my panty covered butt, I love it to.

There is something about having my wife in a pair of panties just waiting to be sucked and tongued. To see her wet spot forming on the panties and to see the outline of her lips. I love to eat my wife through her panties. I can make her cum pretty fast by licking and sucking on her with her panties on. The next day her panties are still soaked laying on the floor or in the hamper, its amazing how they lock in her scent, you can smell the real thing which is amazing but nothing locks in the scent like panties, it makes the scent smell even better because it captures and soaks up all the juices, sometimes its even better to let them sit for a day or two, its weird its like panties need time to ripen just like fruit but panties are a much tastier treat. I mean panties that are fresh and just taken off and still warm will always be the best overall, but those panties that sit on the floor or in the hamper a day or two and have time to ripen those are the ones I love to sniff.

Personally, it turns me on when a guy sniffs my panties. I had my first experience when I caught a friend smelling mine when we were like 15 or 16. I wasn't as freaked out as I thought I would be. Gradually, it began to turn me on in the sense that someone likes how I smell. I still let close friends and boyfriends smell mine if they want to. Its erotic to watch them smell my panties, although many guys think your crazy when you ask them if you want to smell your panties, many turn red and are to shy to do it, but I have had many friends and boyfriends who have sniffed my panties in front of me, its amazing to watch them and see how turned on they get, its very flattering to see there reaction to my scents.

Why do i smell girl?s panties? I find it better then eating out a girl because the panties have more of a smell due to the fact the girl has had it on all day and there sweat and or juices have been on it for a long time. Dont get me wrong I love to eat a girl out, but the smell is so fresh, sometimes it has no smell at all, thats where panties come in, as mentioned they have lots of time to absorb her scent all day long. I also like to jerk off while wearing a pair of panties and sniffing another pair at the same time, I love the feeling of the different fabrics. I like to use panties that have marks on them. Seeing the marks on panties is a huge turn on. I love when you can see the marks from there juices.

I do not know if girls like the thought of men sniffing their dirty knickers but if I were a girl I would feel flattered to know they liked my smell. After all, what girl would like to think that men thought they smelt awful? Far better to think that you girls smell nice between your legs and that you leave a nice smell on your dirty panties.

Pheromones get deposited on our panties and just like in nature men are drawn to this scent. I have done this with my boyfriend many times and a few male friends, its something to try with your guy. Blind fold him and take a few pairs of panties, some that are yours and some that might be a friend or your sisters, any other panties you can get your hands on. See if your guy can pick out whose panties are whose, don't be upset if he does not match your panties to you, its just a fun thing to do. I have done this at parties many times, me and a group of girls will go and take our panties off and blindfold a guy and have him try and pick out which panties are which, its very exciting and I often end up getting so wet and the guys always get so turned on. Its a fun thing to do at a party.

It is perfectly natural for men to like the smell of womens dirty and stained panties. If only girls would recognize this instead of objecting to it the world would be a happier place. Girls should be flattered to think that the smell of their juices are pleasant to many men. Girls should lighten up and be more open and playful.

Most girls are incredibly arousing to guys, I dont think girls realize how sexy & arousing they are. Many guys will never have intimate first hand knowledge and contact with certain girls they may like, so they do the next best thing which is to smell, touch & taste what their privates are like on the girls panty gusset. Panties itself is incredibly sexy & arousing but the thought of a girl you like and her getting her panties and getting to smell and taste her, now thats exciting. Girls need not worry over this, in fact if the guys didnt find the girl attractive he wouldnt be doing it. If a guys smells your underwear he definitely likes you and you should be flattered that he has sniffing your panties.

I've had more than one lover pocket a pair of my dirty panties or pantyhose as a keepsake. Makes me smile thinking of them sniffing them later and getting hard all over again.

I can only answer this from my own point of view. It started when i was with my first girlfriend before we even had sex. She had changed at my house so we could go swimming. She left her clothes on the floor in the bathroom. So when i went to change i seen them. I had never smelled a woman before and for that reason i was curious, so i picked them up they were really soft and pretty. Then i smelled them and was overwhelmed. I've been hooked ever since. For me i feel it brings me closer to the woman i'm with. I just have the need to have the scent of my woman when she's not available, and the silky ones feel good to masturbate with.

My fascination for women panties started when I was a teenager. I am not sure exactly how it began but now that I am an adult I never got over it. My panties fetish grows stronger, and now my most exciting moments are when I am visiting somewhere, I just can't resist getting a peek inside the laundry basket looking for dirty women panties. I like them when they are lightly soiled. I usually lay down on the floor and masturbate. Sometimes I steal them, sometimes I don't. I remember a time when I was at my friends place for a BBQ, I went to the bathroom and saw a pair of my friends wifes panties on top of the hamper, they were white nylon high cut panties, my favorites, so I got half naked, took the one on the top of the pile and dropped on the floor to masturbate. I was making sure I did not come on it but when my friends wife knocked at the bathroom door I got so nervous I came all over the panties and I couldn't say a word because I was still under an hard orgasm. I felt like I was drunk, because my head was spinning, god it was such great feeling. I will always have a fetish for panties and see nothing wrong with it, it gives me great pleasure so why stop or feel bad about it.

I am a bisexual girl so I cannot say why guys like our panties but I can see why they do. Panties are so erotic and sexual and the closet thing to a womans privates, I often fantasize about some of my friends while I sniff and lick there panties. I have sniffed panties and tasted panties ever since I was younger, it was the start me getting into girls. I always enjoyed sniffing my own panties and licking the crotch of my panties after getting aroused. So naturally I wondered what other girls smelled and tasted like and since most of my friends where not into girls like me the next best thing was there panties, WOW sounds very similar to you guys, you sniff our panties, lick our panties and masturbate with our panties when you cannot be with us, I think us men and woman are more similar than we think. I eventually did meet other girls who were into girls and I can say that licking right from the source is very different than from a pair of panties, I think someone else mentioned about how panties capture the scent, thats very true. I have licked many girls over time and its more of fresh scent and taste, which I love but panties capture a scent over time and lock that scent in. I think using panties is also about doing something naughty, I know when I find a pair of panties my heart starts to race and I start to get wet and I cannot wait until I can enjoy some alone time with the panties I found. Me and my previous partner used to make out heavily without going in each others panties and let our panties get soaking wet and sticky and then we used to exchange each others panties and sniff and lick them clean while both sitting in front of each other, it was one of the hottest times I ever had. So us girls can also have a panty fetish and its nice to read that a few other girls are into panties like I am. I know there are many more of us girls out there into panties but we tend to keep things to ourselves.

Using panties from someone you have lusted over is the best reward. Thinking of the owner, looking at a pic, or just fantasizing as you inhale, savor and caress that cotton gusset. Then, if you're lucky enough to be around them again after you have had your naughty fun with there panties, it's even more erotic. To stare at their ass and crotch and say to yourself, I have licked, tasted and smelled you. They'll never know. It's oh so naughty.

During foreplay my panties usually get tossed somewhere on the bed or on the floor. My husband will usually reach out and find them and put them to his nose and inhales my scent. He also does this while we are having sex and it makes him cum 10 times harder and faster. When he sniffs my panties I feel very close to him, and love that he likes my scent so much.

My husband has been sniffing and masturbating with my worn panties for many many years, in fact at times I will leave them for him to use, just for that purpose. Its totally fine with me, in fact I get turned on knowing he is using my panties. I have even put a pair in his pocket and he has reached in and found them while at work, I always enjoy getting that phone call when he has found them.

I have accepted the fact that there are certain girls in this world that I will never, or should never have sex with. But that does not mean that I don't want to. As a way to alleviate that tension towards those "off limit" girls like my wife's sister I will often rummage through her hamper, or her floor for a pair of worn panties and sneak off to the bathroom. Smell is the sense most closely associated to emotion and memory, and being able to smell and taste my sister in law's juices is the next best thing to actually being with her.

I love dirty panties! I have snuck in to many a female's dirty clothes and sniffed and sucked on the crotches of dirty panties while jerking off. I've even worn some pairs, feeling the dry juices on my balls and hardon while jerking off. It's an awesome experience. And I have done this with so many different kind of girls; step sister's, step mother's, cousin's, friend's, friend's wives, girlfriend's, ex-girlfriend's, friend's girlfriend's, friend's ex-girlfriend's, girlfriend's friend's, stranger's, aunt's... Any type of sexy girl's panties that I can get my hands on and face in are all up for grabs!

I know my husband sniffs my panties and gets off over them, I deliberately leave them lying round for him now. It does turn me on to know he enjoys my scents.

When I was traveling all the time several years ago my wife would sneak a pair of her worn panties into my suitcase before I would leave. I was always surprised to find them and I liked ti very much. After a long day I could come back to the hotel and call her and sniff her panties while we talked on the phone, we both enjoyed ourselves alot.

Most men love the smell of worn panties weather they want to admit it or not. I've been married 18 years and have a great sex life with my wife, so I don't have the problem of not getting any and I love the smell of them. Every time I go over to a woman's house that is hot I think of where her dirty panties might be so I can get a sniff of her. It is usually other females other than my wife. I don't know if this has something to do with the fact that I sleep with my wife on a normal basis but the smell of someone I can not have is intoxicating. If they are really hot and I do get a hold of their dirty panties I almost ejaculate immediately. I think it is extremely arousing.

Every so often during foreplay I will smell my wife's panties as soon as I remove them from her body, and I let her know after a quick sniff which I make sure she sees that I enjoy smelling her. She's petite and very sexy but also self-conscious, so I remind her often that I find her body intoxicating, which includes the scent of her. The first time she thought that me smelling her panties after I took them off during foreplay was weird, but now she takes it as a compliment because she loves to know I enjoy her sexually and her sexuality. Sometimes when she's not around and I know a pair of her panties has very recently been wet with her juices, I'll take a couple of longer smells of her panties and savor the smell.

Nice to see that a few other girls have left comments that they enjoy sniffing there panties, now I know I am not alone. I sniff my panties every time I use the bathroom, I really like my own scent and I find it erotic. I've always loved my scent. My fiance looked at me strange when I removed my panties and smelled them the first time in front of him, it did not take long for him to get over his strange look as he loves for me to smell my panties in front of him. It's just something I enjoy doing, no big deal. The scent of a woman is unique and intoxicating its not wonder why you guys enjoy smelling our panties.

I love to smell and lick my panties especially after sex. I love to put back on my panties after sex and let the crotch of my panties capture all the juices from sex. The sex smells and tastes after an orgasm is delicious and why not taste it and enjoy it. After a little while of laying back and letting my panties soak up the sex juices I take them off and sniff and lick them while rubbing myself or while my boyfriend is going down on me. Me and my boyfriend often have sex 2 or 3 times in a row so I usually do this inbetween each time. It keeps me so aroused and gets my boyfriend harder quicker as he watches me sniffing and licking my panties while I am rubbing myself.

Until recently. All of my panty sniffing pleasures have involved only my scent. I am bisexual and enjoy both men and woman equally. I have mainly been with men but have fooled around with a few woman, kissing, fingering, etc. I have always enjoyed the feeling of my hand down the front of another woman and feeling her panties against my hand and feeling her wet spot and feeling how damp her panties are. I love doing this myself, often leaving my panties on and laying back and fingering myself, the feeling of still wearing panties and my hand under my panties makes me feel naughty and makes me more wet, and while doing this to another woman it left my panties soaking wet. The only panties I have ever smelled was my own panties, I have enjoyed my soaked panties many times but wondered what other womans panties smelled like. I guess while growing up I did not have the same curiosity as I have now, had I had those same feelings and desires to want to smell and taste another woman I would have had lots of opportunities to sniff my friends panties. So again the only panties I have ever sniffing was my own, although I enjoyed sniffing my panties i constantly thought about what it would be like to sniff another womans panties. One day my friend had asked me to watch her house while she was going away with her husband, it was a last minute trip so they just packed and left. I had watched there house a few other times but the laundry was always done before they left. The first day I went over there I had this feeling come over me, it was a feeling of nervousness, excitement I am sure its the same feeling that comes over you guys when you are searching for panties. Being that they had to leave right away I was hoping that there was no time to do the laundry, looking around I could tell that they did not have much time to clean up before leaving, most of the time the house is spotless when they leave. But this time, dishes were left out and my hopes was that laundry was not done also. Searching in the bathroom and there bedroom again nervous and excited my hopes came true as I found a dirty laundry pile in the bedroom and another in the bathroom. I looked through the pile trying to keep the pile in tact. I managed to find a few pairs of panties, my heart was beating so fast and I could feel myself getting wet. I found a thong that was crumpled up on the bottom. I picked it up and went over to the bed, the anticipation of smelling another womans panties was so overwhelming, not to mention my friend was HOT. I have seen her in just panties many times and if she only knew the things I wanted to do to her. I brought her panties up to my nose and took in my first whiff of another girls panties, her panties smelled so good and so different than my own panties. I got wetter and wetter and had to lay back on there bed. I continued to sniff her panties as my hands caressed my breasts and my body, this felt so good. I had to taste her so I licked her panties, again tasted so much different than myself. I started to remove all my clothing except my panties which were soaked, I could clearly see my wet spot and and pressed the fabric into me, they were so wet they became transparent. I slide my hand under my panties and continued to sniff her panties, her panties smelt so good, here I was laying on her and her husbands bed sniffing her panties masturbating. This was my first smell and taste of another womans panties, it did not take long and I had several orgasms. Over the next days I enjoyed a few other pairs of her panties, one being very strong smelling with lots of marks in them, must have been one she had been wearing while having sex as they were a bit sexier. Since then I have not smelled her panties again, but am hoping they go on vacation in a rush again soon. I am glad to see that other woman enjoy sniffing panties as well. My fantasy would be to sniff panties with another girl, exchanging our panties and watching each other get turned on and wet from sniffing each others scents.

I smell them just about every time I got to the bathroom, I am not sure if it is weird, but I do it, and I like it. It is really nice after sex and you can smell the mingled cum of you and your lover, and even a taste of them. I love putting my panties on after sex and letting them catch mine and my lovers cum. I have often times went into the bathroom hours later and pulled the crotch up to my face and had a sniff and lick.

Lots of men enjoy the intimacy of smelling a girls panties, smell is the sense that can create one of the strongest of all visceral responses. When you smell a woman's panties you can clearly imagine that she is right there and you are buried snugly between her legs.

Guys just love smelling a womans used panties especially if we have worn them for a long time as our smell is like an aphrodisiac for them. I enjoy watching my partner smell my panties, and watching as he gets harder than a baseball bat.

I know one of my friends boyfriends wears my friends panties when they have sex. He puts them over his head with the crotch over his nose so he can smell her juices while they have sex. After he comes she puts them on again and his cream mixes with her juices. Then she wears them all night as they sleep. She has told me that she has sniffed them in the morning and even licked them. This turned me on so much and I have often gotten wet and masturbated thinking about both them having sex while he is sniffing her panties and also her sniffing and licking her own panties the next morning. I would love to have a boyfriend who would do this.

Its such a turn on to smell a womans sexy scent on her panties, never fails to get me hard. I love the scent of a womans juices especially when they are excited. My girlfriend loves to smell her panties while we are having sex or when I am going down on her.

My husband has a panty fetish and some of my girlfriends husbands also have a panty fetish. Its probably one of he most common fetishes out there. I have also read that some females have a panty fetish. I have no problem with my husbands panty fetish, it has spiced things up for us in the bedroom and kept our passion going for sure so why have a problem with something that is keeping our passion going. My girlfriends who have husbands with a panty fetish agree, we often sit around talking about our husbands panty fetishes.

Whenever I happen to catch my man enjoying my scent from a pair of my "freshly removed" panties I cannot help but get incredibly turned on. I love the fact that when he's enjoying my womanly scent his excitement is obvious, as it's quite "hard" for him to hide it.

I have left my panties out for my boyfriend to find with a note saying look what happened when i thought about u today, or something to that effect, always got them turned on.

I had a lover that had a fetish for my dirty panties. Every chance he got he used them to masturbate with, smelling them and rubbing the nice silky fabric on his hard cock. I enjoyed hearing about what he would do with my panties and often times we would involve my dirty panties during foreplay. It was a turn on to caress him with my dirty panties and see him squirming and twitching.

I think it is because it has been close to a woman'a vagina and ass and that turns us on. It's familiar and because of the scent and the knowledge of the cloth actually holding a vagina that drives us wild.

For me, I love licking the crotch of worn panties. I get to taste those dried juices and the flavor lingers in my mouth for hours after. It's pretty hot.

I have licked many dirty panties in my day. Some from friends, some from strangers, some from family... I just love tasting those juices so much I don't care who it's from.

Many women think that their own smell is wrong and offensive and were brought up thinking that the smell of a healthy normal female sex is wrong and foul. Many woman were brought up to cover up there scent with perfumes and such on there panties or use panty liners. Well, that's not the way it is, quite the contrary, nothing like that aroma in the world, is just wonderful and very exciting. Each woman has a different smell and it can change from day to day and even throughout the day. Panties capture all those different scents that guys love, when finding a pair of dirty panties you never know what its going to smell like so its a surprise and a rush each time.

All my boyfriends have sniffing my panties and some have sniffed my panties while I watched, also I had one who would sniff my panties while I gave him oral sex, didn't bother me I was flattered that he enjoyed my scent so much.

Women's vaginal discharge has pheromones (chemical substances that send a message to males that they should be attracted to) are left on women's panties. When you take a whiff, messages related to sex and attraction are being sent to your brain! It makes sense why so many guys sniff panties, the pheromones draw them in and woman should be glad they have such a sexual stimulant.

Woman your panties will catch your intimate smell and we love your intimate smell, is so sexual and intoxicating, is a turn on. Sadly many women don't realize how powerful their own scent is and try to hide it in any possible way, big mistake, but they just don't know any better. We love you, we love your intimate fragrance, hence we love your worn panties.

The aromas trapped in the fabric of a pair of panties which spends all day nestled on a woman's nether regions is more of an aphrodisiac than ANY perfume in a bottle.

Every guy I have been seriously involved with has asked if they could have a pair of my panties! To me its a very normal thing for a guy to be interested in our panties. I enjoyed thinking about what they were doing with my panties when they got home, it certainly kept them faithful and interested in me.

Nothing is more thrilling for me than to sniff a girls panties in front of her. I also love a girl who is confident about their area down there and how it smells. It seems like most girls are not confident about how that area smells. More girls need to be aware that us guys enjoy your natural scent and you dont need to buy products and perfumes to cover up your smell, your natural smell turns on us and draws us to you.

In talking with my friends I have some friends that sniff there own panties everyday to check to see if everything is alright down there, some woman are always worried about how they smell down there. I also have friends who are turned on by there own scent and will smell them when they masturbate or after having sex. For me I am turned on by my own scents and and also my own taste, I have taken off my panties and rubbed them on myself and sniffed my panties while masturbating, I love when I am turned on all day and come home and take my panties off, I know they will be very rip with my scents. I have never done this in front of any of my boyfriends but would love to, I think sniffing panties together would be a huge turn on. Hearing what some of my friends do with there panties to there boyfriends gets me so horny but I have yet to get the courage up to take the initiative and do those things to my boyfriend. For now I just enjoy my panties alone not knowing if my boyfriend would enjoy seeing me sniffing my panties or if he has ever sniffed my panties and if my scent turns him on. Its nice to see so many guys who do enjoy us girls scents.

I took my panties off one day while my boyfriend was driving me home and hung them from his mirror. The look on his face was amazing.

I like the smell of my own vagina. If I wear the same panties for a few days, I think it smells really good. I often will take them off and lay on my bed and smell them while I caress my breasts making myself very wet before fingering myself. I also love the taste of myself, and have licked the crotch of my panties or other times inserted my panties inside me and then sucked on the crotch of my panties. I also enjoy when I am really really wet and dripping with jucies scooping my juices up with my fingers and licking my fingers clean. My scents and tastes turn me on, probably much the same way it turns you guys on so I totally understand why you guys enjoy our panties.

I love it when I get very horny and wet and I can smell myself. I wonder to myself who else can smell it and it gets even stronger. I do know that sometimes I can tell when another girl is aroused. I can smell them and it makes me horny. We going to the bathroom I have often brought my panties up to my nose and smelled them, its such a rush. I wonder if you guys can smell when us girls are horny and our panties are wet.

All guys love to sniff and lick the crotch of women's worn panties, they cannot resist the scent of a woman!

I think more girls smell there panties than they admit to. For me is automatic, I don't even think about it, just do it all the time to check if everything is alright and I have to admit that I really like my scent, is very exciting. As for the guys sniffing our panties it is very normal and when you come to think of it perfectly understandable, because after all your panties smell just like you do, so he better get turned on by your wonderful aroma.

Most girls wont admit to sniffing there panties, but they do it. I do it and it's funny but, I actually had this conversation with a bunch of girls I worked with once and like 75 percent of them admitted to smelling there panties to. Us woman have such erotic smells its no wonder why we enjoy our own scents and its perfectly understandable why guys enjoy sniffing our panties, us girls are the lucky ones we can just drop our panties and sniff them at any time, you guys have to wait to find our panties. Us girls are blessed with such an erotic aroma.

Sometimes I use my wife's silky panties to masturbate with, I have even worn them (women have it made to have such soft and sexy panties) my hand glides so easily on them and the material feels so good.

My wife's sister came over for summer vacation and she is really hot. When we got home she took a shower because she felt icky on the flight. After she was done i went in to use the bathroom and noticed her panties were on the floor. It got me thinking about how hot she is and i became erect. So i dropped my pants and started stroking. Then i thought how cool it would be if i rubbed the crotch of her panties on my penis and i wrapped them around my cock and kept stroking. Then she walked in while saying she forgot her underwear and then looked and saw that they were wrapped around my erect penis and she said "oh well i see you have found them first." She seemed very curious and walked out. When she went back home I found 2 more pairs of her panties and a note saying she understands why i was masturbating with her panties and it turned her on, but her panties is as far as it can go. Its nice to have a female tell you she understands why you enjoy panties.

I think it's way hotter if a girl leaves her panties on during sex instead of being completely naked. I don't know why but it's a huge turn on.

My neighbors went on holidays for a week and asked me to feed the cat while they were gone. As I walked in I noticed the laundry basket was half full. I could not resist, I went through the clothes till I found a pair of her dirty panties. They were plain briefs, flesh color with thin lace around the edge. In the crotch was a large yellow stain left by her juices and a few long black pubes. The sight got me instantly hard so I pulled out my hardon and started wanking as I looked at them. I put them to my face and started sniffing and licking her wonderful juices. The wetter my mouth got the stain, the stronger it smelt. I held them to my nose and sniffed hard as I shot my load in the laundry sink.

My girlfriend lets me smell her panties, she gets them moist with her juices then takes them off and puts them over my face as she gets ontop of me and rides me.

Ever since I can remember, I loved peeking at panties. At my grade school, girls wore uniforms that had short skirts, I loved sneaking peeks at their panties and wished I could see what was under them. As I got older the thought of that panty crotch pressed up against a womana crotch drove me wild, I would look for any opportunity to smell used underwear and imagine that I was licking that sweet nectar. My very first experience with a used pair of panties was when I was 12. An older cousin asked me to stay at his house for the day and watch their dog. He was married to a very pretty woman, I had a slight crush on her. After they left, I went into the bedroom, my heart was racing as I went into their closet and saw the used laundry basket. There was a pair of white cotton panties that I lifted to my nose and inhaled that amazing scent, I was hard immediately. My love of panties has only grown stronger over the years.

The first time I had sex with my first girlfriend, we had sex and she let me keep her thong. I still have that thong, which I occasionally lick both the crotch and crack area of it.

I finally hit the jack pot, we have this friend, who might look just normal, not that hot I mean, but only because she dresses conservatively most if the times. I had noticed though that she had a very nice and hot ass, and the few times that she wore pants that modeled her figure you could see her panties. she is hot and smelling her panties had become an obsession....we visit them all the time, and I knew where her bedroom was, because on our first visit she showed us her house, including her bedroom, and the closet, I was paying attention to all the details because I knew that one day I was going to come back for some panties. In her closet was the hamper, bingo. Time went by, but never had a chance, her room was upstairs and I never had an excuse to go up there for any reason, until last week when they were having a party, but not at their home, it was in a club next to her house. We were there having a good time when she came over to ask for some help bringing some stuff from her house, I happily helped her, we went over and picked the stuff and came back, but I noticed that she didn't use a key to open the door or lock it when we left, everybody was at the party, BINGO again, my heart started racing, back at the party I couldn't think of anything else but come back to her house. It was going to be so easy, I couldn't believe it, and off I went. I stopped at the door, but then went for it, straight to the master room, to the closet, and nothing! the hamper wasn't there, I started to panic, then went to her bathroom and yessss, there were many clothes on the floor, as if the hamper had been emptied ther. I kneel down searching for panties, and found 4, not 1 but 4. I couldn't believe my luck, they were all worn and stained. I knew I couldn't take them all, so I smelled the first 3 and put the last one in my pocket and left, heart still racing at 1000 beats a second. I have my treasure with me, they are so soft, her crotch has some thick fluids stain on, and the most wonderful musky, sweaty smell ever. I knew it would be like that, seeing her is even more special now on our visits. every time we talk I remember her smell.

I have a huge pantie fetish. I love panties they dont have to be used for me to get off on them. When I go to Wal-mart I will walk to the intimate section and look at the panties and imagine some girl walking around in them showing them off. I love any kind of panties. Just thinking about them make my pulse race and I start to get this tingling feeling in my privates.

I have been smelling my girlfriend's dirty panties now for about 3 years every time I go to her place. She has the most amazing scent and always leaves so much juice behind for my pleasure. I recently told her about my obsession with her panties and she was actually flattered about this to my surprise. The other night she wanted me to jack off for her and let me take off her panties and smell them while I jacked off over her. The musky scent quickly made me rock hard and soon I squirted my cum all over her chest, what an amazing night.

I started sniffing panties about five years ago, when my sex friend left my apartment without her panties.. she was in a rush and she couldn't find them so she left without them.. i found her panties under my bed the day after and i wondered what her panties smelled like. the smell was amazing! so everytime i could, id take a sniff of her panties.

I love smelling well worn panties. I find it hard to resist the opportunity to raid the hamper to find treasured unmentionables. Love sniffing them, tasting them, & even wearing them. Have even wore them in front of girlfriends as part of foreplay.

While I admit that I have had my share of female female experiences I would consider myself straight or perhaps mildly bi. One very weird thing is that I like to smell another woman's used panties. When at others homes I have sometimes searched the dirty laundry and taken several deep inhalations of the worn panty.

Recently I was at the gym and preparing to dress for a workout when a nice looking woman who was perhaps in her early 40's came in and undressed and went to the shower. However as she was putting everything in her locker, she dropped her undies and it fell under the bench. I do not think she had any idea. I glanced around the room and I was the only other person there. I grabbed her bikini panty and stuffed it into my gym bag. When I got home I masturbated with her scent deep in my brain. My orgasm was so intense as I inhaled her female scent!

Its not just you guys who are into panties. I am female 31, and love sniffing other women's panty. Mine smell so musky but they are not always same and I love how every woman smells so different.

Been married for 29yrs and we used to have a great sex life but my wife no longer has the urge, so now to get pleasure from masturbating. i look for her dirty panties and get great pleasure from sniffing them, she changes them often so sometimes they don't have that sweet smell as i would like it. Growing up I never smelled panties it was not until my wife and I stopped having sex did I find the pleasures of sniffing panties.

A womans aroma is the most intoxicating smell in the world and I love finding dirty panties as they hold that aroma so well. This may sound strange but if ladies would use those juices on their necks or between their breasts or on their wrist I guarantee they would get every ones attention in the room.

I was raised by my aunt and right around the age of thirteen, I can remember going into the shower one morning and noticing a pink pair of my aunt's panties on the bathroom floor. Up until this point, I don't think I remember ever having a desire for woman's panties. I can remember picking up my aunts panties and around the crotch area I noticed some slight white and yellow stains. When I put the panties to my nose, I almost ejaculated due to overwhelming sensations that came upon me! I can remember not only smelling the underwear but also licking it. I will never forget the incredible orgasm I gave myself soon after I picked up my aunt's panties. That is how it all started.

A guy sees a pair of dirty panties and then handles them and puts them to his nose to sniff. Usually, he takes them away quickly as he feels weird, then he takes another sniff and he becomes a panty sniffer for life. This is all perfectly natural and nobody, male or female, should be ashamed of panty sniffing. Next the desire to put a tongue out to touch the stain is almost irresistible.

For any woman that reads this, I cannot help liking the smell, I just do. I was born with the liking as are other men so please do not call us perverted or gross or any other unkind name. The practice is harmless and the liking of the smell is natural and is not a perversion. We are all human beings and we are all different. There is nothing perverted in liking a womans aroma, woman should be happy we are drawn to there smells.

So last night my wife wasn?t feeling well (sick) and I was really horny and tried to go to sleep but couldn?t. So I got out of bed and grabbed a pair of her worn panties from earlier that day and went back to bed. I took the worn part of her panties where her sweet pussy had been rubbing on all day and put that up to my nose and in my mouth while I jacked off in bed while she was sleeping. I was thinking of her while masturbating with her panties. I think woman should not get upset when they find out we have been sniffing there panties or masturbating with there panties, because while we are doing that we are thinking of you.

I didn't realize so many guys enjoyed panties so much. I often get home and after having been stimulated the entire day find that when I change clothes my panties are totally soaked in my juices. Guess I have never thought about my panties being a turn on after I have worn them, but now I know and would be curious to catch a guy enjoying my panties.

I got my first chance to take a sniff of some panties when I was 12 or 13, we lived in a big house, and often family friends would stay over, this time the a family friend and her daughter stopped over for the weekend, they all went out for the day, just me at home, being nosey, I went in to the spare room, just looking around for anything really, but then there they were to pairs of panties on top of the used basket, walked over to them and picked them up pushed first pair to my nose took a deep sniff, then the second pair, so much like each other the smell, the mum was in her late 30s, the daughter was same age as me 16, I closed my eyes then picked one pair up and slipped it over my face, then laid down on the bed, rolled the other pair around my pole, and sniffed and rubbed till the tension was gone, the mum got my juice, the daughter had her panties sucked clean. It was the start of my love of panties and it has only gotten stronger.

I remember the first time I saw my sisters panties. Instant hard-on. I never sniffed her panties but always used them to masturbate. When I first started dating my now wife a month or so I told her I had a fetish for panties. She was okay with it. I sniff her panties now all the time. I wear them the whole time we have sex and it drives me wild when she kisses me through them. Some nights when I work late I will come home and see that she has left her panties from the day for me to enjoy while I masturbate. We have been together for 9 years now and im glad I told her when I did. She enjoys it when I wear them on my head while we have sex.

My wife says as she was hanging the washing out the other week and our neighbor asked her if he could buy a pair of her used panties, she was so shocked she dashed back into the house and didnt speak to him. She only told me about it a week after it happened saying she did'nt know what to do or whether to tell me or not but i said it was nothing really as lots of guys have this interest, i did admit it was bold to ask a woman outright for them and i also told her I have heard about men requesting soiled panties and she said it was news to her but said that she felt a bit excited that someone would want her used panties. Anyway about another week passed and i saw the neighbor in the garden and he said he wanted to apologize about upsetting her and i said it was ok as i had explained to her that lots of guys are into panties, we chatted for a while then i invited him to our house to have a beer, when he saw my wife he started to apologize but she said "its ok i was just taken aback by your request at the time but my husband says lots of men are into dirty panties so its ok", later as he was leaving she gave him a pair of her worn panties giving him a real shock, he just looked at her then at me. I said its ok she wants you to have them, and my wife said next time you may choose your own from the laundry basket, now he is a regular visitor to our house for her worn panties, my wife says "should i let him take my panties off that i'm wearing" and i said that would be an excellent idea, try it next time he comes over and to be honest the very idea of him removing her panties has got me really turned on i cant wait and have told her i want to be there when it happens.

Ive always loved sniffing girls worn knickers. i used to go round my mates house and he had a hot sister, used to leave her dirty knickers and thongs in her bathroom and bedroom. i snuck into her bedroom and found the moistest knickers and sniffed in the heavenly aromas. she caught me and i was surprised by her reaction, she wanted to watch me sniffing her knickers. shes now my partner and leaves me knickers purposely to enjoy while she is gone.

I love to turn them inside out and press my nose deep in the crotch of a girl's panties. I draw long, deep breaths thru my nose. Right there where her crotch has been nestled. Oh yes. If something made her wet during the day, all that sticky moisture has dried and hardened leaving the scent of her feminine essence. I whiff it like a drug. It's in my nature. I can't help it.

I would love to sniff another womans panties! I haven't but I think it would be a turn on. I've sniffed my own and liked it.

For many of us guys, panties are the most sensual thing about a woman. And for those of us who like to wear them ourselves, there's nothing better than wearing our women's panties. You know how some women like to wear their man's shirts? I suppose it's the same thing...sort of. It's just far more taboo for us guys to express our admiration for feminine things than it is for women to don masculine things. It's really not fair!

Don't you hate it when you finally get your face between a woman's thighs where you can breathe in the heavenly scent of her panties, only to realize she's put a fresh pair on just for you?

I love, when I am seducing a woman, to smell the aroma of a day's wearing in her panties, especially when that scent is heightened by her arousal. I love the scent of warmth, and sweat, with traces of pee - man, that turns me on! I will kiss and lick her inner thighs just to prolong the pleasure of that scent. I will start to touch her and rub her through her panties, making her wet, making her panties damp and then I will press my tongue against her panties, licking as she gets wetter. Sometimes I will just pull her panties aside to lick her, with those deliciously soiled panties still right under my nose. Perhaps I will even have sex with her with her panties just pulled aside. And if I'm really lucky, by the time she or I finally take her panties off they will be even wetter with the addition of my cum, and I may get to lick them and taste pure nectar!

To have a woman give you their panties is a very special thing. It brings a sense of closeness to them and their essence. Especially if she insists you pleasure yourself with them. More woman need to realize the power of there panties and use that power. If you want to make a man happy give him a pair of your panties.

I have long had a fetish for various articles of a woman's recently worn "intimate" clothing, particularly panties and pantyhose. I love to bury my face in the crotch area to inhale the wonderful scent of the woman who has recently worn them.

One of my hottest times was when we were hosting an exchange student from Japan. She was about 21 at the time and a very beautiful. I was of course instantly turned on by her.

One saturday, my wife was taking her to an event in a nearby city and they would be gone for the day. Now saturday was the usual day for this girl to do her laundry but since she was leaving in the morning, she had simply put her basket of clothes in the laundry room and was off with the wife for the day.

I hadn't thought of the significance of this event until I went into the laundry room to get something off a shelf. I noted her basket of clothes there and well, my dirty mind took over. I knew they had been gone long enough that there was no chance of getting caught, so I very carefully began to examine the contents of the basket and sure enough, under her jeans were 3 or 4 pairs of white silky panties. My hand was shaking when I reached down and picked up the first pair, looking it over. And I was in luck! I could feel the crotch area was slightly damp and in a microsecond I had those panties raised to my face and I inhaled the wonderful scent!

Knowing I had to be careful not to leave any traces of my activities, I was very careful to remove the panties one at a time and savor the scent - all of them were wonderful but for some reason that first pair held the most of her womanly scent.

I spend the next hour enjoying my find, sniffing and licking the crotch area of all but one of the pairs of panties, then putting them back much like I found them in the tumbled pile of laundry. The last pair I sniffed but didn't lick. Instead I stripped off my pants and gently wrapped them around my pulsing member. I then slowly stimulated myself as I applied the first pair to my face again, drinking in the odor and yes even the taste of her on that fabric. I sort of lost track of time but I believe I was there sniffing and stroking for over half an hour before I noted the heat of my hardness on the other panties had brought out their "girly odor" as well. The room seemed to fill with the hot scent of her and of course I was inhaling a lot of it directly from the fabric applied to my face.

The thought of my hardness bringing out the scent of her was too much to bear and with a mixed sense of delighted passion and regret that the session was ending, I could feel my climax building. I wanted more than anything to pump it all into that soft, sexy fabric but I was still connected to the real world enough to know that was not a great idea - explaining cum stains on her underwear would be difficult. So although I held back as much as possible, I finally pulled the panties off at the last moment and caught my release in a nearby towel. I nearly fainted with the intensity of the release and it took me a good 10 minutes to come down from that high and put everything back in order. I did note that the crotch of the one pair were well dampened from my breathing and licking and the pair that I had wanked with had a few traces of my actions. But I decided it would be hours before anybody looked at them, so I tucked it all away.

That was my one and only time to enjoy this particular girl's panties but it gave me huge pleasure and for the remainder of the 3 weeks she stayed with us, I thought of where my mouth had been every time I looked at her - imagining she was wearing one of the pairs of panties I had so enjoyed.

Is there anything more exotic and intoxicating than the "scent of a woman," ESPECIALLY in the crotch of her used, damp panties????? I think not.

I caught my boyfriend sniffing my dirty panties, after the initial embarrassment he explained that the smell of my dirty panties turned him on so much, he said I was the best he'd ever smelled and tasted. It made me happy to know that he enjoyed my scent as us girls are always wondering if you guys like our aroma and our taste, we don't want to miss any chance of you wanting to go down on us by you not liking how we smell and taste. I have watched him sniffing my panties a few time and am amazed at how excited and hard he gets, i love seeing him pleasure himself and he is not selfish as after he always lays down between my legs and licks me really good.

Ever since I found a pair of my worn pantys covered in a string of cum right in the crotch where my crotch had been I have been turned on by men sniffing my worn pantys. It makes me wet to think someone as been in my wash basket, taken my worn pantys and sniffed and tasted me and spunked right where my pantsy where snug next to me. They know how I smell and taste and it turns me on to know they get so excited by it.

I very much prefer the panties staying on the woman. The smell is the key. Being able to smell a turned on women thru the sheer fabric. Knowing there is only a thin barrier between you and the promised land.

It's just knowing that the panties have been rubbing against the most intimate part of a womans body. Smelling that womanly scent can drive a guy wild.

My wife likes for me to use her panties. Sometimes she?ll simply wear the same pair for a few days, just because she knows how much I appreciate it. Sometimes she?ll wear them during one of our mutual masturbation sessions, deliberately saturating the crotch with her special scent. So much so that if they are left to dry, the entire lining hardens to a stiff delectable crust.

I believe the unique smell has the desired effect of making me a bit thicker, longer, & definitely harder.

She believes it adds a special surge to my sexual energy.

My wife loves me licking and sucking her dirty panties or wearing them over my head so the crotch is over my nose while we have sex.

Nice to sniff them on the woman and off the woman. Personally, I find that knickers in the bin that have dried juices and stains on them smell stronger and therefore more erotic. As for the smell, I doubt that anyone can give the reason why the smell is so alluring. All I can say is that from a very early age there was something about the smell that attracted and excited me. I love all three smells on dirty knickers. As for the smell itself, it probably has to do with pheromones, if they exist, or simply to do with nature itself. After all, a male must be drawn towards a female in order to copulate and what better way for nature to ensure this than that the female genital smell should be so attractive.

So there you have it girls. Your smell attracts us males in order to fire us up sexually or just to cuddle up close and tell you how lovely you are!

Who says just men like too sniff panties, i also like to sniff panties and i am a late 20's female who would consider herself bi-curious. I totally understand why you guys sniff panties.

The scent and aroma and the thought that they have been that close to a womans most private parts are unreal!!! The best is when they are still damp. And for all of you ladies if you worry about your scent being disgusting you are probably wrong, us guys love your scent.

First and formost, the scientific explanation is that it's the pheromones that turn us on, and we do like to be turned on. Next the psychological, panties are where we want to be, and by association, are "the next best thing to being there" for us. Then there is the forbidden aspect, it isnt mainstream therefore it's kinky. The trophy side of things, not to mention they are usually more available than the woman they came off of, and lets not forget that they look so damned sexy on a woman that they become part of her sexuality and it is the only part of her sexuality that we can really possess.

The essence of the fragrance from a woman's just worn panties, while they are still damp, is the finest ambrosia ever created. It has to be the ambrosia of the goddess herself. It is even better if the woman is still wearing them.

Because the scent of a woman's pantie gusset is beautiful. Especially when the panties in question are still warm and they have been worn all day. It is such a wonderfully personal and intimate thing to do.

there is nothing better than putting a dirty gusset up to your nose while slowly masturbating. it makes my orgasm so intense and when i reach that point i lick them so i can taste her.

I think the allure is the chemistry, the senses that are aroused when a person desires something. It's like when you're hungry, the smell of food tantalizes you and increases the desire to eat what you smell. The smell is not the same when you are licking or having sex with her. It is only present in the stains on her panties. Most women think that their discharge is disgusting, including my partner. They can't fathom why a man would want to sniff their panties, stained with their cream. It's the sheer basic animal instinct in us that makes us do it. Chemicals known as pheromones are at the crux of this entire discussion. They are contained in the discharged juice or cream that we find on the dirty panties that we sniff.

Some people have a heightened sense of smell and a pair of freshly worn panties are an instant way to transport yourself to a time when you were enjoying the area the fabric had been pressed against.

I think it has something to do with someone seeking intimacy and the forbidden. Face it, is there anything more personal than a pair of panties, rubbing against a woman's most private parts? Also, they are evidence of her 'activities'. In a way you get as close to her sexuality as you ever going to get and she will not know

Panties are so wonderful. It is the smell of a woman that allures us men to sniff panties, it is the next best thing to being there. Its the animal instinct for the male to smell the female.

I love guys to sniff my worn pantys, knowing they know how I smell and taste when they shouldn't. I remember being younger and finding my worn pantys covered in cum, the panty crotch covered in cream. I wondered who did it, who had sniffed me from my pantys then spunked where my crotch had been snug in them. Ever since then I have got so turned on by men sniffing my scents from my pantys, tasting me from them then spunking right where they have been close to my crotch and bum.

I had never even thought about the subject until I was at a hotel recently. I was putting away my things and noticed something had been left on the shelf, as I grabbed it I was surprised to find out it was a pair of sexy silk panties. It definitely got me curious and had me wondering what the woman that left them was like. I looked at them for a couple minutes and could tell they had been worn but they still looked very clean. I am not really sure why but I took the plunge and smelled them and I was instantly aroused. It was like I was instantly drawn to them. Since then I have been more and more curious about smelling womans panties.

When I was a lot younger about 18, I went to a wedding with my girlfriend, it was her uncles wedding. We got back late and her parents were cool and let me spend the night there, but I had to sleep in my GF's sisters room. Parents room were between the two, and sister was away for the weekend, she was like 20 or something.

I was real horny, sifted through her dirty laundry and found a pair of purple satin panties. I pulled them out and had a good sniff. I could not get enough of her musky pussy smell. I ended up getting another pair and jerked off in the other panties as I sniffed my girlfriend's sisters panty crotch. I had never sniffed panties before this time, but had never been in this situation before, being left in a girls room with all her intimates. Its like it was a natural thing to search for dirty panties.

My wife got me started on this. We played with each other mutually often. She introduced me to panty sniffing! She would get 2 pairs of her dirty panties, one for her to sniff and one for me to sniff. We would sit across from each other and masturbate while sniffing panties together.

Me and my girlfriend use to use panties during sex. She would wrap them around me while sucking on me, they would be around the base of my hardon by my balls and everytime she would go deep she would take in a whiff of her panties. We would also use them during sex, often times I would wear them on my head while we had sex and sometimes she would wear them on her head with the crotch right over her nose as she bounced up and down on me or I slammed her from behind. It really spiced things up in the bedroom for us.

It turns me on so much to see a guy sniffing a pair of dirty worn pantys. The first time I saw someone, was when I went on holiday with my friend and her husband. I left the beach to go for a shower leaving my friend sunbathing. When I walked into the room, my friends husband had my worn thong pressed to his nose and was masturbating. It was such a turn on when he saw me he dropped the panties and was really embarrassed. I turned around and walked out, and I had this feeling of excitement and I wanted to help him finish but it would not have been right with my friend. I got so wet thinking about it later that night got myself off in the tub. Nothing was ever said, but I always make sure to smile at him when he looks at me.

I just love it when my girlfriend has a great masturbation session with me over the phone, I can usually talk her into bagging her panties up for me if they're not her favorites and sends them off to me. I live about 1200 miles away from her during the summers so you can see why getting even the tiniest whiff of her drives me crazy. So I've waited patiently for 3-4 business days and there it is, a brown package on my doorstep. I tear the package open and press them to my face and so many thoughts and memories come rushing back. And with my hardon in my right hand and her panties pressed to my face with my left I could be happy for days.

It all started with my own panties. While growing up I started getting very moist down their and at the end of the day i'd sniff em and thought to myself what an arousing scent. I have only smelled my own panties so far but am curious as to what other womans panties smell like.

It is not just men who enjoy smelling girls worn panties. Many girls also enjoy smelling panties. My wife loves to sniff her panties and it an incredible turn on to watch her sniffing her panties. She will come home from a long day and strip down to her panties, sometimes you can see the wet spot on her panties already. She will lay down on the bed or the couch in front of me and rub herself for a little while through her panties before taking them off and showing me just how wet her panty crotch is. She will then bring them up to her face and she will smell her panties, sometimes licking her juices from her panties while she takes her other hand and rubs herself. I get so hard watching this I about explode without even touching myself.

Many of my girlfriends have been into smelling there panties, its so erotic to watch them hold there panties up to there face while they ride you. I know for sure that its made them climax much harder, as well as making me cum way harder and faster, sometimes to fast.

Panties smell absolutely delightful! I have always had a thing for sniffing my panties when I was "playing" by myself. I have even "borrowed" a few pairs of my roommates to enjoy during my private time. For some reason the smell is just so intoxicating. I started thinking about what it would be like to have someone else enjoy my panties. I asked a guy I was seeing if he would sniff my panties, he sort of looked at me strange and thought I was joking. I really would enjoy seeing a guy sniffing my panties, it would turn me on so much.

Being the curious girls I am I would sometimes pick up a pair of panties laying on my bedroom floor and sniff them, I think many girls do this to check for freshness. I began to notice that i got very turned on whenever i would sniff my own panties. I just love my smell especially when I have gotten wet during the day and my panties have bunched up into my crack or into my lips. Smelling my panties makes me wish I could eat myself out, but at least I can eat my panties out and get some of the same feeling as eating myself out. I completely understand why a man gets so turned on by sniffing my panties, it is an incredible smell.

I would LOVE to have someone want to smell my panties. I get very turned on when I smell them. My husband thinks I am odd. Sometimes, I will hide my panties to wear them over and over until they are just a bit crusty...then I enjoy licking them. I am among the lucky few that can gush...and I like to smell my panties after I have gushed and they are dripping wet. I let them air dry, and take sniffs off and on all day. I love my scent and wish my husband would be into sniffing my panties.

I love smelling my own panties after I've finished masturbating. If I masturbate that night, the next morning my panties smell so good. It makes me horny all over again.

I like them because they have been close to a woman's intimate and they hold the scent of that woman. When you cannot be with a certain woman having her panties is almost like being able to be with her.

If you appreciate something you want to be close to it - it follows that a pair of panties is as close as you can get short of being in there. Panties are about as close as you can get to that certain female part we desire, and if you cannot get to that certain female part having whats been pressed so close to it is sometimes satisfying enough.

My wife and I love panty play. She loves to see me rub and stroke with her panties as she plays with her toys.

I got my wife the other night while we were having sex to lick, and smell her dirty panties. it was so hot, and got us both off so good. I have not cum that hard in a long time.

I'm very lucky as my wife loves to watch me stroke with her panties. She also loves to see me lay her panties down on the bed and stroke myself into them.

We use panties as part of our sex lives. we have panty play nights. I will rub her through her panties until she cums, then take her panties and sniff them while she jerks me until i am ready to cum then i wrap the panties around me and blow a big load in them. Panties defiantly make me cum harder.

I had an ex that enjoyed panty sex. She would squat over my face while wearing her panties while stroking me. She would also wank me with her panties, clean or worn. We had a little role play where she 'caught' me looking through her panties and wanking with them...this got us both pretty hot and she would help me stroke with her panties. It was so much fun.

I was in the bedroom one morning and a pair of her panties were on the floor beside the linen basket. I picked them up, looked at her and rubbed them against my hardon through my pants. She just said carry on. So I did. When I had came on them she said that she always knew that I had used her panties, particularly during her 'bad' week.

i have masturbated myself in front of my wife many times with her panties. there were many times she would come home from work and Id kiss her and at the same time pull the back of her work uniform up to feel her white panties. She was wet, so i would slide my hand inside her panties and play with her, her panties would get so wet, that got me so hard. I would slid my hand inside her cotton panties and i would masturbate her until she climaxed, which wasn't long. Then i would lay her down pull her wet panties off and wrap them around my hardon. Soon I was spraying hot steaming sperm juices, nice and thick, onto her wet panties. i loved it and so did she. Man i was turned on. her panties helped a lot. she is a good panty lover and i really enjoyed masturbating in her panties. still do today.

Keeping a girls panties, especially after having sex with her, is, for lack of a better term, a "trophy". It reminds guys of you, what you look like in them, or a sexual experience you had together. I used to want to keep them, as a reminder of the style, size, color. (Bikini, blue, etc) so I could buy her something similar for Valentines Day, and for when we had phone sex, smelling her scent was just like being there. Imaging is everything when it comes to a woman's body and her panties.

Guys like panties because it's the wrapping paper to the best present of all. No other wrapping paper can excite a guy so much, every woman wears different panties, with so many fabrics, styles, and colors us guys never seem to get bored with panties. As much as I enjoy a nude woman I also enjoy how panties cover up a woman and hug closely to her keeping whats underneath a mystery and outlining each curve. It's the wide spectrum of colors, the variety of fabrics, and the different designs and styles that drive me bonkers. There isn't anything in the world that fascinates me more than seeing a woman in panties or even just seeing her panties on the floor, in the hamper or in her panty drawer.

A lot of men are turned on by women's panties, seeing them, feeling them, smelling them and wearing them. From my personal view it is down to being in such close contact with and rubbing against the vagina and ass. I used to borrow girlfriends panties. It gave me a thrill to feel and see how turned on they had been and it turned me on to masturbate into them. I loved the feeling of my cum mixing with hers.

For me it's the feeling of the soft, silky, slippery nylon fabric - it gets me aroused everytime!

My own experience began out of curiosity, curiosity as to how my mom's panties felt to wear. I started wearing my mom's panties out of curiosity, but also enjoyed the feel of the soft fabric that many have explained. I wrapped hers and my sister's panties around my hardon for a wonderful stroking sensation. I got extra rigid and came really hard while stroking with or in panties.

Over the years, I've borrowed panties from people I know, more so for the naughtiness and kinkiness of it. To know someone and then find out what kind of panties they wear, what size, what type, and to then find out what they smell and taste like from a worn panty crotch - it is an awesome feeling, like voyeurism for the nose and tongue.

There is a lot of variety in women's underwear. Silk, nylon, and lace are popular fabrics; panties can be hi-cut or lo-cut bikinis, boyshorts, briefs, or thongs; bras can be push-up or not, stockings can be thigh-high stayups or needing a garterbelt or pantyhose. And don't forget such other things as corsets, bustiers, and sexy nighties. Those of us who are into such things can mix and match and have a different experience every time.

Sometimes, it's the anticipation. Finding that I'm horny and deciding to dress for the occasion means that I have to decide what to wear, and then to put it on. Ever slid on a pair of silky panties when you're already excited, then tried to pull on your stockings without touching yourself? Not easy to do, but it feels soooo good when you're finally ready.

I love wearing female undies and jacking into them. Stared off when I was growing up with undies left scattered around the laundry room from my mother and sister. Just walking around in panties was enough to make me cum into them. I was well into my thirty's before I discovered that there were others like me that enjoyed wearing panties. Until then I thought it was just me.

Big panty fan here. Started in early teens, and have been enjoying panties on and off ever since. Started with mom's and younger sister's panties - wearing mom's full cotton and nylon briefs, and stroking with sister's much smaller briefs and bikinis. I've borrowed from wife, a neighbor, sister in laws, mother in law, friends wifes, friends girlfriends, etc, and loved them all. Love to sniff, taste, stroke with, and wear panties, as well as wearing other lingerie.

I think its a huge turn when a man licks my panties, sometimes when i am extremely wet i take off my panties and lick the juices off my panties and smear the remaining on my breasts. It just feels so good i like it very much.

My first wife knew I had a panty fetish very early in our relationship. I used to have sex with her with her on her back with her panties around her ankles just under my nose. She loves placing her legs up with her panties around her ankles so I could smell her panties while I stroked in and out of her. When I had to go away on business she would prepare and place a pair of panties in to my suitcase.

I had a female friend in college, we used to fool around sometimes when we'd had a few beers. we were at her house for a party her friends were throwing. I went to the bathroom and her bedroom door was open, I'd been in there before so I went in to close the door, she had a pile of clean laundry on her chair, on top was a pair of black satin panties, curiosity got the better of me and I picked them up, they felt so nice I took them home and jacked off into them thinking of her. They became my regular JO friends. I had never thought of using panties to masturbate with but now I have a massive fetish for satin panties since that night and regularly use my wifes to get off with. She has given me a few panty hand jobs with her panties and I have bought her some satin panties but she has yet to wrap them around me.

I have a female friend who lets me borrow hers for my own personal use. And as long as I bring them back washed and clean she will give me a new pair. It was extremely awkward asking her the first time. Being drunk helped a lot. But to my surprise she was intrigued by it, laid down the rules and its been panty sniffing fun ever since.

When I was in school I had a female housemate. One day I couldn't resist going into her room and going through her panty drawer. I found a bunch of satin panties and I couldn't resist rubbing myself with a pair. It felt amazing. They were so smooth and silky. I managed to control myself that time and put them back without cumming on them.

A few days later I went back for more. That time, I couldn't hold it back. I ended up cumming in her silky panties while I wore them and humped her pillow. I couldn't put them back after that, so I kept them. It was so hot when I would lie in my room jerking myself off with her panties while she was in her room right next door. A few times I even wore her panties under my clothes while she was around. That would always end in a furious jerk off session in my room

Been playing with and in panties since my early teens, borrowing mom's and younger sister's panties back then to wear and stroke with. So nice to sniff, taste, stroke with, and wear wife's panties now. I've borrowed from inlaws and a neighbor, but been awhile; mostly wife's panties now. Feels great to wear one pair and then have a pair to sniff and stroke with. Never enough time to enjoy panties, but I do whenever I can.

I love panties and have since I was growing up. There is no better feeling than wrapping silk, satin or nylon around my hardon and pumping away. Wearing them while doing this only makes it better!

I have always been a huge fan of panty sniffing. The musky odor of a womans scents is intoxicating.

A few years ago, my wife and I were staying over at her moms house for the weekend. No one was home except for us, so we had some great sex all around the house. We went to her parents room to play and there it was. A pair of her moms panties right on top of the hamper. My wife knows I love to smell her panties, so I picked them up and sniffed them right in front of her.

I was not sure how she would react, but she gave me an evil smile and got on the bed, spread her legs and began rubbing herself.

I climbed on the bed with her, still sniffing her moms panties. As we began to have sex, I actually put the crotch of the panties in my mouth and sucked on them. The taste of her moms panties in my mouth was incredible. I think my hardon was as hard as I can ever remember it being. My wife was having orgasm after orgasm, then I lost it. I shot a monster load deep inside of her.

I spit the panties out of my mouth, then my wife grabbed my head and we kissed deeply. My hardon was still inside of her and she was still getting off. She was kissing me so deep and hard, sucking my tongue, and I knew why. I got hard again within minutes. So I rolled her over, pulled her up on her knees, spread her butt cheeks and slammed her from behind, which she loves.

She did not see me grab her moms panties again, I took a good sniff, then put them right in front of her nose. She moaned like crazy, which made me harder. I dropped the panties on the bed right in front of her, grabbed her ass and started pounding her very hard.

When I was ready to cum, I pulled out of her, got in front of her, and shot my load on her face and the panties.

Stolen panties are the most fun. First time I did it was back in college with girlfriend's panties. I still think about how they smelled and tasted that time.

Growing up my best friend lived next door. His mom and sister had the silkiest panties to play with. That is when my panty fetish started. I wore them, jacked in them, and even took a few pairs for myself. My love of panties has only grown since then.

The summer after my buddy's younger sister graduated high school we were all staying at their parents house to house sit while their parents were out of town. We were going to the lake that day. So, while my buddy was getting ready, I went down stairs to wake her up. Let me add she has a killer body, and there was always some sort of flirting going on between us. I knocked on her door and told her to wake up, promptly followed by her telling me to come in. I walked in to see her laying on her bed in a tight tank top and small blue cotton panties. I started getting hard as she got up and walked into the bathroom. She threw her panties and shirt down just on the other side of the slightly open door. I reached through the crack and plucked them from the bathroom. As I did so I swear I heard her chuckle from the shower. They smelled so sweat that I was instantly rock hard and went into her room and started stroking my cock with her used panties. I ended by shooting my load into the crotch of the panties and left them on her bedroom floor. Throughout the day she did not say anything until we got back and were sitting outside. She asked if I had fun before we left. I promptly said yes. Needless to say, after her brother went to bed upstairs that evening, we had one heck of a sexual encounter. After that she used to leave her panties laying around so I could find them, she liked that I enjoyed her smell and the effect it had on me, she even asked me to masturbate with them in front of her a few times.

Ladies, as you may know by now there are a great number of guys out there that have a thing with panties. Just looking at the number of posts here shows a large feedback of guys who find this kind of thing very erotic and enjoyable.

I love to put my wife's used panties over my face with the crotch ass areas located by my nose and mouth. the fabric covers my eyes, so I can smell, but not see while I stroke. Very powerful orgasms. Getting hard thinking about it now.

My wife and I were on vacation on the west coast. After we pulled into a hotel one night, my wife had stripped and left her clothes in a pile on the bed and went into the bathroom. I picked up her panties and found the fresh wet "sweet spot" in the crotch. I jokingly put the panties on my head with the wet spot in front of my nose and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. When she saw me sniffing and licking the snack from her panties, she laughed and said if I liked that, she would offer me more of it right from the source. She grabbed my hand, laid back on the bed, spread her legs and said, here, have all you want, before I take a shower. I quickly got the rest of my clothes off and dove in for a very tasty treat. I got her off fairly often that way. After she came, I sank into her, gave her my load and we showered together, before going out to dinner.

My panty jerking started just about 5 years ago. I have always gotten turned on seeing girls in panties. And it got to the point where just seeing panties turned me on. So I started to masturbate with them and wow it felt so amazing, wonder why I did not try masturbating with panties sooner.

My boyfriends friends steal my panties out of my hamper everytime they come over. It turns me on so much thinking about what they could be doing with them. I get so wet everytime I discover they have taken another pair!

The only hands free orgasm I ever had was while sniffing my sister in laws panties. WOW!

I've been using panties for 25 years. The feel of panties on my knob drives me wild. A dirty pair is a bonus, I like to rub them on my lips then wear them to wank in. The smell and erotic panty feel on me gets me off every time. I love thinking about the woman who was wearing them, and knowing that I know how she smells and what type of panties she wears.

Absolutely LOVE panties, nothing holds the true scent of a woman better than her panties, NOTHING is more intoxicating to me than the smell of her privates. Each womans panties is unique, no two smell, taste or feel the same.

On a couple of occasions my wife has taken a pair of her panties, wrapped then around my balls and proceeded to give me a handjob with her panties. Needless to say, I REALLY liked it.

For me it was all about the smell. I remember convincing an ex-girlfriend to leave her panties behind after we'd have sex. Foreplay usually happened before she took off her panties, so they were nice and sex smelling. The thought that her wetness had soaked into the cotton was enough to keep me going (and cumming) till the next time we got together.

I am a bisexual girl and my girlfriend and me will sometimes swap panties after we've both worn a pair for the coarse of a day, switching and wearing eachother's the next day. I like the feel of hers against me knowing they have been against her, trading panties is a turn on for us both! I've had a couple guy friends buy me panties too asking me if I'd wear them for a day or sometimes even two and giving them back to the guy. Of course I know what they've done with them. Smelling someone elses sex from their panties is definitely a turn on! It's funny hearing a few of you guys talking about 'stealing' some girls panties to jerk off with smelling and maybe licking them too... I've had panties disappear from my laundry when I was a little younger and at first thought I was going crazy having dropped them or just somehow misplacing them somewhere... but then it was like, Duhh... it occurred to me they were being snatched away from me without my knowing about it!

There was one experience in particular that really got me into the masturbation with a thong.

One of my first girlfriends was a long-distance relationship: She lived about four hours away. A few times I got to go visit her and stay overnight at her place, in her room, while she went to a friend's house nearby. The first time I visited and was staying in her room, she had been torturing me all day by grinding on me or flashing a look at the thong she was wearing. So that night she changed, and I found that thong she was wearing and came so hard all over it.

I told her what I did afterwards, and at first she was a little surprised, but she also enjoyed it. The next time I visited, she had left three thongs in her bed where I was staying with a little note that these were her favorite three thongs and before I left I was to cum in them as many times as I could so she could think of it whenever she wore them.

My wife and I went to her sisters house one saturday to clean it for her, as a surprise. I was in her sisters bedroom cleaning and dusting. Walked into the bathroom and there it was. A pair of her sisters panties, right on top of the hamper. I could not resist the urge, so I picked them up and gave them a good sniff. OMG, the odor was intoxicating. So musky, yet wonderful. I got hard as a rock. Then I noticed my wife standing at the bathroom door. BUSTED...I freaked out. But she was cool, and said, "so they must smell good huh".

She could see that my hardon was trying to bust out of my pants. So she came over to me and started kissing me. I thought she would be mad, but quite the opposite. She wanted to have sex while I sniffed her sisters panties.

We got on her sisters bed, and had sex like crazy while I sniffed and licked her sisters dirty panties. I even put them to her nose and she sniffed them and moaned. We both came so hard.

Then we finished cleaning up the house, that was fun.

i love going thru panty drawers. You get so turned on looking thru them, then when you see them in person you are wondering what they have on.

I have a married friend that loves to have me sniff her panties and jackoff in front of her sniffing her panties while she fingers herself. She always says she wishes her husband would be into sniffing her panties and being more playful when it comes to sex.

I have a female friend who gets off on me masturbating with her panties. So every week I get to borrow a pair.

I love using panties to stroke. I check in on friends house when they are on vacation and always use the panties. I love going to parties and sneaking off and finding the hamper and finding some fresh used pairs.

There is nothing more erotic seeing how much discharge is in the crotch of a pair of panties and sniffing that delicious smell.

I've had a fetish for panties ever since I walked in on a friend of mine getting changed. I didn't realize she was in the room and when I walked in she was stood wearing nothing but a pair of panties. I got a hard on straight away, made my apologies and left the room. After this she would tease me by flashing her panties or stockings and then watch my reaction. It never went further but was enough to give me a panty fetish.

My first wife used to masturbate with her panties on and let the juices flow into them. She used to love to tease me and when I would come home she would be laying on our bed in just her panties spread eagle on the bed masturbating through her panties. I just wanted to jump ontop of her but she always said have patience and told me to sit and watch. Many times you could clearly see her panties getting wetter and wetter and start to see the outline of her lips and clit. It was amazing. She often would take them off and ask me if I wanted a taste, of course I could not resist. She then would wrap them around my hardon which was dripping precum at this point and make me cum all over them and then have me watch her lick my cum off her panties. Basically this kept me hard and I needed no recovery time and we would then have sex. It was great how she used to use panties to turn me on so much, more woman need to put time and effort into turning us on and yes us men need to do the same to our woman. Try new things, spice things up it keeps you wanting more and more.

Lots of us girls like putting our soaked panties in a guys mouth, or hold them under your nose. We enjoy knowing you like how we smell and love to see the reaction to doing something so naughty to you. Many times I have made a guys jaw drop by asking him if he wanted to sniff my panties.

I almost always use a pair of panties to jerk off. I have several really silky pairs that I use to wrap around my cock and stroke it. The feeling is incredible. Dry silky material beats a wet lube for jerking any day.

I've realized there are many of us who find women's undergarments extraordinarily sexy. Some of us like to smell them, some like to taste, others like the feel of them rubbing against their bare skin, and some like to wear them. Its also nice to realize there are women on here who get turned on knowing their panties are being used to satisfy another's passionate sexual cravings.

Show me a guy that has not sniffed or licked a pair of a womans dirty panties, and I'll show you a guy that sure would like to do it. When we cannot get to the source a pair of panties certainly gets the job done.

I love a woman in panties and can't get enough of them, just seeing there panties laying on the floor makes me imagine what they look like in them. It doesn't get any better than sniffing a dirty pair of panties while I stroke. I've had a thing for ladies undies since I can remember.

I love masturbating into panties, most of my girlfriends have been ok about it. The material whether cotton, nylon, spandex or silk feels so sensuous. I have often wanked off into total strangers or friends panties which makes it even more exciting!

Nothing like seeing a good load of your own cum on a very silky pair of panties. plus they get my cock hard in seconds flat.

My husband is absolutely infatuated with panties. He pretty much always uses a pair of my panties to cum in when he jerks off. When we have sex, he loves when I keep my panties on so he can pull out and cover them with his load. He sometimes even eats me out when I still have them on. It's always guaranteed sex when I bring home new ones. And I can always get him to masturbate on me just by stripping down to my panties, which i do enjoy. I love the effect panties has on my husband and the attention he pays to me while I am wearing panties.

I didn't have any sisters. I only had an older brother. Looking back now, if I had a sister I know I would have explored their panties. I know I wanted to look through a panty drawer so bad, but I either never thought of my mom's, or I thought of it, just didn't like the idea. But I know I would've had no issues if it was a sister. Like I said though, no sisters.

However, I did have cousins. Three of them on the same street as I did growing up, although I don't remember being inside their house a whole lot(Part of that was, most the time they would be up at my house). But even still, my first panty experience was not there either. It first happened at my grandmother's house. They had a small outdoor pool that we would go to almost everyday in the summer. Of course the pool was within walking distance of the house, so normally we would wear clothes down, and change into our suits their, as they had three bathrooms. One day when we were all their, I went inside to use the bathroom. I remember walking in, and seeing my cousins clothes on the floor. I could just barely see a shiny-like pink material peeking through in between their shorts and t shirt. With much excitement, and hesitation, pinched the portion I could see, and slowly pulled them up closer for inspection. I felt so guilty for what I was doing, constantly listening if anyone else even came in the house, despite I was safely in the bathroom with the door locked. Still, I found myself nervous as hell. First thing I did was look inside them, right at the crotch area. I don't really remember how dirty they were, but I inclined to say they appeared to be pretty clean (maybe they had put on a new pair before leaving to go to the pool, not sure) Further intrigued, I then turned them inside out to allow me to smell better. Oh wow, did they have an aroma. I'll never forget the distinct smell, no other girl that I have ever been with smelled the same. So sweet, like nectar. I wanted to lick them, but being I was extremely nervous at this point, and was worried that they might return (when ready to change back) and notice that their clothes had been tampered with, namely by me. I didn't want to have to answer any questions relating to something like that. So I quickly and carefully placed them back, as close as I could to the way I found them. Wow, I still get excited about it now, years later. I know I enjoyed it because, I ended up going back for seconds in the same day, a few hours later (I guess once I had that scent, I wanted more of it) and so I did, go back in, only to do the same as before, just enjoy the aroma. I'll never forget the color and texture of that first pair either, wish I had them!

My girl and me enjoy panty play. Watching my girl remove her panty she has worn all day, putting it in her hand so the stain area is in the palm of her hand. Watching her place it right on my nose as she makes sure each leg hole goes over each ear. Then she kiss me thru her panty as she goes to suck my hardon while I sniff her panties. Then she comes up and sits on my hardon and lowers her head to sniff her own panties on my head. As she slowly rocks up and down, I take the panties off my head and place them on her head so the discharge yellow secretion sits on her nose. She holds each side of the hip section of the panty, from behind her head and pulls tight, as I see her face print form within her panty. She lowers her body and face towards me and she watches me lean forward to meet her face so I can smell them and lightly kiss her thru her panties. She then lifts her hips up a bit because she knows I am about to grab her hips and pound her hard as she hovers over you, while you smell her panty on her face. Afterwards she lays there and asks if they were scented enough for my liking. Thats just some of the panty play me and my girl enjoy doing together. Adding panties to our sex life has spiced things up a ton.

Since i was ten years old i have a fetish for womens panties. I adore seeing it in stores on women and on men, i get the shakes when i see them in a store! Panties drive me crazy.

I have had a panty fetish for shiny satin panties since I was twelve. I also like anything tight and shiny like spandex and lycra. I wear panties that are exactly like my wife's. We both only wear satin and metallic underwear. I have a collection of some 300 pairs of shiny panties. Just seeing a pair of satin panties in the store gets me excited, I love the wet shiny look that only satin panties has.

I have a panty fetish. I am very attracted to my sister in law. She is an attractive blonde. She has long skinny legs. When she comes over to our house to swim she changes in our bedroom into her swimwear. she will leave her clothes and panties on the bed. I always will go back into the house to go smell her used panties and taste her. I get so turned on that I usually cum in her used panty.

Although I have never caught a guy or boyfriend sniffing my panties, seeing how many guys enjoy sniffing panties I am sure that some of my guy friends and boyfriends have sniffed my panties. I get off on the idea that someone desires my scent.

I have a panty fetish! My wife and I share this fetish! We like to sniff dirty panties from another woman while we have sex with each other and fantasize about this woman!

I have a panty fetish and sniff my wifes panties and when we visit other peoples houses I look for panties and sniff them. I take them out of the dirty clothes every chance I get. I cannot stop thinking about how their thongs look up against them and when they stick out of their jeans. I get rock hard the second I see them on the floor. Its amazing how rock hard seeing, touching and sniffing panties get me.

My panty fetish began with my wife. As time went on I asked her if I could smell her panties and she agreed, so our mine panty fetish began. I did tell her I was sniffing them back when we first met and she laughed. Anyway she would wear them for days, and every time we had sex she would put them on my face or I put them on her face, crotch out then I would have sex with her sniffing them. Sometimes I would insert a pair inside her and then she would wear another pair to hold it inside her while we went out for the day. White cotton, bikini cut do it for me as you can see every stain and holds the smell the best.

i work in an office with a limited crew. love to tease this one cute guy. one friday, asked him to help me get something from the office supply cabinet and had sex in the closet. turns out he has a panty fetish. asked me to keep my panties on while he was eating me out and pounding me. lucky i was only wearing a tiny g string. It was a rush leaving my panties on while he was licking me and as he entered me, I now prefer to leave my panties on during sex, its just so much more naughtier and it drives you guys crazy and makes you cum so hard.

Hi, I am a female 40 blonde hair blue eyes 5-9 135 38-DD And I have a crazy fetish that started about 4-5 months ago. I read a story about a woman who got turned on by sniffing her panties and she would masturbate with them and said she had the most powerful orgasms while sniffing her panties and masturbating. I have never thought about doing this until after reading that story. I was fascinated and turned on, so I started sniffing my own panties and was amazed at how turned on I got and she was right I had the most powerful orgasm. I have yet to sniff another womans panties but cannot wait to visit a few friends and use the bathroom and hopefully find a pair of there dirty panties.

I have a fetish for girl's filthy panties and masturbating with panties. I was in the laundry room in my apartment getting ice and I accidentally knocked over a laundry bag. A green, Victoria's Secret Lacie thong was calling my name as I saw the stains on the thong. I put the laundry bag back but kept the panties. I saw whose they belonged to later on that day. So I went back to my apartment into my bedroom and got off with her panties for hours! Since then I have always been on the look out for more panties when visiting the laundry room. I love how panties get me so excited.

The first thing I think about when I see a pretty girl is what are the chances she is wearing silk or satin panties. I love it when a girl rubs her silk or satin panties all over me. Its all I think about! Silk or satin panties drive me sooooo crazy!

I was at the beach one beautiful sunny hot day. The beach was full like usual on this hot day and of course there are always some young twenty year old university girls. While leaving the beach this one day there were about four girls leaving at the same time. As a gentleman I let them go up the path first that lead to a staircase over railway tracks. Well to my surprise something fell from one of the girls arm full of clothes. I at first thought one of them had seen it so I did not say anything. Then realize no one stopped to pick up the piece of clothing that fell. Well when I got to the article of clothing I realize it was a pair of panties. Well that was awkward because I did not want to embarrass the poor girl so I just bent down and pick up the white panties. They were cotton and looked clean. It make me excited just finding them and picking them up. Well I clinched them into my hand and walked to my car. As I sat there in my car I opened them up and examined them. I saw they were fairly new panties and looking inside them I saw they were stained in the crotch. I stiffened and I got butterflies in my stomach. The thought came to me to put them to my face and smell them. Well that smell I inhaled and stuck my tongue on the moistened spot and that was the beginning of a fetish I love to this day. I could not get enough of the smell and taste of those panties. I put the soiled crotch over my nose and drove all the way home sniffing the sweet scent.

I love sniffing my wives panties as I masturbate. She always leaves her dirty panties on the bathroom floor, so when ever I see them I have to have a sniff of the stain her juices leave. The more I sniff, the harder I get. It's better the fresher they are and still damp. I get really hard playing with the panties she has been wearing after I have cum inside her the night before and they are still wet and smell of my cum and her jucies.

I have been sniffing and stealing womens dirty panties since i was 12 and peeked at my sisters friend while she changed into her swimsuit and left her pink cotton panties twisted up on the bathroom floor! As soon as she was outside i picked them up and raised the damp stained area of the crotch up to my nose and took a little sniff...OMG i almost creamed in my pants when i took my first whiff of sweaty musky scent and have been panty sniffing and looking in hampers for panties ever since!

When every i see a laundry basket i have to explore and sniff any female panties. I get a craving for that musky smell only panties can capture.

Ever since my teenage years I have discovered how arousing for me is to sniff used panties. I have secretly sniffed many womans panties. Once I asked the wife of a friend to leave her panties in the common restroom we were using during a summer vacation, and after sniffing them I have jerked off on them. Later that day she has just smiled at me and didn?t say a word.

Ive always had a fantasy about being caught by a women as I sniff her used panties. Perhaps I'd be doing a job at the house and see the laundry basket. I wouldn't be able to resist that nice damp lemon pair on top. I crave getting caught standing there sniffing the gusset while my hardon presses hard inside my trousers.

I have to confess to sniffing another womens panties while being pounded by a boyfriend. I found I felt so dirty and turned on. I don't think I have orgasmd so hard ever.

When I get the scent from my girlfriends panties it makes me crazy, her scent turns me into an animal, well almost an animal, I get really turned on from her scent, I cant explain it, we will be making love and she will take her wet panties and put them up to my nose and I just go wild, I love her sweet scent.

I love it when the wife holds her panties to my nose as she rides my hardon, I always cum so hard inhaling her scent while being inside her, its the best of both worlds.

I have always found it extremely arousing to sniff a girl's panties after she has had them on all day. The scent is so captivating and I can never help myself to take my wife's panties and put them to my nose. Inhaling the scent is just amazing.

My boyfriend loves to sniff my white panties when we have sex and goes crazy if he smells my pee in the crotch. He likes to have me press the crotch of my panties against his nose as he's screwing me....He goes wild... like a crazed dog!...Sometimes he will lick my panties while he's french kissing me....I LOVE IT!!

Glad to see that there are other woman like me who enjoy seeing there man sniffing there panties. It drives me wild to see my boyfriend sniffing my panties, my panties are like catnip, makes him go so crazy.

Haven't you noticed all animals sniff the genitalia of females? It sends thousands of chemical signals straight to the brain. The crotch of a worn panty is full of sex pheromones etc. It can give an instant hard on to guys.

I am obsessed with panties. I love the way they feel and look. Ican never have enough. I love seeing men and women in them. Panties always make me horny. I love the way i look in panties too. I always get so excited when I slip them on. They fit so much better than mens underwear.

I am amazed at so many of the comments about panties. I have a collection of panties from each girl I have taken to bed in the last few years, and a few from my ex-wife. I used to use my sister's when I was a teen and sometimes wore them. Now, whenever I feel like it, I will use a pair over my hand when I masturbate (and cum in them, most often). My ex-wife used to wrap a pair of her used panties around me when she wanked me, before sucking me off as I came. She often put them back on afterwards, Just great fun...and I still wear them when I want to. I like the feel of the material and the thrill..and I am always aroused when I wear them, leaking pre-cum. Its fun, talking to women when I wear them, feeling very conscious of my hardon in the same or similar material as she may be wearing...

I've been wearing panties for awhile now, about 13 - 14 years and have had a panty fetish for as long as I can remember. My wife knows about it and kind of got me started wearing them, although I've always liked seeing panties. I have quit a few pairs that I wear fairly often, usually on weekends and evening. I am actually surprised by how many other guys wear panties.

I guess there is a couple of reasons why I like panties. The first that I just like seeing them on women, probably from when I was kid seeing woman in panties in the catalogs. The second is the way they feel when I wear them, especially the nylon or satin panties; my favorite panties are the Jockey No Panty Line tactel panties. Mens underwear is usually made out of boring material and colours and just don't feel the same. Third is that panties are not for a man, kind of taboo to wear them. Yes, they look funny on a guy, as it is not very often or common to see flowers, or nylon, or pink or lace on a guy, but I still do it. The funny thing is that despite my wife knowing that I wear them, I still feel kind of embarrassed doing it. I wear them under my clothes no problem, but actually taking my clothes off and just wearing my panties in front of her is still embarrassing.

It is somewhat reassuring that I am not the only guy who wears panties.

I have been through almost every panty drawer I've been around! I like to see what all they like. There is something about a pair of women's panties that drives me crazy! I am always on the lookout for a quick peek up a skirt, or an open pair of shorts. Nothing is as exciting! It's a turn on to feel the different kinds as I look at them. I like to grab one that is silky and keep it. It's a big turn on, thinking about her wearing them. I like to find a place by myself and look at the panties I have. Her vagina was right there, where I have my fingers, nose or tongue. I like to stroke it with them, it feels great to get off using panties!

My panty fetish began when I was very young. I'm not really sure what sparked it so much at first, but I remember peering thorough catalogs and newspaper ads and looking at passing girls trying to get even just a glimpse of her underwear. I'd give me such a rush that I had to have more. I always tried to make sure nobody noticed and I don't think anyone really did but I just couldn't help myself. Nothing gave me more a thrill than finding out what panties a girl was wearing. The intimate secrets a woman's panties kept always kept me looking for more and more and still does. I loved all kinds, bikini, lace, satin, cotton, etc, the cuter or sexier the better. There was just something about panties that fascinated me so much. The feel, the texture, the way a nice pair wraps around a sexy girl's ass, hips, and vagina in a way that just made my heart stop. To put it simply, there is nothing in the world like panties.

The way they look, smell, feel and the thought of what was in them. The way they looked and smelt were the first two things that fascinated me then I got into how they felt.

If you ever held a pair of mens choose which kind, tighty whiteys or cotton boxers in one hand, and hold a pair of panties in the other hand, you would notice a distinct difference in the feel. Womens panties are much lighter, softer, come in more colors. The mens underwear is heavier, coarser, and boring colors. That was my first notice that made me want to wear womens underwear. They do feel sexier and maybe a little more naughtier...nothing wrong with that.

Everything about panties makes me crazy. The way a girl looks in a pair of panties sends shivers up my spine and gives me instant erection. The first glance of women in panties I knew I was in love. The first time I stole a pair of panties I knew it was the being of something that would stay with me my entire life.

I adore seeing a woman in her panties, especially from under her skirt. Knowing that I am seeing her last layer of coverage of her most precious place. Sometimes her panties will be satin with a shimmer that is so alluring. Sometimes they are sheer, allowing me to see the crack of her ass or even a view of her pubs. Then there are those very special times where you see a woman in lace panties; I will never forget my first time seeing a girl in lace panties.

Honestly for me it started with my ex who enjoyed having sex with her panties on so she could feel the silk on her vagina along with my hardon. She enjoyed wrapping them around my shaft till I came. That's where my fetish started.

Panties are the closest thing to that most erotic part of a woman's body, and always (unless a wardrobe malfunction happens) covered by skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, dresses.
So a glimpse of panties is a turn-on - even when not being worn, it's a reminder of what it's worn next to. Personally I think an accidental glimpse of panties under a short skirt is hot - and for similar reasons seeing the string of panties around the hip of a woman wearing low-rider jeans is very sexy; because it's like seeing something naughty, and also tells the viewer the secret of what the woman has under her clothes, right next to her skin...and adds fuel and reality to the mental picture of what she'd look like without the clothes.

Most men have a panty fetish. For a lot of them, its how the panty looks on a girl's body. For some men it's how the panties feel and smell. Then there's those (myself included) who like to wear panties.

The first thing I like about wearing panties is how they snuggle my sack up against my body and how my shaft never seems to fit. The silky cloth is so erotic and cozy! I like wearing used, because of the intimacy it implies.

Guys with a panty fetish go crazy about panties for different reasons. For some its the smell, for some the texture, some just for the sheer sexual thrill. For me, one reason is for the mystery behind it. Theres no thrill like knowing what kind she wears. Panties hold a girl's most intimate secrets because it lies so close to her most hidden areas and the thrill of thinking about that is enough to drive some men wild. The variety of colors, textures, and cute designs are a big plus to add to the erotic mystery as well.

Woman have panty fetishes to. Men aren't the only ones who like panties. I'm thankful that I was born a woman. It makes it easier to like what I like without being questioned about it. I feel for you guys who enjoy panties and have to hide it.

I have a huge nylon panty fetish, my girlfriend loves to wear nylon panties when we have sex she leaves them on and makes me cum all over them.

I might be the only woman who does this. But anytime I hook up with another girl I try and take her panties home with me as a reminder of her and to masturbate with later. Laying back on the bed with her dirty panties in one hand and fingering myself with my other hand makes me orgasm so quick. Just a wiff of her panties takes me back to being between her legs tonguing her and gets me so hot. I totally understand why you guys are so into panties.

I myself have a panty fetish. I had three older sisters growing up so they were really easy to come by and I couldnt get enough of them. I was lucky enough to marry a woman that also indulges in the panty fetish and she knows I wear them everyday. I buythem for both of us and we take pleasure in choosing each others pairs and thinking of what we have on and using that to our benefit later on that evening.

I remember that my mother had a friend who went through a divorce and gave my mother a bunch of her stuff to sell in a yard sale. I was helping her out and I was probably 12 at the time when I went through a box that had some of her clothes. In this box were t-shirts, shorts, nightgowns, along with stockings, pantyhose, bras and panties. I looked at the panties and there was something about them that attracted me to them. It was something about the soft fabric that actually touched a woman?s vagina. I opened the panties up and looked down them as if she was going to put them on and I began to picture what had been in them? her mature vagina. She was probably around 35 years old at the time and had a nice body. I snuck out all of her panties, bras, pantyhose and stockings and hid them in my room. The next night I began to masturbate thinking of her vagina in them and I cam all over them. I must have jacked off in all of her panties 10 times each while I had them.

Ive always loved the smell of my own panties, but ive always thought i was a bit weird for liking the smell! But since finding the comments here I have realized that its normal as other girls do it to!

I'm really into panties, I love the way they feel, look and the way I taste in them. Thought I was the only girl who was into panties but since finding this place I see there are other girls like me out there. Guys I totally understand why you enjoy our panties so much, us girls are so lucky we can enjoy our panties any time we want.

I love to put a pair of panties into my vagina and rub my clit until I cum all over them. It just turns me on so much to stuff a pair of panties inside me, a few boyfriends have loved watching me do this. Its just something I found that I enjoy doing.

I've had a couple real kinky girlfriends that enjoyed me cumming in their panties and would wear them or even let me finger them into them. Nothing hotter than watching a girl enjoy the panties I just soaked for her!

I dont know what it about them but i really really really love panties! Just the word "panties" turns me on and puts a smile on my face.

It all started when i was first married and on emptying the laundry basket dropped a pair of the wife panties and noticed they were stained in the gusset, up they went to my nose and i was hooked.

I guess you could say i have a panty fetish, i love sexy undies, seeing girls in their undies and seeing guys get turned on by sexy undies as well. Growing up i had an older brother and a younger brother so i soon realized that guys like masturbating all the time. several times i found stains in my bedding and telling our mother she said my older brother was probably just going through a phase and bought me extra bedding. a few years later i found stains in my panties and at first thought it was my brother so turned a blindeye but soon after i noticed that one of his friends who was cute spent alot of time at our home and was left alone there sometimes.. i was a little turned on knowing he found me attractive and was getting off with my panties.. he found it difficult to hide his hardon when we chatted or as he watched me and i would tease him if i was in a naughty mood.

I was probably around 16 years old when I first really noticed women's panties. Before that they had just been another item of clothing.

I began noticing how many styles, colors and designs there were compared to the limited and unimaginative choices there were for guys. The materials panties are made of are so different, too. Silk, soft cotton, stretchy nylon and latex, as well as, other softer blends. Not to mention the designs and styles. Thongs, low-rise bikinis, tangas, v-backs and string bikinis. I envied them the choices they had, and wished guys underwear was as interesting and comfortable to wear.

One day, as I was walking through a JCPenney store, I found myself in the women's lingerie department. I began strolling through admiring the different assortments available. Suddenly, a middle-aged sales lady stepped up to me and asked if I was shopping for a girlfriend and were there any questions she could answer. I must have looked lost, or questioning. After stumbling over my words for a minute, I answered yes.

She asked what size I was looking for....I hesitated only for a second before replying with a description of a girl that would roughly fit my build and stature. I was much thinner at that age, and slight of build.

She showed me several kinds, and indicated which ones were on sale. I quickly selected about a half dozen thongs and string bikinis, paid for them and headed back to my dorm room.

I spent the next hour or so trying them on. It was a wonderful sensation and I could not believe that I finally had a pair on me. I had picked the size well, and they fit perfectly. From that day on....I was hooked and I have worn panties daily, school or work, whenever I have been single. Right now...being single....I wear them every day and I am always looking for a new pair to buy and add to my collection.

I never understood why women or girls want to hide those cute panty lines. I mean to me panty lines are just as attractive as getting a peek up their skirts or dresses. Its like having xray vision just dont know what color or material they are but a turn on just the same

I to have a thing for female panties also. Just to look at a female wearing nothing else but panties is a big turn on for me. It doesn't really matter the style of the panties. Just because for me it is how the females body fills the panties. A thong is very nice. Just to be able to see the panties on the front and sides of the thong and then the females butt just eats up that back material. I like to admire the panties and kiss the females intimate parts through the panties. I try to leave the female in her panties as long as possible. Sometimes even have sex with the panties on and just pull them to the side.

My boyfriend has a thing for panties, really silky ones and bikini style so they cover my entire ass. He loves to caress my silky covered ass when i wear them. I find it amazingly erotic being caressed and also kissed and licked through my panties. The tension building up inside, him not quite touching me.

Just a little experience on how I found out I had a panty fetish. I was going out with a guy and we had a rather adventurous sex life, and one day we tried a bit of bondage and he tied me up to the bed while i was wearing just a thong. Then he took them off and put my wet panties in my mouth (supposed to be a gag) and when he did I felt new sexual feelings and became sooo wet and turned on by the smell, the taste and wetness of my own panties. I loved it and had a mind blowing orgasm shortly after and since then the smell and taste of wet panties drives me crazy.

I love the thought of guys getting off to the smell of my dirty panties. The idea of what they do with them gets me turned on like nothing else and I love to get my panties filthy for someone to enjoy. I know my brothers friends have enjoyed many of my panties over the years.

I am a girl with a panty fetish. I am in my mid 20s and have had a panty fetish ever since about 16. When I started masturbating I liked to tug my panties up into my crotch when I would orgasm, I just loved rubbing myself through the wet material. I have also stuffed them inside me a little ways.

i was feelin a tad horny and searching around on the internet whilst rubbing myself threw my panties, i was due to go to my boyfriends and was in a bit of a rush so figured i would save my hornyness 4 him, when i stumbled across an amazing video i just had to watch at first the girl was rubbing her self threw panties and moaning, i started getting wetter and wetter, and my clit was getting harder and harder, then the video got interesting she took of her panties and starting stuffing her panties in to her vagina. i became intrigued and my boyfriend rung to find out where i was, i made an excuse and said i would see him tomorrow and decided to watch more videos like the other. i was soooooo wet and then i plucked up the courage to try it, i started of by using my toys and making myslf really wet and i just did it, i spread my vagina and shoved my panties in, it was tight and awkward to get them up but i kept trying and eventually they were up me fully it felt amazing, i rubbed myself with them in and pushed them up further, wowww i had the most intense orgasm ever mmmmmm and then i slowly pulled them out, then another, and another, then as i pulled them noticed there was all thick goo on them, mmmmm that made me wetter so i fingered myself till i orgasmed again, lickin off my gooey panties, wow it was amazing.

Nothing hotter, sexier, and more of a turn on then sexy panties on a sexy lady, i love all kinds of panties on woman, i prefer the lacy booty shorts but thongs, g strings, bikinis and everything else is great too on them, and whats even hotter and sexxier, when they bend over and the thong or panty is showing, OH HELL Yeah

My ex girlfriend really got off on my stuffing her wet panties into her. She had immense orgasms and liked me having sex with her with a thong stuffed into her too.

I dont know why but about 3 years ago while standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change a man leaned over and said "I would pay you for your panties". I instantly got this tingling feeling and felt myself getting wet. Just the thought of him sniffing my scent made me instantly wet as he said it! I did not give him my panties as I was to shy but wish I would have.

I too have been into smelling the scent of my own panties (from a very early age) I believe that most girls have done this at some point in their life, it has to be natural surely, to know what oneself smells like....or maybe not.. I share this little pastime with my bestfriend, who like me, just loves it.....we share, and wear, our panties on a day to day basis. leaving a double scent which is amazingly erotic, and sensual when sniffed For anyone who has not yet tried smelling their own scent, or, anyone else''s for that matter, you have nothing to lose.....but a lot to is simply' Amazing

I cannot resist looking at women's butts whenever I walk past them to see if a can get a glimpse of their panties. At work, at the supermarket, wherever. I have a bet with myself everyday to guess what type colour panties the woman at work I fancy is wearing. She has lost a bit of weight recently, so her skirt keeps shifting downwards, so somedays I get a really good look. It certainly helps me get up in the morning!

After 23 years of marriage, I found out that my husband likes to masturbate into my soiled panties. We had just finished one of our marathon sex sessions, (our kids are away at overnight camp) when out of nowhere he blurted out that he loves to sniff and lick my worn panties while jerking off. I thought he was kidding, but after a few minutes of hearing his detailed description, I knew he wasn't. I was stunned. I know my husband masturbates, I also like to pleasure myself, but using my worn panties I did not expect.

He explained to me that he has been doing this since the age of 12 when he found a pair of his older sisters panties. Old habits die hard. As he was explaining to me his method, usually he did it when I was at work or out with the kids, he did mention that if possible he would do it when I'm in the shower. I guess the smell of my just worn panties is overwhelming.

I hate to admit that I was getting turned on as he was describing his adventures into the land of my worn panties.

After a few more minutes of conversation I got out of bed and found the panties I had been wearing all day. I threw them at my husband and told him to show me how he does it. He said he needed another pair to put over his hardon. After that minor detail was taken care of, the show started. First he covered his shaft with the cotton panel where I had left my juices. Then he brought the second pair up to his nose and inhaled. As this was happening I could feel myself getting very wet. My husband was now stroking and sniffing at a rapid pace. Sitting next to him, I started to rub my swollen clit with my thumb.

Watching him sniff my panties was really turning me on. My husband then exploded. Gobs of his cum were now filling my panties. Seeing this only made my clit extend out of its hood. A few more strokes and I was now into one of the most intense orgasms ever. We were both exhausted, and my good pair of panties will never be the same.

My husband still masturbates with my panties, but I get the pleasure of watching him.

After years of marriage my wife knew that I jacked off on her panties. I would select a pair from the hamper, sniff and rub and put a load in them. This happened while we were vacationing. This hadn't happened before nor has it since, unfortunately. But the experience was so wonderful it is forever etched on my mind. We arrived late the night before and were sleeping later than usual the next morning. My wife was still asleep, laying on my right on her side. I lifted the sheet and gazed at her ass. She was wearing pink nylon high waist panties. I knew I wanted to beat off on that beautiful pair. I moved closer to her and began rubbing her ass. She was awake and didn't seem to mind. I kept rubbing and then put my hand down her panties, I began whispering nasty things to her. "You have a nice, soft ass, honey. I just love your ass and panties." She moved her butt a little closer as I kept up the rubbing, I ran my finger lightly on her ass crack. I was thinking of the pretty asshole hiding between the folds that I had pounded. I loved anal with her. She was my first, and best, butt pounding. "I love these panties, honey. Can I take them off of you and jack off on them?" She knew I sometimes would beat off on her panties and didn't seem to mind. I would put the wet panties back in the hamper where I had found them after beating off. She would wash them, not saying a word. I will never forget her answer: "Why don't you just jack off on them while I'm wearing them?" I couldn't believe my ears! This had been one of my greatest fantasies and now it was about to come true! It ranked with the night she first let me pound her ass! I quickly moved into action. I turned on to my right side, pulling down my shorts. My dick was already tingling with excitement. I began rubbing my dick on the panties and the feel of the nylon was great! My dick was dripping precum juice. I rubbed my dick in her ass crack. She then pulled her panties down half way with her right hand, exposing her lovely ass cheeks and crack. It looked delicious! My dick was rock hard. I then started stroking. "Oh honey, this is so good. I love your ass and asshole. I love you for this!" I would look at her ass, then panties, then rub my dick against the pink nylon. I then pressed my stiff shaft in her ass crack, remembering the wonderful ass poundings my dick had delivered to her asshole. I then pulled away and slipped my fingers down her ass crack, seeking her asshole. I had fingered, licked and pounded the poor woman's asshole so many times in our marriage. I began to probe between her ass cheeks. "No, no, keep jacking off." she whispered. She pushed my hand away from her asshole and thrust her ass closer. My love knew what she wanted! I resumed stroking my dick and rubbing it against her panties. Soon, too soon, I felt the familiar tingle at the base of my balls, telling me that my load of white sticky love juice has started its journey. I stroked faster. "I'm going to jizz on you honey, you sure you want that?" I asked, breathing hard. "Yes, right on my ass and panties," she whispered. Those words sealed the deal. I had reached the point we men all know. I stroked shorter strokes now, forcing myself to keep my eyes open and focused on my wife's ass and panties. The cum erupted from the head. I watched as my load shot on to her left butt cheek and then aimed my dick so it shot the rest on to her bunched panties. I milked my dick to get every drop on to my wife and her panties. My semen ran down her ass cheek into her ass crack. Her panties were dark with wet cum. This was one of the most satisfying jack offs I had ever had! I turned on to my back and let out a sigh. She pulled her wet panties up and got out of bed. I heard her in the bathroom and the shower started. I still remember that great morning in every detail. I retrieved those panties when we returned home and kept them. I have jacked off literally hundreds of times with them. They are a treasure!

I have a friend who is 25 and she stayed with us for a week. We are both really into fitness and running in particular. So, last Sunday, we went out for a 5 mile run. When we came back we were both hot and sweaty. My husband Dan was sitting on the bed when I came into our room to strip before hitting the shower. He grabbed me as usual and told me how he loves my sweaty scent after a run. I could feel his hard on and was quite flattered.

I rubbed him a little and told him how wet I was and then said "If you think I'm wet and sweaty, trish was sweating way more than me. Imagine how SHE must smell." I felt his hard on twitch into something truly massive, and right there and then in that moment, I had the most erotic thought. I kissed hubby on the cheek and ran out of our room and up to trish. I breathlessly told her what I had said to him and came straight out with "Can I take your panties down to him?" She said I could but that there would be a price that she would tell me about later.

I grabbed her wet panties and ran back to my husband. There, in the bedroom, I held my friends panties to his face while I jacked him off. All the time I kept talking to him about them. "Just imagine, trishs smooth lips against the material. See how sweaty she is? I wonder if she peed a little as we ran." Suddenly he blew the most massive load right across the room. He said he came so much it actually hurt him!

Later that afternoon, trish told us of her price. It was for my husband to use her panties while she watched.

I was dating this guy and I had a feeling he liked my panties as he would always stare at them laying on the floor in the bedroom or bathroom. So one night I thought I would try something. I took a pair of satin panties bikini style as they had the most amount of fabric. I laid them down on the bed and told him to lay down ontop of them, the cool fabric touched against his dick and he jumped. I told him to stroke back and fourth, as I watched him stroking back and fourth I got so wet. He humped my panties and he really enjoyed it and so did I. I told him he could cum on them and a few minutes later he was exploding all over my panties. He loves it, says it's is favorite way to get himself off and I provided him with the panties necessary for it.

Every house I go in I always ask if I can use the bathroom before I leave. I have been doing this for 40 years. In the majority of people's homes you can find a pair of dirty panties in the bathroom hamper.

I have sniffed hundreds of women and girl's panties over the past forty years. There have been times when I found panties that belonged to a mother and her daughter. I can whip out my dick and jack off in less than a minute if I am smelling and licking a dirty pair of panties. I always shoot my load of cum in the crotch and put the panties back where I found them. I admit that occasionally, especially if it is someone I am really hot for, I will stick their panties in my pocket and take them with me. That gives me the opportunity to later jack off with their panties and take my time doing it. I would like to thank the man or woman who invented panties. Oh, the smell of a woman on a pair of panties. There is nothing like it.

When I am visiting a person's house, I always ask to use their bathroom. Many times people keep their dirty laundry in a hamper in a closet in there. Or they leave bras or panties hanging in the shower. I find these irresistible! I love to masturbate into used panties or bras or bathing suits and then rub my cum fully into them. It's very exciting to re-enter the living room and interact with the women whose underwear I just came in.

I've always been fascinated by panties. Sometimes just seeing the word written down gives me an erection. Recently I've found a way to enhance my pleasure. My wife has some Calvin Klein panties that are 80% nylon and 20% spandex. They are rather large but very snug and stretchy. When I put them on, they cover my erect dick and feel very, very tight. I start rubbing the head of my dick through the smooth material of the panties. With my other hand I stroke my balls and my perineum. Soon waves of pleasure are sweeping through my body. After several minutes of increasing tension, I pull down the front of the panties, and my dick springs free. I then circle the head of my dick with my thumb and forefinger and stroke it very gently. I'm not circumcised, so I don't need lubrication. I just move the foreskin up and down over the head. Also by this time I'm usually producing quite a bit of pre-cum, so my dick is naturally wet. The feeling of rubbing my dick freely, after the tightness of the panties is delicious. When I get close to cumming, I stop and pull the panties back up. After a brief pause, I start rubbing through the panties again. The waves of pleasure come back even stronger than the first time, completely different to stroking my dick when it's free. Then I let my dick spring free again. Generally I can repeat this procedure three or four times before I have to release the tension and let myself cum. My body shudders with the strongest orgasms I've ever had.

I enjoy wearing them for 2 reasons, 1)I like the feel of the satiny material rubbing on me, it keeps me in an excited frame, and 2) I enjoy when ladies look at me when Im wearing them, especially when they want to feel them also! I am amazed at how many woman cannot keep there hands off me when they see that I am wearing panties. Mens underwear just does not show off a bulge like panties do.

I wear panties mainly because they're so much more comfortable than men's underwear. I guess my first experience with panties was when I was about 17. I was checking out the garbage bin behind K-Mart because sometimes they threw away store merchandise in there, good stuff too, and I found about 12 pairs of women's panties. They appeared to be new and in unused condition. My interest being stirred, I grabbed them and took them home. I tried them all on and I liked them. Since that day I have worn them almost exclusively.

It is very sexy to me to smell panties that a woman was wearing when she was sexually aroused. The sweet odor of her juices give me an incredible erection. It is a turn on.

I love panties! To me, getting a glimpse of your panties sticking out of your jeans is sexy. It turns me on to see my friends wives or girlfriends panties and know the type of panties they wear. Panties are just such an erotic item of clothing, I am not sure many woman realize how much a turn on panties are for us guys. When we get a glimpse of your panties it drives us nuts.

It's the texture for me, the feeling of the different fabric nylon or satin being my favorite but this new microfiber feels wonderful also. On me or on a girl I love feeling them, many girlfriends have wondered why I was caressing them for so long as they still wore there panties, but yet enjoyed me caressing them for so long. To me panties are a sure thing for prolonged foreplay which I know the woman I have been with have enjoyed. So ladies don't be so quick to remove your panties, many of us guys enjoy you in panties and you will be in store for lots of caressing if you keep them on.

The texture feels really good. I remember a girlfriend of mine left her panties in the bathroom after she had taken a shower. I didn't want to try them on at first but then said "why not." Putting her panties on made me rock hard. Just knowing they were on her juicy spot, feeling the texture, seeing how sexy they looked against my hard dick, seeing my ass through the skimpy back, they were so amazing.

I was once having a fling with a co-worker and we had been sending each other hot text messages. She walked over to my cube, and without saying a word, opened my desk drawer and put her wet panties in there for me, IT WAS SOOOOO HOT! I could not concentrate the entire day all I wanted was to enjoy her scent and her panties.

Theres nothing hotter than a girl squirming around in her panties all day long leaving her scent on them and filling them with her juices.

I love getting my panties wet during the work day. I wear scrubs (which are super thin) and sometimes even soak through a little bit. The wetter I get the more turned on I get so by the time I get home my panties are usually soaked with my juices. I enjoy taking them off and slowly rubbing my breasts with them teasing myself as I can smell a hint of my juices as I rub my panties on my breasts, after a bit of teasing I am so ready to sniff and lick my panties. After sniffing and licking on them I am dripping wet and rub my panties on my juicy spot to soak up more of my juices so I can suck my juices out of the crotch of my panties. I go back and fourth adding more juices to my already soaked panties. By the time I am done sniffing and sucking on the crotch of my panties I am ready to climax with just a few rubs of my clit.

I love being made so wet and then being teased through my panties. The feeling of a hard dick or fingers pressing at the fabric of my panties slightly pushing them inside my lips makes me even wetter. I also love to be licked through my panties.

At times, when my panties are getting pretty moist, I'll slide them into my wet spot with either my fingers or a toy (toy works better) I love the feeling of the material sliding inside me against my lips and inner walls. Doesn't take very long to cum after that. I can see why you guys enjoy panties so much, can only imagine how they feel wrapped around your shaft. And believe me ever chance I get to wrap mine around a hard shaft I do, I love that part of foreplay, except sometimes its a bit to much and the guy ends of cumming all over my panties, which is fine by me its such a turn on to see him shooting all over my panties. And usually I can get him hard again pretty quick as I bend down and lower my lips over his shaft to such the remaining cum out of his shaft.

I know a gorgeous girl that gives me her panties whenever I see her, I have about ten pair of them from her, she will wear them for days and send me messages that she is wearing some for me and getting them wet which she knows will drive me crazy. All I have to do is look at them and I get hard, then I get them out and start stroking, love the sight of the cum streaks and being able to inhale the scent of her when I am jacking off is a huge turn on.

I can think of no better feeling than being between the legs of a woman who is wearing satin bikinis and rubbing my cock up and down her slit through her panties, i've creamed on many pairs doing that.

A month a ago I was on the road for about 3 weeks, and during that time my wife and I had some great sexting sessions. One of these took place while she was at work. We went at it for some time until she sent me this message "my pussy and panties are so wet, I can smell myself". She works in a cubefarm surrounded by guys. I was so turned on by that. I told her when she gets home to put her panties in a ziploc and save them for me to enjoy when I returned.

I have a certain pair of white panties that show when I'm damp. They are made of such a thin material and are my favorite ones to wear when I'm being teased through them. Sometimes I wear them when I'm playing with myself as after I have pushed them inside me with my fingers or my dildo, I like to pull them tight so the material rubs over my clit and lips, making me even damper. I pull them harder and faster until I cum so strongly.

My biggest fetish is definitely about panties. I love upskirts or flashes of panties, thongs or the sheer kind. I love seeing a womans wet panties as she strokes herself through them. I like to rub my nose and face against her wet spot through her panties before slowly sliding them to the side and licking her lips and clit with my tongue. I also like rubbing my dick over a womans panty covered spot.

As for the upskirts when I was in high school this super sexy girl in my english class was wearing a skirt and sitting across from me. I kept staring at her long tanned legs. about half way through class she swung one leg then the other to the side to get out of her desk and for a few short seconds I got to see her silky blue panties with a little yellow bow on it. My dick was hard for the rest of the day. I have jerked off to that memory countless times.

I think I most like seeing panties when I'm not meant to. don't get me wrong a hot girl showing her ass and sweet panties gets me hard as hell but catching an "accidental" glimpse of a thong or panties up her skirt or when she bends over and her jeans ride down.. gets me hard instantly.

I never realized this was such a turn on for a lot of people. Usually when my panties get wet during the day (sometimes it's so bad I can smell it through my own clothes) I'm a little embarrassed. I never really thought about other people possibly enjoying it. Its turning me on to know so many of you guys enjoy our scents.

Such a turn on to know a women is so turned on you can smell it. The sight, feel, smell, and taste of a pair of damp panties gets me hard every time!

I love when my panties get wet (or soaked) from being so turned on. I often keep them on when I start to masturbate. The smell gets me so aroused, sometimes I can smell it through my clothes. I've gotten pretty nervous about potentially leaking and having a visible wet spot on my dress or skirt, but at the same time I get turned on knowing others might know I am wet.

I really enjoy wearing sexy lingerie under my clothing especially silky satin type panties as they feel really sensual rubbing against me as I move around. It can be very distracting when dressed in business attire that has a skirt and standing and sitting forces them to ride up a bit.

The sensations cause my mind to wonder to the last time I had hot pounding sex, or masturbated and really had a hard, body arching, legs shaking, throbbing orgasm...which in turn of course results in wet panties. The silky satin ones stick to my lips and that just makes the rest of the day well.....interesting and somewhat uncomfortable (in a naughty way).

I love when my partner has me undress or he undresses me and my panties are left on and he licks me thru my panties and then sucks my juices from them before peeling them off and continuing his licking or just plunges in straight away...Oh dear, need to change my panties now.

I found a couple pairs of my wifes sisters panties when she was staying with us, they were thong panties, and for whatever reason I had to wear them. I have never been turned on by panties before, but what a rush, my dick was hard the moment I put them on.

I have been using panties for such a long time. I remember the first time I saw a pair. I picked them up, and held them to my face. Of course I tried on too. I couldn't believe how aroused I was. It still gets me anytime I see a hamper in the bathroom.

The first time I tried on a pair of panties I felt really silly, and didn't keep them on for more than few minutes, but they did feel nice against my skin. I tried again a few days later, and walked around in them for a while, until I caught myself in the mirror - the image of those frilly black and pink panties, with my dick peeking out of them looked really hot. Now I wear panties whenever I want to feel really naughty.

I've had my panties masturbated with (by a friend) and I loved it! It's a huge turn on for me. If it was one of hubbies hottie friends, I would love that as well and I am sure they have masturbated with my panties as they are never in the same spot in the hamper after they have used the bathroom. Would love to watch one of them enjoying my panties.

Its not just you men who enjoy masturbating with panties, us woman enjoy it also. Satin panties are so good to use balled up and rub over your clit. I tried to stuff myself with my satin thong once but not as hot as I'd imagined, but the fabric soaks up a lot of the nice wet juices for me to suck on. I can totally see why guys enjoy panties so much, I know I enjoy them and there must be other woman out there who find them erotic like I do.

I am a 34 year old female and panties have always excited me. I usually masturbate naked but sometimes will masturbate while wearing panties, sometimes also a bra, and occasionally stockings and stiletto heals too. I find it incredibly hot to slip my hands inside my bra to play with my nipples, and also to slip my hands into my panties to play with myself. I also find it incredibly erotic to pull my panties down to mid thigh and continue masturbating. I have had a few boyfriend watch me masturbate and they always enjoy when I leave my panties on and slip my hand inside them or leave them around my knees or ankles. I understand how sexual panties are and how they increase ones excitement both men and woman.

When I was younger, the only way I could get off was while wearing my panties. I would pull them up while wearing them, tight into my slit, and tug them to get the friction I needed to cum. In fact, it was my favorite way to cum until I ruined too many pairs by stretching them out. I have caught a few of my boyfriends friends with my panties in there hands and it always turns me on to think of someone using my panties for pleasure that have been pulled up in my slit tight, now if they only knew I enjoyed pulling them tight into my slit to masturbate.

I love pulling a womans panties aside and going down on her way better than if she is naked, it has something to do with how erotic it is pulling those sexy panties to the side and seeing them as I lick. I also like when they leave them on during sex and feeling them as they slide back while I am insider her and feeling the edge of the panties rubbing on my dick. Then when I pull out my cum and her cum soaks the panties when they slide back over.

Nothing hotter than moving her panties to the side and burying my tongue in her sweetness. Much better than removing them, its just so naughty to see her still in panties as I lick her.

Bent over the desk with legs apart, skirt pulled up, panties aside, I can't think of a better sounding idea right now. Its got to be panties pulled to the side for me, makes me so hard.

It's a massive turn on! Half clothed sex is always amazing, and the feeling of my wet spot being licked through my panties until they're soaked, then pulled to the side, then being pounded, its amazing. I just feel so naughty when a guy pulls my panties to the side instead of taking them off, I am always hoping they will leave them on, some do and others do not. I love guys who love panties.

It feels more frantic and passionate when someone can't wait long enough to take your panties off. It's so hot when my panties are just shoved to the side for access.

I love to pull aside an extremely wet pair of panties and lick up her wetness then shove my dick into her while she is still wearing them. Women are so sexy in their panties.

I find having sex with panties still on very hot personally. I just get the feeling that he has to have me NOW and he's not going to waste any time taking my panties off. It always makes me cum much quicker when I leave my panties on, I am just so much more turned on and in the moment.

I had an ex that I would visit while he was on his lunch break. He would shut his office door, bend me over his desk and pull up my skirt. My heart always raced as I waited to hear him unzip his fly. He would pull my lace thong to the side and bury himself deep inside of me. Still gets me wet just thinking about it. I like a man who leaves my panties on, most just want to tear all your clothing off. I appreciate a man who likes panties and who is turned on by panties and likes to involve them during sex.

Panty sex is great. Pull up her skirt, pull the panties to the side, and enjoy.

I enjoy when my hubby pulls my panties to the side and pounds me. I also like masturbating with my panties on or pulling my panties tightly between my lips and letting them rub my clit, always gets me so wet.

My ex wife loved to have me suck her through her panties. I would soak the crotch of her panties with saliva and suck her clit and ass through her soaking wet panties. After a while her juices would mix in and it would get slick and easy for the panties to slide around as I sucked her lips and clit in to my mouth along with the silky fabric. I really enjoyed it. So did she.

I have not yet found another women who seems to like this so I was wondering if it is uncommon.

I have a panty fetish and love to eat a woman through her panties. Nothing makes me more excited than knowing just how wet I am getting her panties. I want a woman's panties to be drenched before I take them off of her. I want my fingers to press the fabric into her. I want to taste her juice off her panties and stroke them with my tongue, pressing them inside of her.

I love the fact that panties are the last barrier between her most intimate place and my tongue, inhaling her scent as the fabric moistens more, getting more and more of her juices as my tongue digs deeper, my lips sucking her juices off her panties.

I like it when my husband gets kinky with my panties, let's me know he's still interested. I also enjoy him smelling and tasting his fingers after they have been inside me. Makes me want to kiss him badly! As for others getting a hold of my panties. I think that is totally hot too! If you really think about it, it just let's you know that they are attracted to you.

I have talked about this with some of my girlfriends and we all admitted to have left some panties out or where they could be easily found when someone of interest was coming over. We all agreed we would love to catch a guy drooling over our panties, its a self esteem booster for sure.

I remember growing up being in the bathroom at a friends house and picking up his sisters panties and sniffing away. It felt so good sniffing her private areas with out her knowing it and I remember getting extremely horny. That feeling of excitement has never gone away, panties excite me just the same today as they did back then.

I've been doing this for years really. I can't tell you how much it turns me on to sniff my girlfriends panties. And how hot it is to sniff her friends, sisters, etc. Women are so sexy even their funky smells are smells of pure sex.

If a woman left me her panties on the floor or doorknob i'd probably be found slumped on the floor spanking it and sniffing and licking her panties.

Once an old college girlfriend asked me to watch her dog, which translated directly to, go through my drawers and sniff my dirty panties. When she came home she found me asleep on her floor with a pair clutched in my hands. First she was upset, then she was horny, horny and upset are an amazing combination!

All I know is that I LOVE to sniff a woman's panties. The scent a woman leaves on her panties is pure heaven and there's nothing else in the world that has that special aroma or even comes close to it. Now if you smell them, surely you have to lick them and suck the crotch.

Being a bisexual girl one of my biggest turn ons is when my partners panties are wet and sticky, I love to sniff them, lick them and rub them all over my body. My favorite is to take her wet panties and rub them on her nipples, getting her juicy scent and taste all over her nipples. Then I suck on her nipples and can smell and taste her juices, makes me so wet.

I have a collection of panties stored away from first times with girlfriends. They are treasures. Seeing them and many still have scents on them bring back so many memories.

The smell of a woman's panties has been arousing to me since my first sexual encounter. Since my partners know I like it, it's used as a tease often. If they're slightly soiled, dried pee in the crotch, it's an instant erection. Panty sniffing is a huge part of foreplay.

I am a 24 year old female and love panties. I do this all the time when I visit my girlfriends. They change in front of me and go into the shower, and I pick up their panties and sniff them while they are in the shower. Or when I use there bathroom I search their hampers for there used panties. It is an incredible turn on. I love it when we all go to one anothers house after a workout. We will bring a change of clothes and shower before lunch or shopping. I like to go last, so that while everyone is downstairs, i go through their bags an find there panties. I got caught one time while doing this, but I just told my girlfriend that I was borrowing her deodorant. It's really kinda easy for me being another woman, they don't suspect a thing. We have had lingerie parties, and have tried on panties after one another, occasionally i will notice I'm not the only one leaving a wet spot in the panties, but we just tease each other, and at times even rough house and rub them in each others face giggling like school girls, if they only knew that afterwards I masturbate like crazy!!!!!! OMG it makes me wet just thinking about it!

Nice to see that there are other girls out there that get turned on by other girls panties? It gets me going all the time. Locker rooms, bathhouses, changing rooms, or even the ladies room when you can see the panties under the door. Bars and night clubs are great! After a few drinks the ladies stop being shy and pull the panties all the way down so that they are almost always visible when they go potty. And I have seen many a wet crotch after a night of sweating, bumping, and grinding. I just wish I could take the panties home with me, or better yet, just slowly help them out of them!

I love to sniff panties. I have purchased a pair right off a sexy girl's ass in the club. I just went up to her and asked to buy them. I have also bought a stripper's thongs before. They were the best. One day while walking down a downtown street, I saw a upskirt from a girl wearing a short jean skirt. I HAD to sniff them. So I caught up with her and offered money to purchase them. She was hesitant at first but I pulled out the money, she looked around and saw a McDonalds and went into the bathroom and came out and handed them to me and I handed her the cash. I have had lots of luck buying panties from just offering a girl money, only had a few that said no and they just walked away, I think more girls than you think would sell there panties for the right price, never hurts to ask them.

Panties especially panties freshly soiled by a womans arousal are my number one turn on. I started sniffing panties before I was a teenager. My first pair were my cousins that I found in the laundry. At first it was about the colors and the different cuts but as i got older it became more about the scent of a womans arousal. One time I sniffed my mother in laws panties, I felt so naughty. The hamper was right next to the toilet. To my pleasant surprise they were fresh soaked with juices I couldn't believe how wet they were. I came in less than a minute from the smell and the taste. I was never that attracted to her before but after smelling her panties and tasting her sweet juice I see her in a new light. For an older woman she wears very sexy panties and that turns me on. Now I often fantasize about her and her panties when I masturbate. I've sniffed quite a few girls panties over the years.

I am 20yr old female, I love the whole panty fetish thing. I was such a horny girl growing up, when I was 15 I lived with my cousin, I never could resist sniffing her dirty panties and used to lick them sometimes. I am not a lesbian but I love the way women smell.

I went on vacation with my girlfriend last year. We stayed with some friends of hers who i met for the first time. They put us up for a couple of nights in the home, and my girlfriend and i slept in the bedroom of the daughter of their family. The daughter was away for the weekend so they let us sleep in her bed. I never met this girl, but i saw pictures of her all over their home. She was pretty, and had a great body. I could tell she was a flirty outgoing girl that knew she was hot. Anyway, i went into the room to unpack some of my things and i walked by a clothes hamper on the way to the dresser. I peeked in and saw a pair of jeans tossed in there. I was curious so i looked down inside the jeans and found a sexy blue thong. I was afraid my girlfriend or someone else might see me snooping through this girl's dirty clothes so i went and closed the door. I hurried back to the hamper, reached in and pulled that thong to my face. It was small, cotton and sexy. Inside the crotch there was some whitish yellow crust. I held them to my face and took a big sniff. WOW. They smelled sooo good. There was something hot about smelling this girl's panties that sent me through the roof. Her ass string smelled good too. I didnt do much, except get hard, was worried my girlfriend would walk in. Anyway, it was a hot 30 seconds.

I lived at my girlfriends house for about 2 years, she shared a room with her sister, who was HOT AS HELL!... every morning her sister would take a shower and head to work, about a half hour later my girlfriend would get up and get ready for work... it was this time I would get up knowing that I had a good 15-20 mins and run straight for her sisters dirty clothes... At first her sister would wear nothing but white cotton panties with the occasional printed pantie thrown in the mix... Damn she smelled good, always some white staining which was delicious by the way... after a while she started wearing thongs which was even better because the scent was much stronger, especially in the rear... Then one day i looked... no panties, I was puzzled because it went on for a few days... so after a few days I happened to open her underwear drawer and noticed an odd looking sock, I look inside and what do I find?... several dirty thongs and a few condoms... then it hit me... she just starting having sex and was hiding her underwear for what ever reason... Man were these things the best ever! Extremely covered in girl cum! and one pair was still wet from the night before! I was in heaven! I must of shot three loads to that one alone!

Scent is a huge turn on for me. I have actually cum just from the scent of panties without even touching my dick. The scent of a woamn on a pair of sexy panties is a major turn on for me especially if they are soaked in her cum. I love it.

Panty sniffing is the number 1, most pleasurable activity I can think of. Sniffing panties could be an activity like wine tasting. Imagine sitting around a table with several pairs of panties waiting to be sniffing and picking out the best one.

My sister-in-law is 22 and I've been sniffing her panties for a few years now. She's in college but comes home often to stay at her parents house, which is only a few minutes from mine. Whenever I know she's in town, but out shopping or to dinner, I make a visit over to the house. There's sure to be a couple of pairs of pretty colored panties lying around in her room or in a laundry basket in the basement. I like to sniff every pair I can find, searching for perfection. Then I take them up to her bedroom, lie on her bed and sniff and lick them until I cum all over them. Mmmm. God they smell so good. She is so sexy. Since I'll never be able to sniff and taste the real thing, her panties will have to suffice. And that's fine with me! She'll be home soon for Christmas break and I can't wait to sniff those panties!!!

I started playing with panties when i was 12-13. It started out with moms and has branched out to others. I still love going into a bathroom and finding a pair of panties on top of the hamper.

Nothing like going into a womans house, going to use the bathroom, and finding a pair right ontop of the laundry. Just can't be resisted.

I wore a thong, it was white mesh with pink lace trim. All day i was texting this guy I started to date and i ended up soaking wet. I smelled so strong! I ended up having to take my panties off right after lunch because they were so soaked. I just stuck them in my bag. Well I forgot they were in there and after work i went to walmart. When i got to the counter i reached in my bag to pull out the money. When i did my still moist thong fell out on the counter. The cashier (younger guy) picked them up and handed them to me and said "mam you dropped these." When he handed them to me i noticed he had turned a little red. I know he had to feel my wet spot on them. I instantly began to gush. I was soaked. As soon as i got in my car i reached down and rubbed my wet spot.

I have enjoyed the fragrance on panties many times. Their musky scent ages very well. Then it's time to wash them, give them back, and get a fresher pair.

Smelling them while she's still wearing them is only partly about the panties. Rubbing my nose snuggly against them, I'd be sure to stir that clit. My hot tongue would press against the wettest part of her panties. My nose would help press them in those lips making a camel toe to get more nectar. The intoxicating, sweet juices taste different with some warm cloth between them and my tongue. Once they were soaked, I'd have to push them aside to get to the source. My tongue would gladly clean up ALL around and inside that honeypot clit to base.

I smelled, tasted and rubbed myself with panties ever since I was 12 years old. Since then hundreds of panties have provided for my masturbation need.

I have always loved to slip a nice clean pair of sheer nylon panties over my cock and jack a load into them.

I am a 22yr old male attending collage. One of the most interesting things that happened to me at collage was my newfound fetish. I found that while doing laundry in the dorms that women would sometimes leave their panties unattended. I found a strong urge to get my hands on their pretty panties. I became totally transfixed with smelling them and tasting them.

I am 19 male and love panties also. Ever since I was about 12 I have been sniffing and tasting my sisters panties. I have two sisters one 25 and the other 27. The both wear really pretty panties and the scent and taste is amazing.

I love the feel of satin panties surrounding my dick when i jerk off thinking about the person wearing them. It really gets me hot!

I've been stroking in panties for longer than I can remember. Use the wife's alot but have a collection of my own. Various colors and textures, lace silk, nylon spandex, variety is the spice!

I have to admit, if I walked in on a guy rubbing my panties all over his hard dick, I would have to help him. Or beg him to let me watch. Just reading this thread has me all hot and bothered. I hope I find a panty loving guy one day.

Always been a "panty" guy and the wife loves it. When dating I used to sneak in her room while she was at class and sniff her panties and rub myself. She had no clue until I told her a few years ago. Now she'll leave yesterday's pair where she knows I'll find them and use them. She always smiles when she finds a "used" pair in the laundry basket. Another favorite is when she takes her's off and strokes my cock for me.

Hubby has admitted to sniffing my panties. He says he does it when I'm gone and he misses me. It doesn't bother me at all. Kind of a turn on. I understand his motives and I love the idea of him doing just about anything that arouses himself in the slightest, it doesn't bother me.

I've been caught a few times masturbating with panties, first time was by my brother's girlfriend. I was 15, she was 21 and living with my brother in my mom's basement. Me being 15 and her being drop-dead gorgeous, I used to sneak into their room when they weren't home, dig out her panties and jerk off while sniffing em. One day, I got a little over-zealous with a pair of her purple satin briefs that I blew all over em. Not thinking, I just stuffed em back into their hamper. A few days later, I guess she was doing laundry and found a pair of her panties with a lil present on the ass. Oddly enough, she confronted me before she asked my brother. So I told her everything, practically in tears. She hugged me and asked if she could watch me masturbate into her panties. I looked on in awe as she dropped trou and whipped off a pair of light blue cotton bikinis and set them in the palm of my hand, then leaned back, spread her legs and began to rub herself. I was instantly hard, and wrapping her still-warm and slightly damp in the crotch panties was, at the time, the best thing I had ever felt. I came so hard I saw spots, and as I was busy pumping a record load in the place where just minutes before her juicy spot had been, she grunted, moaned and proceeded to cum herself. To this day, it's one of the most erotic things that's ever happened to me. We did this probably 3 or 4 more times after that, once with me cumming on her tits, but then her and my brother broke up and I haven't seen or heard from her since. 15 years later, just remembering that experience has me rock hard.

I get really turned on by scent on a womans panties. There is something intoxicating about the smell of a woman, and the taste is even better and panties capture that smell so well.

I am a true fan of a hot woman in panties. I like to look at them after they have been worn. I will sniff and lick them to try to taste and smell the sweet heaven that had been so close to the material. I like the piss stains, the other fluids, and the cum stains from having sex earlier. I like thongs, but satin fullbacks also turn me on. I often go through the hampers at my friends' and in-laws' houses just to check out their panties. The dirtier the better. I feel like I am going to get caught sniffing their panties, but that adds to the excitement. I like to rub them on my dick until I cum in the crotch. I imagine them being worn again.

I like wearing thongs and having my guy pull up on the panties so that the string digs into my clit. Also like having panties pulled down to my ankles and no further as my guy does all sorts of delicious things to me while my panties are around my ankles!

Rub me with a buzzing vibrator through the thin fabric. Teasing, taunting, making me want to feel it on my skin. And to keep doing it until I'm soaked clear through my panties, so much that I can see the glistening wetness on the vibrator itself. I love when a guy teases me through my panties.

Licking through the panties. Oh yes, that is so hot. Feeling his tongue press that smooth material against my pussy is great. Even better is being humped by his dick against my panties. Such a thin flimsy piece of material separating all that hard dick from my very eager person is a great turn on. Really builds the anticipation.

I love it when a guy tongues my panties for a long time. The longer the better. He can still taste me and the friction is wonderful.

Use your fingers first and stroke me through the thin fabric of my thong, stroke harder and faster, pushing in just a bit to feel all the wetness. Slip your finger inside through the leg opening of the thong so your finger brushes against my wet clit. Leave my panties on and work your finger inside me, getting it wet, then brushing again and again against my clit, finally moving it up to my ass, wetting it there just a bit. Bring your finger up to my lips to suck and push against me with your naked dick through the panties. Rub back and forth stroking me through my panties with your dick so you can feel the wetness through them. They are so wet and I can feel your smoothness as though I am not wearing anything at all. Begin to push into me through the panties, they go in just a bit, but hinder your progress, so you have to finally push them to the side as you slide into me.

I am definitely a woman that loves the feel of a man's lips and tongue on my panties, the heat makes me wild!

I have always loved foreplay through clothing, esp. watching a guy rub his dick through his pants. And I love being played with through my clothes too! Some of my most erotic experiences have begun with making out (esp. in naughty places like on the beach or where other people are in the next room), then rubbing our bodies together until we slowly shed our clothes little by little and get down to underwear against panties. It is so HOT to feel a guy's hard dick pressing through his underwear into my thin panties, and you rub and grind against each other, oh my god! You keep doing it until you can't take it anymore and then it is such a relief to feel skin against skin. My last boyfriend wasn't into the teasing at all, he would just go right in and want to get at it right away.

I like to masturbate through my panties and used to do it while driving. When I was in college it was about a half an hour drive to school and I had to do something to amuse myself every day! To this day, I still enjoy how it feels to rub myself though my panties and I always have really great orgasms that way.

Sometimes what is covered is more tantalizing than what is bare, especially if I can smell it and taste it anyway. Having just a soft, silken layer of fabric between my tongue and the smooth slick lips of my lover... it's enough to cause a man to give in to his lust and rip the panties aside so as to taste her and feel her juices coating his face.

Just told my girlfriend about my panty fetish over the weekend. She had to work in the morning and when I woke up I found a very wet pair of her newest thongs next to me on the pillow. Smelled and licked them till I came all over the crotch.

My girlfriend loves it when i bang her with her panties on, it turns her on because it makes her feel so wild and crazy.

I like to pull my wife's panties to the side, do her from behind, then cum all over then panties. Or let her jack me off and let me cum on them.

There is something really erotic about seeing my load splattered across a dark piece of material like on panties or lingerie. It has something to do with the contrast of the masculine offering on a feminine object I think!

Letting streams shoot out and land on my girlfriends black pantyhose or black satin panties is probably what drives me to shoot so much. Just the contrast and watching it soak into her pantyhose or panties is just a biggest turn on.

I love wearing cum on my clothes like my panties, pantyhose, bra or lingerie. Nice reminder of what I did earlier.

Sometimes my lady will wrap her silk nightgown or her silky panties around my dick and jerk me off. It does look hot to see my cum on what she is wearing.

I love it when a woman teases me with her cum soaked panties. Enticing me to go down on her by offering up her scent, very erotic.

My hubby always liked it when I'd wrap a pair of my satin panties around his cock and gave him a handjob. Whenever I had my period that was one of the ways I would get him off. He certainly never complained

having a panty fetish, i love for a woman to be wearing panties and or stockings and straddling me on the bed. combination of handjob and dry humping with her silky panties. maybe some dick teasing of rubbing my dick along her slit, but not letting me enter.......just teasing until i explode all over her cute silky panties.

I wouldn't mind watching a man take in the aroma of my panties' crotch and then rub them along his cock as he masturbates... Then watch him catch his cum into the crotch of my panties

I love wearing panties for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, wearing panties feels good, the fabric next to your skin feels so good, mens underwear is not made from such soft silky fabrics like womens under is. Panties come in a variety of colors and styles. Wearing panties feels great and makes me feel excited but yet also relaxed and calm. My favorite brand of panties is Vanity Fair, they fit me the best.

It's so normal for guys to wear panties, for years I've been wearing panties and I have a girlfriend who loves that I wear panties, and she finds it very attractive. Lots of guys wear panties, the reasons why guys wear panties might differ and some men wear panties for several reasons and others wear for only a few reasons. But one thing in common with all guys wearing panties is that wearing panties feels good.

Have loved wearing panties since I was growing up. Always stole sisters panties, they felt so nice against me. When I got married I instantly started stealing wifes panties and they to felt so good. I finally told wife I wear panties and now wear panties all the time and she actually thinks I look sexy in panties. Wish I would of told the wife much sooner about my panty wearing.

My wife likes the way I look in panties plus I now love to go shopping with her, we have so much fun panty shopping together, we are like best friends shopping together, commenting on what panties we want to see each other wearing, etc, its so much fun. She thru out all of my mens underwear to make space for all of the panties we have bought. Wouldn't go back to wearing mens undies for anything!

I have been wearing panties for years. I'm comfortable wearing panties and love the feeling I get when wearing panties. Wearing panties doesn't change who you are. Its nice to see so many guys wearing panties expressing why they like wearing panties.

There is nothing like the feeling of sheer nylon panties hugging me. I am a 100% heterosexual male. I love women, and I love sharing my panty fetish with ones who appreciate it. I have no desire to 'be a woman' or this would not be nearly as exciting to me. I have no desire to share or participate in any of my fetish with another male. I enjoy being touched, stroked, caressed through the sheer nylon by a woman or by myself. The feeling of friction with the sheer panty around me is unbelievable. I have shared this panty fetish with many women who found it sexy and pleasurable.

I love wearing panties because they make me feel sexy! Don't get me wrong I'm a straight male but I like the feel of wearing thongs, boy shorts and bikinis something about it just makes me feel sexy. It gets me so horny letting other people see me wearing them.

For me it started with my moms panties, not sure what made me wear my mothers panties but i was home alone and decided to try a pair on. From then on all I wanted to do was wear panties. Panties have this amazing effect on us men and once you try on a pair panties are all you will want to wear.

I wear panties for three reasons, panties feel awesome. Two panties hold the package nicely. Third when the wife is away wearing panties makes me feel closer connected to her.

I myself have been wearing panties for almost 45 years. Got to see a lot of changes in panties over the years. Have always been excited to try on the latest styles of panties. Wearing panties just feels good, once you try wearing panties you will see how exciting it is to wear panties and you will never want to wear mens underwear again.

I think a man wearing women's panties may not be " the norm" but it is not uncommon either. I am 47 yrs old and I have been wearing panties since I was 14. In fact I buy my own. I say to all men wear your panties proud!

I've been wearing panties since college. I am married now and my wife knows I wear panties. Panties just fit so much better than mens underwear and they are so much more exciting to wear, I know I am wearing them all day as they remind me with each move I make feeling that soft or silky fabric against me.

I just love the styles, fabrics and colors that are available in womens underwear, also it makes me feel naughty and turned on wearing panties.

i just went up to my wife and told her i tried your panties on out of curiosity, i loved the feel and comfort and admittedly it was a turn on wearing your panties. She was a bit shocked but asked to see me in her panties, and she liked how I looked in her panties, so now I wear panties all the time.

I've been wearing panties 24/7 for about 20 year's. The only underwear I own are panties. Panties fit and feel so much better then men's underwear. I wear panties to my doctors and when I'm in the hospital also. You would be surprised how many men wear panties. I'm not a girly man, I'm a trucker and haul heavy equipment, all types of men wear panties, and you would be surprised at who you think would never wear panties might just be wearing panties.

Wear your panties with pride gentlemen. Panties are so much better than men's undies. The feel, the comfort, the different materials and yes the color range as well. It is even better when your wife knows you wear panties and doesn't mind that you wear panties. Mine picks my panties out every morning for me, every day panties, nice panties and even sexy panties. We even have matching panties for when we go out. She likes picking out which panties I will wear each day, and its exciting to see which panties she picks out for me.

My girlfriend is ok with me wearing panties. Panties just feel so much better than mens underwear so why not wear them.

I wear panties 24/7, have been wearing panties for over 30 years. Panties are a lot more comfy then tidy whites, plus alot more exciting to wear.

My girlfriend loaned me a pair of her nylon panties three years ago to see if I would wear them to work. I did and never worn a pair of boring cotton men's pants since. We go out shopping and she picks out my panties for me to buy, I do buy my own but she prefers to select them. Nylon sheer are her favorite type. I find panties very comfortable to wear. My girlfriend insists I wear panties to work and she likes calling me at work asking me which panties I am wearing. There is nothing wrong with men wearing ladies panties. Society excepts it when women wear men clothes but when men wear women clothes they think its weird or something. Wear what you want I say.

I absolutely love wearing panties. I wear panties almost continuously. The way panties feel against my skin together with how panties make me feel sexually, there is nothing better.

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